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Music Exam Nerves

It's quite natural to feel some nervousness before an exam or a performance. It proves that...

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Hot Tips for Playing Single Reed Instruments

Greetings to all woodwind players! I'd like to share with you a little known fact about single...

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The Art of Practice

At every stage of musical education, from the first moment we pick up an instrument to the end...

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Developing a Good Sound

Having a great sound is one of the most important assets of a good sax player. The best way to...

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  • Mike Brogan Southside, EH8 Silver Member

    Mike Brogan Picture
    from £35.00/hr View Profile
    I'm an experienced, professional musician and teacher based in central Edinburgh. Please feel free to browse my profile and contact me if you have any questions.
  • Theo Travis Finchley Central, N3

    Theo Travis Picture
    from £50.00/hr View Profile
    Hello. I am an experienced Flute/ Saxophone and Music Theory teacher based in Finchley, North London, offering one-to-one lessons in classical/ jazz to students from total beginner to post Grade 8. All ages are welcome above 8 years old.
  • David Zucchi Putney, SW15 Gold Member

    David Zucchi Picture
    from £40.00/hr View Profile
    I have a great deal of experience teaching a variety of styles and instruments. Whether you are new to your instrument and music in general, preparing for examinations, or just playing for fun, I will work with you to achieve your goals!
  • Michael Pearce West Greenwich, SE13 Gold Member

    Michael Pearce Picture
    from £35.00/hr View Profile
    Clarinet, Saxophone & Music Theory Teacher based in Central / SE London. Masters graduate of Royal Academy of Music. Take a look at my profile and feel free to get in touch!
  • Louis - Piano, Sax & Theory Central London, W1J Gold Member

    Louis - Piano, Sax & Theory Picture
    from £30.00/hr View Profile
    I'm an English pianist offering lessons on a grand piano from my studio in Central London, close to Mayfair. Learn for fun or for more serious pursuits- I teach Jazz piano and Classical piano both from absolute beginner to the most advanced student.
  • Rob Cox Wollaton, NG9 Gold Member

    Rob Cox Picture
    from £30.00/hr View Profile
    I am a Nottingham and Derby based musician and teacher for both Clarinet and Saxophone. I perform regularly all over the region and have a private teaching practice. I can tailor your lessons to suit your needs, location and availability.
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  • Difficulties Facing The Adult Learner

    Saxophone Teacher (Reading) Picture There is an enthusiasm one sees in young children that is unparalleled in older people. Regardless of the discipline, the majority of children approach new endeavours with a fresh-faced innocence one inevitably loses as the reality of life's pressures takes over. Putting this attitude to one...
  • Improvising........aaaagghhh!

    Saxophone Teacher (North London) Picture It isn't necessarily the case that not being an improviser makes for a lesser experience for an instrumentalist.One can derive and give the utmost pleasure from interpreting the works of others,however I do occasionally hear classical musicians bemoan the fact that if the music isn't on the page...
  • Jazz Saxophone Articulation

    Saxophone Teacher (Redhill) Picture A fantastic practice guide to jazz articulation is a book called "Advanced Jazz Conception For Saxophone" by Lennie Niehaus. For instrumentalists who have studied in a classical environment but would like to play in a jazz idiom, this book really helps get to grips with the type of articulation...


  • Overtones

    Saxophone Teacher (Brighton) Picture Overtone Studies Goal: To increase breath control, develop a better tone quality and lay a strong foundation for beginning altissimo studies. Timeline: Once each day at the beginning of the practice session Options: Use with 5ths, Longtones, Octaves or substitute in place of them as a daily...
  • Keeping music fun!

    Ashley Bonfante Saxophone Teacher (North London) Picture Learning any musical instrument can seem like a daunting task. Whether you're just starting out or a professional musician travelling the world with a famous band. When things aren't necessarily going your way the anxiety can start to creep. Before you know it, practising becomes a chore and...
  • Book Recommendations for Saxophone

    Saxophone Teacher (East Central London) Picture Here are some very interesting books I have read recently:Lee Konitz: Conversations on the Improviser's Art by Andy Hamilton. This book is a collection of interviews with Lee Konitz and musicians that knew him. Another set of interviews is Notes and Tones: Musician-to-Musician Interviews by...