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Vocal Coaching

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Freeing the Voice

For the voice to be free it relies on one fundamental thing and that is a steady supported...
Vocal Coaching

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What does Voice Training involve?

Voice training involves becoming aware of and developing all the parts of the body involved in...
Classical Singing

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Singing Wagner

Recently I was invited by Dame Anne Evans to sing the Liebestod from Wagner's Tristan und Isolde...
Vocal Coaching

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Why have singing lessons?

Everyone can sing! Some are more talented than others. Some of them know it, and others don’t....

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Singing Articles

  • Free Your Voice: The Seven Steps

    Abi Lumb Vocal Coaching Tutor (East London) Picture As a voice coach, I love helping people achieve their vocal potential. It takes hard work and dedication but the results are worth it. Let me take you through the seven steps that will help you achieve this: 1. BODY:We begin with releasing unnecessary and habitual tension from the body with...
  • 4 Tips To Finding The Right Voice Coach

    Louise Joanne Lloyd Vocal Coaching Tutor (Romford) Picture The process of finding the right voice coach for you can be a difficult one, but when you get it right only good things can happen! 1. Look into the methods that they use. People learn in different ways and someone that learns better through logic and reason is not going to have a good time...
  • Why should I do my warm ups?

    Maggie Boyd Vocal Coaching Tutor (North London) Picture If you only do something once it’s not solidified in the memory, or the muscle memory. The muscles learn mistakes quicker than the brain does. So if you get it right, repeat it 3 times in your practice session. It’s the same with warm ups – the body has to work differently for singing...


  • Find Your Own Voice

    Emma Doupé Jazz/ Pop Singing Teacher (Oxford) Picture As a singing teacher, I get a lot of students through my door, with dreams of becoming the next Ed Sheeran or Adele. I kindly tell them that those are great dreams to have, but that I will not be able to make that happen for them. I tell them, what I CAN do, is to help them show how to find...
  • Breath: The Secret Power Behind Your Voice Editor's Pick

    Victoria Woodward Vocal Coaching Tutor (North London) Picture “Breathe in.” “Take a breath.” Asking people to do this tends to result in a heave of the shoulders, a puff up of the chest and suddenly you are confronted by ranks of stiff, soldier-like bodies in front of you who appear not to be breathing at all. To breathe as nature intended is not...
  • What Makes For A Powerful Singing Performance? Editor's Pick

    Katharina Megli Classical Singing Teacher (Cambridge) Picture In performance I’m often struck by how a singer’s natural desire to sing beautifully can stand in the way of a truly powerful performance of the song itself. This isn’t surprising. As classical singers we spend years training our voices to meet the technical demands of the music we want to...