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Key Stage 3 Science

Editor's Pick

What Are Units?

One of the easiest mistakes to make when teaching anything is to simplify it to the point of...
Key Stage 3 Science

Editor's Pick

Bringing Renewable Energy into Science Lessons

Renewable energy Renewable energy is a form of energy that has come under much discussion over...
GCSE Science

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Revision Guides

Revision guides are great tools for getting to grips with your revision and even planning ahead...
Key Stage 3 Science

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KS1/2/3 Chemistry Experiments

KS1/2/3 experiments Below are lists of just a few simple experiments that can be carried out at...

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  • Clem Palmers Green, N13 Gold Member

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    I have 23 years teaching experience of maths and science. I love learning and delight in seeing others learn also and gain success though supportive challenge and the belief each young person is capable of more than they often realize.
  • Neelam Halesowen, B62 Gold Member

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    from £20.00/hr View Profile
    I am specialised for tuition for grammar school entry and primary subjects. As a fully qualified, outstanding teacher and experienced tutor, I love learning, and I love sharing my passion for learning with my students!
  • Jenni Hogan Catford, SE6 Gold Member

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    from £35.00/hr View Profile
    I am an experienced musician and teacher with a passion for both performing and teaching; I provide fun and exciting lessons tailored to each pupil, whether you would like relaxed, fun lessons, or slightly more pressure to progress swiftly.
  • Jeel Shah Wembley Central, HA0 Gold Member

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    from £35.00/hr View Profile
    Dear Parents and Students, I am 24 years old, I teach because I enjoy it and I love teaching. Tutoring is my passion along with many other aspects of life which include investing, public speaking and volunteering.
  • Sarita Masson Britwell, SL1 Gold Member

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    from £35.00/hr View Profile
    *Now enrolling for Sept & Oct 2017 * £20/hr A Level Courses * Limited Spaces Available * Variety of start dates * Tailored for Individual Examining Boards* Max 3 Students/Course* *100% A*-C Pass Rate!*
  • Sam S Tufnell Park, N7 Gold Member

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    from £40.00/hr View Profile
    As I have been a professional tutor since graduating from Imperial College London in 2012 with a BSc Physics I am well placed to give expert tuition in physics and maths.
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  • Troubled student or misunderstood?

    Key Stage 2 Science Tutor (North London) Picture I have recently taken on a failing student. The parent was told that her son had no hope and was extremely disruptive. As his KS2 SATs exam was nearing, she decided to contact me for last minute help. Her son was working at level 2/3 and she was extremely concerned. Working with the child I...
  • General Exam Technique Editor's Pick

    GCSE Science Tutor (Birmingham) Picture There are several things you should consider before you go into examinations. It is important that you are able to answer most of the questions that come up in the examinations you are taking. As well as being able to answer most of the questions, you should always try to answer them in good...
  • Making KS1 science more interesting than TV! Editor's Pick

    Key Stage 1 Science Tutor (Southampton) Picture TV science programming for children evolves at a heady pace; and not purely from the perspective of an increasing understanding of the subject. Producers are aware of the declining attention spans of the nation’s young minds (the candid may even admit contributing to this decay) and address this...


  • KS1-3 Science

    Key Stage 1 Science Tutor (East London) Picture I always believe that observing is the best way of learning, just like watching your mum when she cooks and grabbing the hints of baking the star cookies with colorful sprinkles on top! And kids love experiencing new things. You could teach them the three states of matter (gas, liquid and...
  • Why Choose a Tutor?

    Rachel Welton GCSE Science Tutor (Dudley) Picture There are many reasons why someone might decide to get a tutor. Maybe the subject you wish to study or the skill you wish to learn is just not available in the local school or college; maybe you have tried to learn it on your own, or with a website and you just need a little input from someone...
  • Hedgehogs Prepare for Winter Editor's Pick

    Key Stage 2 Science Tutor (Doncaster) Picture As you start your new school year, you probably think that Summer is over. Winter is on its way. Nature is also getting ready for Winter. Plants are producing fruit and seeds. Many animals are eating these to build up energy to survive the Winter. Some animals hibernate as their stategy for...