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Tutor Testimonials

"Just to say a big "Thank you". I have had a wonderful year since putting my details on your website; I've been contacted by many wonderful pupils and parents who have appreciated my efforts and hard work and are therefore achieving good results. I have had more pupils than expected. One good thing about the site is the profiles guide parents to select the tutor as they wish. I am also pleased that I don't have to pay so much commission to agencies as I did for years."
Zohreh Ingram (Addiscombe)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it's a great way to reach a larger community of potential students!"
Max Mausen (Fulham)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages as I have had an amazing first year with the site. Such a wide range of abilities, requirements and backgrounds, often challenging but always interesting. I am with 3 sites but this is my main source for new students."
Val Wolstenholme Clay (Wimbledon)

"The Tutor Pages is an easily accessible site, with no hidden costs for students or tutors alike. Tutors displayed on this site are among the best qualified professionals in their field."
A Bell (Twickenham)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it has helped me find more students. The advice on how to get more hits online was really useful."
John Macnaughton (Dulwich Village)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because: - it has a very intuitive and comprehensive way of listing information - it is high up in Google rankings"
Daniel Benisty (Finchley Central)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is the most professional resource of its kind on the web. It is supportive to tutors. I can update my profile easily and have received a good response from potential students."
Dr Helen Mathers (Hillsborough)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it makes it very easy to connect to potential clients."
Sarita Masson (Britwell)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because as a tutor it allows you to create a detailed and meaningful profile which is helpful to parents and covers the key information that they will be concerned with, making it much more than an 'advert'. I regularly receive high quality enquiries from this site and therefore it is excellent value for money. The owner is a champion for self-employed tutors having access to opportunities and parents finding the right tutor for them, and has succeeded in providing a trusted platform for both."
Alexandra Beeley (East Dulwich)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I have had many enthusiastic students from this Website."
Lucienne Sharpe (Bognor Regis)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it has generated some really valuable enquiries from pupils for me over the past year. Also, the format is very professional, flexible and very easy to use."
Jeremy Loynes (Godalming)

"I find it is a useful interactive website."
Geraldine Gruchet (Carfax)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it's a clean and useful website that puts quality before everything. Trustworthy and a no nonsense approach makes it easier for pupils to find a perfect match."
Sumona Singhal (Harrow on the Hill)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it's an excellent way of connecting students with suitable tutors. It is a very trusted source and I am grateful to be a member of it!"
Maria Papathanasiou (Limehouse)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because they are a reputable company promoting excellent teachers."
Natalie Welby (Harrow Weald)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is a clear, effective resource for students to find the teacher they want. It has been a great way for students to find me and discover Complete Vocal Technique."
Michael Hill (Oval)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is effective, informative and useful to every tutor."
Ugne Tiskute (Bassett)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it allows you to give a detailed profile and link to your personal website."
Dr Janet Rose (Westbury)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it works - well!"
Nigel Houghton (Battersea)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it has led to a lot of work over the past twelve months. The best ideas are often the simple ones."
Rob Folkard (Wembley Park)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I have received more serious leads and new students from this site than from any other form of online advertising or online presence. The articles and blogs/discussions are particularly pertinent. A great tool for bringing students and tutors together, and a valuable forum for fellow tutors to share ideas."
Sarah K Walker (Balham)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it has provided me with a wide range of teaching opportunities, and the system works well."
Andrea Lechner (Didcot)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it offers the widest selection of high quality tutors, teaching the widest variety of subjects."
Paul Grace (Chorlton)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is efficient, easy to use and direct- it has been well thought out both for the tutors and the tutees. Well done!"
Judy Brophy (Cricklewood)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I have received many enquiries and pupils through this site. There is excellent support and knowledgeable articles to support tutors, students and parents."
Tricia (Stamford)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is easy to use and efficient."
zhiying (Heathrow)

"The Tutor Pages has increased my database tenfold over the past 12 months, and for the price of a Gold membership is a bargain! Two lessons and you're in profit already...."
Phil Meadows (Turnham Green)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because you have the opportunity to create a full detailed profile."
Peter Scarfe (Witney)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because they only charge you a one of fee as a yearly subscription and I have received many quality enquiries/students through them. So, its really good value for money! I would highly recommend The Tutor Pages to any potential tutors and tutees alike as they provide an excellent service. Many thanks."
John J Newman (Letchworth Garden City)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it works. You get good quality leads that turn into clients and students. It's definitely worth the money."
Terry Dunn (Pin Green)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it's a professional and well run private tutoring service. It is a trustworthy organisation providing good quality tutors, this inspires confidence in prospective tutees. I received many more enquiries than I expected to over the course of the year and had very positive teaching experiences with the students I took on."
Mr. Russo (Central Westminster)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because they are unique in their professionalism, the support they provide and the network and trust they have built over the years; and that's all a tutor needs: good connection and trust within the society at large, and high professionalism. Yet, Tutorpages still has a key element of flexibility and freedom that allows the tutor to be totally in control of the services they deliver and get directly all the rewards when they work well."
Dr Seraphin (Bloomsbury)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because you get feedback and advice and several successful hits in a year."
Dr Zac (Southfields)

"Amazing site! Easy to use and lots of networking opportunities."
Catherine Doyle (Turnpike Lane)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages simply because it does the job. Excellent way to promote your services whatever level you are offering. Highly effective business model which I believe works for all the tutors registered with them."
Bicky (Central Westminster)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because they are reliable and always recommend students."
Talat Khan (Pinner)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because the inquiries I have received though their website have always been serious, relevant and more than 90% successful !"
Stephen Price (Leatherhead)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it has enabled me to reach people who may not have found me otherwise. And they have all been delightful!"
Anne Murray (Dickinsons)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because they offer a wealth of information about tutoring. The site is user friendly and is not like any other site that offers this kind of service, where it is obviously only for commercial purposes. The Tutor Pages is new to me but I felt comfortable with it firstly because of its genuine involvement in the world of tuition (with the recent survey on the proposal for a Tutor monitoring body) and also the possibility to exchange and write articles makes it really lively and useful."
Marie Fohr (Central Bath)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is extremely efficient and reliable. It also offers practical advice on how to reach as many potential tutees as possible."
Hilary Temperley (Central Dudley)

"I have often recommended The Tutor Pages to anyone who will listen, because it is a brilliant way to advertise your services on a trusted and highly visited site. I have had many enquiries through The Tutor Pages and for me it's been the most effective way of connecting me with clients."
Jessica Baglow (Warley)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is a great way for students from all backgrounds, and interests to easily contact you, and continue their learning journey. It is a simple yet effective and reliable platform to expand your tutee-base wherever you are located. Happy tutoring!"
Arzoo (Cowley)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I have had a good response from students through it."
Salma Siddiqui (Streatham)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is a great way for tutors and students to connect, allowing the teacher to provide many details about themselves and therefore potential students can make a well informed decision. You have the ability to cross reference with other teachers in your area and the subscription price is very reasonable."
Hannah Thomas (West Greenwich)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it's SEO is good"
Sitwat (Clapham North)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because the parents/ guardians of my tutees have trust in this website. The students are still studying with me and their parents are happy with their progress. This speaks volumes."
Sue Lin Vazeille (Greenhill)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because they consistently provide you with reliable contacts."
PJ (Denby Dale)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is ranked high by Google and tends to appear on the first page, near the top, following search requests."
Mike Lal (Chatham)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it gets results!"
Aiya Bragg (Central Sutton)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it's fab. The layout is both functional and beautiful."
Adam Phillips (Central Eastbourne)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I have had a considerable number of leads as a result of being on this site. I think it is good value for money."
Lauren Tutor (Stourport-on-Severn)

"I have had numerous requests for lessons from this site and all the students I have gained from these enquiries have turned out almost without exception to be diligent, motivated and had clearly read the profile which I wrote for the site."
Alex Merritt (Camberwell)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because they have helped me secure several Tutees. They are a well organised and professional organisation who look after their Tutors and who care about the quality of the tuition they recommend to students."
Ken Landsbury (South Shields)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it enables students and parents to view a really detailed profile without having to pay any cash in order to contact you."
Chloe Masterton (Stoke Bishop)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is a simple and easy way to get your details out there and has proven very successful for me."
Helen Knight (Newton Mearns)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is a really good site to connect with potential pupils. The Tutor Pages allows for quite a lot of content, unlike other websites and agencies. Therefore, parents and pupils get a real sense of what you're about as a teacher. Furthermore, you can really explain what you teach, your rates and also, your experience, as well as uploading articles and detailed information about how you teach."
Vanessa Gardiner (Crouch End)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it has allowed me to meet some fantastic clients over the years."
Georgette Oram (Stanmore)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it gives people the ability to find tutors to meet their specific needs easily. It also gives answers that parents or enquirers need to be confident the tutor is a person they can safely contact."
Christopher Poffley (Felixstowe)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because as well as successfully providing their members with work, they are efficiently and helpfully run."
Amelia Grandidier (Balham)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because of the vast amount of work that has come my way since signing up. Quality site!"
Sacha Hernandez-Downer (Hammersmith)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because the web site is always at the top of Google and a tremendous amount of enquiries is directed to my web site. I thoroughly recommend the Gold service and would be pleased to speak personally with any tutors who are considering using this excellent service."
Chris Heaven (Pennsylvania)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I have received innumerable enquiries through this site."
Sudeep Ghosh, PhD (Oxhey)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it links expertise to all people who wish to further their learning"
Wanda Herriman (Wollaston)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because they offer quality and choice."
Dr Stephen Oxley (Shirland)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because they are easy to use and offer a wide selection of not only available tutors but information to help guide you to picking the right tutor."
Kristina Parrish (Campden-Vale)

"Easy to create a profile, and suggested questions help to explain more about the tutor and the subject."
Ana D (Beckenham)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is designed to support teaching professionals who are dedicated to education, not to making easy money."
Diane Kirk (Central York)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is the only directory that I have come across with a wide choice of tutors in different fields of study. I also find that I get serious enquiries from potential students. Furthermore, it is a great resource for students looking for EFL teachers."
Shahriar (Southfields)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I found work and earned back the amount of the membership fee almost immediately."
Jonathan Rogerson (West Greenwich)

"I would highly recommend The Tutor Pages because it's a great platform for private tuition; reliable and effective."
Helen Skarpari (Charlton Park)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is a great platform to get new students through, both locally and regionally for online tuition."
Imogen Clarke (Fulford)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I have met such lovely people.....this site attracts committed people."
Estelle Makin (Beeston)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I have found it to be an extremely useful platform for ideas, information and leads."
Surita (Central Reading)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it makes it easier than other sites for the client to find their desired tutor with regards to distance, understanding price and getting in contact with the tutor."
Mr Emre Aksahin (Hampstead)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I have complete control and responsibility for my teaching. Nonetheless the web site puts me in contact with excellent students."
Ruth Gordon-Weeks (East Dulwich)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I have been able to build my teaching base in Birmingham at a much faster rate thanks to the simplicity and usability of the site!"
Ashley Bonfante (North Harrow)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is an efficient way for parents and students to find suitable tutors in their areas, and check their details and costs."
Evie Bentley (Hurstpierpoint)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because students who are serious about learning a musical instrument will search the internet until they find the best site where most of the finest tutors in the UK promote themselves."
Mark J (Rossington)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it allows the tutor to convey teaching both style and ethos to the potential student."
Marianne Tyler Brown (Gordon Hill)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is a hassle-free way of getting new enquiries that often turn into paying clients. The Basic Account is free or can be upgraded for more ways of reaching your clients."
Alix Marina-Chouhan (Loughborough)

"The Tutor Pages is informative for both students and tutors. As a private teacher I like to read their updates as they help me understand new government education reforms. And I of course get some students from the site! Merci"
Nadia Bouakaz (Tonbridge)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it has been a fantastic way of my reaching out locally to potential students looking for music lessons. I have greatly enjoyed getting back into teaching using this excellent service over the past year, and have recommended it to my friends and colleagues."
Alastair Merry (Galleywood)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it provides a highly professional service. Since joining The Tutor Pages, I have had a steady stream of highly motivated students. It has been a very beneficial and successful partnership in every sense. Thank you Tutor Pages."
Liz McNaughton (Central Reading)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I took out a subscription and the return has been more than expected."
Paul Bains (Brunel)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it's simple to use, and there is only a one-off fee."
Dan Keating-Roberts (King's Cross)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because in my experience it seems to attract tutors who are serious about doing a good job and students who are serious about learning and sticking with it."
Andres Razzini (Highbury)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because you know the tutors are genuine if they have gone to the effort of paying to subscribe, I think this in turn attracts a lot of students. It is good that the students don't have to pay to search/get contact details of tutors like other sites. Also I think the layout of the site and pages are very easy to navigate."
Lisa O'Donnell CSM (Stoke Newington)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is very safe and has given me the opportunity to work with so many fantastic, reliable and talented students!"
Vita Martinenko (Hampstead)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because, from my conversations with other tutors who use the site, it seems to attract good quality tutors."
Pempi Wycherley (Wetherby)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it's a good way to make contact with new students. You always hear immediately when someone has sent a message."
Dr James Deeny (Deptford)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because only professional tutors join. I have gained many students through The Tutor Pages who are committed to learning over the long term. A superb advertising resource for all tutors!"
Ben Belville (Rainham)

"The Tutor Pages has introduced me to several students, and I find it highly effective."
B G Noakes (Central Brighton)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it has helped me immensely to gain new students and to support students at different levels. The Tutor Pages also enabled my profile to appear on the first page of Google which again is excellent."
Yasmeen Ahmed (Bordesley Green)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is a serious website for professionals. It is therefore very useful to the members of the public researching qualified Teachers for themselves or their children, who want to achieve some rewarding results and progress in their work."
Prof. Fulvia Terzaghi (West Brompton)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I have been given the chance to teach the most incredible people from all backgrounds. They have inspired me deeply and helped me improve myself as a tutor and as a person."
Daniela Gottardello (Hampstead Garden Sub)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it provides a great platform to learn about various tutors and find the most suitable teacher for your needs,"
Ismail (Bloomsbury)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because they have connected me with many great students and clients. The Tutor Pages have provided a reliable and successful service."
Marianne Samuels (Bramcote)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because they have good reviews and provide good leads."
Sue Pardo (Cressington)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is a great way to advertise your services as a private tutor and the site is full of useful information. I have been a member for 1 year and am very happy !"
Isabelle Leroy (Pembury)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because they link students with relevant tutors."
Sue Poskitt (Cadeby and Carlton)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it's more than just a site for your profile. It features useful advice for those starting out in the tutoring business and a platform to share ideas with articles."
Daniel Nicholson (Llandaff)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is simple and straight-forward to use. In addition it is full of useful information and support."
Fort (Southam)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it has enabled me to work with children to raise their confidence, increase their skills and for me to show my love of teaching to another audience."
Michelle Poole 4 IT (Ossett)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it's such a great way to get in touch with students and parents easily!"
Danielle M English Tutor (Kentish Town)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because the service is excellent and I get an incredible amount of queries for tutoring every month, which is testimony of how hard Tutor Pages staff are working behind the scenes on behalf of their tutors. I have been with Tutor Pages for five years now and the site has generated a wonderful amount of work for me."
Fiona Battisby (Henbury)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it promotes quality tuition for students whilst protecting the interests of skilled and qualified teachers."
Owen Leech (Crouch End)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it assists tutors in raising their professional profile on the web and promotes their teaching abilities to a wider audience."
Andrew Littlewood (Roundhay)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I have received a lot of pupils from it, who have then recommended me to others. It is a user friendly website."
Grace Bokor (Golders Green)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it's a cheaper option than the tutoring agencies, and allows me more freedom in choosing which students to take on."
Charles Bowyer (Battersea)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it works! It does so far better than any other sites or agencies I have tried. Students use it to look for tutors, so it results in enquiries."
Dr Robert M Ellis (Great Malvern)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I have received many genuine enquiries and have successfully had the opportunity to teach GCSE and A level students who have gained excellent exam results."
AMNA (Dewsbury)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because you have complete control over what you choose to do and you can highlight your specialisations to attract the exact type of clients that you want."
Marc Loewenthal (Wembley Central)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because the professional, easy to navigate website works very well and has provided me with a steady stream of referrals throughout the year. It is simple to create or update your profile and charges and there is good support and information for both new or experienced tutors. Ninety per cent of my work comes from the Tutor Pages. Feedback from parents and adult students is that they were able to find information and details about me easily and quickly. In a crowded market, this is very valuable!"
Jill Barnett (Heaton)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is a professional web page. I have been delighted with the efficient way Tutor Pages works, and very pleased with all I have experienced. I would wholeheartedly recommend it to all teachers who are looking to tutor."
S Pemberton (Upton)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because the best Tutors of the country choose to advertise here."
Silvina83 (Faversham)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because of its high profile and its easy access both for tutors and potential students."
Raquel Hernández (London Bridge)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it allows you to show all your credentials in a compact format, making potential students feel more confident in contacting you."
Rachel Friend (Golders Green)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because, although the average tutor is said to receive 2-3 enquiries in the first two months, I have received 5 enquiries in my first 2 months of trading- all of whom have become regular students, amounting to an extra 6 hours per week tutoring income! This is double that of a competitor with whom I also signed up. The Tutor Pages' professionalism is well worth the cost of membership and I am so impressed I have just upgraded to Gold."
Sandra Veziano (Cotham)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is easily accessible to viewers of the site and enables gainful employment for us and hopefully useful tuition for our students."
Robert Denison (Heaton)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I received many students via this website."
Mrs Audrey Golding (Tadworth and Walton)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it's introduced me to so many lovely clients. I know prospective clients will have read my profile and article, so I know we will have similar philosophies about learning. I like the flexibility of the fee structure compared with agencies - no percentage cut, no timesheets! In addition, behind the scenes are supportive people who care about both the tutors and their clients and are swift to resolve any issues."
Sarah Miller (Upper Norwood)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I have used it for a year and have found some very good students!"
Liam Harman (Fulbourn)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I found 16 new pupils in 2014 and I found that most of the enquiries have come from people who are genuinely interested in music and whose children are motivated to learn. This has helped me create a more rewarding teaching practice"
Ann Hubble (South Croydon)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is a well run established go-between between the professional teacher and student. Easy to use and highly accessible."
Patrick Dodds (Southgate)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is an excellent platform for any tutor, experienced or just starting out. Not only does it generate excellent leads on potential tutees but provides information on current tuition topics, open discussion between tutors, and the engine room is a fantastic place to help ensure you and your tuition business are maximised."
Kathryn Drury (Cross Gates)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because they do a great job of helping to showcase their tutors, they offer lots of advice for managing a tutoring business, and they make it very easy to connect with students and parents."
Dr Carl Thirsk (Seaham)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because you can include plenty of details giving prospective students information about what you have to offer. This means more relevant student enquiries"
Julie Dean (Crystal Palace)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I regularly receive enquiries."
Amanda Burns (Sharnbrook)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it's a professional way of finding a tutor or students to teach."
Ada Witczyk (Blackheath)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I have found wonderful students who are actively engaged with developing in their chosen field. It is the best site of its kind."
Karen Maria (Muswell Hill)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is a unique forum providing advice and support for tutors whilst allowing them to reach their audience, all for a straightforward annual fee."
Bob Carroll (Central Bristol)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I have met a lot of very interesting student who are passionate about my subjects."
Esmee CSM (Gloucester Road)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is so quick and efficient - the way that tuition requests are emailed to the tutor rather than details being given directly to potential students. I've had some excellent students over the years through your website. Thank you."
Mrs Judith Thomson (Central Canterbury)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I now get lots of enquiries, all of them serious and genuine."
Jim Simons (Central Cheltenham)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because they do not take £5.10 from me for every hour I teach, unlike a certain other tutoring agency."
Tamara Galloway (Orpington)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is a great means of promoting yourself as a private tutor, which really does work. The money is worth spending as well, as you gain it back during your first couple of teaching sessions."
George Pasca (Acton)

"The Tutor Pages has been of huge benefit to my teaching practice. Many of my longstanding students have come to me through the site. The site is easy to use and offers lots of good features to help embellish one's profile. I have recommended the site to many people and will continue to do so."
Josh Geffin (Clapton)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it gives a lucid appraisal of the skills of the tutor, it also gives low cost access to a large market, and has a good sense of design."
Stuart Riddle (Crouch End)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is such an efficient and easy way to get in contact with potential clients - since signing up to The Tutor Pages I have never been without at least one client."
Andy Collins (Deerness)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is a good advertisment and I now have many students from enquiries from parents. It is so easy to deal with. There are no complicated agents fees to pay."
Debbie Quinn (Bridgwater)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because they take a once a year payment charge and not for every lesson, thereby enabling the tutor to keep the costs down for each pupil."
Nanette (Clapton)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because you get quality leads targeted exactly to the subjects you offer."
Dorothy Greenald (Easington)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is effective in finding new clients"
Violin John Stephens FISM (Rottingdean)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it's easy to use and gets you a lot of jobs!"
Kath Stewart (Mottingham)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because they are both effective and professional"
Philip Bradfield (Dunfermline)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it seems so far the easiest and most secure way of being found by potential students. I've had some lovely ones recently!"
Maya Aviram (Norbiton)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it's a fantastic way to promote yourself online. My profile is viewed on a regular basis, and I've had an amazing amount of enquiries through the site. It's also an excellent way of maintaining an online presence if you don't have your own website."
Daniel Thurston (Horsell)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I have received some excellent feedback from people who have used the site."
Mrs Adat (Borehamwood)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it allows me to advertise to clients which I would never have time to advertise to with my freelance career."
Ed Roberts (Chapel Allerton)

"As a tutor, I am obviously keen to recommend The Tutor Pages (and my own services in particular!), but this comes from my experience of the site, which I think is the best out there. Certainly, it is the most honest and straightforward - a simple interface between tutor and student. The benefits of tutoring are huge. I think the clarity and confidence given to a learner by a good tutor can make a massive difference. On this site, I have been put in touch with a range of interesting clients, from GCSE and A level students to African National Park managers requiring specific vocabulary, and Spanish-speakers looking to translate graduate essay ideas into a more academic English. I have enjoyed it all."
Guy Mavor (Devizes)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because as a tutor myself I have experienced many enquiries from the page. My teaching practice grew very quickly as a result of joining Tutor Pages."
Gina Lewis Watts (Barnes)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it has supplied me with a good selection of clients."
Carl Heap (Crouch End)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is a good advertising tool which also provides up to date information for learners and tutors."
Monique Cullen (Mapledurham)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I have had more work from them than from other tutor agencies."
Phyllis Bischoff (Marden and Yalding)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it gets me work"
Peter Dennis (Wimbledon)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I have received most of my lovely pupils via this site! The amount of interest varies from month to month but in general I receive a large number of enquiries from having a membership with the Tutor Pages. I have recommended it to all of my friends as a great source of pupils!"
Laura Dickson (Waterlooville)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is a community of professionals who are committed to education. There are lots of useful tips for the tutors and the profiles seem to maintain good Google rankings, meaning more business!"
Helena Ruinard (Wimbledon)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is a great way to show my qualifications as a tutor, my available times and fees. Students pick me for the information I give in my profile regarding interests, experience, qualification, subjects, etc."
Luis Mota (Hampstead)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I find it generates the type of client I like to work with. The site is clean and clear and easy for parents and students to read and use compared to other sites I have worked with."
Clem (Palmers Green)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it has helped me start a new business I enjoy doing."
Jamie France (North Greenwich)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because the articles are very informative, and it has helped me in my teaching - also I have gained more pupils along the way."
Frank Harrison (North Finchley)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is straightforward for teachers to use; easy for students to search; and automatically ranks very high on Google searches."
Peter Falconer (Sunbury-on-Thames)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is so very clear and straightforward to navigate. Students tell me that they like the instant way they can contact the tutor direct. I have been a Gold Member for over a year and find the site very successful for attracting students."
Julia Jane Heckles (Wandsworth Town)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it provides an excellent service. The Tutor Pages matches my abilities as a teacher accurately with potential students. The service is easy to use and is safe and reliable."
Jill Hooper (Gillingham)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it's a subscription site, meaning only sincere and dedicated tutors join. This helps everyone to feel more confident in the process and makes searches easier as you know the tutors are going to respond. I've only had lovely and dedicated pupils from a variety of backgrounds as a result."
Rhiannon Smith (Sale)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is great value for money."
Lucy Ballard (Lancing)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it's a great opportunity to be able to speak directly to the tutor who will tutor you, whilst not either having to put fees upfront to do so, or else pay huge payments of tuition fees whilst you still havent had a single lesson, as is the case with many tuition agencies."
Dr Martine Hooper (Farnborough)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is a great way to find new clients."
Roxanne S. (Crouch End)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it gets your name and details out to many more people than you could manage alone. You remain in control, deciding whether or not to take a student on, and can add as much or as little information to your profile as you choose."
Avelia Moisey (Wing)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because potential students can find the right teacher for them, both geographically and in what they desire from the lessons."
Bethia Hourigan (Central Woking)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I have received most of my enquiries through them. The advice given by The Tutor Pages in their 'engine room' and in the Complete Tutor's Guide has also proven to be very helpful!"
Ms. Saeed (Clayhall)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because they do well matching customers that suit your talents."
Susan Sale (Nuneaton)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because the interface is easy to use, easy to read and the quality of information that is prompted is very high, making it the perfect place to nurture excellent tutors and subsequently produce well informed and engaged pupils."
Lucy Pekr (Bromley Cross)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because of the reliable service and convenient way of managing advertising and enquiries. I have always received genuine enquiries from this site, and the steady stream of serious and committed students who have come my way as a result are responsible for a substantial part of my teaching practice."
Diane Ludwig (Abbey)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I really enjoy helping students through this website, and have met some lovely students along the way."
Linda Lye (Central Wakefield)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I have had lots of student enquiries and most of them have become permanent pupils."
Sofya Fotiyadi (Broadwater)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because clients can find the same tutors agencies provide, for better value."
Dr Kiran Kamat (Northfields)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it gives students a comprehensive view of teachers. It's also an easy way for teachers to advertise. And because I've had quite a lot of work from it!"
Laura Piras (Maida Vale)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because of its quality and effectiveness in finding tutors with a deep understanding or the requested subject. It is the website to choose because it adds value to the learning and teaching process of both students and qualified teachers."
Isabel Nieves (Crouch End)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because clients can trust a site that doesn't charge them, yet provides a great deal of information about a range of tutors and services so that they can freely choose what is best for their own needs. It is an unobtrusive, hassle-free, trustworthy service in which I have full confidence."
Kathy Davies (Randwick)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it has an attractive, easy to navigate user interface for both tutors and prospective students. The layout allows me as a tutor to customise my profile to some degree, and provides me with enough space and specificity to give both an overview and more detailed information about the services I offer. As a brand it seems to have good exposure and prominence on the internet, and I receive a substantial proportion of new students through The Tutor Pages."
Steve Pringle (Peckham)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is very efficient and convenient way to find tutees."
Anna Pisminetska (Denmead)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I get enquiries from students and do not have to pay commission on each lesson, which is much fairer to the tutor. Thank you The Tutor Pages for a good service again this year."
Mary Mathai (East Grinstead)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because the service to tutors is simple and effective. Almost all the contacts provided have resulted in new students for me."
Dr C Maselkowski (Wantage)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because they are efficient and do deliver. I do think the website is excellent in the sense that it is easy to navigate and contains useful advice (They have not paid me to write this!)"
Peter Nicholson (Holmfirth)

"The Tutor Pages is a great website helping and opening the way to the many thousands of tutors left on their own. Bringing them all together under the same roof is a smart and fantastic idea."
Janine M. (Thamesmead)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages for its simple and efficient web-based operation, which has brought me a worthwhile number of genuine enquiries."
Gareth Robson (Sydenham)

"The website is unique in that it allows students to phone the tutor to find out more, look at their portfolio website, check their profile on LinkedIn, see their full name, among some of the important features that help them and the tutor make the decision about starting lessons."
Carolina Sawney (Bloomsbury)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is professional, exceptionally well organised and has provided me with a number of very good students."
Mary Thompson (Streatham)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages as it is a great way to market yourself and has an informative online community."
Jacqueline Anderson (Central Birmingham)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it does generate new enquiries."
Richard Woodrow (Stoneygate)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it provides a perfect tuition enabling service. It allows tutors and tutees to reach out to each other in a secure manner. The Tutor Pages is there for help and guidance as required, but doesn't seek to impose itself on the process as some other sites do."
Gerard RM (Blackheath)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because the site has given me a large number of eager, hard-working pupils keen to develop their skills."
Katie Jones (Clapham Common)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it really helps build your customer base."
Claire C (Weybridge)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I have received regular enquiries which make the subscription well worthwhile. It is great to have control over your students without the delays sometimes introduced by agencies and the exorbitant fees charged by them for every hour you teach!"
Clare Ereira (Salisbury)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because they are reliable and have provided me with several students across the years.."
Emilia Martensson (Shoreditch)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is an efficient service that effectively links those seeking tuition to tutors in the best position to provide the support required."
Marina M (Epsom)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because we need a reliable online tutorial presence and we need to give parents and students the assurance of a gold standard of service."
Emilce Sandra Rees (Chelsea)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages for the following reasons: 1) There is only a 'one-off' fee each year 2) It has a Linkedln group which provides very useful and relevant discussions 3) During my many years as a member I have always been highly satisfied with the service it offers."
Jim Baker (Cherry Willingham)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because they offer a professional service to Tutors with regular email updates and correspondence."
Leo Crossfield (Ramsey)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I have acquired a large number of students since joining!"
Luke Nicholson (Central London)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because since becoming a member they have referred a steady stream of new customer enquires. The majority of the enquirers have been local and a very high percentage have converted to customers. I now tutor pupils from most of the primary schools in my area and Tutor Pages have played a large part in achieving this."
Amanda Capell (Dartford Heath)

"The Tutor Pages helped me to grow my music teaching into my main job. Nothing beats doing what you love for a living!"
Josh Wakeham (Central Southampton)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages simply because it is such a clear, easy to use, professional connective interface. It is an excellent way to meet new students; the proof of the pudding being the many fantastic students and families I have worked with over the years who found me through the website."
Rebecca Hutchinson (Surbiton)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it has given my a steady stream of students over the past year."
Laurence Pritchard (Clifton)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because is a professional way to get new students easily. I am happy with the service so that's why i have decided to renew my subscrption. Thanks for your help."
Qualified Spanish NATIVE Tutor (Street)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it can be helpful with directing the potential students to you."
Stefan Gugura (Central Ipswich)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it gives any tutor the possibility to find additional students. Very useful web-site. Thank you!"
Olga Hornett (Abbots Langley)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it connects parents and teachers, and can make the dreams of hard working children come true."
Mr.Tyley (Blackheath)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it regularly comes up at the top of Google. The questions are thorough and give a friendly impression. I have had enormous interest in my ad and lots of new pupils!"
Kate White (Central York)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is easy for both tutors and tutees to use. Tutees have full access to the tutor at the time when they are looking for one: other agencies require an upfront fee before full contact can be made with the tutor."
Dr Peter James (Chirton)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is clear and easy to use, interesting to read and I am very happy with the level of contact."
Emma Exams (Marylebone)

"I would like to recommend Tutor Pages to all the other tutors because this is one of the most visited tutor websites by students and parents."
M S Rahman (Central Enfield)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is a very easy and efficient website to use."
Anu Verma (Boscombe)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is efficient and gains me access to a wide range of students. The website is comprehensive and shows due concern for education, not just run as a business. The profiles allow tutors to give clients a real insight into our individual personalities and approaches."
Eileen Burrell (Godstone)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is a secure and respected site which is clearly trusted by those seeking tutorial help. It effectively combines the personal and the professional."
Dr Judith Rowbotham (Holland Park)

"The Tutor Pages is a fantastic resource. Efficient, easy to use and has a high degree of credibility."
Dominic Sewell (Raynes Park)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because the service gives an added, extremely professional looking method of advertising one's availability for individual and group French Horn teaching/coaching."
Huw Jenkins (Fulham)

"I think The Tutor Pages gives me good prominence on the internet and helps potential customers find me quickly."
Shearer Guitar Stud (Clydesdale)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is an excellent way for students to find quality tutors at a reasonable cost."
Miriam Linehan (Wood Green)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because there are regular enquiries from bona fide students who have generally chosen your credentials against the others on offer, so the lead is almost always successful."
K Heardman (Plympton)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is a reputable website for tutors in many disciplines to advertise. It is easy to navigate around the website, and allows a tutor to promote their skills and give a little insight into how they work or who they are with their 'personal message'. As well as being useful to students looking for a teacher, tutors can find others in the area who may be able to offer advice."
Sophie Crawford (Twickenham)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it encourages tutors and students who are genuinely committed to teaching and studying."
Lynne Bulmer (Southside)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it gives quick access to trusted professionals. Enquiries are dealt with quickly. It is very good value and the best site I have worked with during many years as a tutor."
Gerard A Specialist 11+ Tutor (Blackheath)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is a professional, well managed site that is very straightforward to use. It has a good reputation for providing excellent tutors and is therefore trusted by parents and students."
Jane Bolton (Wilmslow)

"The Tutor Pages are a great way to promote your tuition business with enquiries received on a regular basis. It's easy to set up your profile and you need no IT skills to do so! The fees per year are reasonable considering the amount of enquiries and follow ups you can receive."
Trudi Garth (Central Rugby)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it gives you a really good online presence and lovely students."
Rosemary Hector (Manor)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because is provides an on-going source of quality student enquiries. The Tutor Pages is also a very economical way of acquiring new students compared with traditional agency fees for private tutors."
Dr Steven Naylor (Disley)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because they give you the opportunity to demonstrate, to some extent, what you can do and they provide you with a wide and interesting range of students."
Susan Brandt (Hampstead)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it gets you in touch with students very easily. I have had a steady stream of business. It's easy, no-fuss and reliable and I think value for money. I am very satisfied with the service."
Amber Armitage (Stoke Newington)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because the website is quite easy and simple to navigate. It has given me tutoring leads due to its obvious aggressive advertising campaign on the internet."
Peter Adey (Walkden)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it provides an excellent opportunity for both tutors and pupils to connect to each other in an efficient and friendly manner."
Dr Siddique (Ilford)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because during my first year I have come into contact with a lot of genuine people interested in the lessons I provide and I have received a lot of new work."
Catherine Gunnett (Wickford)

"The Tutor Pages provides an excellent forum for interested parties to get in touch with serious and dedicated specialists from a wide variety of disciplines."
Laurence McNaughton (Central Reading)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it provides tutors with exceptional back-room support and is well placed in search engines. I get more enquiries through them than any other source."
Gordon Robb (Buckingham)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it's a great way to find keen local students."
Alice Perrin (Clapton)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it has provided me with several tuition leads over the last 12 months for a modest annual outlay."
Don Nicolson (Eckington)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I have received lots of work from this site, including schools and private clients. I do not have to find work. Work finds me!"
Nianda Reid (Penge)

"Private work has been coming in steadily since I joined the Tutor Pages. It is completely worth my Gold membership and I have picked up some excellent repeat clients. It's been a great year! 10/10 - I highly recommend."
Stephen Woods (Tynemouth)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is both easy to use and flexible enough that each tutor can feature their special strengths. It is an added bonus that a personal website can be linked to one's profile with ease."
Anne Marie Christensen (Kentish Town)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages to other tutors because it provides tutors with direct access to potential customers and tutors are able to give full details about themselves and their experience on their profile page. The ability to have a 'profile page' like the one The Tutor Pages provides is something I have not found with any other tutoring agency or organisation. Their downloadable, free ebook called "Tutoring - The Complete Guide" is excellent and gives very useful advice, especially if you are new to tutoring. And if you have additional queries, then they are more than happy to answer them. Registering with The Tutor Pages has been a very worthwhile investment for me and one of the best decisions I made this year!"
Isabella Nicholls (Knaphill)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it's great!"
James Marsh (Highgate)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because so many clients have found me through this portal and have translated into good customers. I also really like the ease of working the website and the honesty of the language used. Your service far exceeds any other tutoring portal I have used in the past."
Laura Field (Wye)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages to other tutors because of its unique service, and simplicity. A good tutor profile, highlighting his/ her skills, generates a high number of enquires, enough to place this service at the top of any ranking of Private Tutoring sites"
Abdullah (Hendon)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I have had a lot of business from it! I have advertised in the newspapers over the years but I have had so many pupils and it is value for money!!!"
Alison G (Altrincham)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is so straightforward and easy to use!"
Helen Collins (Stopsley)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because they are genuinely a site to exchange details of mutually suited students and tutors without asking either party for commission or other payment."
IanSwift - Maths Tutor (Stanton)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it provides a reliable and professional service. You can give a detailed account of your teaching credentials, write articles and be contacted by students who are committed to learn languages. I will certainly continue to use this very efficient service!"
Lodovico (Central Chester)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because for a simple annual fee my profile and contact details are available at no extra costs to potential clients."
Michael Steele (Knebworth)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I have had numerous enquiries from them! They are also easy to contact and the tutor guide they provide is invaluable!"
Heather Bain (Orpington)

Student Testimonials

"She has coached two of my children for their 11+ exams. My daughter is in Newstead and my son who recently passed his exams this month. She showed a lot of dedication and interest in his learning, working through and explaining any topics which were unclear or he showed a weakness. The result was that he passed his St Olaves, and other exams, we are now spoilt for choice! I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who is preparing their child for 11+ and looking for a good tutor in the area"
Akin Wuraola, tutored by
Sovereign 11+ Tutor Orpington (Orpington)

"Rebecca is a reliable,punctual and fastidious tutor. Rebecca is passionate about her subject and inspires and encourages.Rebecca is a Cambridge graduate and has an in depth knowledge of English literature which she communicates very well; Rebecca taught my daughter to simplify her expression so her writing became more fluent and precise.Rebecca is kind and caring and her encouragement and support re- kindled an interest for learning which had been extinguished by the drudgery of school."
Jenella Harvey, Parent (Helen), tutored by
Rebecca Felton (Clapham Common)

"I was a complete beginner and thanks to Mike’s help I got 83% in my exam. Before my first lesson I was completely despairing that I'd never understand statistics and I actually hated the subject as it was so foreign to me. But Mike made the subject come alive, he explained it all clearly and was very methodical. As I didn’t have any time to meet in person we had lessons over Skype which was very helpful. Mike used so many useful examples of real life statistics, it made the subject really interesting."
MSc Environmental Technology student, tutored for statistics, tutored by
Mike Brown (Hadleigh)

"I'm so happy that I decided to boost my son's learning and found Rosemary. With just a few extra lessons in the holidays over the last year she has boosted his confidence as well as his comprehension and I've seen a great and real impact in his school reports. He's happy too as he looks forward to his extra lessons. He says they're fun and enjoys the kind considered attention that Rosemary gives him."
K Love, tutored by
Rosemary Hector (Manor)

"John is very reliable and personable. He has created a very good rapport with Patrick who is enjoying working with him."
Sioban Clancy, tutored by
John Lewis (Epsom)

"“My three boys 14yrs, 12yrs and 8yrs have been under Anthony's tuition for 3 years now and his ability, advice, guidance and patience is reflected in their success each year when they take their piano grade exams and achieve Merits and Distinctions. Anthony supported my oldest when he was undertaking his skills module for the Duke of Edinburgh Awards which he successfully completed. I would have no hesitation in recommending Anthony to anyone who asks.”"
Kwan (parent), tutored by
Anthony Esland (Royal Tunbridge Wells)

"QTS NUMERACY Hi Graham sorry to bother u so late but I just wanted to let u know I passed my maths skills test. Thank you ever so much for your kind help and being patient with me. :)"
Naj, tutored by
Graham Prior (Whitley)

"Just a quick e-mail to thank you for your patience yesterday, I really appreciate it. And to also point out something to you, your teaching method is fantastic. You give so much great advice, you most probably don't even realise it. For example when I asked if it was OK to use an electric guitar for the lesson, your reply stuck with me. Sure Dave, and have fun with it. Put some reverb in some delay too, use your effects to make it a bit more interesting"
Dave, Wishaw, tutored by
Campbell Murray (Motherwell)

"I got 9 in reading, 8 in listening, 7.5 in speaking, 7 in writing. I am very happy that I got through. Your tips for speaking and writing really helped me...I am very happy to inform others about how helpful you were. Thanks again."
IELTS Student, Dr S, tutored by
Louise Armstrong (Colne)

"When I joined Vivienne my biological knowledge was low and I lacked understanding. We spent a few weeks together and I learnt more than doing biology for 4 years. Vivienne found a way that worked best for me and explained any areas which I found difficult. Without lessons I would have got a C, but I went into the exam feeling much more confident . I would definately recommend Vivienne to anyone at any level. (Emma gained an A* in the exam)"
Emma Cockeram, Leatherhead, Surrey, tutored by
Viv (Chelsea)

"As an adult learner, Nadia has helped me improve my French enormously, and I am planning to take the A2. She is a very enthusiastic and effective teacher, and packs a lot into each lesson. I was really impressed, so now my children are having lessons too. I highly recommend her."
Mendy Krumin, tutored by
Nadia Bouakaz (Tonbridge)

"Thank you once again for arranging the certificates to be sent; it was like Christmas, suprising him with them, on his return from France. He has applied for Pimlico Academy's string quartet and their orchestra, as after-school clubs; I'm obviously thrilled that he's sticking with it."
Daniel Woodruffe, tutored by
Helena Ruinard (Wimbledon)

"'The lessons were interesting and stimulating and you managed to incorporate a fund of useful teaching tips into both the scale playing and the pieces. You even succeeded in making note learning an interesting exercise for the Grade 1 pupil! Any problems were broken down into smaller components and sorted out.'"
Sally Fletcher (employer), tutored by
Daniel Nicholson (Llandaff)

"After having an awful year of economics lessons and really feeling very unconfident about the subject and the exam that was looming ahead. Veroncia, seems to have completly changed my opinion of it all. She is calm and really got to know where I was struggling straight away. In 4 lessons, i was already up to an A grade having come from an E. I cannot praise her enough!"
Amber- Kingston, tutored by
Veronica Pereira (Central Hounslow)

"Joshua Manning has a layered and rich vocal range and a distinctive power that’s all the more impressive when you are close to him delivering the words. I could listen to him all day."
Julian Hector, Head of Natural History Unit, BBC., tutored by
Joshua Manning (Tulse Hill)

"Thank you very much for your patience with me and all your help! And sharing your chemistry enthusiasm."
Alice Clark, August 2009 IB Chemistry, tutored by
Andy Hinsley (Central Norwich)

"I coached MK on his presentations skills: 'I applied a lot of what we worked on (to my two presentations) and both worked much better. In fact, the word “brilliant” was used in the feedback! ...As you can imagine I’m really happy with this as it specifically contradicts some of the worries I have had - just the tonic I need!'"
MK, tutored by
Nicola Burnett Smith (Northumberland Park)

"We found Josie on www.thetutorpages.co.uk. Josie travels to us to provide a weekly lesson. She is always punctual and creates tailor-made lesson plans weekly. She is very creative with the activities that she prepares using a variety of teaching styles and ensures that learning is appropriate to our needs. We have only had 10 lessons so far but we feel that the difference in our understanding is huge. We definitely recommend Josie and look forward to continuing our lessons with her."
Lara, Neil and Mindy, Rugby, tutored by
Josie Carvalho Powell (Whoberley)

"My son is now at grammar school thanks to the expert help Mr Magee gave him in preparation for the 11+"
Mr Chadwick, tutored by
Richard Magee (Warwick)

"Sumona has tutored my son for English GCSE. I have seen a great improvement in his homework and test grades within only five weeks of lessons. Sumona also offered flexible times for lessons and I was quite happy about this. I would recommend Sumona to anyone looking for an English tutor."
Bava, tutored by
Sumona Singhal (Harrow on the Hill)

"Helped me improved and progress from AS to A2 to help me devleop my understanding and exam skills in Economics and Business. I have personally seen big improvements in my exam skills due to achieving higher grades in mock papers. Achieved an A in Economics after D's and U's at AS"
Lizzy, tutored by
Mr Emre Aksahin (Hampstead)

"Guitar tuition: 'After a 15 year layoff from playing Tom helped kick my technique back into shape and improve my musical theory knowledge in short order. We have covered a variety of styles including Blues, Rock, Metal, and Gypsy Jazz and I thoroughly enjoy our lessons. He is always happy to adapt his teaching towards what you are most interested in learning. Highly recommended!'"
Gareth Jones, guitar student, tutored by
Tom Hunt BMus (Hons) (Aldenham)

"For 5 years he was dedicated and worked very hard ensuring that we were comfortable, learning and working to the best of our ability as our head of year. When I had him as a teacher, in year 12, he ensured that each student understood each concept and took the extra mile if you still didn't. Not only does he teach us each topic with care and patience but he makes sure that we have the skills and ability to answer each possible past paper question."
Miriam, tutored by
Neil Hawley (Minchinhampton)

"Tom's infectious enthusiasm, his undoubted skill and the breadth of his contacts has been a huge help in reigniting confidence in my bassoon playing skills after a 30 year lesson-free environment. He can cope with any reed, pair of lungs or instrument, there's nothing too difficult nor any question too daft to ask."
Simon Upcott,, tutored by
Tom Hardy (Holland Park)

"Just to say thanks for your help, I made it into flight school with 90% in the maths!"
T Harrison, tutored by
Marlow Maths Tutor (Greater Marlow)

"We are so delighted with Emily’s progress on the keyboard. Thank you very much for your help and encouragement (and advice). We are extremely impressed with how much she’s learnt and how much she has enjoyed her lessons."
J. Feesey, tutored by
Brian Kirkby (Mincinglake)

"I really enjoyed coming to you for lessons, and miss them now that you have left the area. Your teaching is challenging in a good way and got me to believe that I could play things that I thought I couldn't. I appreciated that you found studies for me to do to help me with passages that I found difficult and helped build my confidence. I feel that I progressed a lot over the 2 years or so that I was coming to you, and only hope that I can get through Grade 8 now that I have to look elsewhere for a teacher!"
Fiona Glasscock, tutored by
Catriona Hepburn (Mottingham)

"Thank you so much for all of your help and support in French. I feel as if every session has benefited my knowledge and understanding of French. Thank you so much for helping me."
Alex, sanderstead, tutored by
Dorothee (Purley)

"Kevin's competency, creativity and great energy made every single session a special experience, one that brought learning, laughter, joy and inspiration. I highly recommend Kevin, just be aware that once you start playing the sax with him, you're hooked!”"
Adam Sheering, tutored by
Kevin McMahon (Benhilton)

"Farzin's Comments: 25/02/2017 Rating: 5/5 Comments: We are very happy with Vasso teaching my daughter and after a few sessions so far she has improved her English that she is much more confident now and I highly recommend her."
Farzin, tutored by
V Kondou (Barnes)

"''Stamatia has been teaching me composition with piano performance for just over two years. In this time my skills for both have improved dramatically. I have written choral and orchestral scores for the first time. These works have been commercially released and one has won an arts award...I am very happy to give her the highest recommendation possible to anyone. I promise you she will up your game!!''"
James Taylor, James Taylor Quartet, tutored by
Dr Stamatia Statherou (Central Canterbury)

"I have known Nuala for over a year. She is a most talented teacher. Her teaching methods are engaging and extremely useful. She is very organised, patient, attentive and highly committed to her work. She is always open to questions we might have and is ready to help."
Kavitha Nathanmanna, tutored by
Nuala Hurst Marshall (East Finchley)

"Thank you for the tuition-your exam technique especially was very useful. Just thought i'd let you know I achieved a grade A in my A2 Geography and got into the University of Manchester to study Psychology."
Peter Walton, A level Geography, tutored by
Darren Sargent (Wilton)

"the good news is that XXX enjoyed the Business Studies paper, he said it was easy, it was all the things you had gone through with him, and that your help had made an exam he was really worried about something he felt he could tackle with confidence. I cannot really thank you enough for all your help"
Available on request - please contact me for details, tutored by
Mrs A Geeson (Stoke Bishop)

"Darren was my tutor for over 12 months. During our first meeting he thoroughly assessed my needs in English then prepared his teaching plan tailored to my imperfection which was presented during the second lesson and was executed thereafter. Darren was always punctual and arrived with a very interesting plan for each lesson. Therefore my time spent working with him was not only profitable but pleasant as well. In addition I have to recommend Darren as a very diligent and trustworthy proofreader."
Jacek (Polish (ESOL) student), tutored by
EQE Proofreading / Tutoring (Greenfield)

"I just wanted to write and thank you for your help with my A level biology. I was very pleased to achieve an A* in biology and this means that I am able to go to my first choice of university to study law."
S Balme, tutored by
Annabel (Bath)

"Thank you for inspiring Eloise with her guitar – she plays it nearly every night and spends hours looking up guitar chords/music online and playing it"
Su and Jean-Marc, tutored by
Vicki Workman (South Croydon)

"At first I was looking for someone to proofread my dissertation. When I found June, I knew I had found what I wanted. But more than proofreading, I got coaching. June was for me what sunshine is for people in winter. Thanks to her, my mark was greatly improved and I got my master degree with merit. I am so Thankful to June and her expertise. Don't look any further; you have arrived at what you are looking for"
Sia Journalism Master’s Student 68 % March 2015, tutored by
Dissertation Tutor (Brockley)

"When I began my lessons with Massoud I was completely lost. Thanks to his patience, encouragement and planning I got my A in GCSE math. His energising chats really helped me pull through. Massoud helped me realise that achieving an A was possible for me. I admire his patience without which I would have never found my true potentials. I also admire his knowledge and his clever ways of explaining things. Also thanks for helping me plan my studies and measuring my efforts. School had predicted a C for me."
Zeina Tangis, tutored by
Dr Massoud Hajsadr (Beckton)

"We are very pleased with Ugne`s violin tuition for our daughter, who has improved tremendously over the past year; achieving a distinction award at ABRSM Grade 5 exam. Ugne`s teaching methods are outstanding, well delivered and tailored for our daugther's objective. Highly recommended."
M. Dent, tutored by
Ugne Tiskute (Bassett)

"One of the most resourceful teachers in the UK."
Andrew Claxton MMus, GRSM, ARAM, LRAM, ARCM, PGCE, Principal of the Oxford School of Music., tutored by
Trixi Field (Ellesmere Urban)

"Andrew was offered a conditional place at Eton. Mark's tuition was first rate and we continue to hire Mark for 13+ prep Westminster and St. Paul's."
Anika, tutored by
Mark W Taylor - Maths Tutor (Hampstead)

"Words cannot express how grateful we are to you for the work you are doing with I. He has come on in leaps and bounds and feels much more confident at school as a result of that progress. He looks forward to the day he has his lessons and I don't think many children can say that! He loves his sessions with you as you obviously tap into what works for him, so he enjoys learning. What's more, I genuinely feel that you you want him to do better, be confident and generally happy. I couldn't ask for more."
Emma G., tutored by
Sue Lyon (Tranby)

"FS got a B and we are absolutely delighted 57/100. 3 marks off an A. Thank you so much for all your hard work I have no hesitation in recommending you to other people."
Mark S, tutored by
Lynne Davis (Hall Green)

"We were looking for someone to increase our daughter's confidence and give her more structure. She is very hard working but her results weren't always showing through and this affected her confidence. She enjoys her time with Alex and always gets a lot out of it. It is her confidence that has really improved as have her results. With Alexandra's help, she is now more resilient and has learnt techniques to help her look at where she went wrong and deal confidently with things."
Charles, Dulwich Village, tutored by
Alexandra Beeley (East Dulwich)

"My son came home from school one day and said he was struggling in Maths. He was in the low set and asked me if I could find a Maths tutor for him because he was embarrassed. A friend of mine recommended Farzana. Within 18 months, my son moved from set 6 to set 1 in Maths and achieved an A in his GCSE. We were over the moon, thanks to Farzana. Farzana is a very kind, down to earth person. She was like someone being sent by God to help my son in Maths."
Anna D (Mother of S) Edmonton, London, tutored by
Farzana (Central Enfield)

"I travelled from Taiwan to Cambridge to join Andi's short master IELTS course (for six weeks). My score in Writing was too low (5.5) and it was my last chance to raise it to 6.5 so that I could study in the UK this year in London. With his help, I was able to succeed and also felt much more confident with English - both in writing and speaking. If anyone has any doubt about his style of teaching, they shouldn't worry. Andi really helped me with my future!"
Hung-Wen Tseng, tutored by
Andi (Central Cambridge)

"Just wanted to tell you that Gabe got an ‘A' for his A level Economics and is off to Newcastle Uni to do Management and Marketing. He really couldn’t have achieved anything like that grade in Economics (and also improved his course work in History) without your support and help. Thank you very much indeed for all your hard work and expertise!"
Laura Collins, tutored by
Keith Brown (Crowborough)

"I was impressed by her total commitment and dedication to teaching and by her great linguistic ability and multi - talent in all areas of teaching. Cerasela also was well liked by all members in the Language Faculty because of her ability to work well in a team and for making valuable contribution to the department. Cerasela’s punctuality and attendance record was outstanding; she is a very reliable and conscientious person who would never want to let anyone down."
Ms Agatha Malik, Languages Chartered Teacher at Elthorn Park High School, tutored by
Cerasela E. (Chiswick)

"Kristin is such a fabulous teacher. We love the fact she's a professional singer- so we get to see her perform and hear her beautiful voice each week. She understands the voice so well- my son and daughters singing has improved so much in a short space of time!"
Leanne Janion, tutored by
Kristin Finnigan (Whitstable)

"Tom is a very patient, diligent and helpful tutor. I first met him when I was applying for a Masters course at Oxford University. At the time, I was very insecure about my grasp of Advanced English and English Grammar. I wanted Tom to help me improve my understanding of Grammar and to help me draft my application letter to Exeter College, Oxford. I found Tom to be very patient, understanding, and humorous. He helped me win a place at Oxford, and gave me the confidence to progress with my studies."
Ben B, tutored by
Tom Secretan (Brockley)

"Victor is an excellent, inspirational teacher who explains concepts from the very beginning, enabling one to get a good grasp of the topic and being able to apply this knowledge to different scenarios. He has helped greatly in showing me how to approach problems and this boosted my confidence for when it came to the exams. Overall, he is a very experienced, professional tutor, who I would strongly recommend to all students of all abilities."
Kajal (A-level pupil), tutored by
Dr Victor Bluett (Teddington)

"In only a few lessons Alan got my son up from a 'B' grade to an A*and my son said it didn't even feel like hard work! Alan explains things in a way that makes it very easy to understand and he knows what the examiners are looking for."
M Donaldson, tutored by
Alan Woods (Central Derby)

"The hour long session goes really quickly - a clever mix of different tasks keeps us all focused - even if at the end of a long day at work! Very enjoyable."
Adult Spanish pupil, tutored by
Eleanor Levin (Lancaster)

"Krista saw my potential as a non-native speaker which made me stop positioning myself in a weaker position. My performance progressed dramatically; my MA dissertation achieved a very high score and later got published in a UK journal, and now I'm not far away from completion of a PhD at Lancaster University. Due to her help, I've also presented papers at several conferences. I feel extremely confident to recommend her to anyone who lacks confidence but is ambitious about their dreams."
Jianchengshi, tutored by
Krista Court (Bentham)

"Miriam has greatly helped me in A level maths, where I got 88 in C1, 95 in C2, 78 in C3, 96 in C4, 81 in S2 and 100 in S1. In have been taught by Miriam from AS level up until the end of A2. I feel she has allowed me to grasp difficult maths concepts, topics and exam questions. She was always patient, polite and respectful, allowing me to enjoy the lessons. I would highly reccommend Miriam to anyone who is looking for maths tuition, and cannot thank her enough!"
S.B., tutored by
Miriam Linehan (Wood Green)

"Thank you for being a great teacher and teaching me the piano"
Eddie Cohen, tutored by
Richard Woodrow (Stoneygate)

"Gary Hamilton is a very experienced saxophone player. He enjoys sharing his knowledge with me and his other students, I've been learning how to play the Tenor Saxophone and have come a long way in 6 months when back then, I didn't even know how to pick one up. I highly recommend learning how to play the saxophone with him, he also helps you with the finding a Saxophone that is good quality and that is affordable for you in person. 28-02-2014"
Macaulay Kent hotdanger@hotmail.co.uk, tutored by
Gary Hamilton (Central Southend-on-Sea)

"Poppy is an incredible tutor! Having just finished an intensive week of online GCSE English Language sessions with her, I already feel more comfortable and prepared for my exam. Her wonderful teaching was reflected not only by the fact that she knew the syllabus back to front, but also in her constructive and quick feedback from my past papers. Poppy’s cheerful and patient character made it very easy for me to get along well with her. Thank you so much Poppy"
Carolyn (student aged 16), tutored by
Poppy Hulse (Rotherhithe)

"Clem Browne is an excellent tutor who was a big help in GCSE Maths. This was a subject that I struggled with and my initial result was a D-grade. Clem uses a calm, structured approach that helped me gain an understanding of mathematics, as well as teaching me some approaches to use in terms of exam technique. Overall his patient and supportive approach helped me achieve a B-grade."
Helen S, tutored by
Clem (Palmers Green)

"Rating: 5/5 Comments: I recommend Paul to every student who is aiming for A grade in Biology as my son recently received A grade in his As level in August 2015. He is thorough in going through past exam papers and good with his technique. Eventhough it was a short while running up to the exam you had made my son achieved his target. We wished we'd known you earlier. Thank you for all your help and support you have given Nathan."
Sue, tutored by
Dr Paul Kilkenny (Central Bromley)

"We were very happy with the tuition provided to my son by Elaine. His progress in a short space of time has been amazing. Elaine built up his confidence levels, so he now believes in himself. After struggling for a number of years in primary school, we only wish we had found Elaine sooner."
NC, tutored by
Elaine Tomkow (Grantham)

"Wow, thank you so much for your email, it has made us feel so much better. Fingers crossed the exam board have made tomorrow's paper fairer and more applicable to the students capabilities. Ian, we can't thank you enough for how you have supported E with his revision, I have seen such an improvement in his confidence and he has approached these exams in a much more positive way. You have been amazing, thank you."
Andrea, tutored by
Ian Game (Leighton Buzzard)

"Luke’s lessons were the best investment into my personal development I’ve ever made. The lessons were tailored to tackle specific difficulties and I could see (or rather hear) how my speech kept improving each week. The experience was “ear-opening” as I started paying more attention to how people pronounced certain words and which words I struggled to pronounce myself. Improving your accent is not a magic trick, but Luke’s lessons make this journey extremely pleasant and rewarding."
Anna, Journalist, Russia, 2016, tutored by
Luke Nicholson (Central London)

"Jim Baker is a wonderful teacher. He is a man who started to influence my world from the first words I heard from him. His attitude to the teacher's profession deserves the highest praise, his modesty and his attitude to people make us respect his personality. I have already used some techniques, which he has kindly shared with us, in my classroom. The meeting with Jim Baker is surely one of the most beneficial events in my life this year."
Yuri Zverev (Russian Federation), tutored by
Jim Baker (Cherry Willingham)

"Adam got his place at John Lyon.Thanks again for your help.he has gained so much confidence from working with you, He would like to carry on with you until he starts in September."
Adam's dad George, February 2016, tutored by
Laura Pasternack (Ealing Common)

"Phil has been supporting my son with A2 Politics, and things seem to be going really well. The lessons are well prepared, and Phil seems to be making a real difference. He needs an A in the summer, so I will update once his results are in. He does seem to be enjoying the sessions though, and we are all hopeful that the intensive 90 min sessions are going to make all the difference. Thank you, Phil!"
Mrs Day, tutored by
Phil CloudTutoring (Barby and Kilsby)

"We are very happy with the maths tutoring that Austin was able to give our daughter, aged 16 yrs, at very short notice, to help support her with her Maths exam. Austin is punctual, friendly and my daughter felt comfortable with him. Thank you Austin for fitting us in at short notice and helping Charlotte to feel more confident with her Maths. (Functional Maths)"
Hayley, tutored by
Dr Austin Booth (Rainworth)

"just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with Megan's progress.. Not only does she seem to have improved quite a bit but she has gained a lot of confidence and enthusiasm for playing. We have gone from having to nag her to practice to her practising not only the music for lessons but also pieces from books of music she enjoys which she asked me to get her. She is also really enjoying flute choir. It's lovely to see!"
Gillian Trindell mother of Megan one of Marguerite's school flute students, tutored by
Marguerite McMullin (Sherwood)

"Hey Nikita just wanted to say thank you so much for your help! I am now making 3 dresses which extend the top with the hood into a dress but different textile prints. If it weren't for your help I wonldnt have been able to make the top with the hood at all! So once again thank you! xxx"
Sukhmanie, tutored by
Nikita Wang (Waterloo)

"Many thanks for your patience with Harry. Your efforts have really helped his progress. The main comment I can make to parents with dyslexic teens is that quite often the lack of confidence that dyslexia causes can manifest in teens as bad attitude and it's quite hard to differentiate! I think that Harry often doesn't want to participate for fear of looking stupid and will try any avoidance technique to get out of the situation. Thanks for your support with Harry, I know he's not easy to motivate."
Harry's mum (Harry is 14), tutored by
Mrs Holly Swinton (Kenilworth)

"I'm very happy because I've got the overall band score that I need for the MSc!!! 6.5!! :) I would like to thank you for your classes and your time. I hadn't practised English for 2 years when I started classes with you and I believe that I wouldn't have had such good results without your help. Thank you!!!"
Ana Rodriguez - Spain, tutored by
Catherine Tienhoven (Hove)

"Hope you are well. I think Avisha sent a text confirming that that she ggot an A in Maths & A in French, Physics B . Very pleased and she got into first choice of Uni doing Accounting & Finance.Thank you for your help- it certainly uplifted her grades."
Avisha's mom: OCR Physics /Edexcel maths, tutored by
Waruna (Cheam)

"Grace's flute playing has really improved with Elaine as her teacher - thank you."
Lucinda Carr, Grace Farmer's mother, tutored by
Elaine Round BMus QTS (Upper Norwood)

"At the age of 4 my daughter suffered allergies and eczema, and used to get agitated and be very apprehensive. After starting Speech and Drama, she is very confident, never shy to ask anything in class or at home, can approach her peers with ease, start a conversation readily, make new friends quickly. She excelled in her confidence and skills and was chosen for voiceover: animation and radio. She can interpret the text, read and speak as if the scene is happening in front of you."
Rina, tutored by
Rachel Knightley (Ealing Common)

"'Over the past year Lizzie has helped with my confidence in singing and piano. A very encouraging enthusiastic tutor, I would recommend to anyone looking to start playing music or improve skills'"
Hatti Logsdon, tutored by
Lizzie Kirwan (Central Exeter)

"I highly recommend her to anyone considering the 11+. I've never seen my child so eager to do homework and he still asks if he can go back to Manju - he starts year 7 this September at his first choice ! Don't forget it's also a stressful time for us parents as well and I found her advice very helpful."
Rati C, tutored by
Manju Pillai (Purley)

"The Spanish lessons received from Leonor are helping enormously. The insistence of speaking in Spanish, while difficult at first, has proved essential and really creates confidence in using the language. Max von Barnholt"
Max Von Barnholt from Herstmonceux, tutored by
Leonor (Central Eastbourne)

"The way you teach is patient and kind and I feel so much more confident in the understanding of the subject. Thank you for everything you've done for me. For always being on time and for giving me so much of yours."
Natasha, tutored by
Dr. Jonathan Hall (Archway)

"After two lessons my son Oscar has been delighted to start playing the piano. Silvia has shown lots of enthusiasm, her voice is soft, calm and authoritative. Perfect for a teacher!"
Karine B., tutored by
Silvia Palombo (West Hampstead)

"We had two 2-hr sessions with Charlotte during half term break, and our son found them to be very useful and boosted his confidence in preparation to his GCSE mock tests this week. Not only was she able to quickly identify the gaps but she also knew how best to fill them effectively. She is experienced in tutoring and very responsive to communicate to. We have been very pleased so far and look forward to have more sessions when she’s available in the coming months."
K Dewi, tutored by
Charlotte Watson (Wallington)

"*****has got her GCSE result today, she has got English literatue A, language B, I am very proud of her, she has done very well. Thank you very very much Kate for your help. Regards"
Stella ( mother of GCSE student who has English as second language.), tutored by
Kate Ainsworth (Comeytrowe)

"My 10 year old daughter was struggling with maths and had 11+ loaming. We started with Desmond twice a week and he helped enormously. He is very focussed and thorough, and steadily worked through all the topics she was struggling with. He was tough with her whereas at school she had been 'coasting'. She gradually regained her confidence. School noticed an improvement. She did well in her mock test and passed the 11+ maths exam with an A grade. We have a lot to thank Desmond for"
S Hart, tutored by
DesmondTan (Wimbledon)

"Jo is an amazing teacher! She gets to work straight away and made me feel very comfortable. She also allows you to record your lessons and made recordings of words I was unsure about. She listened to my concerns and made fantastic notes for me which were so easy to refer back to. Her tips are great and she explains everything very clearly. I am much more confident and feel I have achieved what I wanted so far. A big thank you for all your help, Jo!"
Farhana, elocution, tutored by
Joanna Lucie (Gipsy Hill)

"Gordon has been brilliant . It was a great help that he came to our home and was always prompt. He offered flexibility for future sessions and was able to fit in wherever possible. Before the lessons my daughter thought she would drop Maths after AS level, but he has given her the confidence to possibly change that decision. Many Thanks Gordon."
Rachel P, tutored by
Gordon Robb (Buckingham)

"Ella is much more than a great singer who happens to teach- she is a highly trained singing teacher, experienced at teaching students at all stages of their singing life, from tentative beginners to polished professionals. She is also supportive, relaxed and inspiring. Her lessons combine a high degree of technical knowledge and effective practice with a great deal of enjoyment and laughter. My singing is markedly better through working with her and my confidence in my voice is much higher."
Mike Stocks, tutored by
Ella Turk-Richards (Hayle)

"Just letting you know that my economics exams went really well and I cannot thank you enough for helping me this year!"
Sam K – A-level economics, tutored by
Giovanna Davitti, PhD (Canonbury)

"Only done one IGCSE this summer, just to get our heads round the whole thing, but am super happy about a Grade A in English Language. Can't say it often enough, but huge Thank You to Yvonne Mason for being such an awesome tutor. My son is already looking forward to starting his English Lit course."
Nina V. Aug 2016. (full name omitted to protect privacy), tutored by
Yvonne Mason (Llansanffraid)

"'Very patient, knowledgeable, enthusiastic and thoughtful teacher; both children have progressed a good deal just in a couple of weeks. Highly recommended. 5/5'"
Rachael - Mother of flute and saxophone students, tutored by
Eleanor Nichol (Brislington)

"From Anita (5/5): (Primary Maths) Louisa has a unique style of teaching my 10 year old daughter. Since tuition I have seen significant improvement & confidence in my child's maths skills."
Anita, tutored by
Louisag (Kew)

"Fiona gave me a great kick start (from scratch) in Spanish prior to moving to Madrid for work. Classes were flexible to my requirements and time constraints. Without the classes I would have been lost when flat hunting and settling into the city."
Ben Spruce, tutored by
Fiona (Werrington)

"Hey. I won the most improved fiddle player award!"
Nat F (aged 8), tutored by
Adam Phillips (Central Eastbourne)

"Rachel is a wonderful piano teacher. I find that as well as being very knowledgeable, she is also very patient with me and I find myself constantly motivated after every lesson. Not only do I enjoy my lessons but what I find most helpful is that Rachel specifically focuses her attention on my weaknesses to improve them. She is organised and is able to pinpoint areas which I need to work on. I believe I am really fortunate to have Rachel as my piano teacher and I will always highly recommend her."
Ayesha Roma Nursimooloo (September 2012), tutored by
Rachel Coleshill (Central Sutton)

"Tutoring sessions with Henry were personal and in depth with an emphasis on looking at a question or topic from different angles. The sessions greatly increased my confidence in essay writing as well as taking a lot of stress off my upcoming history exams. From working at a B grade at the end of year 12, Henry's sessions helped me to achieve an A* grade in my final A-Level exams."
Alex Wells, tutored by
Henry Everett (Nunhead)

"‘Vaughan has taught my daughter Tara for the past 7 years. Over this time he has helped her move towards Grade 8 standard as well as developing an overall appreciation of music. Tara has always looked forward to the lessons and Vaughan has been patient and really encouraging over that time. We would recommend him without hesitation to anyone looking for music tuition. He’s brilliant!’"
Gena S. (parent of violin pupil), tutored by
Vaughan Jones (Cheddington)

"I found Rachel’s lessons extremely enjoyable and also very thorough. She not only taught me well during the lessons but also taught me how to listen better to what I play in order to improve my playing while not having a lesson. She combined technical skills and exercises with pieces to keep my interest and enthusiasm. Rachel was reliable, always arrived promptly for lessons and was flexible about re-arranging lessons when needed. I would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone."
Jane Scarlett, tutored by
Rachel Wright (Abingdon)

"Every class was entertaining and fresh. He always tries to help you understand difficult and abstract subjects by giving you a different perspective rather than his personal opinion, all of this in a very natural and effortless way (which is not easy). On top of that, he has a genuine interest in each individual and his/her culture. During my student life, I've had several teachers and tutors and I can say without a doubt that Nigel is by far the best I've had."
Daniel Sosa - Venezuela, tutored by
Nigel Houghton (Battersea)

"Thank you very much for helping me and you find the time to give me the extra lesons before the test. The speaking I think went much better this time! You were a really good teacher and really knew how to help best."
Farhat, tutored by
Sonya Holman (Central Lincoln)

"I know Dr Fletcher for more than 3 year. In that time he has been my colleague and mentor. Dr Fletcher has a welcoming attitude to all students and goes above and beyond to ensure his students have understood and are able apply the concepts. I can safely say that Dr Fletcher is by far one of the most committed teachers I have ever seen at any level. He if focused and dedicated with a very professional attitude towards learning."
Bushan M, tutored by
Fletcher (Southcourt)

"Today M had his report back. I am glad to tell you about M's amazing result, he achieved 4a which made me really happy. I would like to thank you for all your help, support and patience with M during last few months. As you advised me, I keep reminding him about being tidy and more disciplined in his day to day life. I hope with your support and guidance he could finish year 6 with an outstanding result next year. Many thanks again, have a fantastic holiday and see you in September."
K D, Coombe Dingle, tutored by
Sandra Veziano (Cotham)

"Melissa is a fantastic tutor, my son started visiting her 6 months ago as he was struggling with Maths at School. Thanks to Melissa he now enjoys the subject and has so much more confidence with it, she makes learning fun and he always looks forward to going!"
Mr Barton, tutored by
Melissa Wood (Blakesley and Cote)

"Howard not only has a detailed knowledge of history but is able to communicate this in an extremely interesting and informative fashion. His level of teaching in this sphere is inspirational and he brings history a unique appeal. He is also able to take large tracts of information and is able to translate them into simple understandable rhythms of history. After only 3 sessions with Howard I went from a B/C grade in A2 history to a high A grade. I would highly recommend Howard as a tutor. (A2 History)"
Jovan, tutored by
Dr. Howard A. Patten (Hendon)

"Mary has tutored my son for the past year. I engaged Mary to help him prepare for the 10+ entrance exams for some very good private secondary schools. Mary is a caring and professional tutor, who is clearly very knowledgeable and was able to correctly assess my son's level and encourage, without overwhelming, him. Mary has stretched my son in the subject and his comprehension and essay work matured enormously. My son's confidence increased and he has become more ambitious in his writing."
Corinne McCarthy, tutored by
Mary Thompson (Streatham)

"“I first embarked on singing lessons with Marika after experiencing symptoms of vocal fatigue due to a seriously demanding performance schedule. As a singer / songwriter with my own band, I found Marika’s vocal knowledge invaluable in how to sustain vocal endurance through solid technique – absolute gold dust when touring and gigging under all kinds of conditions, and try to get refresher sessions in whenever I can. Thank you Marika!”"
Tracy Jane Sullivan - Singer Songwriter, Brighton, tutored by
Marika Rauscher (Central London)

"I would warmly recommend my Coach as she is really experienced and motivating. She could quickly understand my specific needs for public speaking, presentation and communication purposes, and come up with useful training exercises. I was very satisfied with the progress made during my training, and the improved quality of my performance as a public speaker at conferences and roundtables."
Gianmarco, Senior Credit Analyst., tutored by
Pimmi (Chelsea)

"The Brainarm method gives sound to the incessant rhythm of everyone's life. It allows self expression through a free, spontaneous and lawless flow of notes which in turn Guido organises into the traditional musical format. As a vase grants shape to space, Guido's sensitivity, intelligence and musical acumen transmutes our silence into music."
Paola Johnson, tutored by
Guido Mallardi (Hanwell)

"Morning Ian. I'm very pleased to tell you that Sam got a 4 which I believe is like a C. We are all thrilled! Thank you again for all your help. He couldn't have done it without you."
Cath, tutored by
IanSwift - Maths Tutor (Stanton)

"My ten-year-old son has been learning the cello with Melanie for a year and a half and has come on in leaps and bounds since he started with her. He’s musical and very keen to progress. Since learning with Melanie his technique, posture, sound and general musicality have all improved. He’s really enjoying his lessons and the concerts have given us as parents a great insight into the way Melanie teaches. I would have no hesitation in recommending Melanie as a teacher."
Katy (mother of Tom age 10), tutored by
Melanie Jones (Mossley)

"John has helped me tremendously with Maths at both National 5 and Higher levels. He helps me understand, explains the topics I have difficulty with and goes over practice exam questions to improve my exam technique."
Rebecca M., tutored by
Dr Freeman (Bo'ness)

"“Very good at making complicated questions straight forward.”"
Will, Leeds, tutored by
Pempi Wycherley (Wetherby)

"I really enjoy my lessons with Luke. Being a mature student, I especially appreciate the multi-faceted approach of his teaching methods which means I have made progress in different areas of the instrument such as scales, improvisation and reading music. Luke makes sure the pace and structure of the lessons are always suited to my individual needs and progress and enjoyment go hand in hand. He has great knowledge of the instruments he teaches and makes a lovely cup of tea."
Lea Andrews, tutored by
Luke Georgiou (Brockley)

"Gemma is a fantastic tutor who has helped me go from grade D's to grade A's and B's. She has great methods to help me understand all the aspects of Chemistry and Biology at GCSE and at A Level. I genuinely do not know how I'd have passed either of these two subjects without her and even with online tuition she displays the best of methods to help me understand. I have been taught by many and even had another tutor but none of them have helped and encouraged me the way Gemma has."
Habiba Islam (online tuition), tutored by
Gemma Shearer (Thornton)

"Trevor Aston has tutored my son on a weekly in photography for over a year and has actively engaged him in the technical and practical aspects of the work. He's really supported Josh to develop an eye for capturing his own photographic style and interpretation of the world. Trevor is incredibly patient and goes beyond the norm, often helping Josh with tasks such as early morning or late evening shoots. He's willing to go that extra mile to inspire confidence."
Emma Richards Hampton, tutored by
Trevor Aston (Teddington)

"I have known Daryl for almost one year and I took both subjects: microeconomics and macroeconomics, which I found really interesting. Daryl is very talented teacher because he found the key for every student. For example, I am an international student and my English level was not very high and for me at the beginning of the studying year it was a main problem. But he explained each topic in a very clear and understandable language, so it was very easy to understand them and perform well in the exam"
Galiya G, tutored by
Mr Rugless (Beckenham)

"Linzi is an excellent tutor and I highly recommend her. She is professional, calm and very knowledgeable and has provided really good advice and support for my son in his run up to GCSE maths. I am certain in the short time he has had with Linzi that his grade will improve, he is motivated and learning a lot in his weaker areas. I wish I had started earlier with her tutoring!"
Lucy O, tutored by
Linzi Henry (Dore and Totley)

"My 4 year old daughter enjoyed lessons with Linda and her speech improved."
Ms P Huddersfield, tutored by
Linda Maria McGuin (Huddersfield)

"'Vanessa will always go the extra mile. She even came along with my wife and myself to advise on which violin we should buy for my daughter, who is fifteen years old and studying for Grade 5. She didn't charge for her time and played all of the violins within our price range, so that we could really tell the differences in sound. Vanessa was recommended by a friend of ours, whose son was having violin lessons with her'."
Simon, tutored by
Vanessa Gardiner (Crouch End)

"Without Laurence I would never have got through my exams. He was a really big help and can't recommend him enough."
Tom Perun, tutored by
Laurence Collin (Angel)

"Jenny MEI OCR A/S and A2 Mark has done a tremendous job of pulling Jenny through GCSE and A level Maths in a subject she has always found difficult."
Ms C Bennett, tutored by
Mark the Tutor (Streatham)

"She got in!!! We heard this morning that C has been successful in the general entrance and the scholarship. Thanks so much for your patience, I really don't think we'd have got there without you."
HM, Stamford, tutored by
Liz Garton (Stamford)

"Janet has been fabulous at helping me with my essay skills. She is extremely patient and explains things in a way that is easy to understand. She tells you not just how to improve your work, but why it is important and how it links to the exam marking. My grades have gone up from F to B now I understand exactlywhat the examiners are looking for and how to write the essays. Thank you Janet."
Tess, tutored by
Dr Janet Rose (Westbury)

"I have been studying with Brendan for six months now, and have loved every lesson. Not only is my voice improving every week, but I’ve also noticed a real difference in my confidence."
Kate Long, tutored by
Brendan Weakliam PGDipRNCM BMu (Leytonstone)

"I was able to pass my audition and get accepted to Royal Holloway studying music. I would have never been able to achieve this without her. My voice became stronger but also a lot more controlled, and this was achieved within just a few months of lessons with Jane! Jane emphasizes a lot of her lessons on technique. Her lessons are really fun! It's important to have fun during your lessons as well! If you are looking for a voice teacher, I truly recommend Jane Florez!"
Victoria Dewarin, tutored by
Jane de Florez (Earl's Court)

"Spelling/Reading T wasn’t reaching his full potential: in particular, spelling. .. the results have been fantastic…with new words, invariably gets it right. His confidence in writing has improved and gets better every week….best of all, his enjoyment of reading has soared. Angela’s approach with T was perfect… built a good relationship...met straight after school but T came out of each session happy and full of tales of interesting conversations!"
Mrs King, tutored by
Angela Jordan (Newbury)

"I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for me. The help and support you have given me has been the best.Because of you and your help my RTP is possible."
Katie - Return to Practice Student, tutored by
Linda Lye (Central Wakefield)

"Nicole is a lovely person to work with, very professional, and is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure her client is totally satisfied. All in all, a thoroughly nice and reliable lady with outstanding tutoring and writing ability. I would have no hesitation in recommending her for tutoring."
Karen Oliver, tutored by
Nicole Dowley (Heaton)

"Isabel has tutored me for about two years.When I first came to her I was not only weak and likely to achieve a C but I did not enjoy Spanish. She has taken me to an A grade and I have a deeper understanding of the language as well as enjoying Spanish. She is always willing to help with anything I do not understand.I would very much recommend her to anyone in need of Spanish tutor"
Becca- GCSE student- 16 years old., tutored by
Isabel Nieves (Crouch End)

"(continued- from Mrs N Bray) Since you have been working with Harriet, I have seen her passion for study return and she is now considering a future which involves university study at the highest level. This is something I have always known she is capable of and would love, but your faith and encouragement has inspired her to believe in herself again. I honestly cannot thank you both enough for everything – your impact has been above and beyond"
Mrs N Bray- Barnstaple, tutored by
Chris Heaven (Pennsylvania)

"Holly was behind and in the lowest maths group. In a Maths exam, taken just before her lessons with Kate started, she scored only 17%. Her Spring Mid Term report stated that she was below her 5C target, achieving a 3B level. Her Summer Mid Term report shows that she in now above target in Maths with a 5B grade and she has been moved up a set."
Mum of Holly, a Year 9 student, tutored by
3 Degrees Tutoring (Sutton in Ashfield)

"I booked Izo to come and teach a group workshop on Presentation Skills and Public Speaking with Mint Digital in September last year. She was excellent at getting the group to share their experiences and to relax into the session. Afterwards the feedback was enormously positive and the use of vocal technique has helped a few members get over their nerves. We hope to get Izo back for another workshop this year. December 2014"
Angie Maguire (Head of Communications), tutored by
Izo FitzRoy (Hammersmith)

"I am happy to give this recommendation to Ms Julia Guste - Russian language tutor. My daughter had just received her GCSE Russian language exam results which are A*s. Julija dealt with speaking exam at the beginning and in a short period of time prepared Liz for reading, listening and writing. The results are perfect and I'd highly recommended her!"
Valentina, tutored by
Julija Guste (Brentford)

"Mr M Bury tutored my son in Key Stage 3 Maths in 2012 /13. Mr Bury has a broad knowledge base and a professional attitude. He has a wonderful way of communication with my son and has been able to help him to develop more self-esteem and confidence in his abilities to handle maths better."
Narjes, tutored by
Mr M Bury (West Hampstead)

"Deep tutored my son, James for Physics. I think the real value was that James not only vastly improved in his grades, but also developed an active interest in the subject. The school had predicted him a B. However, James got his A, made his university offer - and is now studying Computer Science - on track for a First! I am sure that the good study habits he has at university are a result of the confidence he built up over his A Levels."
Annabel (A2 Physics), tutored by
Deep Lidder (Notting Hill)

"My son has been getting lessons from Simon since the beginning of the academic year. My son is good at English and we just wanted someone to give him guidance as well improve on what was already there. Simon has definitely done both. My son feels much more confident going into the exams. Really recommend."
Charlotte. Parent., tutored by
Simon Warner (Mill Hill)

"Maroulla worked with my son helping him direct his studies and fill in the gaps of his knowledge. She discussed concepts to give him a more well rounded understanding of the subject and helped him structure his answers for a GCSE exam. Maroulla is a very dedicated and supportive tutor and I would highly recommend her."
Tracy, parent, tutored by
Maroulla (Waltham Cross)

"I was struggling with Biology, especially with exam technique. I didn't think I would get the grades I needed for Uni. Leading up to exams, I came to Sarah's and she really helped me understand exam technique in depth and in an interesting way. I felt I could relate to her and have a good discussion about everything which made everything easier. She has a very deep knowledge of all exam techniques and styles from many years and lots of resources.She definitely saved my Biology A Level."
Naman Gupta (Veterinary Science - Liverpool University), tutored by
Sarah Dawson (Otley and Yeadon)

"Ben has been a great help from the first lesson to the last. I'm a shy person and at first I wasn't sure what would happen, but he is so clear in how to solve problems and teaching me new things that I quickly understood. Every lesson was so helpful and always made me laugh. Over these last months, I feel that Ben knows the best ways in which I learn more than my teachers who I've had for five years at high school. Thank you very much, Ben!"
Loren - G.C.S.E Maths Student, tutored by
Ben Hanson (Elland)

"Hi Michael, Im really happy with the pace we are going - really enjoying my lessons with you, the stories, the theories, videos, questions, experiments and this is really important for me to integrate concepts Ive never been able to before. And the hands on experience is a real 'luxury' - for the first time I can see and understand what is happening and 'remember' things - such as a series circuit and current which I shall never forget."
Lorraine, GCSE Physics, adult improving on her qualifications, tutored by
Michael M. (Whitton)

"Tom was excellent at helping to explain many things that I did not understand in a very short amount of time, so that by the time of the exam I felt fully prepared! Thanks again, Meg"
Meg Honigmann, tutored by
Tom Whitburn - Biology tutor (Central Winchester)

"We found Kevin friendly, approachable and extremely helpful as a tutor for our daughter. In just a few lessons he managed to sort out some misunderstandings she had had for five years despite repeated attempts to by teachers at school. Kevin’s strength is his ability to explain chemistry in a highly accessible and down-to-earth manner– the best kind of tuition in my view, and I am a teacher myself. I highly recommend Kevin."
Mrs Browning, tutored by
Kevin Boyle (Central Guildford)

"I was studying a mathematics module in my Masters course at university and I desperately needed assistance. I reached out to Chris and I found him to be a brilliant all round tutor with lots of enthusiasm and passion to help all students. He was professional, he moved at a pace which suited my learning speed thus I would definitely recommend him to any person seeking assistance or a boost in mathematics, whether its GCSE, A-Level, University-level or general concept / understanding."
Barbara N, tutored by
Christopher Njau (Borough)

"I was struggling with a few maths concepts and got a D in my practice tests before coming to Fin. Fin's tutoring provided the clarity and understanding to push me across the line to get the pass that I desired. I cannot recommend Fin highly enough."
C. Sanders, tutored by
Fin Biscoe-Taylor (Baswich)

"Matt has a friendly and relaxed, yet confident, style of tutoring, and while he will quickly assess your weaknesses and your strengths he will also give you the confidence and understanding to help you improve. One of his strengths is technique and consequently my own technique has greatly improved and I feel much more comfortable in my own ability as a result.  If you’re looking for a new drum tutor, Look no further than Matt. I’ve been with him for about 4 years now and I am a better drummer for it."
Steve Duffy, tutored by
Matt Raymond (Hythe)

"Before I had Hasina as a tutor I felt as if I couldn't achieve good grades in business and I had minimal confidence but after one lesson I gained a lot of confidence. Hasina had great patience and took great care and enthusiasm into getting my grades up, my work had gone from a U to As and Bs just after 6 or so lessons. It was a great experience and I was able to take many skills such as essay writing and manipulating data from Hasina's teaching."
Clare, tutored by
Hasina Ali (Central Birmingham)

"Sue has been great. she is so versatile She has taught my little one English and Maths and also prepared my older children for their GCSEs in English and Maths. I highly recommend Sue for your tutoring needs."
Sharon, tutored by
Susan Sale (Nuneaton)

"My son was struggling with creative writing & comprehension until he met Natasha. She encouraged him & he soon loved going to her lessons. The change came when he wrote a story that even his yr 9 brother at grammar school was impressed by. I couldn't believe he had written it ! I can't thank her enough. we got a place at Wallington county for Sept 2015 & are over the moon !"
Mrs. F Uddin, tutored by
Sheena Natasha Chan (Sanderstead)

"Mrs Poonam is the best we`ve had. Very organized, mythological, and knows how well to get the student to perform at the best level. There has been a remarkable improvement in my daughter’s performance and she feels more confident about her impending exams. Mrs P. She sends my daughter exercises to do, every now and then, and communicates, etc. whenever necessary – all with the aim to encourage her to get the best results. I can’t thank her enough for this"
Mr Tony, tutored by
Poonam (Maida Vale)

"David Chitty tutored our son at GCSE Level for the three sciences. He achieved A for Biology, Chemistry and Physics. We have no hesitation in recommending Dave for his tutoring and mentoring services. Our Son has very fond memories of the calm, friendly and focused atmosphere of Dave's lessons. Dave really enjoys his work and he and his Wife are always so welcoming and relaxed."
Tony and Jo T in the matter of their Son Lawrence T. june2015, tutored by
David Chitty (Kenilworth)

"“I thought Alex was a really great Spanish teacher. He was very creative with his lessons. I found his theatrical background extremely useful as he taught in a theatrical manner. He worked out that I was a visual person when it came to learning so he conducted games that had visual material. I found his lessons fun and extremely uplifting. I feel I got a good basis of the Spanish language before moving to Argentina.”"
Georgina: preparation for moving to Argentina, tutored by
Alex Morgan (Tooting)

"Olga is a great and very reliable tutor. I have been tutored by Olga for around a year, she provides me with great material and she makes the lessons really enjoyable, helping me a lot with my Russian grammar and always keen to make sure you learn the right way the first time to avoid picking up bad habits. Olga is structured and methodical in her approach and each lesson is tailored made to you... If you are thinking about learning Russian I would highly recommend contacting Olga."
Chris, tutored by
Olga Hornett (Abbots Langley)

"Carrie is definitely one of the best teachers I have ever had. From the very beginning, I could see that she loves her job and she is amazing at what she does. Carrie was incredibly patient and precise in explaining every single step. When I struggled to cope with something, she was immediately able to apply the right technique to help. Her knowledge and experience are impressive. I definitely recommend working with Carrie.’"
Gaia C, Civil Engineer, tutored by
Carrie Terry (Leamington Spa)

"Back in December I got accepted onto a course at Kingston University to study for a PGCE qualification. I was completely unaware of the QTS Maths Test that I had to pass prior to the course with only 3 attempts. I found Janet and luckily she helped me gain some much needed confidence in Maths. Janet is a fabulous tutor; patient; thorough and she has the most helpful worksheets to make you understand anything. Without Janet I would never be starting my course in September. Thank you very much."
CD - QTS Numeracy Skills, tutored by
Janet Eifridt (Redhill)

"Our daughter found it hard to decipher long texts and struggled to order and express her thoughts on paper. She made remarkable improvements in the style and content of her writing under you, and achieved A*s in both English Language and Literature at IGCSE. Thank you for making such a difference and giving her important skills for life."
Parent of IGCSE student at Haberdashers’ Aske’s School for Girls, tutored by
Louise Laing (Finchley Central)

"“I would strongly recommend Matthew Barnes as an online tutor. He is an experienced tutor, he explains things clearly and makes everything sound very interesting. He is very helpful and wants you to succeed... I am so glad I chose Matthew, since there is no difference from “normal” tutoring to online tutoring... One of the best reasons to go for online tutoring is that you can get the best tutors and not just the ones in the area. If you need a biology tutor Matthew Barnes is your man!”"
Sara-Marie Petersen, tutored by
Matthew Barnes Biology Tutor (Honiton)

"''India says she loves French and wants to get really good at it. She really did enjoy her lessons with you and I'm sure we'll be back in touch in her holidays Maggie for refreshers-thank you so much.'' (Mother of Common Entrance exam student)"
Katie, tutored by
Magdalena Hachula (Battersea)

"Teachers have an excellent grasp of music education, plan lessons carefully and work well with pupils."
OFSTED, tutored by
Alan Moore (Malton)

"Hi Hilary, yesterday I had the best parents evening I have had for ages. His teacher was so pleased with his handwriting, concentration, reading etc. It was great! The teacher and Senco said whatever we are doing at home keep it up! So thanks Hilary for all your great input."
Leonie (parent) March 2013, tutored by
Hilary Burt (Central Brighton)

"It was a new experience and I enjoyed it so much as I was able to learn new things in such little time and in different ways . I discovered new ways of learning due to your help as well as new revision techniques. Your tutoring helped me greatly! My exam technique improved as you taught me new ways to approach questions.  Thank you very much :)"
Nadine, tutored by
M S Rahman (Central Enfield)

"Tutor for Struggling Students. Mr Iftikhar has taught my daughter GCSE maths. When she first went to him, her grades were at E-D level and her general knowledge of maths was underage. As her GCSE exams approached, her grades have improved greatly as she is now aiming for B and A grades in her GCSEs. Mr Iftikhar is a very direct teacher who enjoys sharing his knowledge with his students but also allows them to think for themselves. I would fully recommend him to struggling students."
Mr Mark, tutored by
Mr Iftikhar (Wexham Lea)

"Mike provided tuition for my children covering Maths and Further Maths at AS and A2 level. Not only do they like him as a person, he is clearly highly knowledgeable and, most importantly, they like the clarity of his explanations. They find he is able to teach in minutes a topic teachers have failed to communicate in several lessons. I would recommend Mike to any student."
Gwen, tutored by
Michael Steele (Knebworth)

"A great maths tutor with good explaining skills and know what he is doing. Really helpful and has a great knowledge."
Vitalija- GCSE student from London E6, tutored by
Mohammad Bari (Forest Gate)

"Amy-Rose has been teaching my daughter to play the piano since last year. She loves her teacher who is encouraging, warm and friendly. Amy-Rose has a good understanding of my daughter's personality and skill levels, is very kind and empathetic and am sure is a great hit with all her students. She is very professional and extremely competent and skilled at what she does."
Dr Dhaliwal, tutored by
Amy-Rose Atkinson (Sowerby Bridge)

"Thanks so much. You did such a great job with Anna."
Claire, tutored by
Dr Hanna Beyer (Broadstairs)

"My son has been learning piano with Claire since September 2016. His progress with Claire has been wonderful to watch. He loves his lessons and looks forward to each week, practising daily without a reminder in order to reach his full potential. He respects her extensive musical knowledge and enjoys her calm and happy disposition when teaching. Her approach clearly gets results culminating in a distinction for his Grade 1 exam in June 2017."
Nicolene, mother of piano student, tutored by
Claire Lilla (Teddington)

"My son did extremely well in his entrance exams.He got in at Latymer, QE boys, Highgate, and Habs... Thank you again for all your help,my son would not have done it without you."
Mrs U. Highgate., tutored by
Stuart Riddle (Crouch End)

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