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In some professions there is a need to take notes confidentially at consultations or interviews;...

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    Shorthand/ Teeline Tutor (Sutton) Picture In some professions there is a need to take notes confidentially at consultations or interviews; Teeline shorthand will allow you to take notes in front of others whilst keeping your notes private.  Teeline Shorthand is the simplest system of shorthand to use and the fastest system to learn,...

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  • Teeline Shorthand

    Teeline is a shorthand system developed in 1968 by James Hill, a teacher of Pitman Shorthand. It is accepted by the National Council for the Training of
  • Thomas Natural Shorthand

    disuse with the decline of pen shorthand in the later 20th century, but the spirit of the system lives on in Teeline shorthand, with which it shares a number
  • Shorthand

    German Stolze stenography, a script shorthand. Other examples include Teeline Shorthand and Thomas Natural Shorthand. The semi-script philosophy gained
  • Pitman shorthand

    (especially the U.S.), it has been superseded by Gregg shorthand, developed by John Robert Gregg. Teeline has become more common in recent years, as it is based
  • List of shorthand systems

    James (1968), Teeline: a method of fast writing, London, Heinemann Educational, OCLC 112342  Thomas, Charles A (1937), Thomas natural shorthand; a modern
  • Forkner shorthand

    5 August 1964. Retrieved 15 November 2014.  Briefhand/Personal Shorthand Gregg Shorthand Pitman Shorthand Shorthand Speedwriting Stenoscript Teeline
  • List of creators of writing systems

    days referred to as Cree syllabics. James Hill - British, developed Teeline Shorthand in 1970. James O. Fraser - Scottish missionary, invented Fraser alphabet