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Saxophone: The Versatile Singer

The saxophone is a fascinating and exciting instrument with a variety of roles to fill in...

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The Art of Practice

At every stage of musical education, from the first moment we pick up an instrument to the end...

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Music Exam Nerves

It's quite natural to feel some nervousness before an exam or a performance. It proves that...

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A Jazz Life

Dear All, As we are all aspiring to be the best teachers, students, people we can be I would...

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  • James Marsh Highgate, N6 Gold Member

    James Marsh Picture
    from £40.00/hr View Profile
    I am saxophone teacher from Highgate and an Alexander Technique teacher teaching in central London and Highgate
  • David Ingham Central Norwich, NR2 Gold Member

    David Ingham Picture
    from £30.00/hr View Profile
    I like to teach in a relaxed,informal atmosphere, in which a student can enjoy the learning process through creativity, acquiring the correct technique to develop musically.
  • Aidan Pearson Dalston, E8 Gold Member

    Aidan Pearson Picture
    from £25.00/hr View Profile
    Learn to play the clarinet/sax from a friendly, experienced and qualified teacher! Whether you're discovering a musical instrument for the first time or are an experienced player wanting to brush on your skills I would be glad to help you out.
  • David Zucchi Putney, SW15 Gold Member

    David Zucchi Picture
    from £40.00/hr View Profile
    I have a great deal of experience teaching a variety of styles and instruments. Whether you are new to your instrument and music in general, preparing for examinations, or just playing for fun, I will work with you to achieve your goals!
  • Michael Pearce West Greenwich, SE13 Gold Member

    Michael Pearce Picture
    from £35.00/hr View Profile
    Clarinet, Saxophone & Music Theory Teacher based in Central / SE London. Masters graduate of Royal Academy of Music. Take a look at my profile and feel free to get in touch!
  • Daniel Ehrlich Crouch End, N8

    Daniel Ehrlich Picture
    from £35.00/hr View Profile
    Hello! I'm a young, enthusiastic saxophonist/clarinetist and composer from a classical and jazz background who's ready to teach any musical skills you want to throw at me.
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  • Top Tips for Focused Practice - Jazz

    Saxophone Teacher (South East London) Picture So you've decided to learn an instrument, or maybe you've been learning for a while and want to move to the next level. You're practicing but it feels like you're not getting anywhere?    Listening First and foremost I find that if I'm particularly uninspired on a certain day then motivation...
  • Vibrato Dilemmas and Decisions Concerning the Sax Editor's Pick

    Saxophone Teacher (North London) Picture In the Cambridge dictionary, vibrato is defined as 'a repeated slight shaking in a musical note, either when played on an instrument or sung, which gives a fuller sound to the note'. Although this is a very unspecific definition of vibrato, it does give a broad yet reasonably accurate outline of...
  • Improvisation!

    Saxophone Teacher (South West London) Picture Improvisation is a unique learning experience where people can interact as a group, experience new music and ideas, and where people can meet new musicians to play and form musical relationships now and for the future. There are many tunes to be learnt with contrasting musical styles including:...


  • The Importance of Confidence

    Saxophone Teacher (Halifax) Picture One of the most common problems I come across in my pupils is lack of confidence. For example, panic at the thought of a solo and feeling uncomfortable when playing in front of others. For the most part I say JUST DO IT, but I have found that the book Mind Over Matter: A Handbook for Musicians...
  • Transcribing Jazz

    Saxophone Teacher (Birmingham) Picture In this article I will begin to discuss one of the most important tools for an aspiring Jazz Musician; Transcribing. The oral tradition of jazz has always been important; learning from other musicians is a highly rewarding, engaging and exciting process. The late Jazz pianist Mulgrew Miller said...
  • Stuck In A Practice Rut?

    Saxophone Teacher (South West London) Picture It is very easy to get stuck in a practice rut. Either you are not practising effectively or you can not face practicing at all. It happens to us all and is difficult to turn the corner, especially with an exam or performance looming. There are some simple steps to take. Get your teacher to...