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  • Squash

    Squash may refer to: Squash (film), an Academy Award-nominated short film about a squash game SquashFS, a read-only file system Squash (drink), a drink
  • Squash (sport)

    Squash is a ball sport played by two (singles) or four players (doubles) in a four-walled court with a small, hollow rubber ball. The players must alternate
  • England Squash

    England Squash (known as England Squash & Racketball from 2009 to 2015) is recognised by Sport England as the English national governing body of the racquet
  • Pattypan squash

    The pattypan squash is also known as scallop squash, peter pan squash, sunburst squash, granny squash, custard marrow, custard squash, ciblème in Cajun
  • World Squash Championships

    The World Squash Championships are squash events for men and women organised by the Professional Squash Association.The men's event was first held in
  • Acorn squash

    Acorn squash (Cucurbita pepo var. turbinata), also called pepper squash or Des Moines squash, is a winter squash with distinctive longitudinal ridges on
  • Spaghetti squash

    Spaghetti squash — or vegetable spaghetti — is a group of cultivars of Cucurbita pepo subsp. pepo. The fruit ranges from ivory to yellow/orange in color
  • Squash (drink)

    Squash (also called cordial or dilute) is a non-alcoholic concentrated syrup used in beverage making. It is usually fruit-flavoured, made from fruit juice
  • U.S. Squash

    US Squash is the national governing body for the sport of squash in the United States. US Squash was previously known as The United States Squash Racquets
  • Malaysian Open Squash Championships

    Open Squash Championships is an annual squash tournament that takes place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in July. The event is organised by the Squash Racquets