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Tutor Testimonials

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it gives teachers the opportunity to do what they do best without the middleman."
Ed Birch (East Dulwich)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because they provide an excellent service at a very recommended and reasonable price. It has provided an excellent platform for me to grow from a handful of students to practically full time hours."
Prima Piano (Harborne)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it works - and so do you !"
Kevin Foley (Matlock)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I can deal with and talk to potential students easily."
Worood (Haywards Heath)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it's very easy to use and many people see it on the web."
Emily Kate Holland (Bletchley)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages to other tutors because it has given me lots of advice when starting out as a Spanish tutor and has enabled me to find many new students."
Fiona (Werrington)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is entirely professionally run and I think it's an excellent central resource for parents and students alike to find quality tuition in most subjects."
Tiffani Vinyard (Hemel Hempstead)

"The Tutor Pages is a great platform for tutors. I value the fact that they ensure only reliable and trustworthy requests go through, and there are no hidden costs or other surprises for either side, tutors or students. I'm pleased it allows me to advertise my varied teaching qualities as well as my personal website. Through Tutor Pages, I have found many happy students who have stayed with me for a long time!"
Regina Saltari (Streatham)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it offers an excellent professional service for tutors and students can have confidence in being able to choose experienced tutors to suit their needs."
Kate Ainsworth (Comeytrowe)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because of the professional presentation of the website, and also because I am receiving a consistent supply of enquiries for my dissertation assistance services throughout the year. The enquiries I receive from The Tutor Pages website are more likely to lead to bookings for my dissertation help and thesis help services than from any other tutor website and indeed from any other system of advertising."
Dissertation Tutor (Brockley)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it has helped me immensely to gain new students and to support students at different levels. The Tutor Pages also enabled my profile to appear on the first page of Google which again is excellent."
Yasmeen Ahmed (Bordesley Green)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I get plenty of good quality, hassle-free referrals."
Dave Lock (Sharnbrook)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is a great way for students from all backgrounds, and interests to easily contact you, and continue their learning journey. It is a simple yet effective and reliable platform to expand your tutee-base wherever you are located. Happy tutoring!"
Arzoo (Cowley)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because the service is excellent and I get an incredible amount of queries for tutoring every month, which is testimony of how hard Tutor Pages staff are working behind the scenes on behalf of their tutors. I have been with Tutor Pages for five years now and the site has generated a wonderful amount of work for me."
Fiona Battisby (Henbury)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it's a great way for students to find tutors online."
Farhaz J (South Croydon)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages for many reasons! The website has a clean, appealing design, it's user friendly for the tutors, parents and students and most importantly, it may do a simple job but it does it very very well so everyone benefits."
Annisha (Earl's Court)

"I would recommend the Tutor Pages because teachers are able to write a comprehensive page about themselves, their experience and qualifications - so that potential students already have an idea of what to expect. It is an easy and efficient way of pupils finding the right teacher in their area without having to make endless phonecalls. A great service!"
Vaughan Jones (Cheddington)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because the site is easy to search and reliable."
Huang Ai Hong (Brentford)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is a well managed website and they have a good reputation."
Trevor (Steyning)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it promotes quality tuition for students whilst protecting the interests of skilled and qualified teachers."
Owen Leech (Crouch End)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it does generate new enquiries."
Richard Woodrow (Stoneygate)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is an efficient way for parents and students to find suitable tutors in their areas, and check their details and costs."
Evie Bentley (Hurstpierpoint)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I have had many enthusiastic students from this Website."
Lucienne Sharpe (Bognor Regis)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it allows tutors to be totally in control of their own work load and how they present themselves."
Nuala Hurst Marshall (East Finchley)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it works! It does so far better than any other sites or agencies I have tried. Students use it to look for tutors, so it results in enquiries."
Dr Robert M Ellis (Great Malvern)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because all but a couple of my private pupils applied to me through Tutor Pages - there is the potential to teach privately full time if all your enquiries are successful."
Lucinda Drelaud (Sturry)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I have had numerous enquiries from them! They are also easy to contact and the tutor guide they provide is invaluable!"
Heather Bain (Orpington)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I have definitely increased my student intake and my personal profile by being a member."
Annette Scott (Cannock)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I get a lot of students through the site."
Saira Clegg (Cheadle Hulme)

"The website is unique in that it allows students to phone the tutor to find out more, look at their portfolio website, check their profile on LinkedIn, see their full name, among some of the important features that help them and the tutor make the decision about starting lessons."
Carolina Sawney (Bloomsbury)

"The Tutor Pages has helped me find a lot of good quality work. They take no commission at all and the system is very easy and intuitive to use. Their ebook and extra tips for tutors has been truly invaluable to me in how I can best present and market myself as a tutor. Thanks for such a great service, and it is worth every penny to subscribe as a Gold Member."
Dr. Atul Rana (Hoxton)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it seems to be well-known and well-thought-of by students and teachers alike. It is also nicely stable and unobtrusive - so fairly low maintenance. I like the fact that articles are posted by tutors. I have received mostly serious and fruitful enquiries via the site."
Sophie Yates (Bradford-on-Avon)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it has been a great way for those wanting to learn piano to get in touch"
Lisa Neal (Central Poole)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it's a great way to reach a larger community of potential students!"
Max Mausen (Fulham)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because of the reliable and steady stream of genuine students they provide, coupled with the ease of use of the site."
Luke Aspden (Bitterne)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I have always found them to be very reliable and popular with parents."
Pat Osborne (Preston Park)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it ranks well in Google, is great value and easy to use."
Debbie Wood (Tolworth)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages as many of my students used The Tutor pages to find me!"
Polly Hewett (Holborn)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is a well run established go-between between the professional teacher and student. Easy to use and highly accessible."
Patrick Dodds (Muswell Hill)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it generates very positive interest most effectively."
Dr Janet Lewison (Horwich)

"The Tutor Pages website is easy to use and appears at the top of the search engines. The students who have contacted me through the website have all been genuine."
Magali Churchill (Kingston)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it has brought me a steady flow of students; so much so that I now have a full schedule and a waiting list. The site is easy to use, and I consider the subscription fee to have been the best £42 I have spent on my business, as it has been recouped many times over this year."
Yvonne Mason (Llansanffraid)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it gives a lucid appraisal of the skills of the tutor, it also gives low cost access to a large market, and has a good sense of design."
Stuart Riddle (Crouch End)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is a well respected method for serious students to find excellent, dedicated tutors."
Laura Pasternack (Ealing Common)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because if you are someone that wants to get some enquiries then this gives you the opportunity to convert them into something that might work for you and at the same time benefit the pupil."
Ian G (South Croydon)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it allows students and parents to engage directly with tutors."
Hannah Knight (Harringay)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is clear and easy to use, and I have received a good number of enquiries in the first year of my membership"
Chris Keyte (Kingston)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it has put me in touch with many clients. As it is the tutors who are paying to be online and not the clients, the clients therefore feel free to enquire without commitment. This does not always lead to a booking, but this is not a problem. Personally, I have had just the right amount of work since I started."
Mrs Mitchell (Sturry)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I receive helpful information on tutoring and regular enquiries from clients."
Mrs Moya Kirton (Cheylesmore)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I have received many enquiries and pupils through this site. There is excellent support and knowledgeable articles to support tutors, students and parents."
Tricia (Stamford)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I always get new students through them and I think the subscription price is quite reasonable."
Enrique Galassi (Canonbury)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages (and actually I did recommend TTP to a number of my colleagues) because it is run by a friendly and very helpful team who have helped me to get in contact with people who need me and whom I need. It's not only an opportunity to earn some money it is also an opportunity to meet interesting people who are keen on the Russian language and culture and with whom I can share my knowledge and experience. Great!"
Maria Rumney (Great Malvern)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it gives people the ability to find tutors to meet their specific needs easily. It also gives answers that parents or enquirers need to be confident the tutor is a person they can safely contact."
Christopher Poffley (Felixstowe)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because they are second to none in drawing potential students. Indeed, 95% of my current students came through Tutor Pages and I receive regular enquiries from potential students throughout the calendar year. They are extremely internet-savvy and offer excellent practical advice on how to maximise your online presence as a tutor. Couldn't recommend them enough!!"
Brendan Weakliam PGDipRNCM BMu (Leytonstone)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it's a great local musical community."
Kate Mullins (Victoria Park)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I have had success with this company, and it offers upgrades and updates to alert potential clients."
Edwyn (Abergavenny)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it charges the tutor for an advert, and not the student. Easy for students to use. Useful information and support for tutors. Good value for money. Reasonably good indexing by Google."
Darren Terrans (Aycliffe)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is an easy website to use and a great way to meet new students!"
Leo Richardson (Totteridge)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it's a great way to advertise yourself for teaching opportunities, and it's fast and easy!"
Ellie Smith (Bury Centre)

"The Tutor Pages is a great place for students to find the right tutor to suit them, and for tutors to publicise their services. It is the best online resource of it's kind that I've found."
Dr Sarah Paul (Kentish Town)

"Hats off to the Tutor Pages team! I cannot express how grateful I am to your team. Their customer service was quick, efficient, very friendly and of the highest industry standard. It feels great to know that freelancers may benefit from such a quality of customer service from an online platform. I have been on Tutor Pages for three years and plan on renewing my membership for as long as I'll be teaching! Year in and Year out it has been worth every penny!"
Simon Gfeller (Central Cambridge)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is the go-to internet site for music tutoring. It has been essential to building my business, and is well worth the subscription."
David Weber (Isleworth)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is an extremely useful tool for students looking for tuition in a wide range of subjects and disciplines."
Camilo Tirado (Dalston)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is a good advertising tool which also provides up to date information for learners and tutors."
Monique Cullen (Mapledurham)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it generates interest from potential students in your area."
Helen Wilson (Worcester Park)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages ... it works!"
Jeff Bragg (Benhilton)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because, not only does The Tutor Pages website have a highly respected reputation - it offers invaluable help, advice and support to all the tutors it represents."
Jocelyn Abbott (Clapham Common)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I strongly agree with its ethos that parents and students should be able to find tutors free of charge. By paying only for the lessons themselves, parents have considerable freedom and flexibility in finding the right person."
Joe Hytner (West Hampstead)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because prospective clients can view a wide range of tutors whilst receiving a lot of information and a real insight into the nature of the tutor's teaching. At the same time, as a tutor many more people view your profile with much more depth than in normal ways of advertising, therefore increasing the number of potential pupils."
Marielle Way (Central Brighton)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because they consistently rank highly in internet search-engine searches for tuition and have provided me with a highly cost-effective source of new students."
Dr. Victor Bluett (Teddington)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is getting me noticed on search engines, and I am getting enquiries."
ChristineA (Belper)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages to other tutors because it provides tutors with direct access to potential customers and tutors are able to give full details about themselves and their experience on their profile page. The ability to have a 'profile page' like the one The Tutor Pages provides is something I have not found with any other tutoring agency or organisation. Their downloadable, free ebook called "Tutoring - The Complete Guide" is excellent and gives very useful advice, especially if you are new to tutoring. And if you have additional queries, then they are more than happy to answer them. Registering with The Tutor Pages has been a very worthwhile investment for me and one of the best decisions I made this year!"
Isabella Nicholls (Knaphill)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because the site has enabled me to help so many reach their potential - and beyond!"
T Blaukopf (Hendon)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I regularly receive enquiries."
Amanda Burns (North Finchley)

"I highly recommend this website because it is so easy to list our profile and attract students. You can also link it with your website and got more responses by having extra info. displayed. Also you have got a video link page. And it appears very high in the google and local searches. The Director of the site has done a very good job. I give him 10/10."
Kamal Patel (Harrow on the Hill)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it has a far reaching network connecting students to the best tutors."
Gabrielle Jourdan (Chalk Farm)

"The Tutor Pages is an easily accessible site, with no hidden costs for students or tutors alike. Tutors displayed on this site are among the best qualified professionals in their field."
A Bell (Twickenham)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I would not be as busy as I am without it."
Karen Pina (Central Sutton)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it's a fantastic way to promote yourself online. My profile is viewed on a regular basis, and I've had an amazing amount of enquiries through the site. It's also an excellent way of maintaining an online presence if you don't have your own website."
Daniel Thurston (Horsell)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it's a fantastic way to get in touch with new students. It's safe and secure and my students can see all the information on my profile about me before they contact me. It's a great site and I have received many students from here :)"
Nadia Younas (Ealing Broadway)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is a fantastic way of reaching other professionals within your field, therefore allowing for a much more in-depth approach to teaching. The Tutor Pages also opens up a much wider client base, and allows the teaching process for both the client and the teacher to be hassle free, and efficient."
Izo FitzRoy (Hammersmith)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I've found it the most effective online marketing tool available for tutors."
Waruna (Cheam)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because 90% of all my students have come through The Tutor Pages."
Alex Markham (Chingford)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because is a professional way to get new students easily. I am happy with the service so that's why i have decided to renew my subscrption. Thanks for your help."
Qualified Spanish NATIVE Tutor (Street)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is such an efficient and easy way to get in contact with potential clients - since signing up to The Tutor Pages I have never been without at least one client."
Andy Collins (Deerness)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is a serious and very organised website for private tuition in all subjects."
Theodora Stamoulaki (Kingston)

"The Tutor Pages because is a very good and efficient website for students looking for a suitable tutor for their learning requirements. The website is informative, easy to navigate and establishes contact between students and tutors successfully and promptly."
Inga Lincke (Tonbridge)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is ranked high by Google and tends to appear on the first page, near the top, following search requests."
Mike Lal (Chatham)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because they attract serious students and parents. I have met many delightful individual students and families through The Tutor Pages."
Rosalind (Mayford)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it's great in helping students find tutors who perfectly match their criteria and vice versa. Since I first signed up to the site with a gold membership, I've received numerous enquiries from students, most of whom I am still teaching today. It's a wonderful system!"
Anmol Patel (Beckenham)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it brings in a steady stream of local students. I have been very pleased with the service."
Louise Armstrong (Colne)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it offers tutors and those seeking tutors an accessible platform to be introduced to each other. It also serves as a portal for both new and experienced tutors to learn more about what is going on in the supplementary education sector. It is a great resource for the tutoring profession."
Adam Muckle (Putney)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it provides a safe and secure place to advertise your skills as a tutor and is a hassle free way to find a potential tutor. It is easy to use and I would highly recommend it to both tutors and parents/students alike!"
Eloise Riddell (Kilburn)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it lets you fully advertise your skills, highlighting experience, teaching methods, qualifications and more. I didn't feel limited when creating my profile!"
Heather Bourne (St. Albans)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it has helped me find more students. The advice on how to get more hits online was really useful."
John Macnaughton (Dulwich Village)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because although I felt initially that membership might be a waste of money and that little work would come of it, I have in fact had a number of pupils and more enquiries through the service. In my case a couple of lessons more than covered the fee, so I think it's a worthwhile website to have a presence on."
Neil McGovern (Elephant and Castle)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is a very easy-to-use, trustworthy and efficient website."
Letizia Parisi (Northfields)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I have received a lot of pupils from it, who have then recommended me to others. It is a user friendly website."
Grace Bokor (Golders Green)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I have had lots of clients from it. In addition, it is very easy to use and you can create your own page with lots of information which looks superb. It is an excellent way to promote your tuition service."
EQE Proofreading / Tutoring (Greenfield)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because they can easily provide you with the advertising you need to get your teaching up and running."
Mark Harrison (Farnworth)

"I just wanted to pass on feedback of how excellent your site has been for me. As a private piano teacher I have advertised all over the web, but subscription to your site has been by far the best investment ever. I have had numerous pupils come as a result of Tutor Pages and am also located at the top of Google search in my area as a result of your work which I'm really pleased about. Just wanted to pass my congratulations onto your team, I hope Tutor Pages continues to grow because for my line of work it's the best tool going. I won't hesitate to renew my subscription again!"
Martin Rowberry (Sutton Coldfield)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it gives potential clients a comprehensive view of my approach to tutoring through its excellent profile features, and it works to find those clients for me!"
Raymond Hearne (Barnes)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is a resource-rich way to convey important information about the services you offer to potential clients"
Fred Scott (Shirley)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it helps parents to tailor tutoring sessions to their child's needs."
Jennifer Casey (Billingshurst)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is a quick, easy, safe way of finding the right tutor for your chosen subject. As a tutor using the site, I like how I have the option to add as much or as little as I like including links to our related media and the option to write informative articles."
Marged Hall (Cowbridge)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because they consistently provide you with reliable contacts."
PJ (Denby Dale)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because for a small fee it has opened up a tremendous market and student base that has paid for itself many times over."
YC Ng (Canary Wharf)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it gives quick access to trusted professionals. Enquiries are dealt with quickly. It is very good value and the best site I have worked with during many years as a tutor."
Gerard A Specialist 11+ Tutor (Blackheath)

"The Tutor Pages provides an excellent forum for interested parties to get in touch with serious and dedicated specialists from a wide variety of disciplines."
Laurence McNaughton (Central Reading)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I have had lots of student enquiries and most of them have become permanent pupils."
Sofya Fotiyadi (Orpington)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it's been really helpful. I have wonderful results."
Sebastian Embrel (Wimbledon)

"As a professional, I have to state that I have found The Tutor Pages to be an invaluable resource in advertising my skill base and attracting students as a result. The Tutor Pages fulfils the essential connection between students and tutors enabling tutors to provide a quality service and allowing students to contact tutors who live conveniently near their homes. I have also found the administrative service at The Tutor Pages to be fast, efficient and courteous."
Manohar Whig (Sudbury)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I get many enquiries for a very reasonable annual fee."
Matthew Brown (Hampstead)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it's one of the best tutoring websites."
Niovi (Waterloo)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I have had a lot of business from it! I have advertised in the newspapers over the years but I have had so many pupils and it is value for money!!!"
Alison G (Altrincham)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I have gained a large number of students from the site. Unlike the majority of other sites, students are not required to pay commission fees, which seems to put off a number of people, when selecting a tutor. Once you are registered as a tutor, you generally attract a large number of enquiries, and the procedure for students to contact tutors is very straightforward as they can contact you directly after the first contact has been made rather than having to go via the website. This has the advantage of both parties being aware of where the other lives, something that a number of sites deliberately conceal. The Tutor Pages is one of the few sites to treat both tutors and tutees like adults rather than money-making machines, and for that it is worth the membership fee, which also makes it more likely to attract credible tutors who are committed to teaching."
Sam Sanders (Twickenham)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is an extremely convenient and effective way for pupils/students and/or their parents to get to know tutors, their expertise, qualifications, experience, and other attributes in great depth. This allows them to contact a tutor who they feel they already know before making contact. It is also a fantastic means for tutors to get relevant and focussed enquiries from interested parties. In other words, more informed contact between students/parents and their prospective tutors. This website is of great benefit to students whose lives are to be shaped and enriched and to tutors who wish to assistance in this endeavour. Best of luck to all students out there, for whom I will always be here to help in every way I can."
MR S A Y ALI Private Tuition (Central Birmingham)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is an excellent platform for any tutor, experienced or just starting out. Not only does it generate excellent leads on potential tutees but provides information on current tuition topics, open discussion between tutors, and the engine room is a fantastic place to help ensure you and your tuition business are maximised."
Kathryn Drury (Cross Gates)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it's a great website for finding you work. It's easy to use and relatively good value."
James Atashroo (Central Sheffield)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is an easy and clear website for prospective students to use that I have found to be very successful."
Emma Barr (High Wycombe)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because, unlike some other websites people can use to find a tutor, the student can contact you directly. There is no dancing around sending censored messages to each other and the potential student doesn't have to pay just to get your contact details. There is also a lot of community support via the Tutor Pages LinkedIn group. I am very happy I found this site."
Dr. Clare Turner (Chorlton)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because only professional tutors join. I have gained many students through The Tutor Pages who are committed to learning over the long term. A superb advertising resource for all tutors!"
Ben Belville (Rainham)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it's a site where you can personalise your own page, "talk" to your prospective students via the interview and your articles, and because it brings business. In addition, there are blogs, there is excellent "aftercare" and ongoing advice on how to attract new pupils. Additionally, it's interesting to ready what other tutors have written. Very user friendly."
Trixi Field (Ellesmere Urban)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I am able to promote my work in a way I am not able to do when advertising on other sites. Potential students get much more of an idea of what you can offer as a teacher and indeed your style of teaching from the interview and the article. I have had many teaching enquiries since joining The Tutor Pages, often leading to some fantastic students!"
Elise Harper (Central Bedford)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is provides excellent advice on how to give yourself more online presence."
Elaine Round BMus QTS (Upper Norwood)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it's a great way of matching student to teacher. It enables tutors to include all the usual FAQs in one place with an online profile which gives potential students a better idea of the person 'behind' the tutor, something usual tuition advertisements can't usually achieve. I'm very satisfied with the business I've gained from using this site."
Louisa Petais (Tufnell Park)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it's a good way of getting new students. It's easy to use."
ONLINE Tefl & Business English (Lower Deeside)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I got my first pupil here two years ago and since then my business has grown and grown, all having started from this site!"
Rachel Taverner BMus(Hons)LRSM (Central Manchester)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it has given me exposure as a tutor and has provided me with a fantastic range of students all with different goals."
Matthew Lewis (Battersea)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it's really easy to use, as well as being helpful at the beginning when the process is new. And most importantly, it's given me a lot of work!"
Simon Warner (Mill Hill)

"I would definitely recommend The Tutor Pages to other tutors and students because it is the best tutoring company I have ever joined. So far since joining, all the students I have taught have been top high quality serious learners. 10/10 for The Tutor Pages: anyone wishing to find a tutor need look no further."
Helen McMahon BA Hons (West Drayton)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is a great source of opportunities and puts you directly into contact with potential students."
Rania E-L (Coulsdon)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it's an excellent way of connecting students with suitable tutors. It is a very trusted source and I am grateful to be a member of it!"
Maria Papathanasiou (Limehouse)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I have had a lot of good enquiries through them and their advertising and SEO means that my Tutor Pages profile often appears above my own website in searches."
Philip Lowe (Great Baddow)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is place where people look for tutors - it's a no brainier! I am a very happy, grateful and solvent customer!"
Rachel Preece (Earl's Court)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because the website is very user friendly. Tutor Pages has brought me many new pupils this year."
Sue Smith (Swallowfield)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is effective in matching students and tutors."
Edward Mason (Worplesdon)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages! I have found students and covered the initial expenses quickly. Good website."
Guido Mallardi (Alperton)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because the service is user friendly, flexible and effective."
Trevor Barnett (Blean Forest)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I get an attractive and, more importantlly, effective website-based presence that is easy to manage and modify."
Steve Palmer (Almondbury)

"Private tuition is my main business, and I have found The Tutor Pages very helpful in being contacted by new clients."
Geoffrey Parfitt (Dorridge and Hockley)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because students can find my tuition services very easily, and I think the most important fact is that they don't have to pay any extra fee for my contact details. I definitely will recommend The Tutor Pages as in my opinion it is the best online tuition service."
Jacqueline Espinoza (Darwen)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it gives students tuition in a very wide range of subjects at all levels. For me it offers the chance to give students some insight into my profile before asking me for tuition."
Richard Magee (Warwick)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it's the easiest way to find pupils with very minimal effort on your part. It's easy to update your profile and you don't get junk email, only real enquiries."
Gwenllian Llyr (Orpington)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because of the exposure. I've been surprised by how many views my page has had."
James Ball (Euston)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it's the best site for bringing students to tutors. It's professional, easy to use and friendly. I get lots of business from Tutor Pages and couldn't recommend it more highly!"
Jolanta Cole (Old Harlow)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because in my first year with this site I have had more enquiries and new students than through all my other advertising! I have 10 new students through this site and have had at least 20 enquiries, so very happy to renew."
Musicplus (Central Luton)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it has helped students to find me and has given me constant work since I arrived in London 7 years ago!"
Vinnie (West Greenwich)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is very safe and has given me the opportunity to work with so many fantastic, reliable and talented students!"
Vita Martinenko (Hampstead)

"The Tutor Pages is an excellent site, as it enables each individual to set his or her own fees, in addition to stating their qualifications, credentials and abilities. It provides a lot of competition amongst tutors and is a quick and excellent way for one to boost income."
Lingua Genesis Ltd (Central Barnsley)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because they have been able to provide good tutoring work."
Moses Devaruban (Smethwick)

"As a tutor, I am obviously keen to recommend The Tutor Pages (and my own services in particular!), but this comes from my experience of the site, which I think is the best out there. Certainly, it is the most honest and straightforward - a simple interface between tutor and student. The benefits of tutoring are huge. I think the clarity and confidence given to a learner by a good tutor can make a massive difference. On this site, I have been put in touch with a range of interesting clients, from GCSE and A level students to African National Park managers requiring specific vocabulary, and Spanish-speakers looking to translate graduate essay ideas into a more academic English. I have enjoyed it all."
Guy Mavor (Devizes)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it's very professional and gives easy access to current tutors."
Timothy Kwan (Seven Sisters)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it directs students from your area to you, allowing them to see what you teach and how you approach your lessons."
Tom Clegg (Ilkley)

"The Tutor Pages is informative for both students and tutors. As a private teacher I like to read their updates as they help me understand new government education reforms. And I of course get some students from the site! Merci"
Nadia Bouakaz (Tonbridge)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it has great resources."
Miss Alice Allen (Hillhead)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because not only have I acquired some interesting students through the site, but I have also found it a very supportive organisation: if I have any doubts or queries, I can always ask for advice, and have always had swift and courteous feedback."
Cordelia Monsey (Woodside)

"I'm happy to recommend The Tutor Pages because it has a high profile and is not difficult to use. The format allows each tutor to explain their teaching experience concisely and the method of contact with prospective pupils is easy to access. The students that I've helped through this contact have all been very pleasant, positive and grateful for any help they have received."
Jan Taylor (Sudbury)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is the easiest way of getting clients who are hungry for tuition fast. I really had lots of enquiries in the last 12 months which is why I am renewing my membership, and I will definitely recommend it to any aspiring tutor who is confident in their service. Let The Tutor Pages showcase you to the right students for you. Thank you, Tutorpages, you're worth every penny!"
Kenny Olowu (Catford)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I receive a steady stream of enquiries from parents direct to my in-box, with no inconvenient middleman to deal with. It is a highly-regarded tutors' website which delivers."
Denise Byrne (Highbury)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because we need a reliable online tutorial presence and we need to give parents and students the assurance of a gold standard of service."
Emilce Sandra Rees (Chelsea)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I have met such lovely people.....this site attracts committed people."
Estelle Makin (Beeston)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is a community of professionals who are committed to education. There are lots of useful tips for the tutors and the profiles seem to maintain good Google rankings, meaning more business!"
Helena Ruinard (Wimbledon)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it has worked for me and I have got several good students from using it."
David Cummings (Greenford)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is free for the tutee!"
Soheb Alam (Ponders End)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is a serious website for professionals. It is therefore very useful to the members of the public researching qualified Teachers for themselves or their children, who want to achieve some rewarding results and progress in their work."
Prof. Fulvia Terzaghi (West Brompton)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is a professional, reliable and handy way to link excellent tutors with students who seek excellence."
Dr Thomas Giourgas (Central Edinburgh)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it offers the opportunity to access many students. It appears to be trusted by many students and covers a wide area."
Fletcher (Southcourt)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is extremely efficient and reliable. It also offers practical advice on how to reach as many potential tutees as possible."
Hilary Temperley (Central Dudley)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because they are top in the Google browser when looking for a tutor. Also, the administration is excellent and have always been reliable at contacting me when I have had any questions."
Mrs Lee Dein (Hampstead Garden Sub)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it's easy to use and I have received many good quality clients through this site."
Veronica Pereira (Central Hounslow)

"I recommend The Tutor Pages to all my friends, because even though I have advertised on many sites online, 95% of my enquiries come from this one!"
Gaspar Hunt (Central Lewisham)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it's a great opportunity to be able to speak directly to the tutor who will tutor you, whilst not either having to put fees upfront to do so, or else pay huge payments of tuition fees whilst you still havent had a single lesson, as is the case with many tuition agencies."
Dr Martine Hooper (Farnborough)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it's a great way to meet teachers that will suit you."
Fran Barsby (Warwick)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because of its well-designed site, clear information for both parents, students and tutors. The Tutor Pages has an extensive reach to web users helping parents find the best quality of tutors for their children."
Stathis Stefanidis, Director (Chiswick)

"The Tutor Pages is a great online platform for promoting yourself as a teacher."
Katy Ovens (Crouch End)

"The Tutor Pages have been successful in generating a number of enquiries that came to fruition, and I have been really pleased that it has enabled me to do more online tutorial work at undergraduate level too."
Julian Salisbury (Crewe)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because of all the various tutoring agencies I subscribe to, I receive the most enquires through them."
Lynne Wilson (Barrhead)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it offers the widest selection of high quality tutors, teaching the widest variety of subjects."
Paul Grace (Chorlton)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I have been given the chance to teach the most incredible people from all backgrounds. They have inspired me deeply and helped me improve myself as a tutor and as a person."
Daniela Gottardello (Hampstead Garden Sub)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because they are well organised, serious and efficient."
Claire Doucet (Orpington)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because the website has led to me having a steady flow of students for my one to one lessons. This has proved a huge success for me."
LLOYD WILLIAMS (Danesborough)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because you do get enquiries and work through this trusted website."
Helen White (Kaut) (Rhiwbina)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I get clear notifications of prospective clients and a good proportion of them have become long-term customers."
Martin Wallis (Surbiton)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I have had several enquiries from them, resulting in a significant increase of students. The enquiries have also led to other work opportunities in schools working as a vocal coach and rehearsing students for productions."
Go Sing (Almondsbury)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because for a fairly minimal outlay, the returns are exceptional."
Candy (Leamington Spa)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because is a wonderful way to make your dream come true! Choose your subject and find your tutor! It's very easy!"
Federica Mossone Evans (Chislehurst)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is great for finding new students. Highly recommended!"
Anja (Raynes Park)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is clear and easy to use, interesting to read and I am very happy with the level of contact."
Emma Exams (Marylebone)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I get enquiries from students and do not have to pay commission on each lesson, which is much fairer to the tutor. Thank you The Tutor Pages for a good service again this year."
Mary Mathai (East Grinstead)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it ranks highly when one Googles 'tutors'."
Abi Mogul (Northwick Park)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it has enabled me to work with children to raise their confidence, increase their skills and for me to show my love of teaching to another audience."
Michelle Poole 4 IT (Ossett)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because you know the tutors are genuine if they have gone to the effort of paying to subscribe, I think this in turn attracts a lot of students. It is good that the students don't have to pay to search/get contact details of tutors like other sites. Also I think the layout of the site and pages are very easy to navigate."
Lisa O'Donnell CSM (Stoke Newington)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is easy to use and provides a huge amount of tuition requests and work. It is very good value for money."
Dr Arjun Malhotra (Carshalton)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because the quality of applicants I received exceeded that of some other websites."
Clare Corcoran, MA (Clapham Common)

"The Tutor Pages has a large base of tutee enquiries and can provide a steady stream of work for inspiring and mature tutors. With just a one off subscription - the price of a couple of lessons - you are sure to recoup this cost within a few weeks.- I thoroughly recommend TTP which offers good impartial professional advice too."
Tom C (Livingston)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because my tutoring service has been successful through them. The information I received when I started was very useful and removed some of the burdens you experience when you start out. In conclusion, I've been very happy."
Amy Williams (Brixton Hill)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I have obtained several pupils during the course of this last year and also prefer a one-off payment as opposed to having to pay commission on a monthly basis."
Janet Hardy (Central Hereford)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is a great way of organising additional work around your usual lifestyle."
Andre Duvenage (Victoria Park)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because as a result of my using them, I have received many enquiries and subsequently new students."
Gillian Cohen (East Finchley)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is a fantastic way for students to find tutors and tutors to find students. I have found the Tutor Pages a far more effective way of finding new students than either putting up cards and posters locally, or posting on local websites, events listings etc. Because I pay a subscription potential students are able to contact me easily and for free, and for me signing up has been a very worthwhile investment."
Eleanor Levin (Lancaster)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because they are reliable and always recommend students."
Talat Khan (Pinner)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because the site has a reputation for being helpful and academically sound."
Louise Laing (Finchley Central)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because there are regular enquiries from bona fide students who have generally chosen your credentials against the others on offer, so the lead is almost always successful."
K Heardman (Wembury and Brixton)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it's easy to use and update and I've received several enquiries. Like the link to my website too!"
Sue Lyon (Tranby)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because The Tutor Pages do not charge students so this gives students the possibility to contact as many tutors as they wish with no charge. Tutor Pages offers a communication system between students and tutors which is direct and safe. The Tutor Pages is a professional website. It offers free advice and support to tutors."
Annie Marrec (Glastonbury)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I have received the largest amount of enquiries from this site compared to all the others put together! It comes up so high on google search ratings, excellent."
Hellen Frost (Greenhill)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it facilitates contact between discerning individuals who seek the best possible and most appropriate provision for children."
Tamsin Kemmis (Chiswick)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because you are able to post a detailed profile with which clients can judge your suitability. I find this gives me a high number of referrals. The fact that the site then allows the client and tutor to contact each other directly makes arrangements easy and quick."
Sarah Wiesendanger (Ash Vale)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because of its clarity, professionalism and approachability. An excellent site for tutors and clients."
Rachel Knightley (Ealing Broadway)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is the most efficient webpage for professional tutors and dedicated students!"
Dimitra Lazaridou-Chatzigoga (London Fields)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is a great platform! I have met amazing pupils thanks to Tutor Pages!"
Axelle Bastiani (Porret) (Kew)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because not only does it help with marketing but provides support through a community of tutors."
Brian J. Swindells (Salisbury)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I trust Henry (the director) and he is very helpful."
Megumi Rolfe (Fulham)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it works! I have had some really good quality students find me through The Tutor Pages - well worth the Gold subscription!"
Nick Osborne (Central Westminster)

"The Tutor Pages has introduced me to several students, and I find it highly effective."
B G Noakes (Central Brighton)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it's a subscription site, meaning only sincere and dedicated tutors join. This helps everyone to feel more confident in the process and makes searches easier as you know the tutors are going to respond. I've only had lovely and dedicated pupils from a variety of backgrounds as a result."
Rhiannon Smith (Sale)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because your clients search for you according to their needs. It is affordable, quick, and very easy. Creating a page takes only a few minutes!"
Sylvia Yee, Piano Tutor (St. Albans)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is effective in finding new clients"
Violin John Stephens FISM (Rottingdean)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because clients can trust a site that doesn't charge them, yet provides a great deal of information about a range of tutors and services so that they can freely choose what is best for their own needs. It is an unobtrusive, hassle-free, trustworthy service in which I have full confidence."
Kathy Davies (Randwick)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because as a tutor it allows you to create a detailed and meaningful profile which is helpful to parents and covers the key information that they will be concerned with, making it much more than an 'advert'. I regularly receive high quality enquiries from this site and therefore it is excellent value for money. The owner is a champion for self-employed tutors having access to opportunities and parents finding the right tutor for them, and has succeeded in providing a trusted platform for both."
Alexandra Beeley (East Dulwich)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because since becoming a member they have referred a steady stream of new customer enquires. The majority of the enquirers have been local and a very high percentage have converted to customers. I now tutor pupils from most of the primary schools in my area and Tutor Pages have played a large part in achieving this."
Amanda Capell (Dartford Heath)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because they provide access to great tutors to suit the different needs of each and every student."
Noemi Nuti (Camberwell)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it has achieved great results in finding students looking for help in the subjects I teach. It is easy to use and hassle free and is also highly efficient and very cost-effective. If you put your profile on only one place, make sure it is the Tutor Pages."
Raj Batra (Kingsbury Green)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is a great way to get new clients that want your services."
Michael Park (Southfields)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it provides a very good opportunity to find students."
Irina Vorobjova (Ealing Broadway)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it provides a well-structured and clear way of explaining your background and your tutoring offer. It allows direct communication between tutors and tutees, rather than a portal system, so enables you to establish your tutoring arrangements more readily."
Pauline Finlay (Moseley)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because they produce a steady stream of student enquiries."
Christine Hubbard (Rochester)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because the website is very easy to use and I get many more enquiries compared to other similar websites."
Luke Georgiou (Brockley)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is a superb way for tutors to connect with tutees in an efficient and professional manner. Do not think twice!"
Dr. Howard A. Patten (Hendon)

"Simple to use, good value for tutors and inquiries are frequently positive."
Chris Williams (Mossley)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is a highly effective way to help prospective pupils and their families to find you on the internet. Thanks to The Tutor Pages, I have a thriving small teaching practice."
May Robertson (Glastonbury)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is a very straightforward website that makes it easy for potential students to find me."
Dr Chris M. (St. Pancras)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because you do get regular inquiries from parents and prospective pupils, it is a very good site for piano teachers and a good forum for all things educational, in learning more about piano teaching etc"
Stephen Daltry (Mortlake and Barnes)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it's easy to access and straightforward for both tutors and students to get to know each other."
Sunny Tan (Forest Bradgate)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I have met a lot of very interesting student who are passionate about my subjects."
Esmee CSM (Gloucester Road)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I often receive quality enquiries from local students. Also tutor profiles usually appear on the first page of internet search engines. There is a wealth of information and advice amongst the articles written by tutors."
Dorothee (Purley)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it's a great platform for any beginning or established music tutor. I have picked up a few students in the past through The Tutor Pages and a couple turned into long term students of mine."
James Boyle (Surbiton)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because there is a single subscription fee, and therefore no commission to pay. You can edit your profile to suit your availability and what you are prepared to offer, and update it with CPD and qualifications easily."
Elaine Farrow (Swaffham)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it allows you to provide full information regarding your qualifications, experience and other details, to help give potential students or parents a clear picture of you, thus helping them make an informed choice when looking for a suitable tutor."
Mrs Teresa A Wishart (Mytchett and Deepcut)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because having an easily accessible internet presence, especially for Teaching English as a Foreign Language, has definitely helped increase the geographical scope of my client base. Being self-employed I fully value the flexibility and scope that the Tutor Pages offers."
Barbara Tremain (Penzance)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because, unlike so many tutoring websites, it doesn't charge students a hefty fee to get the contact details of their chosen tutor. I would also recommend The Tutor Pages because it allows tutors to create a really in depth profile, which gives potential students lots of information and allows them to get a sense of which tutor will suit them best."
Gemma Shearer (Thornton)

"I recommend The Tutor Pages because it is both a shop window for potential students and a record of what I have done and can do."
Justin Potter (Salisbury)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because although full membership may appear expensive, the amount of students you get means you soon earn this back, and much more!"
Christiana Campbell (Charlton Park)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is easy to use, gives you a great online presence and sends potential students straight to your inbox. It's easy and hassle free - no hunting around involved!"
Charlotte Botterill (Park Street)

"I don't know what I would have done without your website! Thanks to The Tutor Pages I can keep the job I love and I've even had to sometimes turn work down as I don't always have enough spaces left."
Cherie (Portchester)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I have had more students through The Tutor Pages than through any other site."
Hannah Lee (Forest Hill)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is an excellent service which helps potential students find the right Tutor for them in a simple, straightforward manner. It also provides comprehensive information about each Tutor which many similar Tutor websites do not."
H Backley (Heathfield)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it has generated some really valuable enquiries from pupils for me over the past year. Also, the format is very professional, flexible and very easy to use."
Jeremy Loynes (Godalming)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it works!"
Paul Bassingthwaighte (Hampstead)

Student Testimonials

"Martin is a brilliant tutor with a great sense of humour . Thanks to his help I had offers from leading media schools in London. He gave me a lot of advice for my interviews due to his up-to-date knowledge about media industries. Martin cares a lot about his students and he is always there to help you. During his lesson, you could not get bored. If you want to have a chat about good movies, prepare for your interview or improve your screenwriting skills you can not find a better tutor, trust me."
Oliwia Siemienczuk, tutored by
Martin Thomasson (Whittle-le-Woods)

"Very pleased with the tuition that our daughter received from Ben for her A levels. Very reliable and professional and daughter got her A grade and now started her chosen degree. Would not hesitate to recommend.Thank you"
Catriona L, tutored by
Ben Karp (Kingston)

"My 7 year old Sophie (who only started lessons with Holly 2 years ago this September) already got a distinction at her grade 1 exam, all credit to Holly, who has been an amazing inspiration. With her unique teaching style she has been able to keep Sophie always interested during the lessons and motivated during her practise time. Holly is excellent in striking a very good balance between being firm while allowing Sophie to have fun. This style is very efficient and it works for Sophie."
Maria Psatha, tutored by
Holly Lowe (Canonbury)

"Ruth started with my son when he was in Year 5. He jumped from level 4c to 6a in just one year. My son made remarkable progress and without Ruth's dedication and hard work this would not have been possible in such a short period. Ruth gave my son lessons for 11+ and independent school entrance exams and he passed all the exams he took with flying colours. I really recommend Ruth as a tutor."
Anonymous, tutored by
Ruth Mitchell (Bow)

"This year I've been applying for an Art Scholarship and not only has Val been incredibly helpful but I doubt I could even have come close to what I've accomplished in it so far without her. Not only has she helped me create pieces of art that I'm very proud of but I've really enjoyed her lessons and have leant a valuable life skill in the process. After all she's done for me I can't thank her enough and I think this testimonial is the least I could do. Aksel Caouki,"
Aksel Caouki (Student-12 years old), tutored by
Val Wolstenholme Clay (Wimbledon)

"I'm sure you will be as delighted as we are that that elusive B in English Lit was nailed - no small thanks to your steer, patience, advice and guidance. We are thrilled and delighted and very grateful to you for helping Hannah achieve the wobbly grade. She needed a lift in confidence. Thank you for being that lift.. It has made a huge difference to her aspirations, both before the exams, and towards her degree path."
Clare F, August 2015, tutored by
Clare Ereira (Salisbury)

"Hello Kevin, Alex got an A in Economics, So, really this is to say thank you very much for all your help, from both Alex and myself. Best regards, Nick"
Nick W, tutored by
Kevin Foley (Matlock)

"Matthew's approach to tuition is one of the best I have experienced to date. His teaching method opened my eyes to more effective and efficient methods of revision Online tuition proved most convenient as it meant I did not need to interrupt my revision schedule in order to travel where Matthew was situated. Matthew aided me in improving my B grade at AS to an A grade in my overall A level and an A* grade in the module he specifically tutored me in. I highly recommend Matthew as a first class tutor..."
Harry Wing-Young, tutored by
Matthew Barnes Biology Tutor (Honiton)

"I was taught Spanish by Amelia for a year, beginning with no knowledge of the language whatsoever. Amelia is an extremely patient and encouraging teacher, explaining the subject clearly and putting everything into a practical context. Her great enthusiasm for her subject would be motivating for any student, no matter what their level of ability."
Mrs K. Moyse, Clapham, tutored by
Amelia Grandidier (Balham)

"Thank you for all your help - L now has a place at Henrietta Barnett and City of London Girls - how brilliant to have the choice! She shall miss coming to you - it has been rewarding in so many ways. The interview help was invaluable too!"
Elizabeth, tutored by
Gabrielle Collett-White (Camden Town)

"We have had Ning come to our home and tutor our son( 4 years) for three weeks now. We have only praise for Ning who is very polite and turns up on time for all sessions. Our son really gets along well with her and he is learning at an appropriate speed. We hope that Ning will continue to tutor him for as long as possible as she is a real gem. "
Arlene Lee (Eason Lee's Mum), tutored by
Ning Chen (Bitterne)

"Ms Amit has been teaching me Mathematics for the past year and thanks to her fantastic teaching, I have made phenomenal progress.Her ability to explain and teach complex topics is second to none.Furthermore, she is able to teach all modules equally well, from core mathematics to statistics to mechanics.All in all, I would highly recommend Ms Amit to anyone needing a Mathematics tutor. I have obtained an 90% above in my Maths and Further Maths AS Levels modules as well as 74/75 in C2 and 74/75 in M1"
Medi-Remi, tutored by
Poonam (Maida Vale)

"My son's self-confidence has definitely been boosted by what he has learnt in his classes, and he has so much fun, I would have no hesitation in recommending Act 2 Cam."
Tanya Card, tutored by
Stephen Woods (Tynemouth)

"I learn loads with Hollie and have fun. I really enjoyed the concert, especially standing up and playing by myself."
Ruby (8 years old), tutored by
Hollie Macdonald MMus ABRSMDip (Godalming)

"In 2 terms , my daughter has changed from a child anxious about her ability in English, to now being a school example. Natasha managed to get her so interested & teach her strategies that improved her writing rapidly. She went on to pass her Grammar school tests , placing in the top 180 for Bexley & Nonsuch & Wallington. I couldn't be happier with Natasha's teaching !"
Ms. Pawargi, tutored by
Sheena Natasha Chan (Sanderstead)

"Magali makes learning French so much fun. The small group size means it is like attending a weekly coffee morning with friends where you get to learn and chat in French. The topics studied cover situations one might expect to encounter in real life, and home works are always relevant and achievable. Any mistakes are treated as a great opportunity to learn and reinforce our understanding. I always leave the class smiling!"
Caroline Baggott (current adult group student), tutored by
Magali Churchill (Kingston)

"Julija was so helpful for the stage where I was at in Russian, A Level. She has the ability to listen, to respond and most importantly be patient and understanding in the difficulties of this most difficult language, which she helped to iron out very efficiently! I really enjoyed our time together and my grade went up by at least 2 stages from B to A* with her help!! A must-recommend!"
Luke, tutored by
Julija Guste (Brentford)

"Amanda is a great teacher who listens and is a great support. I was an adult learner needing to pass my Science GCSE. She supported my learning and created lots of experiences that were creative to ensure the learning was enjoyable."
H Maxwell, tutored by
Amanda Burns (North Finchley)

"My 11 year old daughter's handwriting has been totally transformed by Lee's method. However within 4 sessions Lee has changed the way she writes. I worked as a paediatric occupational therapist for over 10 years and despite my extensive experience I had not been able to resolve my daughters handwriting problems. I cannot recommend Lee enough. She really is a treasure and her method works. Its simple, quick and logical."
Mrs Jane Khan, tutored by
Mrs Lee Dein (Hampstead Garden Sub)

"Bhavandeep has been teaching my daughter for 6 months. She started with the recorder and is now learning the 'adapted' flute. Bhav's patient and calm which gets the best out of her. Each lesson she progresses, she not just practices playing but develops her all round musical understanding from playing games to learn about rhythms, to composing as well as learning about music from different countries. My daughter loves her lessons. I cannot recommend Bhav highly enough."
Lucy S, tutored by
Bhavandeep Stephenson (Central Gloucester)

"Rebecca has got my son off to a flying start – she’s enthusiastic, fun, and knows just how to pitch things to kids"
Sonya, mum of 7-year old son, tutored by
Rebecca Singerman-Knight (Teddington)

"I was incredibly nervous when I went for my first lesson with Christina. I arrived 15 minutes early and sat outside in my car thinking what on earth was I doing deciding to learn to sing after so many years. However, she put me at my ease within minutes and after the first hour I came out absolutely elated as it was such fun. That was several years ago and I am still having weekly lessons......"
L Duncan (Adult student), tutored by
Christina Petrou (Battersea)

"she is a truly lovely teacher who makes the experience of playing the violin beautiful"
Amelie Boyd-Shire, tutored by
Anne Marie Christensen (Kentish Town)

"I have known Graham since August 2010 when I started to learn keyboard having never played a note before. Graham has proved to be a patient teacher. Learning songs straight away with no boring scales is great! I find I am hooked, due to Grahams fun personality, relaxed manner and excellant tuition."
Theresa H, tutored by
Graham Woods LLCM (Snettisham)

"My sons have cello lessons with Sean. He is very friendly and inspiring teacher. Boys are motivated to practice nearly every day. I gladly recommend him."
Kumiko, tutored by
Sean Gilde (Cradley Heath)

"'Mrs Gardiner is a very patient teacher. Millie really enjoyed her violin lessons. She progressed greatly. Unfortunately, we moved area which meant that my daughter couldn't continue with her. I wish I could find a violin teacher like her again'."
Sarah Parry, tutored by
Vanessa Gardiner (Crouch End)

"Since starting to work with Laura on some speech difficulties, my 9 year old son has made real progress. She makes every session fun and enjoyable and he absolutely loves working with her. Being entered for a LAMDA examination not only gave him increased self confidence but also a goal to work towards. I would highly recommend Laura as a friendly, professional and enthusiastic teacher who really gets the best from her pupils."
Helen Baird, tutored by
Laura Field (Ashford (Central))

" Mr Nicolson was an excellent Maths teacher who provided private tuition for our son during 2014. These tutoring sessions were very helpful in him achieving good grades in A level Maths & Further Maths as well as STEP exams. Mr Nicolson was punctual, communicated very well and was very pleasant and helpful. He will be of great help to A level Maths students trying to achieve good grades and also performing competitively in university entrance exams like STEP, MAT etc. Amar & Jyothi"
T.S.AMARNATH, Chesterfield, tutored by
Don Nicolson (Eckington)

"Luke, I cannot thank you enough for all your enthusiasm and the 'work on me ' to turn my Father of the Bride speech into a resounding success. Quiet attention at times, gales of laughter at other times. Thinking back to six weeks ago, I was wondering how I could make it."
Nick, tutored by
Luke Aspden (Bitterne)

"Matt is professional and patient, I am glad to have an English tutor like him. Every part of the lesson is useful for me, I will continue the lessons for many weeks."
Zhou Jin Kuan - Malaysia, tutored by
Matthew Thompson (Central Bristol)

"In only a few lessons Alan got my son up from a 'B' grade to an A*and my son said it didn't even feel like hard work! Alan explains things in a way that makes it very easy to understand and he knows what the examiners are looking for."
M Donaldson, tutored by
Alan Woods (Central Derby)

"Hi Frank, A massive thank you for your work with Jodie. It has most certainly paid off. Her AS resist went from U to A !!! With 103 UMS marks out of 120. Her highest achieving exam of them all! Thanks again. She wouldn't have managed it without you."
C. Smith, tutored by
Frank Ivins (Holland Park)

"Drew is a very enthusiastic teacher whom I can recommend to anyone. At first he taught me guitar to Grade 4 Higher Level and I got an 'A' Pass. I then took singing lessons with him for a year and now I am a successful professional singer."
Jennifer Yates, tutored by
Shearer Guitar Stud (Clydesdale)

"Dan has a particular rapport with young people. He has a passion for his subject and inspires those he teaches. He has a lovely personality that is reflected in the quality of his teaching and he is able to pitch lessons at a perfect balance for our two children who have very different learning abilities and attitudes. They really look forward to their lessons. We are so pleased to have made contact with Dan and how he has encouraged progress in our children in their desire to learn the piano."
Mr & Mrs Brewer, Guildford, tutored by
Daniel Thurston (Horsell)

"Emma provides a thorough grounding in the basics of music and technique, is patient and encouraging, and with an interesting range of musical works for study."
Margaret, tutored by
Emma Clayton Music Tuition (Dresden and Florence)

"Thank you soooooooo much for all your help, I hope you know it was much appreciated and that without your influence I would not have done as well as I did. Many thanks."
Harry (A-level student), tutored by
Michael Clarke (Cranleigh)

"Mr M Bury tutored my son in GCE Biology and my daughter in GCSE Biology and Physics during the academic year 2012/13. When my son came out of his 'A' level exam he told me how much better his answers were thanks to Mr Bury's tuition. Similarly, my daughter felt that her GCSE exam performance in both subjects was much better than it would have been."
Nicholas, tutored by
Mr M Bury (West Hampstead)

"Muhammad is a patient, highly skilled and excellent tutor. He started tutoring me after I got a very low C in AS Physics. I studied in a well known grammar school with some of the best teaching but I struggled to fully grasp the concepts/theories. Since then I have progressed so much, achieving an A in A-level Physics, which enabled me to get into my 1st Choice University. I would definitely not have got an A without Muhammad, who is capable of explaining ideas in an easy-to-comprehend way."
Bashir, tutored by
Muhammad Hammad (Central Hounslow)

"I have lessons with Valentina about 2 months. After the third lesson I started to read after the sixth lesson I read confident. I can talk to my Russian friends. It is amazing. I would like to recommend Valentina as a professional teacher of Russian language."
Fabrizio Cirri, tutored by
Valentina Ross (Arnos Grove)

"After a class for children & parents (Eurhythmics & Singing): My daughter Libby really enjoyed the class. She said “it was great”. She liked creeping around to the music. I also participated with her and found it enjoyable. It’s clear that classes will benefit her; her understanding, music making, and playing in time."
Amelia, tutored by
Melanie Jones (Mossley)

"I have been taking piano lessons with Stamatia for a little over two years now... Stamatia possesses a truly encyclopedic knowledge combined with obvious natural talent as both a pianist and a teacher, I would not hesitate to recommend her tuition to anyone wanting to learn something new or further their abilities.”"
Glen Allen, tutored by
Dr Stamatia Statherou (Central Canterbury)

"Best groom's speech I've ever heard... I think your tutoring is .... first class!"
Phil Cotton - Audio Expert - Finite Solutions, tutored by
Daniel Hart (Central London)

"Francis is reliable, enthusiastic, has motivated my son to do work in between sessions, has relevant and up to date knowledge for Economics AS level. Jack likes him. There is one downside to being remote, in that my son is dyslexic and it can be tricky to see what he is able to read/missing in questions, but Francis does his best to cater for this. I would not change to another tutor for Economics now."
Manda BS, tutored by
Francis Cubitt (Newbury)

"I have been impressed with Poppy's teaching sessions. She has a lovely positive mature style of teaching and is able to focus on any weaknesses but also build on the strengths. Poppy came prepared and had useful constructive comments on the homework she set. She is a great tutor and her students will benefit from her teaching. Thank you."
Dr Ahmed (parent), tutored by
Poppy Hulse (Rotherhithe)

"It was a pleasure to be tutored by such a keen and dedicated tutor. She explained concepts slowly and clearly and encouraged me to utilize my abilities to their fullest. I would strongly recommend Zahra to any students seeking to excel in the field of academics."
Satyaki Goshi (London School of Economics and Political Science), tutored by
Zahra Naushad (Marylebone)

"Music is such a comfort: a world of certain beauty and emotional depth into which we can escape from the vicissitudes of reality. Thank- you, Sylvia!"
Margalit, tutored by
Sylvia Yee, Piano Tutor (St. Albans)

"Joshua Manning has a layered and rich vocal range and a distinctive power that’s all the more impressive when you are close to him delivering the words. I could listen to him all day."
Julian Hector, Head of Natural History Unit, BBC., tutored by
Joshua Manning (Tulse Hill)

"It has been wonderful seeing L flourish since you started teaching her. You have a way with her that engages her in learning tasks she previously did not want to take part in. She enjoys working with you and I love how you specifically target your teaching to her needs so that she can progress and catch up. I also love how you take her seriously and speak to her like an adult, and through this get her to take responsibility for her learning. Thank you so much."
S B, Montpelier, tutored by
Sandra Veziano (Cotham)

"I have been studying the double bass with Salima Barday since June 2011 and I am always amazed at her ability to guide me through the challenges that this imposing instrument confronts one with. As a physiotherapist I am extremely appreciative of Salima’s attention to postural correction from the offset and therefore the prevention of possible repetitive strain type injuries."
Tony Kosoko- student from 2011-present, tutored by
Salima Barday Gowani (East Ham)

"After struggling with the writing tasks in IELTS, I started taking lessons from Farhaz. The classes were precisely to the point, where I could identify the exact mistakes I was doing so far. He was very helpful and encouraging, which are the reasons I think he should be recommended to someone."
Malka Jayasinghe (Sri Lanka), tutored by
Farhaz J (South Croydon)

"What a relief. Can't thank you enough for all your help. A too has enjoyed it!"
Mrs. D, tutored by
Dominic Sewell (Raynes Park)

"Thank you for all your tutoring over the last year (advanced Higher Physics), it was most appreciated by Greg and all of us. Tomorrow (exam) is the big day if you require recommendations i have no problem in recommending you."
Joyce in Biggar, tutored by
Tom C (Livingston)

"What a superb tutor he is! He is very calm, very expressive and highly experienced. He identifies pupils' needs straightaway and then pushes them to achieve the targets that he sets. What we liked the best is his very deep and detailed grasp of English exams and how they are marked."
Wendy Sharp, tutored by
Harry Jamal (Goodmayes)

"Thank you so much for everything! You have been an inspiration to Katie during her course of lessons. She is much more confident about moving up to secondary school and hopefully she will be ahead in maths at the start of school!!!"
Maths booster course, six weeks long, finishing with test to provide level. Summer 2011., tutored by
Pauline Midwinter (Beccles)

"Just to say thanks for your help, I made it into flight school with 90% in the maths!"
Tim Harrison, tutored by
Marlow Maths Tutor (Greater Marlow)

"As parents we consider ourselves very lucky to have found Steve to further develop our sons piano skills. He has a quiet confident, enthusiastic way of teaching and is always a positive influence. Sam thoroughly enjoys his lessons (not sure if we can really call them this as he never sees them as any kind of chore) and has been opened up to more musical input than we are sure we actually pay for! We are happy to leave Steve to plan Sam's tuition, timing of exams and future direction."
Sam's Parents, tutored by
Steve Pringle (Peckham)

"John helped David and James through their GCSE and A Level History/Government and Politics. In fact my eldest son changed his degree option to History as a result of his infectious enthusiasm John has for History. I would certainly recommend him."
Mandy Nickerson, tutored by
John Lewis (Epsom)

"My son Jack had maths igcse tutoring from Daryl he really enjoyed working with Daryl and I think because of his manner Jack felt confident to ask all those questions he was too embarrassed to ask in front of his class! This meant he really focused on what he was struggling with. Daryl was always really helpful and gave great advice, so much so that we changed Jack's A Level choices to Maths. I would have no hesitation in recommending Daryl in the future."
Sam I, tutored by
Daryl Rugless (Knightsbridge)

"Thank you for being a great teacher and teaching me the piano"
Eddie Cohen, tutored by
Richard Woodrow (Stoneygate)

"Christine was recommended by word of mouth. My daughter lacked confidence, despite being good at maths. Christine has given her the confidence to tackle GCSE Additional Maths in Year 11. We also decided to have physics tuition - money well spent."
Mrs S D, tutored by
ChristineA (Belper)

"Thank you so much Laura. 1. for the lessons obviously!2. the support & companionship you've shown to Louis and 3. moral support for us. Whatever the outcome, he likes English! That's an achievement for sure"
Harrow School applicant's mother, Rita, September 2015, tutored by
Laura Pasternack (Ealing Common)

"As a parent, I could not be happier with Clare's private tuition. Clare is absolutely brilliant. In just over a year she has got my daughter from a grade B in maths to a gifted and talented set. That takes not only extraordinary teaching skills but commitment and powerful knowledge about learning and motivation. There is no doubt in our minds that we want to stay with her for years to come. This is a testament of a very impressed mother."
Vesna Ninkovic, tutored by
Dr. Clare Turner (Chorlton)

"Kheng is a wonderful and patient teacher!"
Andrew Yiangou, tutored by
Kheng (King's Cross)

"Rob was a great teacher. I'd been playing a few years before we met but he really brought me out of my shell and opened a lot of doors to playing I previously didn't think I would go through. Always on time, always polite!"
Micky Letchford, Forest Gate, London, tutored by
Rob Guitar (Central Brentwood)

"Alice has always loved the flute, but Elaine continues to encourage and inspire her. Elaine has high standards and always pays attention to detail when teaching, but she still makes sure the lessons are fun. I would happily recommend Elaine as a flute teacher to children of any musical standard."
Lynne Riley - Alice's Durand's mother, tutored by
Elaine Round BMus QTS (Upper Norwood)

"My son has been taking English lessons from Karolina - he likes her teaching - and took the 11+ in 2010/11. He passed for all of the private schools that he applied to and willl be joining City of London School on a 100% bursary."
Mrs V, Ealing (whose son is aged 11), tutored by
Karolina Szymon (Blackheath)

"Joseph tutored my daughter Anna for her A Level English Literature exam this year. Although he only tutored her for a few weeks prior to the exam, the work he did really helped her. Increasing her confidence by testing her knowledge of the subject, helping her understand historical context and to look at alternative views on the texts. In addition Anna really appreciated the discussion based approach."
Mrs S Howarth, tutored by
Joseph W (Southfields)

"A model of appropriate behavior, he is in a league of his own and can provide extra instructional support based on individual student assessments. Every aspect of his teaching is innovative to say the least; instruction, assessment, interaction, communication, administration and management are just some of his areas of expertise as far as teaching is concerned."
Joanna B., tutored by
Dimitris Panagiotou (Tooting)

"Darren tutored my son from year eight through to year 11. My son was attending a failing school which ended up in special measures and he was one of the small minority to achieve 2 GCSEs in English. I found Darren’s teaching to be constant and solid, and he was always very reliable and professional with an approachable manner. I was happy to have Darren in our home, and would highly recommend him."
Natalie, tutored by
EQE Proofreading / Tutoring (Greenfield)

"I got a B in French which I was pleased with and it meant I got into Loughborough University so I'm really happy. Thank you very much for all your help it was definitely very beneficial!!"
Anna (Chepstow area) A Level French student, tutored by
Howard Stephens (Llanwern)

"“I just wanted to let you know what I achieved in my German A level! I got a C overall which I am very happy about. I got into my chosen university at Liverpool and I am very excited! Thank you so much for all your help :)”"
Artemis (student) 21/08/2016, tutored by
Gabriele Trinczek (Palmers Green)

"My daughter was struggling in Maths GCSE obtaining D's and E's. After just 12 lessons with Chris she was a B grade student and after a further 6 lessons was achieving A grade, an amazing turn around at a subject that was not liked. Chris was professional and courteous at all times and tailored my daughter’s lessons to her requirements. Both myself, and my daughter, thank him wholeheartedly for his valued assistance and I would definitely contact him again should the need arise."
Julie James, Bridgend, tutored by
CT Tuition (Oval)

"Bogdan is a very passionate teacher, his experience in the creative writing and English language is commendable. Having worked with Bogdan, I recognise his ability to explain ideas and theories thoroughly with great patience. His writings especially his poems have definitely inspired me to explore within the creative writing arena. I am more than happy to recommend Bogdan as a creative writing teacher, he has the talent to stimulate and encourage his students to evolve into amazing writers."
Shabhari Shanmugasundram, tutored by
Bogdan Tiganov (Camberley)

"...I went for help on preparing for auditions, choosing pieces, working on them, filling out applications, which I received wonderful support with, but I also feel I've grown as an actor. I don't feel just prepared for auditions, but more prepared for the actual prospect of drama school."
cont. Abby Dunlavy, tutored by
Shereen Martin (Earl's Court)

"Chris is an excellent teacher who is enthusiastic, encouraging and has tailored my lessons to my personal requirements. He has also been flexible which I have really appreciated, as I have been able to fit the lessons around my full-time job."
Hannah D-Exeter, tutored by
Chris Heaven (Pennsylvania)

"I'm delighted to hear about the positive progress my granddaughter has made in maths in particular and her increasing confidence. I think Alex is a real find and far better than the dozens of tutor services and individual tutors I initially trawled. None provided or undertook the detailed advice and service she is providing. Worth every penny. I wish we had got to her a lot earlier."
Mike, Brixton, tutored by
Alexandra Beeley (East Dulwich)

"Karen is simply an outstanding gifted tutor. My daughter looks forwards to every weekly tutorial and is energized and confident after each lesson. Karen has a sound knowledge of her field. She is just simply brilliant!"
Eve Wing, tutored by
Karen Maria (Muswell Hill)

"My daughter started with Holly in Year 6. Leading up to her SATs, we wanted to ensure that she got a good results in English and Maths, so she would be in the higher sets when she went to secondary school. She did get really good SAT results and this put her into the top set for Maths and English in secondary school. The lessons with Holly were in a relaxed atmosphere and on a one-to-one basis. Regular feedback on my child's progress was great and Holly was committed my daughter's progress."
Maddi's mum (Maddi is 12), tutored by
Mrs Holly Swinton (Kenilworth)

"At the moment, he is tutoring my son aged 11 years, also in mathematics. He is in a state school and we wanted Desmond to help increase his confidence and to bring him up to a level ready for secondary school. In the 8 months of tutoring with Desmond, Joseph has improved by 3 SATs sub-levels and now feels much more confident in Mathematics. He finds Desmond approachable and easy to ask questions if he is unsure of anything."
Judy Chen, tutored by
DesmondTan (Wimbledon)

"Trixi is unique - a few simple words, but she enhanced my enjoyment of life with her approach, enthusiasm, humour and subject matter knowledge."
Clive, Herts, tutored by
Trixi Field (Ellesmere Urban)

"His professor at the Academy was Josephine Knight and she has supported him immensely in establishing a strong technical foundation which complements his highly curious and interesting approach to music making. He responds very well to intensive tuition at the highest level and is musically driven and very intelligent. I recommend him without reservation."
Jo Cole - Head of Strings (Royal Academy of Music), tutored by
Raffaele Ottonello (Marylebone)

"Nathalie was a great help for Mellyn in the preparation of her 11 Plus exams. She identified Mellyn’s weaknesses and helped her improve her knowledge. Over the months, she built up her confidence and expertise in the three 11 Plus papers, resulting in a Pass in the exam. She is patient and calm, always encouraging and supportive, very professional as well as approachable and flexible. We would highly recommend her as a tutor.”"
Mellyn's mother, tutored by
Nathalie Abi-Ezzi (Tonbridge)

"Alan Moore composed the musical score for ‘Movies’. I choose Alan, after being contacted by musicians across the globe. I listened to some of Alan’s compositions, and was instantly captivated by his melodies which, in my mind, began to bring the film alive."
Monshur Alam (Alam Brothers), tutored by
Alan Moore (Malton)

"I've been learning and playing the flute with Udita for many years and it has been an absolute pleasure, as every lesson Udita is so warmly welcoming and she has taught me so much."
Stella, tutored by
Udita Everett (Central Brighton)

"We found Kevin friendly, approachable and extremely helpful as a tutor for our daughter. In just a few lessons he managed to sort out some misunderstandings she had had for five years despite repeated attempts to by teachers at school. Kevin’s strength is his ability to explain chemistry in a highly accessible and down-to-earth manner– the best kind of tuition in my view, and I am a teacher myself. I highly recommend Kevin."
Mrs Browning, tutored by
Kevin Boyle (Central Guildford)

"Calum helped out at a very early stage of the audition process and it was a brilliant kickstarter. He's a very calming presence to have in a room, especially dealing with something that could be very nerve-inducing. Calum created a dialogue in which he listened to what I had to say and gave his own interpretation. Following our sessions, I got into RADA, LAMDA and the Guildhall School of Music and Drama."
Ralph Davis, tutored by
Calum Finlay (Finchley Central)

"Matthews emphasis of showing one not only how one does maths, but also what mistakes look like, really helped me get my A"
Dominique, tutored by
Matthew Hammond (Topsham)

"I cannot stress enough how valuable your help and support was in helping me with my 1st year Latin module.You were the driving force which allowed me to successfully pass the module. You simplified everything down for me and gave me the confidence and encouragement I needed to pass a module which appeared a lost cause. Your friendly nature made it a very relaxed environment for me to learn - a quality which should not be underestimated!"
Damien N., tutored by
T Blaukopf (Hendon)

"On elocution: 'I am a deputy head in a small school dealing with parents and teachers on a daily basis and I’ve always felt unconfortable during speaches due to my accent. Jo is very patient and has made my lessons interesting and fun. I was a bit worried when I started, but Jo was so encouraging and positive, she gave me the confidence to persevere. The lessons are a mixture of repetitive pronunciation work, reading together and acting out passages from plays and other texts. Thank you Jo!'"
Maria from Italy, Deputy Head, tutored by
Joanna Lucie (Gipsy Hill)

"My daughter Connie cried when she had to move up a year and leave Becky's class. The difference in Connie was amazing and without Becky's care, support and way of teaching I really believe she would not have been ready to move up"
Anna Heap, tutored by
Rebecca Dack (Yapton)

"Jack is so pleased with the help he has received so far. He really likes the approach you take which makes him find the way through questions whilst giving him helpful tips at the same time. He looks forward to the sessions. Many thanks"
Fiona, tutored by
Philip Williams (Hildenborough)

"Thank you for teaching me to play the piano for all these years. I have really enjoyed your lessons and have come away with knowledge that will help me throughout my life."
Evie, tutored by
Brian Kirkby (Mincinglake)

"I have had several sessions with Howard, and am planning to have more. I tried other tutors in politics with cheaper fares but with him you get what you pay for as he knows his stuff and is able to transmit the information to his tutee level - in other words, he is able to explain complex issues in simple way. He is understanding, encouraging and welcoming. I would strongly recommend him to anyone. He is the PERFECT tutor! (University Government and Politics)"
Zahra, tutored by
Dr. Howard A. Patten (Hendon)

"To Elaine. I have loved having you here to teach me how to write. P.S. I got 4 house points and one Golden Ticket for my handwriting at school."
Fred, tutored by
Elaine Tomkow (Grantham)

"Jamie has really blossomed into a super actor. Im really pleased with the number of parts he has got with Hellen’s help. She has improved his technique, focus, improvisation, monologues, LAMDA exams (with distinction), his confidence. She has a thorough understanding of what is required for self tape auditions and has helped us film these too. Jamie's career has really taken off. Much of this has been down to Hellen's encouragement and patience!"
Jane McLelland, tutored by
Hellen Kirby (Fulham)

"lovely news! India got the class cup for music! A first for our family...thanks no doubt to you and her enjoyment of piano."
Lisa D, tutored by
Rachael J (Balham)

"Mrs. Suri is always very giving, generous and supporting as a teacher and as a person. She knows what repertoire is suitable for my voice and always pays attention to what my voice needs to progress. Her fun exercises and the way she explains what exactly is going on while singing are very precise. Her passion for opera gave me motivation to work hard and respect and admire opera as an art form."
Elli K., tutored by
Marianna Suri (Blackheath)

"“Idit Arad is one of the most exciting and inspiring teachers I have ever had the pleasure to work with. An outstanding and natural musician, lessons were a wonderful combination of hard work, self discovery and great fun. . But more than that, I felt a personal growth and joy through singing with Idit that has enhanced my life. She also coached my daughter to get into the National Youth Choir in 3 sessions, transforming her performance for the audition.” Laura Parfitt Radio Producer"
Laura Parfitt, tutored by
Idit Arad (Highgate)

"Stas is polite, reliable and responsive; he is passionate about science and learning in general, with absolutely the right approach to speaking to and encouraging our teenage daughter. In just three months, he has helped her transform some strictly average scores in Chemistry tests to achieve an A* in the Mock examinations. A dark cloud has been lifted from above our house; our despairing daughter feels more enabled with a positive and confident approach to Chemistry - a subject she now actually enjoys."
Gilly, London, tutored by
Stas Pstrokonski (Ealing Broadway)

"Mr Dhir helped my son Junior to achieve A star in GCSE maths last year. After GCSE Mr Dhir is now is supporting my child through A level and STEP papers. Unlike some other tutors Mr Dhir prepares for the lesson beforehand and does not waste your precious time/money by marking work during your valuable tuition period. My child strongly believes that tuition with Mr Dhir played a fundamental part in creating interest in maths and scoring excellent results"
Junior's mum, tutored by
Mr Dhir MathsTeacher (Central Hounslow)

"Matthew has taught our son violin for the past 5 years from novice to a young competent musician. Matthew is able to develop a rapport with both student and parents; he is equally patient and attentive to the needs of the child and is able to build their confidence which has also helped our son at school so much so our 5 year old daughter will be starting violin with Matthew this coming September 2013."
T.Ramjohn (Parent), tutored by
Matthew Hickman (Clapham Junction)

"Dear Mrs Watson I just wanted to let you know our great news - my son has been offered places at both schools he sat for. We are all thrilled that the hard work has paid off for him. He always enjoyed his lessons with you. You made the sessions fun, interesting and interactive. Thank you so much for the support and guidance you provided him with in the months leading up to his exams. We cannot thank you enough for the knowledge you shared with him. Best wishes"
C Dossa, tutored by
Charlotte Watson (Wallington)

"Rowan clearly has a gift for teaching and is able to adjust his method to the individual requirements of his pupil. Rowan worked thoroughly on basic technique and ear training and every lesson played along with my son Matthew, swapping lines and gradually giving him confidence to explore new ground. He passed Jazz grade 3 with merit. In a year Rowan has done much to develop Matthew’s playing and musical understanding. If you are looking for a trumpet teacher I would have no hesitation to recommend him."
Andrew (London), tutored by
Rowan Porteous (Central Gloucester)

"'She has been reliable and professional as she arrives on time and communicates with me about any changes very well. My children have reported how good she is because she teaches in a fun way and ensures she covers every detail'"
Ade B, tutored by
Alice Perrin (North Greenwich)

"My nine year old daughter Grace has been learning the flute with Jenny for about a year. Even after just a few lessons she was able to play a tune and read sheet music. Her approach is very calm and Grace looks forward to her lesson every week. I would highly recommend Jenny to anyone."
Michelle Dench, tutored by
Jenny Galton (St. Albans)

"We sought Richard's help with my son's History GCE re-sits. Richard taught him the important difference between describing History and evaluating it, and how to plan and write a coherent essay under exam conditions. Not only did he improve his history grades significantly, but he also scored very highly in an Economics paper purely on the strength of being able to write a well argued report. We only wish that we had found Richard sooner."
B. Withington, Dorridge, tutored by
Richard Magee (Warwick)

"Nitisha has helped me prepare for my exams. She made things so simple to understand and remember. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anybody. She actually cares for her student and is ready to get to her students level to make sure that they have fully understood everything. Thank you very much Nitisha."
Flory (Degree Accounting), tutored by
Nitisha Burnwal (Staines-upon-Thames)

"Jennifer is both an excellent musician and an excellent teacher. She tailors her approach to suit the needs of her students and I always leave a lesson feeling confident about what I have achieved and what I can achieve before my next lesson. As a Head of Music in a school I am well aware of what a good teacher Jennifer is and would thoroughly recommend her to others."
Gabby Woolf - Head of Music, tutored by
Jennifer Mu (Frognal)

"We both enjoyed the first set of classes and left every single class smiling (which is not something you normally do after classes!)"
Couple who come to one of my Spanish groups, tutored by
Eleanor Levin (Lancaster)

"Lynn started helping me with biology at the start of my 2nd year of a-levels. I had the challenging task of sitting A2 exams as well as re-sitting all AS modules at the same time. Without the help of Lynn I would not have been able to cope with the huge workload and probably would have crumbled under the pressure. She helped build my confidence and helped me to organize my time efficiently"
Palmer, tutored by
Science Explained Simply! (Wantage)

"After three 1.5 hour sessions of Maths tutoring with Adrian I passed the Numeracy QTS Test first time! I was very impressed with Adrian's approach, we worked through specific areas of Maths that I found difficult and he showed me techniques that simplified the question and made it quicker to answer.These techniques will also prove invaluable in my job as a primary teacher and, through my increased confidence, I hope the children I teach will have a more positive attitude towards Maths."
PGCE Primary Trainee Teacher, tutored by
Adrian Beckett (Muswell Hill)

"Nicola is an excellent science tutor and very organised. My son's lesson are planned in advance and tailored to meet his needs. Her lessons are very beneficial to my son and always concluded with questions about the topic to confirm his understanding. She puts all work covered on a USB which is useful as my son can always go back to it. In addition, she always gives me informative feedback. I am very pleased with Nicola & would recommend her to any one looking for a professional and friendly science tutor."
Mrs Al-Rubaie, tutored by
N Lagos (Harrow on the Hill)

"Thank you for your help on both the Tort and EU Coursework! I definitely have struggled with EU law but your comments are teaching me how to really evaluate my work."
Mr Shah (Degree Level Law) 2015, tutored by
Luke PM Jones (Chelsea)

"Dear Ed, I thought you'd be pleased to hear that I received 100% in Greek and 96% in Latin (100% in language). Thank you so so much for the help this year! Hope you're having a lovely summer, Julia"
Julia, Ancient Greek AS, 2014, tutored by
Ed Martineau (Central Westminster)

"Thank you so much Liz, for all your help so far. M is now feeling much more confident about the whole thing. He even says he likes maths now, unheard of in this household!! His teacher is really pleased with his progress since their last assessment, this means they are planning to move him up to the next group after half term."
CG, Market Deeping, tutored by
Liz Garton (Stamford)

"“Emma - I just wanted to write to say a huge thank you. You have been faultless throughout this process and I have been so impressed by your efficiency and professionalism over these last months that I am sure our paths will cross again.” (Mrs R, mother of Primary girl and boy twins, London)"
Susan R, tutored by
Emma Storey (Fulham)

"Hannah has done a brilliant tutoring job for us in this past year. Not only is my daughter about to take her GCSE French full of confidence, but she has rediscovered her love of french which had previously been rather trampled by the GCSE course. Highly recommended."
Emma, tutored by
Hannah Lee (Forest Hill)

"Thanks Rick, you have been a pleasure to know and all your patience with myself and my boys very much appreciated. (Postcard) With love and kindness."
O's mum, tutored by
Mr.Tyley (Blackheath)

"My son got a place at grammar school! For the 11+, he had to write about a playground and he knew exactly how to do it because of your lessons. Please will you teach my twins next year?"
A [mother of 11+ candidate], tutored by
Louise Armstrong (Colne)

"Both my daughters have had the pleasure of being tutored by Natasha at different stages of their education - my youngest prior to her Medway Test (11 plus), in which she was successful in achieving the required scores for grammar school and more recently my eldest who I felt required some extra help before sitting her GCSE English Language. Her results are due in August. (continued below)"
Rebecca L. Mother of an 11+ and GCSE student, tutored by
Natasha Tiwari (Angel)

"My son did extremely well in his entrance exams.He got in at Latymer, QE boys, Highgate, and Habs... Thank you again for all your help,my son would not have done it without you."
Mrs U. Highgate., tutored by
Stuart Riddle (Crouch End)

"Yvonne has a lovely way with young people and inspires them to achieve their potential. Both my children (now aged 15 and 16) have worked with Yvonne in English and History. She has a very in depth knowledge of her subjects and the sessions are always lively and enjoyable. My son worked with Yvonne to do his IGCSE English Language and was delighted to achieve an A* which he couldn't have done without her help."
Maria F. (full name omitted to protect privacy), tutored by
Yvonne Mason (Llansanffraid)

"Agnese makes learning Italian really enjoyable using humour, patience and understanding. Agnese is a very dedicated and committed teacher; she'll not only teach you the language but you'll learn to love Italy as well!"
Nick Bond, tutored by
Agnese (Central Guildford)

"Laura pushes me during every lesson. She has helped me realise the value of warming up your voice before attempting to sing a song and so the half hour vocal warm up within my lesson is essential! ....Laura is young and also currently involved in the music industry and so I feel able to relate to her and look up to her as a performer."
Sara, singer and performer, tutored by
Laura Duckworth (Stanmore)

"Hey. I won the most improved fiddle player award!"
Nat F (aged 8), tutored by
Adam Phillips (Meads)

"Campbell has really improved my playing.I hope to teach eventually and with the knowledge I have gained from lessons I now feel I am getting to that level.I now can sight read to a high standard and can play in many styles.I would have no hesitation in advising lessons with Campbell."
Darren Brown, Hamilton, tutored by
Campbell Murray (Motherwell)

"Thank you so so much for your help with Alex and Alica's Wedding. You could not have been more helpful and accommodating, and I know that you made them feel so relaxed in the knowledge that their family would be made welcome and included in the celebrations, with the help of your translation and lovely persona. Thank you."
Hannah, tutored by
Alla Mitkaleva-Bejnart (Oldfield)

"I think learning with Fred is like being a kite sent flying in the sky, freely and joyfully with abundance of fulfilment, but with a string attached so can always travel safely and never worry about going the wrong way. My elder son just passed ABRSM Grade 8 exam in the spring. It's been an amazing music journey for them, which is really what learning piano should be all about!"
Zhining Xu, tutored by
Fred Scott (Shirley)

"Thanks so much for coming to meet XXX He was very impressed with you - he really likes people he feels he has confidence in - sometimes we have had tutors he just hasn`t got on with as they have either patronised him or been very hesitant and that has just not instilled any confidence in him. He very much enjoyed his session with you and really thought you would be able to help him. I think also you were so very well prepared"
Available on request - please contact me for details, tutored by
Mrs A Geeson (Stoke Bishop)

"“When I started with Gina I was a complete beginner. I had never taken any type of music lessons before. I was worried that it would take a long time to make progress. But that didn’t happen. Within a short period I was learning how to play some of my favourite songs. The lessons are well organised and they have the right combination of theory and practice. Lessons with Gina will be fun and in no length of time you will be able to play your favourite songs.”"
Tom, tutored by
Gina Lewis Watts (Barnes)

"We brought James in when our son struggled after changing schools. He improved rapidly and achieved top grades in Maths and Science. Understanding concepts in advance of them being taught made a huge difference. I could not recommend James highly enough and he will be with us every term for the foreseeable future."
Jason, tutored by
Dr James Lambert (Bayswater)

"Mr Raj has been tutoring my son now for nearly one year. I have found him an excellent teacher with a holistic approach which benefits the child in the long term. His lessons are organised and well structured. Mr Raj has good communication and interpersonal skills which he uses effectively during his lessons."
Mahdee, tutored by
Raj Jain (Edgware)

"He also has an excellent ability to speak to actors on various levels, readjust the way he presents an idea if it isn’t working for you, and above all, I appreciated how collaborative he made the whole process feel. I would not have felt as confident or prepared for my drama school auditions without his help. He is a very friendly, patient, honest and talented director to develop your work with."
Matt Jessup, tutored by
Cathal Thomas Cleary (Finsbury Park)

"Stathis has improved my performance in maths greatly.From his teaching, my confidence in the subject has increased vastly and I am now seeing A grades instead of D grades! His teaching is extremely clear and precise which allows me to fully understand each topic taught. Stathis has changed my mentality in my studies.He has taught me to always push myself even when questions may seem too hard.As a result,I have decided to study the subject in university.He has inspired me to study maths further"
Akhil, A-Level student, tutored by
Stathis Stefanidis, Director (Chiswick)

"Our relaxed discussions have enabled me to develop greater confidence in my ability to deliver presentations, but also to work towards eliminating the unhelpful habits and fears that I have carried with me throughout my adult life."
Olga from County Durham, tutored by
Andy Collins (Deerness)

"My 7 year old son Madhav has been learning Hindi from Anchal for a few months now. He looks forward to his Skype lessons, which is great and half the battle won. Anchal has an engaging and fun style of teaching which kids, and I am sure adults, enjoy. She is very open to discussing goals and progress which helps to have shared objectives. I would strongly recommend Anchal to anyone wanting to learn Hindi in a practical and enjoyable way"
Madhuri - London, tutored by
Hindistars (Woodside)

"Philip's help was invaluable. His feedback on my work allowed me critique myself so that I could in turn improve my writing style. As well as this, his insight into what the examiner's were really looking for, gave me the ability to fine tune the content of my writing. With Philip's help, I was able to achieve A*s in both my English Language GCSE and English Literature GCSE, and I know that his guidance played a vital part in helping me to attain these grades."
Heba, tutored by
Phil CloudTutoring (Barby and Kilsby)

"Thank you very much Sunny! I really enjoyed the lesson... Chris"
Chris, tutored by
Sunny Tan (Forest Bradgate)

"Thanks Soheb for being such a patient and thorough tutor. Your help has been amazing. I just received my GCSE results and got an A in Maths. Thank you"
Juan, tutored by
Soheb Alam (Ponders End)

"Mandy really helped me to gain the confidence and knowledge needed to achieve the best results possible in my A-levels. She provided expert help and she was able to give me the extra push needed before sitting my exams by providing and marking extra papers and questions to ensure that I felt more than ready for the exams. Thank you Mandy!"
Sarah, tutored by
Dr. Lloyd (Whitburn)

"AIR AMBULANCE   DEVON AIR AMBULANCE TRUST Helena Holt, Chief Executive, Devon Air Ambulance Trust said 'We thoroughly enjoyed Richard's media course, which was both interesting and thought provoking. We now have a much clearer understanding of how the press work, which will help us on a daily basis with the all important task of communicating key messages about our charity and operations to the public. Thank you!"
Helena Holtl CEO DAAT, tutored by
Richard Lappas (Dulverton)

"Emma is an outstanding teacher as well as being an excellent mentor with a delightful personality. She can make the saddest of people smile and an art project worth an A*!"
Lydia Mills, London, tutored by
Emma K L Taylor RCA SuperTutor (Sloane Square)

"Hi Moses Sorry to disturb u but I just wanted to tell u that I got a B in accounting and I'm going to Staffordshire University to study accounting and finance."
Iqra Akram, tutored by
Moses Devaruban (Smethwick)

"''R. got an a star - thank you for all your help in achieving this.'' (Mother of German IGCSE student)"
Isabella, tutored by
Magdalena Hachula (Battersea)

"I want to thank you for all your help and support; Manu says you were the best Maths tutor he's ever had."
Manu's mom: AS and A2 MEI mathematics, tutored by
Waruna (Cheam)

"The best teacher I ever had. Due to Ash's great teaching style I was able to achieve an A in Maths."
Hamza A Level Maths student, tutored by
Ash Haleem (Thornton Heath)

"My experience was fantastic! He had very useful and material so to follow and reviewing at home on my own was always possible and very clear. Dynamic and enjoyable lessons, always having many things to cheer me up! It is clear Andi is a very qualified teacher with experience and because of this all his advice was always helpful and useful: helping to improve my skills and confidence. He is a very kind and reliable person and always available to help. For all those reasons, I highly recommend Andi."
Alba Díaz del Cura (Spain), tutored by
Andi (Central Cambridge)

"I found Ermy’s patience and courtesy invaluable in the language course and I would have no hesitation in recommending Ermy if starting to learn Italian from scratch."
Chris Greenwood, tutored by
Ermy (Central Cambridge)

"Hi Kasia I have to inform you that my first lesson was absolutely wonderful Martha is a fantastic teacher and I am greatly looking forward to future lessons with her. :) :) :)"
Dhiraj, adult student, tutored by
Martha Tobar (Northolt)

"Mike provided tuition for my children covering Maths and Further Maths at AS and A2 level. Not only do they like him as a person, he is clearly highly knowledgeable and, most importantly, they like the clarity of his explanations. They find he is able to teach in minutes a topic teachers have failed to communicate in several lessons. I would recommend Mike to any student."
Gwen, tutored by
Michael Steele (Knebworth)

"Mr Guillaume Remy has been working as a tutor and homework assistant for my daughter aged nine years for the last four months . I am extremely happy with his work and can say with certainty that he is a highly effective teacher .His total fluency in English and French is without question, but more importantly i have found him to be an exceptionally creative and well organised person who is innovative in his teaching methods and who makes thorough preparations for his lessons . (continued..)"
Charlotte Schonberg, tutored by
Guillaume (Fulham)

"My son had just failed his mock AS psychology exam when we found Carey. She boosted his confidence, got him motivated, interested and organised. She is an excellent teacher and with her patience and determination he achieved a high grade B and is off to his first choice university in September. This would not have been possible without her. I cannot recommend Carey highly enough. Anne 14.8.15"
Anne, tutored by
Carey Allen (Olney)

"I started learning guitar as an absolute beginner with Anna at the beginning of the year and have enjoyed every second of our time together. I can say with complete confidence that Anna is a wonderful, friendly teacher full of enthusiasm who knows how to get the best from someone with close-to-zero previous experience! I really appreciate her approach, always encouraging, genuinely delighted as I make progress and happy for me to make mistakes... because that's how we learn best."
Adam Razvi, tutored by
Anna Papadimitriou (Wandsworth Common)

"Ian has given me the confidence, backed up by a better understanding of my subject. My grades have improved already and my teachers at school are very impressed! All thanks to Ian..."
ianswift@ianswift.plus.com, tutored by
IanSwift - Maths Tutor (Stanton)

"I am certain that Leah has made lots of improvement since you have been working with her and she is more confident about the step up to Secondary School as well. We were very pleased with Leah's SATS results. She got 5b in Reading, 4b in writing, 4 in SPAG and 5c in maths. Thank you for helping her achieve these great results."
Nicola, tutored by
Claire C (Weybridge)

"Maria is efficient, focused and hardworking. My 14 year old daughter enjoys her lessons with Maria."
James C., tutored by
Maria A. (Central Lewisham)

"Professor Kamat was my teacher at the European School of Economics for the short course in Sport Management, Marketing & Sponsorship. He is an experienced teacher with high knowledge and enthusiasm. He possesses an exceptional ability to connect with students, motivate them and involve them in active work and discussions around the subject area. Professor Kamat is an excellent teacher who works hard to inspire his students to perform to the highest level. I would strongly recommend him."
Vera Orlova, tutored by
Dr Kiran Kamat (Northfields)

"Ben is a great tutor as he understands every aspect of the subject he tutors for. He is good at explaining it to us in a variety of ways until we are able to understand it ourselves. Going through exam papers with Ben is good because he would teach us techniques for answering the different sorts of questions. He is a great person to talk to and a brilliant person to learn from."
Rafia - A-level Chemistry Student, tutored by
Ben Hanson (Elland)

"I'm leaving feedback from a parents perspective. Coming to online tuition for the first time I had my concerns, however I can say that Julian provides absolutely first class tutoring. He is proactive, well organised, and lesson content is backed up by extensive teaching materials for the student. Work is set and returned promptly with detailed indication of where and how to improve. He manages to easily establish a relationship with the student that is both encouraging but accountable."
Mrs Yeadon, tutored by
Julian Salisbury (Crewe)

"I am very happy with Nandita. She is a brilliant tutor! My Son used to hate playing the violin, but since he gets lessons from Nandita he loves the violin once again. Nandita understands very well pupil's needs and use different materials and methods for the best approach. I would like to recommend her to anyone indeed"
Sun P, tutored by
Nandita Bhatia (Central Lewisham)

"Leo led our Disability Choir for a year and has an enviable ability to get the most reluctant singer to produce a confident sound. He also introduced styles of drama, which he studied in India. This proved really successful with the group and gave them another confidence boost. Leo gets the best out of everybody he works with."
Paulette Holness, Salford Disability Forum, tutored by
Leo Nolan-Evans (Claremont)

"Rachel is a very friendly and approachable lady,she teaches my 2 children piano lessons. She has great patience and understanding but knows how to get her point across. She always shows great professionalism and is a wonderful teacher. She comes to my home to teach my kids and we always have a natter before the lessons."
Margaret Aherne (June 2013), tutored by
Rachel Coleshill (Central Sutton)

"Nick has taught me for approximately two and a half years. In this time I have already passed my grade 4 with distinction. He is a very good teacher, as he is also nice and funny. But still he helps me pass every grade easily. I have a great time when he teaches me, because we have fun, and always we get the work done. Nick is more of a friend than a teacher, so I always enjoy my hour with him every week."
Siddhant Dey - 11 years old, Chesham, tutored by
Nick Jones (West Hampstead)

"Thank you so much for all the help and support over this past year. You are a fantastic tutor and we will miss you lots."
Leanne and Cara, tutored by
Margaret Howarth (Whitworth)

"I have worked with Debbie on my English. At the beginning of the year my grade was 5C. I have just achieved a 6C. The progress has been because Debbie has given me confidence; I can now plan my work in an organised way. Before,I had the ideas but found it difficult to start my writing. This has improved my grades in all subjects. We have worked on my comprehension tackling questions and being shown how to answer them. I am grateful to my tutor."
James aged 14, tutored by
Debbie Quinn (Bridgwater)

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