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Stress Management

Preventing Student Burn-out

Burnout has been described as a condition whereby repeated and prolonged exposure to work/task...
Stress Management

How to handle exam nerves

As the exam date gets nearer, a lot of pupils feel nerves, and may start to make silly mistakes...

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  • Sarah Wiesendanger Ash Vale, GU12 Gold Member

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    It's important to me to create good rapport with my students because I know that people learn best when they are relaxed and confident, and, as well as maximising my pupils' potential, I am keen to foster in them a deep love of my subjects.
  • Joanna Gray Elstow and Stewartby, MK42

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    from £65.00/hr View Profile
    I am a Voice, Elocution & English specialist consultant-(modify any accent in 6 sessions max) Drama, EFL, Voice,confidence & NLP life skills at all levels. I offer a significant price reduction for those who book 4 or six lessons
  • Rob Guitar Central Brentwood, CM14

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    from £30.00/hr View Profile
    Hello there potential future students! My name is Robert Marenghi. I have been teaching guitar, ukulele, keyboard, percussion, song writing and meditation to people of all ages for around 15 years. I guarantee productive and fun lessons!
  • Francesca Gordon-Smith Wimbledon, SW19 Gold Member

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    from £100.00/hr View Profile
    I specialise in vocal transformation. I help young professionals, school children and businesses to speak with clarity, confidence and authenticity.
  • Anne Murray Dickinsons, WD3

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    from £50.00/hr View Profile
    I am a holistic therapist specialising in Stress Management. I work with you using Mindfulness to build your resilience to ongoing stress to improve your physical & psychological health. Your wellbeing is at the heart of my work.
  • Dorothy Larios Haddington, EH41 Silver Member

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    from £30.00/hr View Profile
    I would like you to know that I have many years experience working as a Personal and Executive Coach and co-design the most suitable package with you. There are options and choices.
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Stress Management Articles

  • Preventing Student Burn-out

    Dr Abayomi Stress Management Coach (East Central London) Picture Burnout has been described as a condition whereby repeated and prolonged exposure to work/task related stressors causes a person to sustain emotional, mental or physical fatigue.[1] Burnout could manifest through emotional exhaustion, low self-esteem, and indifference toward others.[2] This...
  • How to handle exam nerves

    Stress Management Coach (Swindon) Picture As the exam date gets nearer, a lot of pupils feel nerves, and may start to make silly mistakes in their playing, often about two weeks before the exam. This is probably due to them knowing the piece so well (if they have been practising) that their mind starts to think about actually being in...

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