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Study Skills

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Science: How to Think, Direct and Shape our World

“For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” (St. Matthew’s Gospel) Many among...
Study Skills

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7 Tips To Make Revision Easy

Whether you are just having a few last minute nerves or are comfortably smooth in the groove of...
Study Skills

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Revision tips for GCSE, A-level, and University

‘Revision guides, revision tips, revision aids’. You must be sick of hearing those words now,...
Study Skills

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Top Tips for the Well-Intentioned Slacker


 You, or your child, are a well-intentioned slacker. Regardless of the many incentives...

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  • Fazal Rana Gravesend, DA12 Gold Member

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    I am an engineering graduate from a top ten university with a good educational background. Had the opportunity to receive a good education and now wish to pass on the chance to others. Attended a grammar school after passing the 11+ exams.
  • Bianca B Wilson Purley, CR8

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    I am a passionate educator with experience tutoring and teaching from early years through to university level. I am available for one-off sessions, short term bookings and longer bookings as well.
  • Claire Doucet Orpington, BR6 Gold Member

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    I am a native French speaker and have been teaching French to adults and teenagers of all levels for the last 15 years.
  • Clare Reger Cheadle Hulme, SK8

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    I am a highly qualified maths tutor with experience tutoring within a school setting and privately.
  • Birmingham English Moseley, B13 Gold Member

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    Do you need to improve your English grades? I can help. I teach English in Birmingham, and specialise in English exam preparation. I am a successful and experienced English teacher: an effective investment of your time and money!
  • Danielle M English Tutor Kentish Town, NW5 Gold Member

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    My approach to teaching centres on the philosophy that an understanding of how young minds learn leads to the most effective teaching. I plan structured but imaginative lessons to accommodate learning styles and the personal interests of my pupils.
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  • Teaching The Individual

    Clare Jaap Study Skills Tutor (Brighton) Picture Have you ever read 'Naming of Parts', a poem by Henry Reed (1942)? If, like me, you are a daydreamer, then you will understand precisely what Reed is saying, and I urge you to read it! Some of my happiest times at school were when the sun shone in through the classroom window and I could listen...
  • Autonomy Regarded As The Aim Of Education

    Stephen PhD Study Skills Tutor (West Central London) Picture IntroductionTo begin with, we go to school to acquire more knowledge and skills. This is to make us better people with a higher level of thinking than we were before. This was the major aim of education since the beginning. However, this has changed due to the environment we are living in. So...
  • Top Tips for the Well-Intentioned Slacker Editor's Pick

    Emily Honey Study Skills Tutor (Twickenham) Picture So.

 You, or your child, are a well-intentioned slacker. Regardless of the many incentives or thinly-veiled threats proffered during school or study hours, you struggle to muster any enthusiasm to study, and when you do, it's generally ineffective.

 I've been there. Before heading to...


  • Education: What Is It Good For? Editor's Pick

    Marienna Study Skills Tutor (East London) Picture Every child deserves the support they need to do their best in exams – but they also deserve much more that in the current system, it's increasingly difficult for them to get in the classroom. I was lucky to be born in a family of outstanding teachers. My grandparents taught in secondary state...
  • 10 Top Tips for Productive Revision

    Hugo TB Study Skills Tutor (Tonbridge) Picture 1. START as early as you can. It may seem like a lifetime away, but you will never regret starting work early. 2. Start as EARLY as you can. Starting early in the morning will help you get things done. Working when no-one else is around reduces distraction and gives a quiet environment. 3....
  • 5 Golden Rules for Effective Revision

    Zara Boyd Study Skills Tutor (South West London) Picture 1. Plan your revision well in advance of your exams! Get planning as early as possible to minimise stress later on! Different levels of early planning are appropriate for different age groups but the earlier the better. 2. Plan your revision in sufficient detail! When you start planning your...