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Hot Tips for Playing Single Reed Instruments

Greetings to all woodwind players! I'd like to share with you a little known fact about single...

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Adolphe Sax 1814-1894

It is believed that the first step towards the invention of the saxophone was when Antoine...

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The Talent Code by Danny Coyle

Here's my book recommendation: The Talent Code by Danny Coyle I advise all students, teachers,...

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Saxophone: The Versatile Singer

The saxophone is a fascinating and exciting instrument with a variety of roles to fill in...

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  • Ashley Bonfante Stoke Newington, N4 Gold Member

    Ashley Bonfante Picture
    from £30.00/hr View Profile
    I like to bring a fresh approach to developing the musical awareness and technique of my students. I feel it's important to maintain the student's individuality whilst striving to improve their overall level of musicianship.
  • Mike Brogan Southside, EH8 Silver Member

    Mike Brogan Picture
    from £35.00/hr View Profile
    I'm an experienced, professional musician and teacher based in central Edinburgh. Please feel free to browse my profile and contact me if you have any questions.
  • Alzbeta Klasova Earl's Court, SW5 Gold Member

    Alzbeta Klasova Picture
    from £40.00/hr View Profile
    Music is here for us! Let´s learn, share and create it together.
  • Richard Mulhearn Johnstone, PA12 Gold Member

    Richard Mulhearn Picture
    from £40.00/hr View Profile
    Hi. I'm Richard Mulhearn, musician and teacher. I hope my enthusiasm for performing is passed onto anyone that I have the pleasure to teach.
  • John Macnaughton Dulwich Village, SE22 Gold Member

    John Macnaughton Picture
    from £30.00/hr View Profile
    Patient, young and enthusiastic teacher, keen to pass on a real passion for music.
  • Gary Hamilton Central Southend-on-Sea, SS9 Gold Member

    Gary Hamilton Picture
    from £25.00/hr View Profile
    I started studying jazz harmony and theory in 2002 but I play all styles of music from classical to funk, rock and blues.
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Saxophone Articles

  • Jazz Saxophone Articulation

    Andy Hooley Saxophone Teacher (Redhill) Picture A fantastic practice guide to jazz articulation is a book called "Advanced Jazz Conception For Saxophone" by Lennie Niehaus. For instrumentalists who have studied in a classical environment but would like to play in a jazz idiom, this book really helps get to grips with the type of articulation...
  • Overtones

    Saxophone Teacher (Brighton) Picture Overtone Studies Goal: To increase breath control, develop a better tone quality and lay a strong foundation for beginning altissimo studies. Timeline: Once each day at the beginning of the practice session Options: Use with 5ths, Longtones, Octaves or substitute in place of them as a daily...
  • Keeping music fun!

    Ashley Bonfante Saxophone Teacher (North London) Picture Learning any musical instrument can seem like a daunting task. Whether you're just starting out or a professional musician travelling the world with a famous band. When things aren't necessarily going your way the anxiety can start to creep. Before you know it, practising becomes a chore and...


  • Book Recommendations for Saxophone

    Saxophone Teacher (East Central London) Picture Here are some very interesting books I have read recently:Lee Konitz: Conversations on the Improviser's Art by Andy Hamilton. This book is a collection of interviews with Lee Konitz and musicians that knew him. Another set of interviews is Notes and Tones: Musician-to-Musician Interviews by...
  • Saxophone Books that I used

    Saxophone Teacher (Northampton) Picture My starting book was called "Team Woodwind" and it is a really clear and concise look at the Saxophone A book that got me into Jazz and Improvisation was "The Charlie Parker Omnibook" Finally, other than listening to Saxophonists I used to get transcription books for great players such as "David...
  • The Importance of Saxophone Technical Exercises Editor's Pick

    Saxophone Teacher (Slough) Picture Martha Beth Lewis PhD states that, “technique trains the hands in certain patterns that will be needed for music. It encourages flexibility, agility, strength and endurance.” Without the foundation of a good musical technique a musician will be unable to establish themselves to an exceptional...