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Tutor Testimonials

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because you do get regular inquiries from parents and prospective pupils, it is a very good site for piano teachers and a good forum for all things educational, in learning more about piano teaching etc"
Stephen Daltry (Mortlake and Barnes)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I have obtained several pupils during the course of this last year and also prefer a one-off payment as opposed to having to pay commission on a monthly basis."
Janet Hardy (Central Hereford)

"I would like to recommend Tutor Pages to all the other tutors because this is one of the most visited tutor websites by students and parents."
M S Rahman (Central Enfield)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is ranked high by Google and tends to appear on the first page, near the top, following search requests."
Mike Lal (Chatham)

"The Tutor Pages is an excellent platform for tutors to advertise their services in a clear and detailed way. This makes it very easy for potential students to browse tutors and see what different types of tutoring are available. The contact between tutee and tutor is also incredibly easy and over 50% of my students have found me through The Tutor Pages!"
Daisy Watkins (Crouch End)

"This is the most professional looking as well as user friendly web site for tutors that I have come across. I love the layout and the ease with which I have been able to present myself and my school. It is a pleasure to be listed on these pages."
Dominique Pizzinat (Penge)

"The Tutor Pages has a large base of tutee enquiries and can provide a steady stream of work for inspiring and mature tutors. With just a one off subscription - the price of a couple of lessons - you are sure to recoup this cost within a few weeks.- I thoroughly recommend TTP which offers good impartial professional advice too."
Tom C (Livingston)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because you receive lots of very useful leads and it enables tutors to construct detailed profiles facilitating the opportunity to attract many students. Great website!"
Surefire Dan (Hendon)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I received students through it the last time I was a member."
Stephanie Grace (Putney)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it can be helpful with directing the potential students to you."
Stefan Gugura (Central Ipswich)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it works - well!"
Nigel Houghton (Battersea)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I have had lots of student enquiries and most of them have become permanent pupils."
Sofya Fotiyadi (Central Worthing)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because is is a wonderful way to advertise your business and allows pupils to find out so much about you as a person and tutor when making an enquiry!"
Ruby Hill (Central Worcester)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it gives students tuition in a very wide range of subjects at all levels. For me it offers the chance to give students some insight into my profile before asking me for tuition."
Richard Magee (Warwick)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because they are genuinely a site to exchange details of mutually suited students and tutors without asking either party for commission or other payment."
IanSwift - Maths Tutor (Stanton)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is very easy and clear to use. The staff deal with any queries quickly and efficiently. I have received many enquiries from students through my profile, I can't recommend Tutor Pages enough."
Emily Kirsop-Taylor (Central London)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it provides an excellent service. The Tutor Pages matches my abilities as a teacher accurately with potential students. The service is easy to use and is safe and reliable."
Jill Hooper (Gillingham)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I can deal with and talk to potential students easily."
Worood (Haywards Heath)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because the interface is easy to use, easy to read and the quality of information that is prompted is very high, making it the perfect place to nurture excellent tutors and subsequently produce well informed and engaged pupils."
Lucy Pekr (Bromley Cross)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I have received some work through their site and these students have stayed with me and therefore it has more than paid for my subscription. Tutor Pages are very active in striving to improve visibility and efficiency of their members profiles and the forum is very useful too!"
Marguerite McMullin (Sherwood)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because this website gets you lots of pupils! Very simple."
Lydia Kaye (Bloomsbury)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it makes you, as a tutor, very easy to be found by prospective students. It also allows very in depth customization of your profile allowing for a very personal introduction of yourself as a tutor."
Neil Livingstone (Putney Bridge)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because they do a great job of helping to showcase their tutors, they offer lots of advice for managing a tutoring business, and they make it very easy to connect with students and parents."
Dr Carl Thirsk (Seaham)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it allows you to provide full information regarding your qualifications, experience and other details, to help give potential students or parents a clear picture of you, thus helping them make an informed choice when looking for a suitable tutor."
Mrs Teresa A Wishart (Mytchett and Deepcut)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it works so well for me! Very easy to use whether you are a student or a tutor, very fair I think because no one has to pay fees at every session like it can be on some other websites. I like its simplicity and efficiency. The website is also very complete with all the information you can add (interviews, videos, links, websites...), so that I think a student can have a good idea of the tutor's personality and quality through all the material given by Tutorpages even before meeting him or her. Most of the students I have had came from this website so I am happy to renew my membership every year and I'm telling you, I go nowhere else. All the best!"
Simcha Parienti (Golders Green)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it has been just a useful way of getting my business off the ground. I have gone from 1 student to 40 within the year!"
Lucy Thatcher (Chester)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because not only is a great way to find students but you can meet so many people who are in the same field as you to bounce ideas off."
Matt (Didsbury)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is a clear, effective resource for students to find the teacher they want. It has been a great way for students to find me and discover Complete Vocal Technique."
Michael Hill (Oval)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it's an excellent way of connecting students with suitable tutors. It is a very trusted source and I am grateful to be a member of it!"
Maria Papathanasiou (Limehouse)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is a very easy and efficient website to use."
Anu Verma (Binley)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it has worked for me and I have got several good students from using it."
David Cummings (Greenford)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it helps you to develop your contacts and tuition business."
MrsL.Catalina Watkiss (Norbiton)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages ... it works!"
Jeff Bragg (Benhilton)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because the service gives an added, extremely professional looking method of advertising one's availability for individual and group French Horn teaching/coaching."
Huw Jenkins (Fulham)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it works - and so do you !"
Kevin Foley (Matlock)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it's a site where you can personalise your own page, "talk" to your prospective students via the interview and your articles, and because it brings business. In addition, there are blogs, there is excellent "aftercare" and ongoing advice on how to attract new pupils. Additionally, it's interesting to ready what other tutors have written. Very user friendly."
Trixi Field (Ellesmere Urban)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because since I joined last year, I have received and continue to receive, a steady flow of enquiries for my tutoring services. In fact, the cost of my membership had more than paid for itself within two weeks of joining up. I like the link to my website which is embedded in my entry, and the statistics provided by The Tutor Pages allow me to monitor how many times my entry is being viewed by prospective clients. If you want to grow your tutoring business, subscribe to this site !"
Nick Rawson (Shirley)

"I genuinely think that the website is straightforwards to use. Its clean layout and presentation of tutee information in emails is especially helpful - particularly the way that enquiry messages can be answered directly. Its efficient and sharp mechanics make it exactly what a tutor wants - simple, easy and good value!"
Graham James (Wandsworth Common)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because their efficient system of matching tutors with suitable tutees is always first class."
Suzanne Delves (New Malden)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it puts you in touch with students who are serious and committed. It has allowed me to teach at a variety of levels. I have found the service invaluable. Thanks! Sonia Jallane"
Mrs. Sonia Jallane (Swiss Cottage)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I have received a lot of pupils from it, who have then recommended me to others. It is a user friendly website."
Grace Bokor (Golders Green)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is an excellent platform for tutors and tutees alike to communicate without having to pay a fee first, as is the case on other tutoring websites. Tutees are more reassured by this opportunity to communicate freely and establish if we are the right 'match' for each other, without making any initial commitments. Also, I have become a member of The Tutors' Association last year, a regulating body for which the expertise behind The Tutor Pages played a huge role. I feel very supported by this site, and am grateful that it provides a platform for me to advertise my tutoring role as a professional service. Sign up, it can only ever be a positive move for your career as a tutor! Best of luck, Nicole."
Nicole Dowley (Heaton)

"Good search engine results, lots of help and advice for new tutors on The Tutor Pages Website. Many of my clients come via TTP."
Julia Underwood (Wolverton)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is a very easy-to-use, trustworthy and efficient website."
Letizia Parisi (Northfields)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because they give me most of my private teaching. Without this help it would be much harder."
Elliot McCredie (Dulwich Village)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages quite simply because it has provided me with regular links to and work with committed students. I have recommended this site to others."
Peter M Smith (Central Edinburgh)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because The Tutor Pages do not charge students so this gives students the possibility to contact as many tutors as they wish with no charge. Tutor Pages offers a communication system between students and tutors which is direct and safe. The Tutor Pages is a professional website. It offers free advice and support to tutors."
Annie Marrec (Glastonbury)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I have had success with this company, and it offers upgrades and updates to alert potential clients."
Edwyn (Abergavenny)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it's great!"
James Marsh (Highgate)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because, from my conversations with other tutors who use the site, it seems to attract good quality tutors."
Pempi Wycherley (Wetherby)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is a great source of students from complete beginners to students wanting help with university work."
Ian Jones GCLCM (Huddersfield)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it gets you interested enquiries from which you can grow & expand your business."
Daniel Hewson (Baird)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is a very professional, organised looking website, allowing the opportunity to advertise oneself in great detail. The article feature is a great way to invite tutors to introduce themselves and their ideas about music. I personally have gained many students from here."
David Secchi (Wells)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages simply because it does the job. Excellent way to promote your services whatever level you are offering. Highly effective business model which I believe works for all the tutors registered with them."
Bicky (Central Westminster)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is a superb way for tutors to connect with tutees in an efficient and professional manner. Do not think twice!"
Dr. Howard A. Patten (Hendon)

"Private work has been coming in steadily since I joined the Tutor Pages. It is completely worth my Gold membership and I have picked up some excellent repeat clients. It's been a great year! 10/10 - I highly recommend."
Stephen Woods (Tynemouth)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because they are top in the Google browser when looking for a tutor. Also, the administration is excellent and have always been reliable at contacting me when I have had any questions."
Mrs Lee Dein (Hampstead Garden Sub)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because they are professional and helpful."
Basia Kardasinska (West Drayton)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I have had several high quality enquiries. The process is an efficient one!"
Mrs Bhatia (Gants Hill)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because since becoming a member they have referred a steady stream of new customer enquires. The majority of the enquirers have been local and a very high percentage have converted to customers. I now tutor pupils from most of the primary schools in my area and Tutor Pages have played a large part in achieving this."
Amanda Capell (Dartford Heath)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it's a straightforward and well set-up website that allows maximum independence for tutors. Unlike other tutoring agencies or tutoring websites which take a cut from your earnings or restrict communication you have with students, making it harder to coordinate lessons, with Tutor Pages you pay an annual fee for a reasonable price and are ready to go. Not only is this but Tutor Pages has a good reputation amongst clients too which means that it's an excellent place to recruit new students. I think Tutor Pages has a common sense approach to tutoring and has understood the needs of the tutoring market on the side of both clients and tutors and for this reason would recommend it wholeheartedly."
Gabriella Rutherford (Sloane Square)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I have had a good response from students through it."
Salma Siddiqui (Streatham)

"Over the past six months I have had so many enquiries through The Tutor Pages: it's a marvellous medium for getting students!"
Campbell Murray (Motherwell)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is a recognised professional body advertising highly qualified tutors in your local area."
Victoria Killeen (Hale)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it's a really good way of enabling potential students to find you. It's worked for me!"
Sue Caporn (Central Bristol)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it has provided me with several tuition leads over the last 12 months for a modest annual outlay."
Don Nicolson (Eckington)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages to other tutors because it has given me lots of advice when starting out as a Spanish tutor and has enabled me to find many new students."
Fiona (Werrington)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because the website has provided me with regular positive leads."
Yvonne Tucker (Clevedon)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is effective in matching students and tutors."
Edward Mason (Worplesdon)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because they have helped me secure several Tutees. They are a well organised and professional organisation who look after their Tutors and who care about the quality of the tuition they recommend to students."
Ken Landsbury (South Shields)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it gives more information about the teacher than most other websites, including at least one article in the teacher's own words. This helps a prospective pupil to get a feel for his or her teaching style."
Ken Ross (Morningside)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it provides a large network of quality tutors for keen students to access."
Sir Mo (South Croydon)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is professional, exceptionally well organised and has provided me with a number of very good students."
Mary Thompson (Streatham)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it's a good way of getting your services online for a small fee."
Dr Rajandra Shah (Central Northampton)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because they only charge you a one of fee as a yearly subscription and I have received many quality enquiries/students through them. So, its really good value for money! I would highly recommend The Tutor Pages to any potential tutors and tutees alike as they provide an excellent service. Many thanks."
John J Newman (Letchworth Garden City)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it helps to connect keen students with experienced teachers in a matter of seconds!"
Greg Link (West Greenwich)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages highly because it has connected me with many great, hard working students. The enquires I receive through the site have very often led to work. The site is clearly well respected as it is used by many parents and students alike. I'd definitely recommend The Tutor Pages to any tutor."
Thomas Chambers (Streatham)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it has enabled me to find many students, has been a source of useful information and is simple and no-nonsense!"
Dr. Suva De (Southgate)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is a prominent and trustworthy website that has led the right customers to my door - virtually and literally!"
Birgit Piegeler-Hughes (Wellington)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I have definitely increased my student intake and my personal profile by being a member."
Annette Scott (Cannock)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is easy for both tutors and tutees to use. Tutees have full access to the tutor at the time when they are looking for one: other agencies require an upfront fee before full contact can be made with the tutor."
Dr Peter James (Chirton)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because prospective clients can view a wide range of tutors whilst receiving a lot of information and a real insight into the nature of the tutor's teaching. At the same time, as a tutor many more people view your profile with much more depth than in normal ways of advertising, therefore increasing the number of potential pupils."
Marielle Way (Brighton)

"The best tutoring comparison site on the net! It's easy because each interaction isn't driven by a fee meaning it's more user friendly to students and parents."
Ben Hanson (Elland)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I have gained lots of new students. Even if you only find one new student per year it pays for itself. Prospective students can read your profile and find out about your experience and teaching approach so you only get serious enquiries."
Susan Clark (Edgware)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because for a simple annual fee my profile and contact details are available at no extra costs to potential clients."
Michael Steele (Knebworth)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I received many students via this website."
Mrs Audrey Golding (Tadworth and Walton)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it connects you across the country and gives you flexibility"
Rhea Ranjan (Clerkenwell)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I have found it to be an extremely useful platform for ideas, information and leads."
Surita (Central Reading)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is the best and easiest way for pupils to find teachers in their area."
Jane Fletcher (Warlingham)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is the single most reliable and easiest place for receiving work as a private tutor. With the vast array of agencies and websites out there, for a small fee the tutor pages beats them all by giving you everything that you need to start a freelance tutoring business."
Howard Taylor (St. Pancras)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it's great in helping students find tutors who perfectly match their criteria and vice versa. Since I first signed up to the site with a gold membership, I've received numerous enquiries from students, most of whom I am still teaching today. It's a wonderful system!"
Anmol Patel (Beckenham)

"I would definitely recommend The Tutor Pages because it is a daunting process as a student to find a properly qualified tutor who would really benefit their learning process, and The Tutor Pages allows tutors to easily promote themselves with attention to detail, to ensure the student meets the right tutor for them. It's great!"
Esther Beard Piano/Vocal Tutor (Smethwick)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is the most professional resource of its kind on the web. It is supportive to tutors. I can update my profile easily and have received a good response from potential students."
Dr Helen Mathers (East Neuk)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it provides a highly professional service. Since joining The Tutor Pages, I have had a steady stream of highly motivated students. It has been a very beneficial and successful partnership in every sense. Thank you Tutor Pages."
Liz McNaughton (Central Reading)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages as it is user friendly for both Tutor & Students, as well as offering reasonable membership charges with great results!"
Marika Rauscher (Battersea)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because they provide a very accessible platform for students to look for a tutor. As a tutor, it is extremely beneficial, as The Tutor Pages has great SEO, and so appears high up on Google, and will mean you will gain access to hundreds of enquiries! I have just extended my time with Tutor Pages to another year as it has been very beneficial for me!"
Kunal Dasani (Moor Park)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I've found it the most effective online marketing tool available for tutors."
Waruna (Cheam)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is simple to use and has led to some great opportunities."
Jane Blummers (Chartham)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it enables you to deal directly with clients without the extra charges and hassle which agencies give you."
Stephen Follows (Holland Park)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because of its clarity, professionalism and approachability. An excellent site for tutors and clients."
Rachel Knightley (Putney)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because they have put me in contact with a number of dedicated and highly motivated students in the last year alone. My students say it's an excellent way to research a number of excellent tutors which allows them to make the best possible choice for them. Keep up the good work!"
Dan Ezard (Kew)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it has generated some really valuable enquiries from pupils for me over the past year. Also, the format is very professional, flexible and very easy to use."
Jeremy Loynes (Godalming)

"The Tutor Pages is quite simply the best organisation of its kind that I have found on-line. It is both friendly and efficient and has brought me some valuable and interesting contacts."
Tim Strauss (Preston Park)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is friendly and professional. It has a good reputation, and the website is easy to use for both teachers and students."
Jackie Coote MSTAT (Fulham)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because they have been able to provide good tutoring work."
Moses Devaruban (Smethwick)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it's the best site for bringing students to tutors. It's professional, easy to use and friendly. I get lots of business from Tutor Pages and couldn't recommend it more highly!"
Jolanta Cole (Old Harlow)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because they have been very useful in finding new clients."
Mark the Tutor (Streatham)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because not only does it help with marketing but provides support through a community of tutors."
Brian J. Swindells (Salisbury)

"I would highly recommend The Tutor Pages due to the number of enquiries I have received since signing up and subsequent recommendations these have generated. There has been a constant flow of new pupils and am now building up a solid client base thanks to the fantastic exposure Tutor Pages has given me."
Emily Prince (West Croydon)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is a unique forum providing advice and support for tutors whilst allowing them to reach their audience, all for a straightforward annual fee."
Bob Carroll (Central Bristol)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it's the "go to" site for tutors."
Paul Taylor (Rotherhithe)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I found work and earned back the amount of the membership fee almost immediately."
Jonathan Rogerson (West Greenwich)

"The Tutor Pages has been of huge benefit to my teaching practice. Many of my longstanding students have come to me through the site. The site is easy to use and offers lots of good features to help embellish one's profile. I have recommended the site to many people and will continue to do so."
Josh Geffin (Muswell Hill)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages to other tutors because it is very popular due to its relevant name and according to my experience, genuine students come on this site. The management of this website is very supportive."
Nasira (Central Leeds)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it has given my a steady stream of students over the past year."
Laurence Pritchard (Clifton)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it facilitates contact between discerning individuals who seek the best possible and most appropriate provision for children."
Tamsin Kemmis (Chiswick)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I have had very interesting referrals."
Ridgestone John (Rochester)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is a very informative, user-friendly and no-fuss service."
EC (Central Stevenage)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because they have consistently brought me great, hard-working students for the last several years I have been registered on the site."
Dr Abbie Davies (Newbridge)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I have been able to build my teaching base in Birmingham at a much faster rate thanks to the simplicity and usability of the site!"
Ashley Bonfante (Stoke Newington)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it's been very accessible from both a tutor and a potential pupil's perspective."
Alam Khan (Earlsfield)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is a great way for tutors and students to connect, allowing the teacher to provide many details about themselves and therefore potential students can make a well informed decision. You have the ability to cross reference with other teachers in your area and the subscription price is very reasonable."
Hannah Thomas (West Greenwich)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because potential students can find the right teacher for them, both geographically and in what they desire from the lessons."
Bethia Hourigan (Midhurst)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because the matching mechanism enables suitable tutor/ tuttee matches."
Philippa Rumsey (White Hart Lane)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because of its invaluable articles and discussion groups on LinkedIn. Being part of the tutoring community helps to keep updated. It is also a hassle free platform to connect with potential customers."
Christiane Utton (Leigh)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I have had quite a few new students this year form this website, and many more than from any other that I am registered with."
Sue Klein (East Dulwich)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I have received a steady stream of students that are committed to taking lessons over the long term."
John Brennan (Pimlico)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it provides tutors with exceptional back-room support and is well placed in search engines. I get more enquiries through them than any other source."
Gordon Robb (Buckingham)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is such an efficient and easy way to get in contact with potential clients - since signing up to The Tutor Pages I have never been without at least one client."
Andy Collins (Deerness)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it has brought me a steady flow of students; so much so that I now have a full schedule and a waiting list. The site is easy to use, and I consider the subscription fee to have been the best £42 I have spent on my business, as it has been recouped many times over this year."
Yvonne Mason (Llansanffraid)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it's one of the best tutoring websites."
Niovi (Waterloo)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it comes up well in search engines and parents and pupils trust it."
Jenny Galton (St. Albans)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I have had plenty of work and it has been well worth the money!"
Amy Wakefield (Congleton)

"The website is unique in that it allows students to phone the tutor to find out more, look at their portfolio website, check their profile on LinkedIn, see their full name, among some of the important features that help them and the tutor make the decision about starting lessons."
Carolina Sawney (Bloomsbury)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it has helped people to find me as a teacher. It is good to be able to find out so much about a prospective teacher before you get in touch with them."
Pat Daniels (Tonbridge)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because the site is a wealth of information and support."
Anne Viguié (Sandwich)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because they operate as a professional service to the delight of many clients."
Kate Jarvie (Central Rugby)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is a quality website, providing clear and sensible filters on what people are looking for, in both directions. I've been impressed by the dedication of the students who've found me this way, at every level of proficiency from adult beginners to very advanced. It's also an attractive layout, has a good feeling in general and is very easy to update."
Catherine Rimer (Highbury)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is a very straightforward website that makes it easy for potential students to find me."
Dr Chris M. (St. Pancras)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is the premier source for locating the appropriate Tutor for you, your son or daughter, in the UK."
David Pope (Abingdon)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it gets you in touch with students very easily. I have had a steady stream of business. It's easy, no-fuss and reliable and I think value for money. I am very satisfied with the service."
Amber Armitage (Margate)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because the site gives me a great platform for promoting my services to my target market in SW London."
Kingston Simon (Norbiton)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages to potential tutors because it seems to attract numbers of people looking for this service. Thus, a good place to be listed."
Douglas Hainline (Bramley)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because they are reliable and an efficient website to use."
Amrita Dodd (Sutton Coldfield)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it has been a fantastic way of my reaching out locally to potential students looking for music lessons. I have greatly enjoyed getting back into teaching using this excellent service over the past year, and have recommended it to my friends and colleagues."
Alastair Merry (Galleywood)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because this is the only tutor website that actually gives you jobs."
Liudmila (Central Ipswich)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is hard to reach your ideal demographic any other way. Most of my business comes via this site."
Mrs Holly Swinton (Kenilworth)

"The Tutor Pages have been successful in generating a number of enquiries that came to fruition, and I have been really pleased that it has enabled me to do more online tutorial work at undergraduate level too."
Julian Salisbury (Crewe)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is a very professional service. It connect you with potential students and gives very good results."
Guadalupe (North Finchley)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is an excellent way for students to find quality tutors at a reasonable cost."
Miriam Linehan (Wood Green)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because they have provided me with a number of steady enquiries and the website is easy to use and provides potential students with lots of information."
Eleanor Nichol (Brislington)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it offers tutors and those seeking tutors an accessible platform to be introduced to each other. It also serves as a portal for both new and experienced tutors to learn more about what is going on in the supplementary education sector. It is a great resource for the tutoring profession."
Adam Muckle (Putney)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I regularly receive enquiries."
Amanda Burns (Sharnbrook)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because you have the opportunity to create a full detailed profile."
Peter Scarfe (Witney)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it has a far reaching network connecting students to the best tutors."
Gabrielle Jourdan (Chalk Farm)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it has helped me find more students. The advice on how to get more hits online was really useful."
John Macnaughton (East Dulwich)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because It helps connects students to tutors."
Emmanuel Aluko, CFA, MBA, MSc (Camden Town)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it allows parents to contact me straight away without paying a fee. We can easily arrange an initial lesson as a consultation session, and the parents and students have no commitment to carry on having lessons after that. Meeting potential student in person allows me to tell parents or students whether or not they are suitable to start learning to play the piano. This process is very important, especially for young beginners. Sometimes we just cannot tell whether the little ones are ready to start just by knowing their age. The way The Tutor Pages works really helps me in this process."
Yan Wong (Newport Pagnell)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is a serious website for professionals. It is therefore very useful to the members of the public researching qualified Teachers for themselves or their children, who want to achieve some rewarding results and progress in their work."
Prof. Fulvia Terzaghi (West Brompton)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is integral to my marketing as a tutor. It has helped my business reach higher prominence in search engines and therefore increase the number of inquiries I receive, both through the site itself and my own website."
Vicki Workman (South Croydon)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because they are accessed by a wide audience. Furthermore, staff at The Tutor Pages are very helpful and give much support in case you have a problem or a query. It's a great site!"
Mia Bongers (Lymington)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I have had numerous enquiries from them! They are also easy to contact and the tutor guide they provide is invaluable!"
Heather Bain (Orpington)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I have received many genuine enquiries and have successfully had the opportunity to teach GCSE and A level students who have gained excellent exam results."
AMNA (Dewsbury)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because of the student lead generation it has produced for me. Also the Engine Room advice is most useful."
Philip Singleton (Cobham and Downside)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is a fantastic way for students to find tutors and tutors to find students. I have found the Tutor Pages a far more effective way of finding new students than either putting up cards and posters locally, or posting on local websites, events listings etc. Because I pay a subscription potential students are able to contact me easily and for free, and for me signing up has been a very worthwhile investment."
Eleanor Levin (Lancaster)

"The Tutor Pages has helped me find a lot of good quality work. They take no commission at all and the system is very easy and intuitive to use. Their ebook and extra tips for tutors has been truly invaluable to me in how I can best present and market myself as a tutor. Thanks for such a great service, and it is worth every penny to subscribe as a Gold Member."
Dr. Atul Rana (South Woodford)

"Tutor Pages is an essential tool for instrumental teachers. Its user-friendly site attracts many would-be pupils which is convenient for both pupil and teacher alike."
Jonathan Giles Moss (Grayshott)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because they always notify me of new clients in a very timely and professional manner. They prompt me to communicate with clients if I have not been in touch for a while. The fact that Tutor Pages do not take commission makes them far superior to other commission- based agents and is much more cost-effective for my tutees."
Mary Fox (Epsom)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because my cello teaching business has expanded greatly thanks to pupils finding my details on here"
Kirsten Miller (Grangetown)

"I recommend The Tutor Pages because it is both a shop window for potential students and a record of what I have done and can do."
Justin Potter (Salisbury)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because the site brings in a consistent number of enquiries per month, helping you to build a successful independent tutoring business!"
Claire Lilla (Teddington)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is easily accessible to viewers of the site and enables gainful employment for us and hopefully useful tuition for our students."
Robert Denison (Heaton)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages as I have had an amazing first year with the site. Such a wide range of abilities, requirements and backgrounds, often challenging but always interesting. I am with 3 sites but this is my main source for new students."
Val Wolstenholme Clay (Wimbledon)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it attracts committed parents and students. It is also the only site that allows a tutor to list their own website."
Coriden Francis (Bampton)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because of the professional presentation of the website, and also because I am receiving a consistent supply of enquiries for my dissertation assistance services throughout the year. The enquiries I receive from The Tutor Pages website are more likely to lead to bookings for my dissertation help and thesis help services than from any other tutor website and indeed from any other system of advertising."
Dissertation Tutor (Brockley)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it provides a clear and comprehensive platform, allowing tutors to promote an informed and accurate self-profile, with fair exposure in an intuitively searchable site for potential students to explore. I have connected with decent and open-minded, hard-working students through this platform."
Portia Winters (Central Lewisham)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because the website is quite easy and simple to navigate. It has given me tutoring leads due to its obvious aggressive advertising campaign on the internet."
Peter Adey (Walkden)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because thanks to this website I always had serious students."
Manuela Cappellari (Raynes Park)

"The Tutor Pages are great at connecting parents and tutors. I've found their service to be wonderfully professional and easy to use. Well over 80% of my work in the last year came from them."
Dr James Lambert (Bayswater)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages to other tutors because of its unique service, and simplicity. A good tutor profile, highlighting his/ her skills, generates a high number of enquires, enough to place this service at the top of any ranking of Private Tutoring sites"
Abdullah (Hendon)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is a useful way of advertising one's expertise online. It has a clear and well organised display and gives a trustworthy impression."
Flavia Hirte (Fulham)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is great resource which enables the connection between tutors and students."
Krzysztof Moskalewicz (Angel)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it's the easiest way to find pupils with very minimal effort on your part. It's easy to update your profile and you don't get junk email, only real enquiries."
Gwenllian Llyr (Orpington)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is both easy to use and flexible enough that each tutor can feature their special strengths. It is an added bonus that a personal website can be linked to one's profile with ease."
Anne Marie Christensen (Kentish Town)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because in my experience it seems to attract tutors who are serious about doing a good job and students who are serious about learning and sticking with it."
Andres Razzini (Highbury)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it makes it very easy to connect to potential clients."
Sarita Masson (Britwell)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it's a good way to make contact with new students. You always hear immediately when someone has sent a message."
Dr James Deeny (Deptford)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it has given me a lot of contacts."
Linda Maria McGuin (Huddersfield)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because the efficient communication is extremely admirable! They are the only agency that enables you to upload testimonials and YouTube videos to ensure students and parents have enough information to make a decision quickly and comfortably."
Farzana (Central Enfield)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is the best resource in terms of excellence and professionalism in finding the best tutors in the country efficiently and economically. The number one tutoring database that is at the forefront in finding the right tutor for you."
Nicholas Prasad (Crouch End)

"I highly recommend this website because it is so easy to list our profile and attract students. You can also link it with your website and got more responses by having extra info. displayed. Also you have got a video link page. And it appears very high in the google and local searches. The Director of the site has done a very good job. I give him 10/10."
Kamal Patel (Harrow on the Hill)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because in only the first few lessons it pays for itself. I have gained many students through The Tutor Pages. It is very safe as The Tutor Pages doesn't give any personal details out either."
Jessica Friend (Aston Cantlow)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I get enquiries from students and do not have to pay commission on each lesson, which is much fairer to the tutor. Thank you The Tutor Pages for a good service again this year."
Mary Mathai (East Grinstead)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it has established itself as a point of reference for those seeking quality tuition. It presents one's qualifications in a dignified and efficient manner."
Dr. Victor Mannion (Gloucester Road)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is easy to use, gives you a great online presence and sends potential students straight to your inbox. It's easy and hassle free - no hunting around involved!"
Charlotte Botterill (St. Albans)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it's a great way for students to find tutors online."
Farhaz J (South Croydon)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it assists tutors in raising their professional profile on the web and promotes their teaching abilities to a wider audience."
Andrew Littlewood (Roundhay)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it allows me to teach locally as well as online. Tutor Pages has a very large client base which is important for any subject tutor. Thank you, Tutor Pages, for all your continued support and advice."
Laurence Flood (St. Leonards)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I have received a lot of work via this site that almost always leads to a confirmed student."
Gillian Crimp (Tiverton)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because clients have successfully contacted me via my advert. It has given me an opportunity to provide a comprehensive appraisal of my experience."
Pauline Farren (Tarporley)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it's a professional way of finding a tutor or students to teach."
Ada Witczyk (Blackheath Westcombe)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is a very professional site."
Jane Sowden (Cramlington)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because you do get enquiries and work through this trusted website."
Helen White (Kaut) (Rhiwbina)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because the site has consistently generated a large volume of requests for tuition."
Emma Heseltine (Wollaston)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages to other tutors because it provides tutors with direct access to potential customers and tutors are able to give full details about themselves and their experience on their profile page. The ability to have a 'profile page' like the one The Tutor Pages provides is something I have not found with any other tutoring agency or organisation. Their downloadable, free ebook called "Tutoring - The Complete Guide" is excellent and gives very useful advice, especially if you are new to tutoring. And if you have additional queries, then they are more than happy to answer them. Registering with The Tutor Pages has been a very worthwhile investment for me and one of the best decisions I made this year!"
Isabella Nicholls (Knaphill)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because of its professionalism and the way they support tutors. The response from clients to my being a member has been exceptional. Thank you, Tutor Pages."
Dyslexia Success (Milton Keynes Centre)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it's popular and has a good reputation."
Mr Dhir MathsTeacher (Central Hounslow)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it's an excellent website to find good teachers, and also those who are close to you. In addition you can also compare prices and contact several tutors!"
Jeel Shah (Wembley Central)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it gives any tutor the possibility to find additional students. Very useful web-site. Thank you!"
Olga Hornett (Abbots Langley)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it gives the opportunity for students and teachers to find each other and work together to succeed in a subject."
Julija Guste (Brentford)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is efficient and gains me access to a wide range of students. The website is comprehensive and shows due concern for education, not just run as a business. The profiles allow tutors to give clients a real insight into our individual personalities and approaches."
Eileen Burrell (Godstone)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because you will get a steady stream of enquiries about tutoring. These you can then select as to your availability or tutoring niche. Easy to use and has provided me with many teaching hours."
Ruth Farrell (Burton)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages (and actually I did recommend TTP to a number of my colleagues) because it is run by a friendly and very helpful team who have helped me to get in contact with people who need me and whom I need. It's not only an opportunity to earn some money it is also an opportunity to meet interesting people who are keen on the Russian language and culture and with whom I can share my knowledge and experience. Great!"
Maria Rumney (Great Malvern)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it has allowed me to help students achieve their true potential by sharing my knowledge and expertise in my specialist subjects."
Hasina Ali (Central Birmingham)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is a hassle-free way of getting new enquiries that often turn into paying clients. The Basic Account is free or can be upgraded for more ways of reaching your clients."
Alix Marina-Chouhan (Loughborough)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it connects parents and teachers, and can make the dreams of hard working children come true."
Mr.Tyley (Blackheath)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because students can find my tuition services very easily, and I think the most important fact is that they don't have to pay any extra fee for my contact details. I definitely will recommend The Tutor Pages as in my opinion it is the best online tuition service."
Jacqueline Espinoza (Central Westminster)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is a quick, easy, safe way of finding the right tutor for your chosen subject. As a tutor using the site, I like how I have the option to add as much or as little as I like including links to our related media and the option to write informative articles."
Marged Hall (Cowbridge)

"The Tutor Pages is an excellent and economic means of linking students and teachers."
Becca Marriott (Raynes Park)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because the site is easy to use, there is no upfront charge for the student and the student or the parents can talk to several tutors before deciding to choose the tutor."
Meenal (Mile End)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I have received a steady supply of student enquiries throughout my membership. I receive enquiries directly from parents which provides means of contacting them immediately to answer their queries and arrange lessons."
Mrs. Sheila Searle (Wolston)

"The Tutor Pages is a fantastic resource. Efficient, easy to use and has a high degree of credibility."
Dominic Sewell (Raynes Park)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because they hold a wealth of information in the form of articles and interesting posts that help tutors connect and share information."
Linda de Klerk (Herne Hill)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it gives you & the skills you have to offer a platform for you to exhibit your strengths and skills in a professional manner."
Claire Gullan (Partick West)

"The Tutor Pages is a trusted brand and with serious students that contact me on a weekly basis!"
Emma K L Taylor RCA SuperTutor (Sloane Square)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it's a great local musical community."
Kate Mullins (Hackney Downs)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it gets you the work, it has some interesting and useful discussions (especially on the Linked In blog) and is very realistically priced. The founder of the site is a lovely chap who is genuinely on the independent Tutors' side, will deal with you personally and is invariably helpful and courteous. If only more organisations in the UK were run as well as this one!"
Matthew Barnes Biology Tutor (Honiton)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because they consistently rank highly in internet search-engine searches for tuition and have provided me with a highly cost-effective source of new students."
Dr Victor Bluett (Teddington)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it provides a perfect tuition enabling service. It allows tutors and tutees to reach out to each other in a secure manner. The Tutor Pages is there for help and guidance as required, but doesn't seek to impose itself on the process as some other sites do."
Gerard RM (Blackheath Westcombe)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because of its easy to use format."
Michelle Falcon (Bath)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because you´ll find tutors in your area."
Nora (West Greenwich)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it's easy to use and gets you a lot of jobs!"
Kath Stewart (Mottingham)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it was easy to set up, it is easy to use and the profile ensures that I only get enquiries from the people I am hoping to reach."
Miss Diane (Seven Sisters)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is a great way to find new clients."
Roxanne S. (Ladbroke Grove)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is a simple and easy way to get your details out there and has proven very successful for me."
Helen Knight (Newton Mearns)

"I would recommend the Tutor Pages because I think it's a fantastic way of bringing tutees and tutors together. As a tutor I have had very good exposure on Tutor Pages and have found many tutees in this way."
Roya Esat (Southgate)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it enables tutees to find high quality help quickly and safely."
Angela Jordan (Newbury)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because my tutoring service has been successful through them. The information I received when I started was very useful and removed some of the burdens you experience when you start out. In conclusion, I've been very happy."
Amy Williams (Brixton Hill)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because you are guaranteed quality and choice from the most appropriately qualified and professional tutors. There are tutors available in an area suitable for you and your budget."
Leigh Stevenson (Dollis Hill)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because there is a comprehensive profile for each tutor and there are no hidden commission charges."
Andy Hinsley (Central Norwich)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is a professionally run page, full of useful information and good links which furthermore gives a continuous support to really get new students. It has been extremely useful for me."
Johannes Kramer (Sloane Square)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because they provide a comprehensive, well laid-out page for viewing the tutors' skills, comments, expertise and referees. They also have a very good SEO which means that your page will come up for your subject in your area, towards the top of the links on Google. This is now more effective than a personal website."
Jane de Florez (Earl's Court)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because for only £60 a year, you are put in touch with as many students as you want. In the past, when I was using tuition agencies, I would have paid the agency about £60 per student per term for just one hour of teaching each week."
Wendy Hague (Orpington)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is an open, equal site which allows parents to search with for exactly what they need. I have found its advice invaluable whilst establishing myself as a tutor over the last few years. It frequently provides interesting points of debate about education and tutor conduct on it's various blogs. The enquiries I have received have been consistently genuine and worth pursuing."
Helen Duff (Clapton)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because, it is a good tool to reach students who require help with their studies. I have acquired quite some work over the past year."
Mrs.Mertdag (South Croydon)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it's the only online music tutor site that that i know of that gives your details straight to the potential client, rather than the tedious to and fro that you have with the unpaid sites. Then you can communicate freely with people about lessons. Very refreshing and worth the very reasonable cost of the annual membership."
Paul Keeler (Central Norwich)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because the process of registering and "building" a page is made very easy, it looks professional, and it gets results."
Elaine Tomkow (Grantham)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it has an attractive, easy to navigate user interface for both tutors and prospective students. The layout allows me as a tutor to customise my profile to some degree, and provides me with enough space and specificity to give both an overview and more detailed information about the services I offer. As a brand it seems to have good exposure and prominence on the internet, and I receive a substantial proportion of new students through The Tutor Pages."
Steve Pringle (Peckham)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is a well managed website and they have a good reputation."
Trevor (Steyning)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it has provided a steady number of new students since I first subscribed a number of years ago. It is well run and ready to offer useful advice when needed. Any problems that do occur are generally resolved in good time."
Tim Mell (Carshalton)

Student Testimonials

"Ed has lots of different ways to get the best Shakespearian performance out of you. I'm not very confident with Shakespeare, but he was very understanding and showed me some unexpected techniques on how to feel more at home with the language."
Sophie, LAMDA, tutored by
Ed Birch (East Dulwich)

"Just to say thanks for your help, I made it into flight school with 90% in the maths!"
T Harrison, tutored by
Marlow Maths Tutor (Greater Marlow)

"Simon is very patient and thorough. He is flexible to my son S’s requirements and always reliable."
Eileen, Sutton, S. London, tutored by
Kingston Simon (Norbiton)

"Andrew has been an excellent tutor for my daughter who`s confidence in Chemistry has improved no end. She is now achieving better test results at school and feels that she has a good understanding of her subject, ready for revision now."
Christine, tutored by
Dr Roberts (Banbury)

"Meta Powell’s superb vocalism and artistry, along with her knowledge of the vocal instrument and pedagogy, make her a tremendously effective voice teacher. Her open, kind demeanor and additional studies in meditation and bodywork bring a depth and finesse to her teaching method to which students immediately respond. I recommend her services to anyone who seriously wishes to improve his/her singing skills."
Dr Katherine Osborne, University of Northern Iowa, tutored by
Meta Powell (Acton)

"The most important thing is the teacher. Mr Cremer is highly qualified, he has broad knowledge, and was extremely well-prepared for his class. Mr Cremer is a caring and easy-going teacher. Mr Cremer is not only an excellent teacher, but also he impressed me as a knowledgeable, responsible, strict but impartial teacher."
Mrs Patel, Newham, London, tutored by
Andrew Cremer (Becontree)

"I really enjoy lessons with Elaine, she works really hard helping me to make a lovely sound on my flute. Megan recently achieved 99 out of 100 for her grade 2 exam."
Megan Brown, age 10, tutored by
Elaine Round BMus QTS (Upper Norwood)

"Ben is helping my son with A Level Maths. My son feels he is understanding things now and making good progress. Ben is flexible and professional. I recommend him if you need a high level of maths teaching."
Jacquie W, tutored by
Ben Karp (Kingston)

"'Nicholas Bamford was my own personal tutor as a teenager and led through the stress of GCSE exams, A levels and even assisted me free of charge during my time in university. I can personally guarantee that hiring Nicholas equals astounding results beyond any and all expectation."
Harrie L. student 2005-2915, tutored by
Nicholas Bamford (St. Albans)

"My kids are not fans of having English lessons, but with Hannah, it's a pleasure for them. The lessons are interesting or funny or both depending on what she has planned for them."
Nathalie, tutored by
Hannah Powell (Ealing Broadway)

"(A-Level Chemistry) Excellent, very thorough and professional. Would highly recommend."
Shirali, tutored by
Suzanne W (Ashby-de-la-Zouch)

"Sonia helped my son develop his comprehension, Creative Writing and interview skills for 11+. He was offered places at St. Paul's, Eton, Westminster and City. An excellent tutor, she inspired him to achieve his true potential, creating lessons that were fun and varied. She boosted his confidence, making the whole experience stress-free and enjoyable.She is extremely thorough and genuinely passionate about her subject. I would highly recommend her to any parent."
Carey English, tutored by
Mrs. Sonia Jallane (Swiss Cottage)

"Leena helped me in FP1, FP2 and FP3 which I scored 94, 84 and 86 in and helped me achieve my grades to get into Imperial. Leena was always very prepared for each lesson picking out key examples and working through them very thoroughly with me meaning I was able to attempt similar questions by myself. She aided me and made Further Mathematics simpler to grasp so I was well prepared for exams."
A level student, QE Boys, tutored by
Leena (West Finchley)

"Chris has proved to be a fantastic teacher, patient and considerate, and most important adaptable to individual needs. Also a great knowledge of French and how it should be taught. Thanks Chris!"
Alexis V- Budleigh Salterton, tutored by
Chris Heaven (Woodbury)

"Karim is an excellent tutor and really helped my daughter for 11 plus exams. He covered maths, verbal reasoning and techniques for common entrance examinations. His methods are unique and provide an all round approach rather than the standard tutoring techniques. His exam skills technique course was very useful for my daughter. She is presently at North London Collegiate school. My daughter liked his calm and patient approach to teaching and he was always available for feedback."
Neeraj S, tutored by
Karim Allidina (Pinner)

"I would recommend Cat to anyone who is looking for a flute teacher for their child. She is very enthusiastic and attentive to her students.She makes lessons interesting and useful at the same time. She pays enough attention to every single aspect of playing the flute: sound, posture, fingers and melody. Her explanations made during the lessons are always clear. My daughter loves her lessons and has made great progress."
Elena Evdokimova and Yulia, tutored by
Cat Grocott (St. Albans)

"Hi Katrina, Hope you are having a lovely summer. Just to let you know I achieved AAA (History, Phil & Ethics and English lit) and will be reading History at Exeter in September. Thank you so much for all of your help and support! Claudia"
Claudia Coleman, tutored by
Katrina Durber (Central Westminster)

"Email testimonial from Umamah, Bristol: I got AAA*, an A in RS which is a relief because even though I worked as hard as I could have, I was worried I didn't execute well on the day. Like I said before, thanks for everything, I know it's your job to help me - but I honestly I couldn't have gotten an A without your constant marking and introduction to content I hadn't come across before. Kind regards, Umamah"
Umamah Malik, Bristol, tutored by
Louise Harrison (Durham)

"She`s great thanks."
Maria, tutored by
Dr Hanna Beyer (Broadstairs)

"Janet helped me with my AS Level maths (C1 and C2). I found her to be very helpful as she was able to specifically tackle the problems I had and helped me to boost my confidence with answering difficult questions. She was also a very pleasant person to talk to and always encouraged me to persevere with the bits I found hard."
LR - A Level, tutored by
Janet Eifridt (Redhill)

"My son really likes learning the flute with Udita and I have been really surprised by how fast he has progressed with her teaching him. Udita is very friendly, warm and welcoming. My son is completely comfortable with her. The financial commitment of lessons was reduced by Udita letting us borrow the different sizes of flute as he developed - so we didn’t have to buy a flute - and she has also has a great supply of music. I think Udita is absolutely great and recommend her without hesitation"
Khanya, tutored by
Udita Everett (Brighton)

"Mr Puri is a brilliant maths teacher. He teaches with a very positive attitude and friendly manner. I recommend him to anybody who needs help with maths. -Parent of a KS3 pupil You are a very good person who could teach new people new things and you are a very good teacher. -Parent of a 11+ pupil"
., tutored by
T Puri (Uxbridge)

"With weekly personal tutorials, Krista helped me to develop my oral English and gave me confidence communicating with colleagues in English. I would recommend Krista's services to any academic wishing to develop their general and academic English language skills."
Dilek, tutored by
Krista Court (Bentham)

"Worood has taught me Arabic for a year. Each of her lessons are carefully prepared and balanced and delivered with patience, clarity, good humour and lots of encouragement."
J, tutored by
Worood (Haywards Heath)

"My son has been tutored by Attiya since May 2016 preparing for his 11 plus in September 2016. We decided late that he would take the exam, Attiya assessed him and assured us he would have a good chance of passing. Attiya is a very positive, enthusiastic and professional tutor. She supported my son in his lessons and advised work and recourses for homework. She helped with his confidence and was always happy to answer any of my questions and listen to my worries."
Katie Jewiss Dulieu, tutored by
Mrs Thanvi (South Woodford)

"Katerina has been a wonderful and dedicated teacher who not only helped me to improve my piano playing and to pass my Grade 8, but also gave me indispensable guidance and advice on how to tackle aural tests. Her experience as a performer has played a huge part in showing me how to increase the depth of emotion conveyed in my piano playing as well as covering all technical aspects of a piece of music."
Ines Whitworth - Piano Student (Grade 8, Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music), tutored by
Katerina Mina (Pimlico)

"He saved me! - Feedback from an IB Physics student, tutored for two weeks before her exam, pulling up from a 4 to a 6."
Miss M, IB Physics, tutored by
Shahid Lakha (Fulham)

"Have been trying my boys to get into QE Boys for so long and finally they got in with your kind assistance , tutorial and guidance"
Hina Maududi Khan, tutored by
Expert Tutor AATP (Harrow on the Hill)

"Thank you so much Liz, for all your help so far. M is now feeling much more confident about the whole thing. He even said he likes maths now, unheard of in this household! His teacher is really pleased with his progress since their last assessment, this means they are planning to move him up to the next group after half term."
CG, Market Deeping, tutored by
Liz Garton (Stamford)

"★★★★★ I have had two sessions with James so far and I am satisfied I made the right decision to contact him. He's attentive and a good tutor who takes time to explain the subject."
Ola - Student, tutored by
James Percy-Smith (Newport Pagnell)

"Farzana’s manner is very gentle but firm and decisive in her expectations of the work that had to be completed for her. Phoebe immediately liked the fact that she was clear, articulate and understanding of her difficulties around some areas of maths. Farzana’s communication skills and support to the parents was also very helpful. Phoebe got an A for her GCSE and is completely delighted – prior to going to Farzana, we were anticipating a C grade, and I can’t recommend Farzana enough;"
Caroline E Mother of Phoebe, tutored by
Farzana (Central Enfield)

"Just thought we'd let you know, looks like he got an 'A' in his Chemistry exam. He says it was down to your help especially with the 'Big Question'. Thank you so much."
Katie L. Aug 2015, tutored by
Martyn Everitt (Crowborough)

"Kevin is an excellent tutor. He is patient, knowledgeable and has an amazing ability to pitch his teaching at just the right level. He instills confidence in his pupil and has a passion for the subject that is infectious. He is very reliable and I would highly recommend him."
Mrs Williams, tutored by
Kevin Boyle (Central Guildford)

"Very helpful. Introduced me to find quick ways to solve mental math problems. Highly recommended."
Chris, tutored by
Dr Steven Naylor (Disley)

"O***'s dad and I are most impressed with the progress he has made with your expert help."
MT, tutored by
Elaine Tomkow (Grantham)

"I am really impressed with how quickly Sumona was able to pick up my son Rupam's drawbacks and help him a lot to improve his English knowledge and skills for writing and SAT preparation. She is confident, rational and cognizant on her teaching method. Sumona is punctual, always available in time and very easy to communicate with. She is personable and a friendly which worked well with everyone. Thank you Sumona for your help and guidance."
Debojyoti, tutored by
Sumona Singhal (Harrow on the Hill)

"I am a mature student and Geoff helped me with my maths revision for tests at university. He has an excellent style of teaching and is easy to get along with. I was expecting around 50% in my test but with Geoff's help achieved 69% so cannot recommend him enough. He shows you plenty of tricks and can make hard maths seem easy."
Rich Whelan, tutored by
Geoffrey Parfitt (Dorridge and Hockley)

"‘Polly taught me for several years while I was living in London. She helped me immensely – building up my confidence after a long spell of not singing. She is very knowledgeable and improved my technique, as well as being incredibly supportive. I found my lessons really enjoyable and was sad to stop training with Polly when I moved out of London’."
Michelle Lee (original cast member of Miss Saigon and actress), tutored by
Polly Hewett (Holborn)

"Lydia is very creative and helpful, as well as encouraging and supportive in her approach. I would happily recommend her."
S Shah, tutored by
Lydia B (Kings Langley)

"I really enjoy my lessons with Luke. Being a mature student, I especially appreciate the multi-faceted approach of his teaching methods which means I have made progress in different areas of the instrument such as scales, improvisation and reading music. Luke makes sure the pace and structure of the lessons are always suited to my individual needs and progress and enjoyment go hand in hand. He has great knowledge of the instruments he teaches and makes a lovely cup of tea."
Lea Andrews, tutored by
Luke Georgiou (Brockley)

"Georgina helped my kids with their English proficiency when we landed in Australia nearly six years ago. She tutored my children in reading, comprehension & writing among other things. She was very patient with the children especially my youngest who was only five at the time. Being from Malaysia with English not the medium of learning back home, My children learned a lot from Georgina. She helped build their confidence. All in all, highly recommend."
Janice Ling, tutored by
Georgina Baxter (Dalston)

"For 5 years he was dedicated and worked very hard ensuring that we were comfortable, learning and working to the best of our ability as our head of year. When I had him as a teacher, in year 12, he ensured that each student understood each concept and took the extra mile if you still didn't. Not only does he teach us each topic with care and patience but he makes sure that we have the skills and ability to answer each possible past paper question."
Miriam, tutored by
Neil Hawley (Minchinhampton)

"March 2018 To my favourite teacher, I want to thank you for helping me so much in the 11+ test. Thank you for everything!"
Student who gained a place at Wilson's., tutored by
Karen Pina (Central Sutton)

"We feel lucky to have found Ning through a tutorial website. First, we had a trial lesson and our daughters instantly liked her style. ​ She engages with them in a way that makes them feel she genuinely cares and adjusts her pace according to their needs. ​ Ning is supportive, knows her subject very well and also explains to us, the parents, what needs to be done to support our daughters in their Mandarin learning... We would certainly recommend her to other students."
Stephen and Susan Edwards(Katie Edwards and Becky Edwards' Parents), tutored by
Ning Chen (Bitterne)

"After my first lesson with Isabelle I realised how lucky I was to have found a teacher like her. We agreed on how to proceed - I want to learn French in my retirement - with conversation and translations of carefully chosen passages."
Peter, tutored by
Isabelle Stevenson (Royal Tunbridge Wells)

"A model of appropriate behavior, he is in a league of his own and can provide extra instructional support based on individual student assessments. Every aspect of his teaching is innovative to say the least; instruction, assessment, interaction, communication, administration and management are just some of his areas of expertise as far as teaching is concerned."
Joanna B., tutored by
Dimitris Panagiotou (Tooting)

"We are very pleased with Lucy's results she got an A English Language and a B in Literature. Thank you for your coaching which as well as helping her with the exams built her confidence."
James and Judith, August 2015, tutored by
Clare Ereira (Salisbury)

"Nikita is been teaching me for the last one year . She is amazing !!! She is super fast !! Super nice and helps a lot, she also helped me to learn how to sew. Thank you for your help ☺"
Polina, tutored by
Nikita Wang (Waterloo)

"“It was my dream to learn to sing. As I hadn't studied before, I didn’t know what to expect. I was worried that I would be turned down or embarrassed that I couldn’t sing well. But that didn’t happen. Gina brings out the best in me. I love the warm up in our lessons. It surprises me what heights I can reach that I had never realised before. Gina is the perfect choice for singing lessons. She doesn't judge you. She gives you all the tools and advice to develop yourself; the rest is up to you.”"
Edina, tutored by
Gina Lewis Watts (Barnes)

"Rating: 5/5 Paul is an excellent tutor who has supported my son through to great GCSE's in Biology and Chemistry. He is 100% reliable, provided good revision focus as well as explaining areas that my son was weaker in. The tutor sessions were always looked forward to and enjoyed. I can't recommend Paul highly enough, but book early, he's quite rightly in huge demand."
Karen, tutored by
Dr Paul Kilkenny (Central Bromley)

"“ Jon had been composing, which he showed to Fred who quickly assessed Jon interests, and began to stretch him further. He is now a keen musician with individual tastes and enthusiasm for the piano & Composing. Fred is truly inspirational, he has the ability to identify nurture and bring out the very best of your musical talents. Jon is currently a 2011 winner of the Royal Opera House Composition competition, what a testament to Fred.”"
Mrs. C. Hamilton, tutored by
Fred Scott (Beckenham)

"Since having several tutor sessions with Charlie, I feel more confident that I can achieve the high grades I want at A Level. He has specifically helped me structure my essays, as well as teaching me to back up my ideas with context and reason. Charlie is clearly very talented, kind and approachable. I have learnt a great deal in the tutor sessions and already my grades have gone up. Now it’s just about maintaining these new skills!"
Charlotte B, A2 Theatre Studies, tutored by
Charlie Field (Parsons Green)

"I only knew the basics before I met Nadia but now after a year of having lesson, I really have learnt a lot, Nadia has given me the confidence to go to France and actually have conversations – this is a far cry from just learning from a book. She makes the lessons really interesting, which makes it so much easier to learn.lessons are innovative and personalised, which is so refreshing and makes the whole process much more enjoyable. I would thoroughly recommend Optimum Languages."
Jane Healey, tutored by
Nadia Bouakaz (Tonbridge)

"Carrie was able to identify my pronunciation issues very quickly and very precisely, which has been a great help in my day-to-day communication with both colleagues and clients. I am sure that with her help I will be able to progress more effectively in my career."
Laura Moreno, Environmental Scientist, tutored by
Carrie Terry (Leamington Spa)

"Tina has been an exceptional teacher who has encouraged and given confidence to my grandson. He looks forward to his time with her. He was behind his level a year ago but is now enjoying the subject and getting good grades. I would certainly recommend Tina."
Linda Witherall, tutored by
Tina Hemphill (Banbury)

"A total professional, from the first meeting it was obvious that he really knew what his stuff! He gave our daughter the confidence she needed - I would not hesitate to recommend Philip or to use him again."
Jane, tutored by
Philip Williams (Tonbridge)

"My 7 year old has really enjoyed her Mandarin lesson with Jing. The lessons were fun and educational. Thanks you Jing."
Jennifer Cole, tutored by
Jing Xia (Bournville)

"Dr Murphy brings the same qualities of diligence and high intellectual standards to his work with students, whether teaching, coaching or supervising. He has an engaging and congenial manner and is altogether a thorough, committed and popular teacher who has been fully involved in assessment procedures."
Dr Carole Coates (poet and author), tutored by
Dr Michael Murphy (Lancaster)

"I like joe because he provides a lot of effort and intensity in his work. He makes Maths and English really fun and enjoyable. Joe has taught me for three years. He helped me get into a school with his amazing ability of teaching and creating something that you want to learn more. Joe can make Maths and English really easy by his creativity and his love of teaching."
Pupil A, tutored by
Joe Atkinson (Central Sevenoaks)

"The thought of maths gave me butterflies (not the good kind!). I came to Raj feeling anxious about the QTS, but he provided guidance and support in how to embrace maths and enjoy it too! He has a logical approach, explores various solutions and gives the option to understand the best fit for you. Raj is patient and clear in his teaching. I gained confidence and passed first time with flying colours! I am truly thankful to Raj in helping me overcome last hurdle to become a primary school teacher! "
Amee Patel, tutored by
Raj Batra (Kingsbury Green)

"Got my results today, for Introduction to Finance, I went from 16% to 56%, so a big increase there, and with Accounting, i went from 21% to 53%. I also passed my Economics exam. Ben"
(full name provided only on request), tutored by
Mike Lal (Chatham)

"My 11 and 7 year old daughters thoroughly enjoy their art lessons with Rebecca. Using a variety of mediums, they have quickly progressed and gained confidence. Rebecca thoughtfully plans lessons in advance to suit their individual interests. They look forward to each session and take pride in their work. I would wholly recommend Rebecca"
Karen, Mother of Lucy & Anna, tutored by
Rebecca H (Peckham Rye)

"Alex is unlike any teacher I’ve had before. While many stick to soulless study pieces Alex offers an evolving and adaptable teaching scheme that focuses on what the pupil wants to learn. Our lessons touched on theory, jazz history and about a million ways of hitting a ii-­V-­I progression in 60mins! He was also more than willing to slow down the pace anytime I had difficulty with a concept.To anyone serious about developing their jazz improvisational skills I recommend Alex above any other."
Beni Bienz (3rd year mechanical engeneering student, imperial college london), tutored by
Alex Merritt (Camberwell)

"There are many words I can use to explain Mark's support and heres a few: great, huge, colossal, immense! He has helped me in building my confidence and given me a firm understanding of the performing arts industry. I feel a tutor like Mark is truely hard to come by, a remarkable mentor!"
Simone Riley, tutored by
Mark Spillane (Highams Park)

"I’m a mature beginner and feel I have made a good amount of progress in a short space of time with Cathy’s advice. Cathy is very positive but still prompts me in ways I can improve my playing. I totally recommend."
Matt, tutored by
Cathy Hawley (Dresden and Florence)

"I had a brilliant working relationship with Sarah, she is friendly, understanding and very knowledgeable of the subject and made A level Biology accessible to me through her style of teaching. I went from being very uncertain and dreading my Biology lessons at school to feeling like I could enjoy the subject and confident enough to tackle the bigger questions! I would certainly recommend Sarah to anyone looking for extra support in A level Biology."
Izzy Jackson (Occupational Therapy), tutored by
Sarah Dawson (Otley and Yeadon)

"I would like to thank you for all your support and assistance in developing Aidan's knowledge in a subject that has proved most difficult. He has certainly benefited from your tutelage enormously which has placed him in good stead for the coming exams."
Alan K (Oxshott), tutored by
Philip Singleton (Cobham and Downside)

"Dear Mr Chitty, Thank you very much for the tutoring. I really appreciated all of the help you gave me."
Rhiannon P. June 2009 for AS Biology Tuition., tutored by
David Chitty (Kenilworth)

"I've just received my A-level results. I got an A in Geography!!! How on earth did that happen?? It was the subject I liked the least, and I did better in it than in History (I got a C for that)! For my first Geo paper I got 100/100 and for my second 82/100. For Govt&Politics I got an A as well."
Renan Silva from Sao Luis, Brazil, A level Geography, tutored by
Darren Sargent (Wilton)

"I was Nicola's student at Kingston college for ESOL entry 3. I think Nicola Bamford is a one of the best English teacher that I ever had and also she is kind and patient for every student. She was great and supportive teacher. She uses a humorous way to teach . It is easy to understand ."
Soheila Madadi, tutored by
Nicola Bamford (Molesey)

"The Maths Surgery is a brilliant experience for people who feel they need help with maths. It's friendly, insightful, and effective for anyone wanting to better their mathematics skills. Lou is enthusiastic, bubbly, and professional. Thank you Lou for all of your help and support over the past year - I couldn't have done it without you."
Holly, Solihull, tutored by
Lou Lowton (Shirley)

"Singing with Portia during my months in London was a great way to explore my singing voice further, and discover new ways to make use of it. I am not experienced with singing techniques and have made good use of the variations and alterations I was taught. Entering her calm and atmospheric sphere was also a much appreciated contrast to the constant stimuli of sounds outside and in halls."
Sofie Antonsen, tutored by
Portia Winters (Central Lewisham)

"I highly recommend Andrew as a fantastic teacher who makes every lesson a very enjoyable experience. He has been my teacher from when I started to play piano at the age of 7, till now (at the age of 17). During this time, Andrew has inspired me to play; he has always been very encouraging and supportive. He has also introduced me to a wide repertoire of music. Two years ago, I achieved a Distinction for my Grade 8 and I have also managed to win several competitions under his guidance."
Lauren Davies, tutored by
Andrew Johnston - Pianist (Morningside)

"I got an A in Economics and somehow got a B in History. Thank you for everything."
Gus Earle, tutored by
Keith Brown (Crowborough)

"My son had a series of eight lessons just before his 13+ exam. Jeremy was very organised and prepared a clear timetable of topics so there was a clear plan in place. He prepared ahead of every lesson so that my son could make the most of each session. Jeremy covered the key topics so that there was a solid foundation and then discussed the strategy for the exam, so my son could understand how best to tackle it on the day. Jeremy’s tutoring was absolutely invaluable and I would thoroughly recommend him."
Andrea (parent of scholarship student), tutored by
Jeremy Loynes (Godalming)

"Feedback From James Rankin Feedback given: 27/01/2017 Rating: 5/5 Comments: Vasso has so far been an excellent help to a busy family with bringing our son up to speed, not only educationally but also in terms of addressing his confidence, diet and physical fitness. I have seen a marked improvement in his attitude towards and enjoyment of school since then and hopefully this will continue to reap benefits for him. Highly recommended, and very knowledgeable in all areas of education and development."
James Rankin, tutored by
V Kondou (Barnes)

"Hello Bingyin I just wanted to let you know Lily got an top Mark 7 in her IB oral exam Thank you Bingyin for all your help. Kind Regards Jenny"
Jenny, tutored by
Dr. Bingyin Lei (Central Leicester)

"Teresa tutored my daughter for the 11+ exams. Teresa impressed me with her positive attitude towards tutoring and engagement with my daughter. My daughter says that Teresa has helped her grow ever so much in both English and Maths. Teresa has successfully helped her improve her confidence in her learning and abilities and has not failed to make a significant impact on her eagerness to learn. We recommend Teresa wholeheartedly to any student wishing to perform their best in the 11+ exams."
Emilija Jakimovski January 2017, tutored by
Teresa Hoy (South Croydon)

"Laura is a highly competent and professional tutor who has extensive knowledge of the Spanish language. Her ability to teach and guide her students through the minefield of verbs, tenses and vocabulary is exceptional. Laura is patient and thorough, building confidence and instilling enthusiasm in her students. I have no hesitation in recommending her."
Dr Charlotte Hawkins - Surrey (Adult Beginner), tutored by
A-Level Spanish Via Skype (Loughton & Shenley)

"GCSE Science Pupil’s name: Lucy Mark has been very thorough and patient with Lucy as she finds science very difficult we are very pleased."
Mrs JD Roberts, tutored by
Mark the Tutor (Streatham)

"“Sally has actively helped me develop my project- from the beginning where it was a bit of a mess, to where it became very organised. She has also helped me in general with organising my other classes, and helped me be more organised for college in general. If I have any concerns or questions about my epq all I had to do was ask her or email her and I got an immediate helpful response.”"
Sophie, EPQ grade A., tutored by
Sally White (Hunsley)

"To: Linda (Ms) Date: 06/03/2014 Rating: 5/5 Rating Report: I am writing to let you know about our experience with Linda as 11+ tutor for our daughter. Linda managed, after only one term, to secure our daughter offers of places at the Latymer School, Highgate, and South Hampstead High School. (My daughter of course, had something to do with this outcome.) Anna liked Linda and always felt happy about going to tutoring classes. She didn`t feel intimidated, or anxious. . In fact, she enjoyed learnin"
Karen, tutored by
Linda Fasoranti (Chesham)

"Greg is a talented musician and he shared his talents with us generously. All students enjoyed having him in the class and he was an excellent role model for them. He has a confident, warm manner and was willing to help in any way needed. He was comfortable addressing the class as a whole as well as giving individual or group tuition. He coped well with the range of ages and we both enjoyed some lovely lessons with the Year 2 class."
Gillian Waters, Director of Music, ACG Parnell Junior School, Auckland, tutored by
Greg Link (West Greenwich)

"Having sessions with Dr Wathey has made me much more confident about Chemistry. I have a better understanding of the syllabus and have learnt many techniques for answering tough exam questions efficiently on the Salters course in a very short time. She concentrated on topics that I found particularly difficult or did not understand at school, which helped me the most. Her teaching was a lot clearer and more precise than my lessons at school. I am very thankful that I was able to be tutored by Dr Wathey"
AS OCR Salters Chemistry, tutored by
Dr Amanda Wathey (Central Canterbury)

"Charlie is working with our son to help him prepare for A level Chemistry exams in Spring 2018. Had a couple sessions so far and going really well. Clearly very good at this subject and more importantly very good at explaining a very tricky subject to his students. We are very pleased and more importantly our son is impressed so we would highly recommend Charlie."
Simon, tutored by
Charlie Serrano (Stepney Green)

"“Alix has been teaching me the basics of the French language. I have a very busy schedule and Alix has been very flexible. Being French her knowledge is clearly excellent and her style of teaching is very informal. Her training is based on my questions combined with exercises from course books. I enjoy our lessons very much. Alix is very personable, professional and punctual. I would certainly recommend her.”"
Peter O'Reilly, tutored by
Alix Marina-Chouhan (Loughborough)

"Linzi is an excellent tutor and I highly recommend her. She is professional, calm and very knowledgeable and has provided really good advice and support for my son in his run up to GCSE maths. I am certain in the short time he has had with Linzi that his grade will improve, he is motivated and learning a lot in his weaker areas. I wish I had started earlier with her tutoring!"
Lucy O, tutored by
Linzi Henry (Dore and Totley)

"Thank you so much for home schooling Harry . We will truly miss you. Your enthusiasm and deep love for English made your language and literature lessons a highlight."
Caroline H. June 2018, tutored by
Deborah Snow (Cox Green)

"I taught A B since his As Maths and developed his interest in Maths. He is now studying further maths at A Levels after completing his As and A2. Maths tutoring has completely changed his interest in the subject and his parents are very happy."
kamal, tutored by
Kamal Patel (Harrow on the Hill)

"Christiane is an amazing tutor, I learn something new every lesson. She has provided me with the tools to build on what I learn in lesson and use everything in the real world. Everything is thoroughly explained and all questions are answered. Would highly recommend to anyone wanting a tutor. Couldn't have asked for a more friendly and professional tutor. :)"
Katie, Adult German Learner,, tutored by
Christiane Utton (Leigh)

"I am a professional singer and theatre performer. I had a session with Tracey and found it highly beneficial to recap over essential elements that help good tone, such as tension release for example.Tracey worked through exercises with me that challenged my vocal agility, worked my stamina and fine-tuned my ear to pitch. I continue to practice what I learnt and my performances have benefited as a result."
Wendy Abrahams, professional singer, tutored by
Hummingbird Coaching (Congleton)

"Gio, I must say, I left your home with a big smile on my face! I cannot tell you how much better I feel after just one session. I am thrilled that I was matched with you because I can see how wonderful of a teacher you are. Your ability to explain things in a very clear and understanding way is such a relief to someone like myself who has previously found finance rather difficult and confusing."
Jaclyn L - MBA, tutored by
Giovanna Davitti, PhD (Canonbury)

"M Rahman has been an excellent inspiration for my daughter. He has a passion for science and makes it come alive in the lessons. He also knows what needs to be learn for the exams. It has been a great experience for my daughter."
Caroline, tutored by
M S Rahman (Central Enfield)

"My son has been getting lessons from Simon since the beginning of the academic year. My son is good at English and we just wanted someone to give him guidance as well improve on what was already there. Simon has definitely done both. My son feels much more confident going into the exams. Really recommend."
Charlotte. Parent., tutored by
Simon Warner (Mill Hill)

"Axelle has been teaching our daughter for almost four years. She has a real passion for working with children and cares enormously about their progress. Her passion and dedication are remarkable. Our daughter has made great progress during her time with Axelle and always tries to give her best and produce a beautiful sound on her cello. She passed her first three grades with distinction, a testimony to Axelle's high quality teaching."
Kathleen Hanford, tutored by
Axelle Bastiani (Porret) (Kew)

"Our daughter started violin lessons 2 weeks before her 5th birthday. Diane used her skills and experience to introduce our daughter to both technical skills and the discipline required to play the violin. After 6 months of violin lessons our daughter has a newfound confidence and shows a marked improvement in literacy and numeracy at school. More importantly she is willing to practise at home and she enjoys and looks forward to her weekly lesson with Diane. A fabulous thank you!"
Shaboainne, tutored by
Diane Ludwig (Abbey)

"I was afraid of picking up the violin so late in my life, but Nicky has been great at making it an agreeable learning curve; it doesn't feel like I'm studying, it feels like I'm playing. She is also a very nice, caring teacher who always has a positive comment and does her best to accommodate you as a student, trying to understand your needs and keep your motivation going."
Silvia, tutored by
Nicky Enderby (New Cross)

"Sarah's English lessons gave me a key which opened my world."
Akane Sugiyama, student, tutored by
Sarah Perkins (Kingston)

"Who said finance is boring? Nikki has made it so much fun, she is full of enthusiasm and so much knowledge on the subject matter. I have enjoyed every session!"
Sarah - London, tutored by
Nikki V (Harpenden)

"Excellent tutor for all accounting modules, very flexible and has great ways of teaching in a limited space of time. Managed to double my marks for a re take in only a few lessons from Dilukshan. An exceptional tutor who can can identify weaknesses in an module- allowing you as a student to progress in the best way possible. Thank you, Dilukshan."
Rianna - University Student, tutored by
Dilukshan (Harrow on the Hill)

"'Over the past year Lizzie has helped with my confidence in singing and piano. A very encouraging enthusiastic tutor, I would recommend to anyone looking to start playing music or improve skills'"
Hatti Logsdon, tutored by
Lizzie Kirwan (Central Exeter)

"For a long time I didn't really understand what was required of me in my essays, but your handouts really helped to jumpstart the process of understanding it. I think most of all your feedback was extremely helpful in instilling the confidence I needed to pass my exams. I can honestly say I couldn't have done it without you!"
Ellie Macmillan-Fox, tutored by
Laura Evans (Central Worthing)

"Such a talent. Leigh offers us drama, piano and singing lessons and is never at a loss for making each subject lively and thoroughly engaging. We have seen cinsiderable improvement in our son's confidence to stand up and perform un front of a crowd and his examination successes have been outstanding. Thank you Leigh."
Anita and Pierre Crompton-Roberts - Primrose Hill, tutored by
Leigh Stevenson (Dollis Hill)

"Sarah has been teaching Joseph for 6 months; he's in Year 1. All his work has improved a great deal, especially his reading. When I went to parents' evening recently his teacher commented on how much he had progressed and asked if he was receiving a lot of extra support at home; I said it was because he now had a tutor. I have recommended Sarah to several other parents."
Harriet N., tutored by
Sarah Nation (Moseley)

"Sam is an excellent tutor who helped me achieve my goal of an A in A level Maths. He was friendly and firm at the same time and I would wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone."
Denis, tutored by
Sam S (Tufnell Park)

"Mr Waruna, is one of the best teachers I have ever had, he was really helpful, and supportive during the lead up to exams. Especially,I couldn’t imagine self studying M3 without him, with his help I managed to get an A for it. He always went out of the way, to change my approach to physics, to a logical method using concepts I had learned previously. He has always genuinely wanted me to do well, something I cannot thank him enough for.Thank you for tutoring me sir…"
Saavin: Edexcel A2 maths, Further maths and AQA Physics, tutored by
Waruna (Cheam)

"She is adaptable to her pupils’ specific needs, (in my case as an adult beginner). Her manner is relaxed, good-humoured and cheerful, and she is very encouraging of her students. She has the ability to demonstrate clearly and explain memorably the many aspects of violin playing. I am progressing well under her expert supervision and I look forward to every lesson!"
Dr Andrew Freidin, tutored by
Georgina Leach (Harringay)

"This was an outstanding lesson which embraced a multitude of skills and concepts. The pupil was extremely well engaged and there were very welcome elements both prepared and unprepared. There was an impressive flexibility of approach."
Martin Outram, Royal Academy of Music Lesson Observation (Student: Joe, 5), tutored by
Peter Mallinson (Chesham)

"It was a pleasure to be tutored by such a keen and dedicated tutor. She explained concepts slowly and clearly and encouraged me to utilize my abilities to their fullest. I would strongly recommend Zahra to any students seeking to excel in the field of academics."
Satyaki Goshi (London School of Economics and Political Science), tutored by
Zahra Naushad (Swiss Cottage)

"’m glad to provide the best references to Miss Spanu who has been the teacher of my children, with Spanish and English. She succeeded in catching their attention and goodwill, transmitting them a great interest for languages. They took advantage from her lessons and company, regarding languages competence. I completely recommend her, considering the excellent results obtained, thanks to her commitment, patience, and enthusiasm."
Francesca De Bei, tutored by
Margherita Spanu (Northfields)

"I have attended the Being in Voice classes over the past 12 months and have found them in valuable as an actor. The classes helped me to be more aware of my body, voice and breath on a number of the archetype and working with the archetypes, has given me the opportunity to be more flexible as an actor. It gave me the tools to explore characters, and opened me up to a more exploratory process. It gave me the opportunity to open up to more choices"
Paula Smith, tutored by
Flloyd Kennedy (Central Liverpool)

"Basically i like the way you do less talking and get onto questions but will explain anything I am not sure about. Flexible and reliable re arranging lessons. Very konowledgable about the course content etc."
I. Duncan, tutored by
Bob Sofat (Ilford)

"I have had an excellent experience of working with Armin over the past 6 months. He prepared well for each lesson and tailored each to my personal learning style. My maths has improved significantly as a result of his enthusiasm and genuine desire to help me succeed. I am very grateful, thanks for everything!"
Aidan Dominy (A-Level Maths), tutored by
Armin (Central Nottingham)

"Sue tutored my daughter Ellie for her English Language A Level & English Literature A Level examinations. As a result Ellie gained a place to study English at Queen Mary’s University of London, her first choice. Sue was wonderful. She was always very focussed on what Ellie needed to work on & provided resources to help her take her studies further. She was always punctual, friendly & polite as well as flexible when arranging tutorials especially leading up to exams. We are very grateful."
Parent of A Level English student., tutored by
Sue Harding (Chorlton)

"Hello everybody! Leonor is a very exceptional woman, with a lot of patience and understanding. She never gets annoyed with me when I can’t find a word and she always has time to listen to me without judging. A true teacher, I have found and hopefully, one day she will be a true friend. If you want to learn Spanish, definitely contact the lady from Cadiz, Leonor Barrientos! Hasta luego a todos !"
Dominique Ventura from Oxford, tutored by
Leonor (Central Eastbourne)

"'Our son did not have any real interest in Latin but Adam was excellent in getting him really interested and giving him excellent guidance. We were delighted in August to hear that our son had gained an A* in Latin. He would not have achieved the top grade without Adam's help. Brilliant!"
Tony Butler, father of tutee, tutored by
Adam Muckle (Putney)

"Michael worked with Rachel helping her to direct her studies and fill in the gaps of her knowledge. He discussed concepts to give her a more well rounded understanding of the subject and helped her structure her answers for a GCSE exam. He did all this in an engaging manner which resulted in Rachel developing a real interest and enjoyment of the subject and she achieved an A* in her exam! Michael is a very dedicated and supportive tutor and we would highly recommend him!"
Sharon Yankoo, tutored by
Michael Ball (Blakelaw)

"Feed Back Rating: 4/5. Date: 02/12/2011 John has been helping my son with his A levels in chemistry and since then my son`s confidence has grown and we have better hopes of my son achieving an A or B grade in chemistry. John works well with my son when teaching and he takes time to explain difficult tasks . i am pleased with John`s teaching skills so far and i would gladly recommend him to any one looking for a chemistry."
Tayo Uriri, Stevenage., tutored by
John J Newman (Letchworth Garden City)

"Oscar has really enjoyed learning the violin with Olivia and has made great progress. Olivia is very patient and makes the lessons fun. He always looks forward to his lessons and is happy to practice."
Jenny Wiehahn, pupil, Oscar,, tutored by
Olivia Sophie Volynkina (Fordham Villages)

"Laura has been teaching my daughter for about 16 months. During this time Darcy has gone from being practically a beginner to Grade three with amazing exam results. Laura is warm, friendly and very encouraging, always offering positive feedback. With Laura’s help and dedication Darcy has recently been awarded a music scholarship to the secondary school of our choice. I am positive that this would not have been achievable without Laura’s hard work and influence."
Ms Hannan-Paul, tutored by
Laura Piras (Maida Vale)

"Interesting, Motivating, Gives advice suited to your playing style, Can adapt to your needs i.e. I struggled with improvisation, I look forward to my lessons, Nick helped me get my grade 6 with merit."
Melinda Hudson - 16 years old, Little Chalfont, tutored by
Nick Jones (West Hampstead)

"Ms Kos is a qualified and very talented pianist who is training children and adults like myself to play. She understands each individual’s requirements and is able to communicate exactly what is needed to achieve the desired standard. I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone wanting to learn to play the piano."
Brian Bean, tutored by
Sandra Kos (Ewell)

"Thank you, couldn't have done it without your help! (Dylan - offered a place at two prestigious US film schools - CalArts and Chapman University)"
Dylan, tutored by
Martin Thomasson (North Turton)

"Just received a offer letter from City of London School, and other school in consortium...thanks a lot for your hard work"
Rushi, tutored by
Mrs. Preeti Baviskar (North Finchley)

"Austin has helped my daughter gain more confidence with her weekly maths sessions. Her grades have improved as a result of Austin’s help. I would highly recommend him. (GCSE Maths)"
Elaine, tutored by
Dr Austin Booth (Rainworth)

"Thanks to Anita I felt confident and secure going into my auditions; I ended up securing a place at every school I applied for!"
Wim Snape, tutored by
Anita Gilbert (Dronfield)

"Course taught purely by tutor. Not a subject taken at school. Considering the limited teaching time was very pleased with the result. Would definately recommend this tutor for physics. - Higher Physics"
Judith in Penicuik, tutored by
Tom C (Livingston)

"Alexandra is a fun and insightful music teacher who I very much recommend. In the past year she supported me through my grade 5 theory and grade 6 flute exam and I passed both with distinction! I am so grateful having her as my teacher as lessons are always laid back and enjoyable, which has really inspired my love for flute playing and appreciation for music in general. Five stars!"
Rachael Giles, tutored by
Alexandra Middleton-Holland (Fulwood)

"''The girls are undoubtedly benefitting from your lessons and enjoying them very much too. We're very pleased with their progress and grateful for all you are doing.'' (Mother of two students whom I teaching German and French at Key Stage 3)"
Caroline, tutored by
Magdalena Hachula (Battersea)

"I hired Imad to help my son with A level physics. My son went from 40% to 80% in his physics exam results.Imad focuses on delivering good results. Imad is well organised using email and text to schedule tutorials in advance. He sends homework to the tutees and gives reports to parents. I am confident that Imad is giving my son the best opportuntity to get a good grade at A level physics."
Adrian (A level Physics), tutored by
Imad A (Hammersmith)

"‘’I would highly recommend Sue to anyone seeking a tutor. She taught English Literature and Language to my son for two years leading up to his GCSE exams. We were so pleased with the grades he achieved – beyond our expectations. Sue managed to get the best from my son, working with his strengths and weaknesses and he enjoyed and very much appreciated the lessons.’’"
Caroline A, tutored by
Sue Smith (Swallowfield)

"I love working with Emilia. I'm a professional opera singer but I recently developed an interest in singing jazz. Emilia has such a warm, giving and knowledgable approach. She gives me so much inspiration. She instantly put me at my ease and she is brilliant at listening - both to what I have to say and to the way that I sing."
Elizabeth Cragg, Proffesional Opera singer., tutored by
Emilia Martensson (Shoreditch)

"f you are serious about learning English and want to improve it, you should go to Matt and take lessons from him. He provides enjoyable and helpful lessons so don’t hesitate to take lessons from him. In my experience he was so helpful. Thank you so much teacher Matt."
Sara - Saudi Arabia, tutored by
Matthew Thompson (Central Bristol)

"During my time at sixth form I failed to achieve the grade I wanted in Ancient History. I decided to retake, and with Mary's guidance, I was able to boost my overall grade all the way up from a C to an A. Mary was a fantastic tutor because she was capable of accurately identifying areas of weakness, and providing specific and actionable advice relating to the improvement of these areas. She was also warm and very supportive. I would certainly recommend her!"
Will Brennan (A level Ancient History), tutored by
Mary-Jannet Leith (Ravenscourt Park)

"I just want to say that your support for our son over the past two years has done wonders for his personal self esteem, and allaround ability to adjust to a new life here in England. His reading skills are at grade level and he is no longer afraid to read aloud, his writing is legible and he has confidence to try new things that were hard for him two years ago. Thank you for your time, patience, and the creative ways you have taught my son."
Mrs H., Harrogate, tutored by
Diane Kirk (Central York)

"Carolina is a rare and extraordinary teacher. I feel so lucky that I had the opportunity to learn with her because she is warm, generous, fun, patient, and able to create an atmosphere where I felt safe and relaxed to learn at my own pace. She also did everything to make getting together simple and easy for me by coming to my place at the times convenient to me."
Kanangnut Yingyong, from Thailand styding Marketing in London, London, 3 August 2011, tutored by
Carolina Sawney (Bloomsbury)

"I have studied German with Katja for over 3 years, both in person and online via FaceTime. Either works well – whatever the format, Katja works hard to ensure the lessons are relevant to me and my German abilities and that they fit around my sometimes unpredictable schedule. Katja has taken me from a very basic level to the foothills of actual competence, and I would highly recommend her to anyone wishing to learn or improve their German!"
M. Daws - Associate Director, KPMG, Bristol, tutored by
Katja W (Brook Green)

"Having failed my first QTS numeracy by 6 marks despite numerous tutors, I still lacked knowledge in many topics and lacked confidence. Jeff’s calming, reassuring approach made lessons enjoyable and resourceful. He went above and beyond to support me, always taking into consideration my SEN. Jeff is committed, highly knowledgeable, supportive and, at times when all seems lost, gives you a much needed smile and push of encouragement. I can honestly say, I would not have passed without him."
Alex Brown, tutored by
Jeff Burrell (Bletchingley)

"I attended an intensive course of one to one private public speaking coaching with Jo Anne. Jo Anne was professional, caring, knowledgable and encouraging at all times. She helped me with the delivery and content of my speeches, voice work and presentational skills. I would highly recommend her to you for coaching."
Mr S Cross adult pupil, tutored by
Jo Anne Newson (Pyrford)

"Lorna is the most inspiring, encouraging and talented teacher I have ever had. I found that Lorna really took the time to understand me as both a person and as an actress. Not only has she encouraged my strengths, she has also challenged me in my weaknesses, finding keys to unlock any creative blocks I have in my work. Since having lessons with Lorna, I feel much more confident in my abilities.I will continue having lessons with her for many years to come!!"
Rachel stonely, tutored by
Lorna Brown (St. Pancras)

"Very friendly and professional, extremely efficient and organised and has gone the extra mile emailing with additional help or resources between lessons. Veronika has made AS maths enjoyable once again, thank you for your patience and help."
Oliver S., A-level student, tutored by
Your Maths Tutor Veronika (Selsdon)

"My two children were struggling-one with reading and spelling and the other at Maths. After just a few months, I have noticed a vast improvement in their work and in their confidence. i would recommend Sue to anyone. My children are 8 and 10."
Mandy Bahia, tutored by
Susan Sale (Nuneaton)

"I found Josie profile online after looking for a Portuguese teacher. I am currently starting my 3rd year with her. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking to learn Portuguese. Her teaching has allowed me to communicate with my girlfriend’s family & friends and appreciate the Portuguese/Brazilian cultures. She is extremely friendly and accommodating and as they say “um pouco louca”."
Pete Hegarty (Engineer), tutored by
Josie Carvalho Powell (Whoberley)

"Massive thanks to Steve for helping me this year, would have been lost without him! Grades have gone from 'E's to 'B's. Very friendly and a fantastic teacher, thanks again."
James, North west, tutored by
Pass Psychology (Offerton)

"thank you for being a wonderful teacher and a great help I wouldn't have done it without you You are a great maths tuttor"
Jasmine, tutored by
Lynne Davis (Hall Green)

"Laurence is an absolutely delightful individual and it always a PLEASURE to see him. He is skilled and helpful. He is always polite and cooperative. He works extremely well with children and has a good sense of humour. He is an extremely professional, intelligent, able person and I would not hesitate in recommending him."
Susy Wynn, tutored by
Laurence Collin (Angel)

"From Gillian (5/5): (GCSE English) Wendy has helped my high functioning autistic daughter achieve an A grade in her speaking and listening exam this year. She has done a tremendous job at boosting my year 11 daughter's confidence and turn a D grade English mock result into an A grade mock result. Fingers crossed when the final exams come in Nov and Summer 2016 she will get an A/B. Wendy is professional, kind, patient and nurturing. She has boosted my daughter's confidence three fold and my daugh"
Gillian Ong, tutored by
Jane - Wendy (Clerkenwell)

"I'm very happy to have Yan to teach my 3 children. We previously had another tutor who taught my boys for many months. It was alright but my boys would only aim to get a pass in all the exams they were taking. I'm glad that Yan has inspired them to enjoy practising the piano and also to do everything with excellence."
Alex, tutored by
Yan Wong (Newport Pagnell)

"I interviewed Eleanor for a post in my team at the time (BBC Languages) and I was immediately impressed by her near-native command of Spanish, even more so when I found out that she'd learnt the language as an adult. She demonstrated a level of spoken fluency which is usually associated with regularly using the language from childhood."
José Deníz, Producer, BBC Knowledge and Learning, tutored by
Eleanor Levin (Lancaster)

"He was full of praise for you - although he hadn't been in the session, he had had some very positive feedback and said that you had stayed brilliantly calm despite very challenging circumstances."
Executive Head at PRU in London, tutored by
Hannah Knight (Harringay)

"My daughter sat her GCSEs in 2008 and was very worried about Maths as she could not understand topics in the way she was being taught at school. Chris worked wonders with her, boosting her confidence and explaining concepts with patience and in an easy to understand way. She sat the intermediate paper and got a grade B, the highest possible for this paper. Very happy to recommend Chris to anyone. He is now tutoring her for A-Level Chemistry."
Arlene Lewis, Swansea, tutored by
CT Tuition (Oval)

"Thank you so much for helping both my boys through the 11 plus. Couldn't have done it without you."
Jo Baker, tutored by
Keri Spencer (Hoylake)

"GCSE English and Study Skills 'thrilled...gone from an E to, for Eng Lang and Eng Lit, a C and a B respectively' 'a rewarding and beneficial relationship' 'He enjoys the hour they spend together' 'has come on leaps and bounds with his confidence and understanding of the subject' 'even has an appreciation of Shakespeare, which I thought would never happen!' 'Angela is open and honest… I couldn't have asked for more from her.' ' will always be grateful'"
Mrs Armstrong, tutored by
Angela Jordan (Newbury)

"Poppy has really helped to build my daughter's confidence in reading and writing. She has shown great creativity in her strategies to overcome my daughter's reluctance in reading so much so that reading is no longer a battle or a chore! I would highly recommend Poppy."
Mrs Chouhan (parent), tutored by
Poppy Hulse (Rotherhithe)

"My son really enjoys his saxophone lessons with Lisa. She is warm, fun and enthusiastic, and he is making good progress. Lisa understands very well indeed how to engage with young people and get the most out of them. I am sure that this is the start of a long lasting relationship!"
Rhian, Bromley, tutored by
Lisa Devlin (Sydenham)

"Anna scored a Merit. So thank you. I know you inspired her. (LAMDA exam preparation in Speaking for Performance)"
Mary Brehony, tutored by
Clemmie (Gloucester Road)

"Teddy tells me that you are really helping him and that the sessions are very useful, so thank you. He is not good at doing his revision, and you have motivated him to work between tutorials. Teddy also says he has been more on top of his AS maths since he returned to school as a result of the work with you during the holidays."
Sally, tutored by
AA Tuition (Milton Keynes Centre)

"I have been studying piano, keyboard and composition with Ian for around seven years now. The lessons are enjoyable and informative and my musical knowledge and interests have really grown as the years have passed. I would thoroughly recommend musical studies with Ian to any age or ability."
J Burr., tutored by
Ian Jones GCLCM (Huddersfield)

"Joana is a very professional and talented violin teacher. I had private lessons with her while doing my Master's in performance at the Royal College of Music. Her help was of paramount importance for my development as a musician. Joana's repertoire is huge. She helped me with Bach partitas and sonatas for violin solo, Mozart violin concerto No.4, Sibelius violin concerto, Stravinsky Suite Italienne, Ravel violin Sonata, etc. I'm very grateful for all her help and patience."
Edivino Filho, tutored by
Joana Valentinaviciute (East Barnet)

"I could not have achieved the grade I did at A Level without the guidance and knowledge which Hasina taught to me. Her expertise on answering exam questions made my time management and exam skills improve vastly enabling me to feel confident in my own abilities and trust in my capability to complete my exams. She encouraged me to think outside the box and helped me to access my full potential in Business and Economics A Level."
Clare, tutored by
Hasina Ali (Central Birmingham)

"We have found Tom to be efficient, reliable, professional and patient. Our daughter enjoys her sessions, which offer come unique solutions and are a great top-up to her existing school work. One to one sessions are a great tool and will help our daughter reach her desired goal. Thanks Tom."
Paul Walter, tutored by
Tom Whitburn - Biology tutor (Central Winchester)

"Katrien is a brilliant maths teacher. She has been teaching our daughter for the past six months in the lead up to her GCSEs. Katrien comes to each lesson very well prepared and is focused, engaged and has the ability to explain things very clearly. My daughter's confidence has improved greatly, she enjoys the lessons and her end of year maths result was excellent."
Mother of M, Lewisham, tutored by
Dr Katrien De Cock (West Greenwich)

"Trixi guided me through to a distinction in my grade 3 exam. Her piano accompaniment was excellent and she was very encouraging."
Sue, Hemel Hempstead, tutored by
Trixi Field (Ellesmere Urban)

"Howard has a relaxed approach and a wealth of knowledge in history. For our daughter in particular Modern Britain and The Russian Revolution. My daughter needed help with essay structure and how to approach a sources question. Howard has raised her understanding resulting in improved grades from a C to an A in a couple of months. His approach and teaching methods suit her learning style and she now has renewed confidence in her ability to succeed. I cannot recommend him highly enough"
Ellen, tutored by
Dr. Howard A. Patten (Hendon)

"My son made excellent progress with this tutor achieving A* in English Language and A in English Literature.Harry was committed to my son's progress and went the extra mile to push his grade through some challenging personal times.e feel lucky to have such a brilliant teacher."
Rehana H, tutored by
Herry KJ (Seven Kings)

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