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Tutor Testimonials

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because The Tutor Pages do not charge students so this gives students the possibility to contact as many tutors as they wish with no charge. Tutor Pages offers a communication system between students and tutors which is direct and safe. The Tutor Pages is a professional website. It offers free advice and support to tutors."
Annie Marrec (Glastonbury)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is professional, comprehensive, and has paid for itself many times through teaching work."
Daniel Friend (Central Norwich)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I get clear notifications of prospective clients and a good proportion of them have become long-term customers."
Martin Wallis (Surbiton)

"The Tutor Pages is a trusted brand and with serious students that contact me on a weekly basis!"
Emma K L Taylor RCA SuperTutor (Sloane Square)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is a very professional organisation and an excellent way of obtaining students."
Mary Woolmer (Coombe Wood)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it has brought me a steady flow of students; so much so that I now have a full schedule and a waiting list. The site is easy to use, and I consider the subscription fee to have been the best £42 I have spent on my business, as it has been recouped many times over this year."
Yvonne Mason (Llansanffraid)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I have had quite a few new students this year form this website, and many more than from any other that I am registered with."
Sue Klein (East Dulwich)

"The Tutor Pages is a great website helping and opening the way to the many thousands of tutors left on their own. Bringing them all together under the same roof is a smart and fantastic idea."
Janine M. (Thamesmead)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it provides a hassle-free platform for tutors and pupils to contact/interact. It is a secure site wherein the contact details are kept secure, and you are not inundated with spam emails."
Deepa Bhatnagar (Pinner)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it's been very accessible from both a tutor and a potential pupil's perspective."
Alam Khan (Earlsfield)

"Good search engine results, lots of help and advice for new tutors on The Tutor Pages Website. Many of my clients come via TTP."
Julia Underwood (Wolverton)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it attracts tutees from around the country and overseas. I have acquired a fascinating range of students since becoming a member."
Martin Thomasson (Whittle-le-Woods)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it gives potential clients a comprehensive view of my approach to tutoring through its excellent profile features, and it works to find those clients for me!"
Raymond Hearne (Barnes)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it gives students tuition in a very wide range of subjects at all levels. For me it offers the chance to give students some insight into my profile before asking me for tuition."
Richard Magee (Warwick)

"I was reluctant to sign up at first, but then I received requests from 3 students within a couple of weeks of signing up! I am yet to find any form of advertising that is as effective as The Tutor Pages! If there are any questions you may have, The Tutor Pages team is just a mouse click away, and they're always friendly and quick to respond."
Raymond Liu (Clapham Junction)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I have found several clients through it."
Trevor Aston (Teddington)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is a great platform to get new students through, both locally and regionally for online tuition."
Imogen Clarke (Fulford)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because of the large number of enquiries I have received from prospective clients! The site is very thorough and informative, certainly one of the better ones out there!"
CT Tuition (Oval)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it has achieved great results in finding students looking for help in the subjects I teach. It is easy to use and hassle free and is also highly efficient and very cost-effective. If you put your profile on only one place, make sure it is the Tutor Pages."
Raj Batra (Kingsbury Green)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages for the following reasons: 1) There is only a 'one-off' fee each year 2) It has a Linkedln group which provides very useful and relevant discussions 3) During my many years as a member I have always been highly satisfied with the service it offers."
Jim Baker (Cherry Willingham)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it's a great way to meet new clients and to spread the word about Pluckybird!"
Danielle Saxon Reeves (Stourbridge)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it has led to a lot of work over the past twelve months. The best ideas are often the simple ones."
Rob Folkard (Wembley Park)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is a resource-rich way to convey important information about the services you offer to potential clients"
Fred Scott (Shirley)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is a professional and easy to use service."
I. Gardner (Sefton Park)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because they are efficient."
Viki (Polesworth)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it provides a comprehensive and effective means of marketing oneself in crowded competition."
Greg Hearle (Central Brighton)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it has helped me to get students of all ages and standards. Without being able to advertise on here I don't know how I could have got students, other than from word of mouth."
Hollie Macdonald MMus ABRSMDip (Godalming)

"I genuinely think that the website is straightforwards to use. Its clean layout and presentation of tutee information in emails is especially helpful - particularly the way that enquiry messages can be answered directly. Its efficient and sharp mechanics make it exactly what a tutor wants - simple, easy and good value!"
Graham James (Hampstead)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it works! I have had some really good quality students find me through The Tutor Pages - well worth the Gold subscription!"
Nick Osborne (Central Westminster)

"I highly recommend this website because it is so easy to list our profile and attract students. You can also link it with your website and got more responses by having extra info. displayed. Also you have got a video link page. And it appears very high in the google and local searches. The Director of the site has done a very good job. I give him 10/10."
Kamal Patel (Harrow on the Hill)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is an efficient service that effectively links those seeking tuition to tutors in the best position to provide the support required."
Marina M (Epsom)

"This has been by far the best website for providing high quality students."
Ellie Dennis (Knowle)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I do receive requests from pupils!"
Frederiek Maddock (Crediton)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because the process of finding prospective students is very clear and straightforward."
Howard Stephens (Llanwern)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it's the best way to connect to students looking for tutors."
Rafael (Central Birmingham)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it has given my a steady stream of students over the past year."
Laurence Pritchard (Clifton)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is integral to my marketing as a tutor. It has helped my business reach higher prominence in search engines and therefore increase the number of inquiries I receive, both through the site itself and my own website."
Vicki Workman (South Croydon)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it has a strong profile that generates much business. The system is user friendly and works for both my clients and myself."
Dr Michael Murphy (Lancaster)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I have had several high quality enquiries. The process is an efficient one!"
Mrs Bhatia (Gants Hill)

"The Tutor Pages has consistently generated more cello lesson enquiries for me than any other online teaching directory I have used. The enquiries have all been genuine as opposed to the many bogus attempts at defrauding teachers out of their hard-earned money that come through on many other directories. The site is well designed and offers a great looking and detailed profile page. Well worth the Gold Membership."
Deryn Cullen (Wyke)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it gives an excellent online resource linking potential students with tutors, enabling tuturs to connect with potential students and enabling potential students to find the right tutor for them."
Denise Marleyn (Leighton Buzzard)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it gets me work"
Peter Dennis (Wimbledon)

"As a professional, I have to state that I have found The Tutor Pages to be an invaluable resource in advertising my skill base and attracting students as a result. The Tutor Pages fulfils the essential connection between students and tutors enabling tutors to provide a quality service and allowing students to contact tutors who live conveniently near their homes. I have also found the administrative service at The Tutor Pages to be fast, efficient and courteous."
Manohar Whig (Sudbury)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I have had several enquiries from them, resulting in a significant increase of students. The enquiries have also led to other work opportunities in schools working as a vocal coach and rehearsing students for productions."
Go Sing (Almondsbury)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it really does work and help you to obtain clients."
Graham Prior (Whitley)

"The Tutor Pages has proved to be the best website at providing a steady flow of students and I have enjoyed working with all those I have met through The Tutor Pages."
Mr Rugless (Beckenham)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it has helped me find more students. The advice on how to get more hits online was really useful."
John Macnaughton (Dulwich Village)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it has generated some really valuable enquiries from pupils for me over the past year. Also, the format is very professional, flexible and very easy to use."
Jeremy Loynes (Godalming)

"I will definitely be renewing my membership subscription with The Tutor Pages. I have been very pleased with the outcome of inquiries and piano students I have received. Here's to another fruitful year as a member of The Tutor Pages. Thank you once again!"
Anne B. Davy (Keynsham)

"The Tutor Pages has helped me find a lot of good quality work. They take no commission at all and the system is very easy and intuitive to use. Their ebook and extra tips for tutors has been truly invaluable to me in how I can best present and market myself as a tutor. Thanks for such a great service, and it is worth every penny to subscribe as a Gold Member."
Dr. Atul Rana (Hoxton)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it gives students a comprehensive view of teachers. It's also an easy way for teachers to advertise. And because I've had quite a lot of work from it!"
Laura Piras (Maida Vale)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because you can access high quality tutors for any subject. The database is huge, and you can quickly see each tutor's credentials as well as getting a sense from the personal message which tutor is right for you."
Helen Saunders (Tooting)

"I regularly get enquiries from Tutor Pages - my page is easy to edit and I'm very happy with how it looks and is organised. It's a professional site and I always make sure my subscription is kept up to date."
Hilary Burt (Central Brighton)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because they give you the opportunity to demonstrate, to some extent, what you can do and they provide you with a wide and interesting range of students."
Susan Brandt (Hampstead)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it provides a great platform to learn about various tutors and find the most suitable teacher for your needs,"
Ismail (Bloomsbury)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is a very good advertising medium for all tutors no matter which subject, and with easy contactability."
Francoise Massey (Central Bromley)

"Tutor pages has helped my private flute teaching practice by referring regular enquiries from prospective students to me and also keeping my name on search engine pages for associated internet searches. It provides a very good platform for me to advertise my private flute and piano teaching services."
Jonathan Booty (Didsbury)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages for its simple and efficient web-based operation, which has brought me a worthwhile number of genuine enquiries."
Gareth Robson (Sydenham)

"The Tutor Pages has been of huge benefit to my teaching practice. Many of my longstanding students have come to me through the site. The site is easy to use and offers lots of good features to help embellish one's profile. I have recommended the site to many people and will continue to do so."
Josh Geffin (Clapton)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I have had numerous enquiries from them! They are also easy to contact and the tutor guide they provide is invaluable!"
Heather Bain (Orpington)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it's a great website for finding you work. It's easy to use and relatively good value."
James Atashroo (Central Sheffield)

"The Tutor Pages are a great way to promote your tuition business with enquiries received on a regular basis. It's easy to set up your profile and you need no IT skills to do so! The fees per year are reasonable considering the amount of enquiries and follow ups you can receive."
Trudi Garth (Admirals and Cawston)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I have received several enquiries through them, as a result of the full and detailed profile possible on this site."
Heather T (Parkwall)

"The Tutor Pages is one of the best tutoring websites around. It provides an open and informative arena for both tutors and prospective students to find the best match for their needs."
Laura Evans (Central Worthing)

"I was really (pleasantly) surprised at how quickly I had a result from The Tutor Pages. Within a fortnight I had my first student who I now teach weekly. This makes it well worth the sign up fee!"
Pauline Midwinter (Beccles)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it's SEO is good"
Sitwat (Clapham North)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because of the exceptionally professional looking website and the quality of communication."
Kenny Letham (Dunfermline)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it helps focus and streamline information for anyone looking for tutoring in any subject. The site gives clear, detailed information about the tutor including location."
Liz Harley (Welwyn Garden City)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because the service ensures students have access to highly qualified tutors."
Carey Allen (Olney)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it's easy to access and straightforward for both tutors and students to get to know each other."
Sunny Tan (Forest Bradgate)

"The Tutor Pages has introduced me to several students, and I find it highly effective."
B G Noakes (Central Brighton)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is a community of professionals who are committed to education. There are lots of useful tips for the tutors and the profiles seem to maintain good Google rankings, meaning more business!"
Helena Ruinard (Wimbledon)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is an easy and clear website for prospective students to use that I have found to be very successful."
Emma Barr (High Wycombe)

"Tutor Pages is the best site to obtain students - it has been very helpful for me."
Marco Marconi (Hitchin)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it offers everything you need to know about becoming a tutor, as well as getting your profile high up the Google rankings. Through The Tutor Pages I have found like-minded experienced tutors to whom I can refer my students for tuition in other subjects."
Nigel Straney (Evesham)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because they do not take £5.10 from me for every hour I teach, unlike a certain other tutoring agency."
Tamara Galloway (Orpington)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because they offer a high Google Page Ranking."
Sean Gilde (Cradley Heath)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I have had a lot of good enquiries through them and their advertising and SEO means that my Tutor Pages profile often appears above my own website in searches."
Philip Lowe (Great Baddow)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because they give you good links on search engines and I have had a lot of contacts through them. This has definitely been my most successful form of advertising."
Emma Clayton Music Tuition (Dresden and Florence)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it allows the tutor to convey teaching both style and ethos to the potential student."
Marianne Tyler Brown (Gordon Hill)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it's a great platform for any beginning or established music tutor. I have picked up a few students in the past through The Tutor Pages and a couple turned into long term students of mine."
James Boyle (Surbiton)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages (and actually I did recommend TTP to a number of my colleagues) because it is run by a friendly and very helpful team who have helped me to get in contact with people who need me and whom I need. It's not only an opportunity to earn some money it is also an opportunity to meet interesting people who are keen on the Russian language and culture and with whom I can share my knowledge and experience. Great!"
Maria Rumney (Great Malvern)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because they are efficient and do deliver. I do think the website is excellent in the sense that it is easy to navigate and contains useful advice (They have not paid me to write this!)"
Peter Nicholson (Holmfirth)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is a great way for students from all backgrounds, and interests to easily contact you, and continue their learning journey. It is a simple yet effective and reliable platform to expand your tutee-base wherever you are located. Happy tutoring!"
Arzoo (Cowley)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because in my opinion this is the best place where professionals from different fields of science and arts can offer their knowledge and assistance in a very individual way."
Afrodita Kathmeridou MMus (Queensferry)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it's a great resource for students and teachers alike! I've gained many wonderful students through The Tutor Pages and the detail you as a teacher are able to give in the advert is incredibly helpful."
Hannah Powell (Ealing Broadway)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because of its professionalism and the way they support tutors. The response from clients to my being a member has been exceptional. Thank you, Tutor Pages."
Dyslexia Success (Bletchley)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it comes up well in search engines and parents and pupils trust it."
Jenny Galton (St. Albans)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because they have been able to provide good tutoring work."
Moses Devaruban (Smethwick)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it makes me money!!! Simple..."
Francis Botu (Brixton)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because for a fairly minimal outlay, the returns are exceptional."
Candy (Leamington Spa)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I get a lot of students through the site."
Saira Clegg (Cheadle Hulme)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is a popular and sufficient website."
Svetlana Furlong (Virginia Water)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is a great way to receive potential students without the high commission basis."
Charmaine Wohlmann (North Finchley)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it really helps you to get your name out there."
Rakhee Kotwal (Westwood)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it's a great way to meet teachers that will suit you."
Fran Barsby (Warwick)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it has a very high profile on the internet and receives many hits every day. Furthermore the help to tutors on how to maximise and organise their page is invaluable. Well worth the money!"
Isabelle Stevenson (Royal Tunbridge Wells)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it gives you a really good online presence and lovely students."
Rosemary Hector (Manor)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it's the best way to discover great pupils!"
Nick Jones (West Hampstead)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because they offer quality and choice."
Dr Stephen Oxley (Shirland)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it's successful simplicity ! No wider net can be cast to potential business backed by a credible organisation."
Sheena Natasha Chan (Sanderstead)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages simply because it is such a clear, easy to use, professional connective interface. It is an excellent way to meet new students; the proof of the pudding being the many fantastic students and families I have worked with over the years who found me through the website."
Rebecca Hutchinson (Surbiton)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is straightforward for teachers to use; easy for students to search; and automatically ranks very high on Google searches."
Peter Falconer (Sunbury-on-Thames)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it allows tutors to be totally in control of their own work load and how they present themselves."
Nuala Hurst Marshall (East Finchley)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because they provide a good service for introducing tutors to potential students in an easy, professional manner."
Jamie Rock (Deptford)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages to any self-employed tutor. The website is clear and helpful and works well for both students and tutors."
Roisin O'Mahony (East Finchley)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it continues to find me a stream of new pupils who are searching on the Internet for a bassoon teacher. This is because it has extremely searchable content and the correct tools have been used to gain prominence. I have had more interest from this site than from any other listing other than my own website."
Tom Hardy (Holland Park)

"Tutor Pages has been a great help to me and offered many worthwhile opportunities over the last year. It's a professionally presented and managed site which provides great resources for students and teachers alike."
Sonya Holman (Central Lincoln)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because you are able to post a detailed profile with which clients can judge your suitability. I find this gives me a high number of referrals. The fact that the site then allows the client and tutor to contact each other directly makes arrangements easy and quick."
Sarah Wiesendanger (Ash Vale)

"Easy to create a profile, and suggested questions help to explain more about the tutor and the subject."
Ana D (Beckenham)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is so straightforward and easy to use!"
Helen Collins (Stopsley)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it gives very good value for money."
Sam Jenkins (Central Lewisham)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because of its quality and effectiveness in finding tutors with a deep understanding or the requested subject. It is the website to choose because it adds value to the learning and teaching process of both students and qualified teachers."
Isabel Nieves (Crouch End)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because 90% of all my students have come through The Tutor Pages."
Alex Markham (Chingford)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I have received some work through their site and these students have stayed with me and therefore it has more than paid for my subscription. Tutor Pages are very active in striving to improve visibility and efficiency of their members profiles and the forum is very useful too!"
Marguerite McMullin (Arnold)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because the system works well. I have received more than enough students from Tutor Pages - thank you."
Nick Jack (Carshalton Beeches)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it's one of the best tutoring websites."
Niovi (Waterloo)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is a great way to get new clients that want your services."
Michael Park (Southfields)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it ranks highly when one Googles 'tutors'."
Abi Mogul (Northwick Park)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I can deal with and talk to potential students easily."
Worood (Haywards Heath)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it's a fantastic way to get in touch with new students. It's safe and secure and my students can see all the information on my profile about me before they contact me. It's a great site and I have received many students from here :)"
Nadia Younas (Ealing Broadway)

"The Tutor Pages provides an excellent platform for tutors to find prospective tutees in their relevant subject areas and for tutees to find the best and most appropriate tutors. I would highly recommend this website."
Rod Freeman (Winnersh)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because the site has given me a large number of eager, hard-working pupils keen to develop their skills."
Katie Jones (Didsbury)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it offers tutors and those seeking tutors an accessible platform to be introduced to each other. It also serves as a portal for both new and experienced tutors to learn more about what is going on in the supplementary education sector. It is a great resource for the tutoring profession."
Adam Muckle (Putney)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because the site attracts a wide range of students; they are interesting people and fun to teach. It's also used by organisations who wish to recruit tutors and lecturers."
Jan Gore (Central Hounslow)

"The website is clear and easy to use for tutors - it's also quite intuitive!"
Graham James Art (Gloucester Road)

"I think The Tutor Pages gives me good prominence on the internet and helps potential customers find me quickly."
Shearer Guitar Stud (Clydesdale)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is a highly professional and helpful website. I have received helpful tips and advice from them over the years. They also let me know if my messages don't get through. It has given me a great deal of long-term work and I am able to add my own articles, links and testimonials which is fantastic for building up my reputation online."
Rachel Coleshill (Central Sutton)

"I would HIGHLY recommend The Tutor Pages. This is from my email to the site's director a month ago: "From January 2012 I was inundated by clients for tuition, such that by the end of February I was turning folks away! Thetutorpages has worked so well for me that I am definitely renewing my subscription with you once I get a reminder from thetutorpages to do so this month ... I would also like to congratulate you on your “Tutoring: The Complete Guide”. I have used several of the documents with my tutees ... As an experienced teacher of 40 years, much of the education/teaching detail in the Guide I did not need, but it obviously is valuable to tutors who are not experienced teachers/tutors. I have come across no other tutoring web-site that offers such a guide in so much detail. You are to be congratulated on its production ... So I am signing off as one ‘very satisfied customer’ who is happy to renew his £30 annual subscription in September 2012.""
Mr. David Poupart (Wolverton)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because they are a reputable company promoting excellent teachers."
Natalie Welby (Harrow Weald)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I have received lots of contacts."
Meryl Williams (Central Wokingham)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is simple, effective and great value for money!"
Mr Rohit C (Surrey Docks)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it allows you to exchange contact details with potential clients. The membership fee is very reasonable and definitely worth the investment."
Ollie (Westbourne)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because you do get enquiries and work through this trusted website."
Helen White (Kaut) (Rhiwbina)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it has provided me with several tuition leads over the last 12 months for a modest annual outlay."
Don Nicolson (Eckington)

"The Tutor Pages has a large base of tutee enquiries and can provide a steady stream of work for inspiring and mature tutors. With just a one off subscription - the price of a couple of lessons - you are sure to recoup this cost within a few weeks.- I thoroughly recommend TTP which offers good impartial professional advice too."
Tom C (Livingston)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because as well as successfully providing their members with work, they are efficiently and helpfully run."
Amelia Grandidier (Balham)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is a quick, easy, safe way of finding the right tutor for your chosen subject. As a tutor using the site, I like how I have the option to add as much or as little as I like including links to our related media and the option to write informative articles."
Marged Hall (Cowbridge)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it's popular and has a good reputation."
Mr Dhir MathsTeacher (Central Hounslow)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I have obtained several pupils during the course of this last year and also prefer a one-off payment as opposed to having to pay commission on a monthly basis."
Janet Hardy (Central Hereford)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is a no nonsense service, being strong on open information about tutors they are associated with, and operating a fairer system of charges than any agency I've come across. They link me with families and individuals who are the right or the perfect match for my broad approach to teaching."
Lawrence Ball (Muswell Hill)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is efficient, easy to use and direct- it has been well thought out both for the tutors and the tutees. Well done!"
Judy Brophy (Cricklewood)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I have received lots of work from this site, including schools and private clients. I do not have to find work. Work finds me!"
Nianda Reid (West Wickham)

"I have had numerous requests for lessons from this site and all the students I have gained from these enquiries have turned out almost without exception to be diligent, motivated and had clearly read the profile which I wrote for the site."
Alex Merritt (Kentish Town)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I have received some excellent feedback from people who have used the site."
Mrs Adat (Borehamwood)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because they have provided me with a number of steady enquiries and the website is easy to use and provides potential students with lots of information."
Eleanor Nichol (Brislington)

"The Tutor Pages is quite simply the best organisation of its kind that I have found on-line. It is both friendly and efficient and has brought me some valuable and interesting contacts."
Tim Strauss (Preston Park)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it seems to be well-known and well-thought-of by students and teachers alike. It is also nicely stable and unobtrusive - so fairly low maintenance. I like the fact that articles are posted by tutors. I have received mostly serious and fruitful enquiries via the site."
Sophie Yates (Bradford-on-Avon)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I've got a number of very pleasant, conscientious pupils whom I've enjoyed teaching."
Camilla Otaki at Otaki Tuition (River)

"The Tutor Pages helped me to grow my music teaching into my main job. Nothing beats doing what you love for a living!"
Josh Wakeham (Central Southampton)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because they are second to none in drawing potential students. Indeed, 95% of my current students came through Tutor Pages and I receive regular enquiries from potential students throughout the calendar year. They are extremely internet-savvy and offer excellent practical advice on how to maximise your online presence as a tutor. Couldn't recommend them enough!!"
Brendan Weakliam PGDipRNCM BMu (Leytonstone)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it gives you the chance to build your online reputation. It gives you the opportunity to increase your income if you put the work in."
Michael Clowes (Grove Park)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because students can find my tuition services very easily, and I think the most important fact is that they don't have to pay any extra fee for my contact details. I definitely will recommend The Tutor Pages as in my opinion it is the best online tuition service."
Jacqueline Espinoza (Darwen)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it's very easy to use and many people see it on the web."
Emily Kate Holland (Bletchley)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I have received more introductions per month than other agencies."
JKNS Education (Goodmayes)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because they consistently rank highly in internet search-engine searches for tuition and have provided me with a highly cost-effective source of new students."
Dr. Victor Bluett (Teddington)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I receive regular enquiries for tuition from students who visit the site. It's also easy to use and update."
Tim Farnhill (Acomb)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because the website is very user friendly. Tutor Pages has brought me many new pupils this year."
Sue Smith (Swallowfield)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it has provided dedicated students and is an effective way to publicise oneself as a tutor on a trusted website."
Sarah Moule (East Dulwich)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it's a clean and useful website that puts quality before everything. Trustworthy and a no nonsense approach makes it easier for pupils to find a perfect match."
Sumona Singhal (Harrow on the Hill)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages! I have found students and covered the initial expenses quickly. Good website."
Guido Mallardi (Alperton)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I have complete control and responsibility for my teaching. Nonetheless the web site puts me in contact with excellent students."
Ruth Gordon-Weeks (East Dulwich)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it gets your name and details out to many more people than you could manage alone. You remain in control, deciding whether or not to take a student on, and can add as much or as little information to your profile as you choose."
Avelia Moisey (Wing)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages as many of my students used The Tutor pages to find me!"
Polly Hewett (Holborn)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I have had success with this company, and it offers upgrades and updates to alert potential clients."
Edwyn (Abergavenny)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it has brought me more clients then any other means of publicity"
Daniel Hart (Central London)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it allows me to advertise to clients which I would never have time to advertise to with my freelance career."
Ed Roberts (Chapel Allerton)

"The Tutor Pages is the website I would recommend to other tutors. With detailed information, articles and discussions, it is the ideal site for self-employed teachers who are serious about their profession."
Judith Brennan (Annfield Plain)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it gives quick access to trusted professionals. Enquiries are dealt with quickly. It is very good value and the best site I have worked with during many years as a tutor."
Gerard A Specialist 11+ Tutor (Blackheath)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because there are no fees for students to gain information about tutors and the website is straightforward and easy to navigate."
Jenny Newland (Central Edinburgh)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is a great way for teachers to find students in their area, and for students to find teachers. The layout of the tutor profiles mean that we can provide detailed information about what we do."
Helena Kay (Cripplegate)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it has been the most consistent source of students for me over the last 3 years."
Felix Cox (Leyton)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because the financial rewards far outweigh the cost of joining."
Sounds Musical (Whitton)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it has an attractive, easy to navigate user interface for both tutors and prospective students. The layout allows me as a tutor to customise my profile to some degree, and provides me with enough space and specificity to give both an overview and more detailed information about the services I offer. As a brand it seems to have good exposure and prominence on the internet, and I receive a substantial proportion of new students through The Tutor Pages."
Steve Pringle (Peckham)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I often receive quality enquiries from local students. Also tutor profiles usually appear on the first page of internet search engines. There is a wealth of information and advice amongst the articles written by tutors."
Dorothee (Purley)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because they have consistently brought me great, hard-working students for the last several years I have been registered on the site."
Dr Abbie Davies (Newbridge)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it's a really good way of enabling potential students to find you. It's worked for me!"
Sue Caporn (Central Bristol)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it gives teachers the opportunity to do what they do best without the middleman."
Ed Birch (East Dulwich)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is a fantastic tool to find reliable and fantastic tutors and is quick and easy to use."
Toby White (Angel)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is reliable for prospective students and parents and lists serious educators."
Melanie Jones (Mossley)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because having an easily accessible internet presence, especially for Teaching English as a Foreign Language, has definitely helped increase the geographical scope of my client base. Being self-employed I fully value the flexibility and scope that the Tutor Pages offers."
Barbara Tremain (Penzance)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is a trustworthy platform to connect with a wide range of students, young and mature as well. My own experience has been enriched greatly since being a member here. :)"
Miss Aneta (Golders Green)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it works - and so do you !"
Kevin Foley (Matlock)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because the site has enabled me to help so many reach their potential - and beyond!"
T Blaukopf (Hendon)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I can adapt the url and use it as my web address, directing online traffic to it from other sites and other marketing materials such as the magnetic signage on my car."
3 Degrees Tutoring (Sutton in Ashfield)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because they are unique in their professionalism, the support they provide and the network and trust they have built over the years; and that's all a tutor needs: good connection and trust within the society at large, and high professionalism. Yet, Tutorpages still has a key element of flexibility and freedom that allows the tutor to be totally in control of the services they deliver and get directly all the rewards when they work well."
Dr Seraphin (Bloomsbury)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it's easy to use and update and I've received several enquiries. Like the link to my website too!"
Sue Lyon (Tranby)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is an extremely convenient and effective way for pupils/students and/or their parents to get to know tutors, their expertise, qualifications, experience, and other attributes in great depth. This allows them to contact a tutor who they feel they already know before making contact. It is also a fantastic means for tutors to get relevant and focussed enquiries from interested parties. In other words, more informed contact between students/parents and their prospective tutors. This website is of great benefit to students whose lives are to be shaped and enriched and to tutors who wish to assistance in this endeavour. Best of luck to all students out there, for whom I will always be here to help in every way I can."
S A Y ALI Private Tuition (Central Birmingham)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it has been a great way for those wanting to learn piano to get in touch"
Lisa Neal (Central Poole)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it lets you fully advertise your skills, highlighting experience, teaching methods, qualifications and more. I didn't feel limited when creating my profile!"
Heather Bourne (St. Albans)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because they have good reviews and provide good leads."
Sue Pardo (Cressington)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it has worked exactly as it should and generated plenty of interest in my teaching. A great resource for any tutor."
Colin Openshaw (New Headington)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is a great way of organising additional work around your usual lifestyle."
Andre Duvenage (Victoria Park)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is an efficient way for parents and students to find suitable tutors in their areas, and check their details and costs."
Evie Bentley (Hurstpierpoint)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is a very straightforward website that makes it easy for potential students to find me."
Dr Chris M. (St. Pancras)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is a great source of students from complete beginners to students wanting help with university work."
Ian Jones GCLCM (Huddersfield)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because since joining last April I have had a steady flow of enquiries and now have filled all the tuiton places I have available. In fact last year the first tuition I took on was a crash course in GCSE maths for the May/June exam - I made my £40 fee back in 2 days (2 one hour lessons) and so unlike other organisations which require you to pay commission for each lesson all I have earned is my own. As I am an experienced tutor I did not need the advice that is provided-but it is excellent. If you are starting off, or resuming tutoring after a break The Tutor Pages provides the best value for money that I have found in all my 28 years of teaching in London."
David Evans (Kenley)

"The Tutor Pages is an excellent platform for tutors to advertise their services in a clear and detailed way. This makes it very easy for potential students to browse tutors and see what different types of tutoring are available. The contact between tutee and tutor is also incredibly easy and over 50% of my students have found me through The Tutor Pages!"
Daisy Watkins (Kilburn)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is simply excellent and it works."
Mohammad Bari (Forest Gate)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is well set out, simple to use and effective."
Nicholas Christiaan (Bridport)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it allows parents to contact me straight away without paying a fee. We can easily arrange an initial lesson as a consultation session, and the parents and students have no commitment to carry on having lessons after that. Meeting potential student in person allows me to tell parents or students whether or not they are suitable to start learning to play the piano. This process is very important, especially for young beginners. Sometimes we just cannot tell whether the little ones are ready to start just by knowing their age. The way The Tutor Pages works really helps me in this process."
Yan Wong (Romford)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because you have complete control over what you choose to do and you can highlight your specialisations to attract the exact type of clients that you want."
Marc Loewenthal (Wembley Central)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I am able to promote my work in a way I am not able to do when advertising on other sites. Potential students get much more of an idea of what you can offer as a teacher and indeed your style of teaching from the interview and the article. I have had many teaching enquiries since joining The Tutor Pages, often leading to some fantastic students!"
Elise Harper (Central Bedford)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I get many enquiries for a very reasonable annual fee."
Matthew Brown (Hampstead)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is designed to support teaching professionals who are dedicated to education, not to making easy money."
Diane Kirk (Central York)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it enables students and parents to view a really detailed profile without having to pay any cash in order to contact you."
Chloe Masterton (Stoke Bishop)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it appears high on Google Search Engine pages."
Jon Woodhouse (Charvil)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it provides tutors with exceptional back-room support and is well placed in search engines. I get more enquiries through them than any other source."
Gordon Robb (Buckingham)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it's easy to use and I have received many good quality clients through this site."
Veronica Pereira (Central Hounslow)

"Simple to use, good value for tutors and inquiries are frequently positive."
Chris Williams (Mossley)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is a great way to publicise your work as a tutor and to increase the number of students you teach."
Emily Askew (Wandsworth Town)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because since becoming a member they have referred a steady stream of new customer enquires. The majority of the enquirers have been local and a very high percentage have converted to customers. I now tutor pupils from most of the primary schools in my area and Tutor Pages have played a large part in achieving this."
Amanda Capell (Dartford Heath)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it's a safe, reliable and easy way to contact a tutor and arrange lessons."
Amy Welch (Didsbury)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it helps with my visibility in the search engines and enhances my professionalism, standing and trust with parents and adult students."
Alan Moore (Malton)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I get plenty of good quality, hassle-free referrals."
Dave Lock (Sharnbrook)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it's a helpful efficient service."
Richard Harvey (Brockley)

"The Tutor Pages is an excellent site, as it enables each individual to set his or her own fees, in addition to stating their qualifications, credentials and abilities. It provides a lot of competition amongst tutors and is a quick and excellent way for one to boost income."
Lingua Genesis Ltd (Central Barnsley)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it has enabled me to reach people who may not have found me otherwise. And they have all been delightful!"
Anne Murray (Dickinsons)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I get enquiries from students and do not have to pay commission on each lesson, which is much fairer to the tutor. Thank you The Tutor Pages for a good service again this year."
Mary Mathai (East Grinstead)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it's the best site for bringing students to tutors. It's professional, easy to use and friendly. I get lots of business from Tutor Pages and couldn't recommend it more highly!"
Jolanta Cole (Old Harlow)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it puts you in touch with students who are serious and committed. It has allowed me to teach at a variety of levels. I have found the service invaluable. Thanks! Sonia Jallane"
Mrs. Sonia Jallane (Swiss Cottage)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because in my first year with this site I have had more enquiries and new students than through all my other advertising! I have 10 new students through this site and have had at least 20 enquiries, so very happy to renew."
Musicplus (Central Luton)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because over the years I have received many wonderful and committed pupils of all ages and abilities."
Cassandra Hutchings (East Dulwich)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because they are reliable and always recommend students."
Talat Khan (Pinner)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because you know the tutors are genuine if they have gone to the effort of paying to subscribe, I think this in turn attracts a lot of students. It is good that the students don't have to pay to search/get contact details of tutors like other sites. Also I think the layout of the site and pages are very easy to navigate."
Lisa O'Donnell CSM (Stoke Newington)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because, unlike some other websites people can use to find a tutor, the student can contact you directly. There is no dancing around sending censored messages to each other and the potential student doesn't have to pay just to get your contact details. There is also a lot of community support via the Tutor Pages LinkedIn group. I am very happy I found this site."
Dr. Clare Turner (Chorlton)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it's simple to use, transparent and allows direct contact between tutor and students. Excellent value for money."
Raj Jain (Edgware)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I've had a lot of good enquiries for my violin and piano teaching service."
Francesca Gambaro (Notting Hill)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because you can include plenty of details giving prospective students information about what you have to offer. This means more relevant student enquiries"
Julie Dean (Crystal Palace)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because of its well-designed site, clear information for both parents, students and tutors. The Tutor Pages has an extensive reach to web users helping parents find the best quality of tutors for their children."
Stathis Stefanidis, Director (Chiswick)

"Thank you Tutor Pages! You have been absolutely invaluable, I now have eight wonderful students!"
Georgina Vernier (Finsbury Park)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it has given me access to a variety of students without being an intrusive website."
Jeff Burrell (Bletchingley)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I have regularly received enquiries through this site."
Sue Perkins (Yateley)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it brings in a steady stream of local students. I have been very pleased with the service."
Louise Armstrong (Colne)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is a good advertisment and I now have many students from enquiries from parents. It is so easy to deal with. There are no complicated agents fees to pay."
Debbie Quinn (Bridgwater)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is easy to use and efficient."
zhiying (Heathrow)

"The Tutor Pages is a great source of high quality student enquiries. Students from The Tutor Pages are usually motivated to purchase lessons, and we have a high rate of conversion from enquiry to booking as a result."
Birmingham English (Moseley)

"The Tutor Pages because is a very good and efficient website for students looking for a suitable tutor for their learning requirements. The website is informative, easy to navigate and establishes contact between students and tutors successfully and promptly."
Inga Lincke (Tonbridge)

"I get one high quality lead a week. I'm almost working independently of agencies and I foresee myself earning very well in the new year. Cheers Tutor Pages!"
Adrian Beckett (Muswell Hill)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is a useful way of advertising one's expertise online. It has a clear and well organised display and gives a trustworthy impression."
Flavia Hirte (Fulham)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it links expertise to all people who wish to further their learning"
Wanda Herriman (Wollaston)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it provides professional guidance and advice about how to set yourself apart from the others, and the site provides a number of excellent resources to help make contact with those individuals who need help reaching their educational goals."
Andi (Central Cambridge)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it provides a highly professional service. Since joining The Tutor Pages, I have had a steady stream of highly motivated students. It has been a very beneficial and successful partnership in every sense. Thank you Tutor Pages."
Liz McNaughton (Central Reading)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because parents and students can compare tutors and they are not required to pay a fee to an agency without having the opportunity to meet the tutor and gauge their compatibility and suitability for their child. I find the Tutor Pages to be a fair and effective method for fulfilling requirements."
Julie Roberts (Efford and Lipson)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it allows students and parents to engage directly with tutors."
Hannah Knight (Harringay)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because they are very good at linking the needs of the student with the correct tutor. This means that the tuition is very successful for both, and ultimately leads to less time being spent on tuition and so less financial commitment for the student or parents. A big thank you to The Tutor Pages for your continued support to both my students and I."
Viv (Chelsea)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is the easiest way of getting clients who are hungry for tuition fast. I really had lots of enquiries in the last 12 months which is why I am renewing my membership, and I will definitely recommend it to any aspiring tutor who is confident in their service. Let The Tutor Pages showcase you to the right students for you. Thank you, Tutorpages, you're worth every penny!"
Kenny Olowu (Catford)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it gave me the possibility to find inspiring students to work with!"
Laura Turinetto (Wimbledon)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because the customers don't have to pay to get your details and you don't have to pay commission per lesson."
Jonathan Bell (Wadhurst)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I have received many enquiries and pupils through this site. There is excellent support and knowledgeable articles to support tutors, students and parents."
Tricia (Stamford)

Student Testimonials

"My 4 year old daughter enjoyed lessons with Linda and her speech improved."
Ms Price, Huddersfield, tutored by
Linda Maria McGuin (Huddersfield)

"I am 76 years old and have been having lessons with Graham for 2 years and when I began I didnt have a clue as to what to do. He has been extremely patient with me and offers enormous encouragement. With my initial lack of musical knowledge my family and friends thought I wouldnt stay the course, but due to Grahams inspiration this is not the case. I am thoroughly enjoying and progressing with my lessons would recommend him to anyone."
John L, tutored by
Graham Woods LLCM (Snettisham)

"Matt 是一个有好的英语老师. 在他的帮助下,我的英语水平有拉很大进步. 谢谢! 强烈推荐跟他学英语. Matt is very nice and friendly English teacher. With his help, my English has been greatly improved. Thanks a lot! I strongly recommend you study English with him."
Senpeng, China, tutored by
Matt (Didsbury)

"You are a very talented teacher to be able to help my daughter turn it all around and achieve such wonderful results. We were not expecting a double A*! Thank you, thank you, thank you."
Diane O'Hagan, tutored by
Laura Evans (Central Worthing)

"After failing the writing part of the IELTS twice (had a 6.5 where I needed at least a 7) I took tutor lessons with Farhaz. It was convenient for me, as it was close to home. Farhaz is a friendly teacher and he was able to not only teach me vocabulary or grammar, but also some tips and tricks to write an essay in general. Writing an essay is still not my strongest point, but at least his lessons let me pass the IELTS."
Linda Arendsen (Netherlands), tutored by
Farhaz J (South Croydon)

"Stathis tutored Oliver for 2years in both Maths and Physics.Not only is Stathis incredibly knowledgeable in his subjects but also a fantastic teacher.Stathis not only taught him the subject matter to help with the exams but made sure he understood the concepts so he could apply it to different problems.Oliver achieved his goals of getting the grades to get into Edinburgh to study Physics and Stathis deserves a lot of the credit for helping him."
Oliver's parents, tutored by
Stathis Stefanidis, Director (Chiswick)

"Definitely a good choice for those who are uncertain of themselves as singers."
Pauline, London, tutored by
Trixi Field (Ellesmere Urban)

"Thank you so much Andrew for teaching me. I have learnt a lot and I hope to continue playing my flute in the future! Love from Sophie and family."
Sophie Adams, tutored by
Andrew Littlewood (Roundhay)

"Isa – GCSE Biology, Chemistry and Physics Mark worked very hard with Isa and she achieved straight A’s in all her science subjects and we are all very pleased."
Mrs Butler, tutored by
Mark the Tutor (Streatham)

"Julija was a truly excellent teacher. She uses great techniques such as dictation to help to develop a student's language skills. She is very patient and has excellent recommendations for materials including books and websites to help develop language away from lessons. Thank you, Julija, for all your help!"
Philippa, tutored by
Julija Guste (Brentford)

"Matthew was a French Tutor to my son James from Christmas 2010 until May 2011. He only achieved a D in his French mock exam but went on to achieve an A grade in his final French International GCSE examination with only 5 months of his tuition. We are therefore very happy to recommend Matthew to any other parents wanting tuition as he pays great attention to detail in both his explanations and spotting mistakes in a way and to a degree not seen by many tutors."
Alan Briefel. A grade achieved, predicted a D., tutored by
Matthew Brown (Hampstead)

"I took up the guitar in my 30s and am far from a natural musician! I’ve had a few teachers – all brilliant guitarists - but none have quite combined the same high level of patience, encouragement and flexibility as Josh. He let’s me play music I love and progress at my own pace."
Jeanette, tutored by
Josh Geffin (Clapton)

"The help and support you gave to Will over the last year definately spurred him on to achieve a fabulous result - A*. Can I just say as a parent you were very professional, organised and everything was tailored to what he needed. Thank you again."
Roisin Beressi, tutored by
Victoria Killeen (Hale)

"I am delighted with my AS result I got a B in Chemistry and this has moved with your help from a D at Christmas. Thank you for all the support and help and I will be highly recommending you to anyone in the future."
R. Spittall, tutored by
Frank Ivins (Holland Park)

"Dr Nicholas Desmond Bamford has worked extremely well with our son. He is very knowledgeable about the subject, focused on how to achieve good grades, and clearly engages very well with his student."
Pam C , 2017, tutored by
Nicholas Bamford (St. Albans)

"Jane has taught our daughter since she was four years old and has given her an enthusiasm to play and to learn. She is already studying for her Grade 3 exam, and we would highly recommend Jane as a teacher."
Mrs G Daly, tutored by
Jane Fletcher (Warlingham)

"Grace's flute playing has really improved with Elaine as her teacher - thank you."
Lucinda Carr, Grace Farmer's mother, tutored by
Elaine Round BMus QTS (Upper Norwood)

"Extremely pleased we found Mark last year. We used Mark for tutoring our son maths for the 13+ Highgate and UCS, and we also used a couple of English tutors from his team. The results that our son achieved surpassed our expectations and he was offered both UCS and Highgate where there were only 6 places."
Salma, tutored by
Mark W Taylor - Maths Tutor (Hampstead)

"Michael has been tutoring my son Toby in preparation for his A level maths. Whilst I don't profess to understand what is being taught, my son has given Michael nothing but glowing reports. He says that Michael has definitely helped in preparing him and understanding various topics that make up the A level maths syllabus. Michael has always been very flexible and accommodative in my dealings with him. A big thumbs up from us, and well worth every penny. (5/5)"
Andrew (parent of A-level student), tutored by
Michael Clarke (Cranleigh)

"Howard not only has a detailed knowledge of history but is able to communicate this in an extremely interesting and informative fashion. His level of teaching in this sphere is inspirational and he brings history a unique appeal. He is also able to take large tracts of information and is able to translate them into simple understandable rhythms of history. After only 3 sessions with Howard I went from a B/C grade in A2 history to a high A grade. I would highly recommend Howard as a tutor. (A2 History)"
Jovan, tutored by
Dr. Howard A. Patten (Hendon)

"I would just like to say thank you very much for all the help that you have given me over the last few months. I feel that my writing, and even my spoken English, has improved considerably."
RM, tutored by
Elaine Tomkow (Grantham)

"I had English lessons with English Etcetera for a year while working at Dresdner Kleinwort IB. Mary really helped me improve both my listening and speaking skills.  Above all, she helped me become more confident which I think is essential when learning a language. Plus, she's a very nice person!"
Karim Sadli, tutored by
Mary Thompson (Streatham)

"Katerina is an excellent singing teacher and a wonderful person. She not only strengthened my technique, transforming my voice, but nurtured me, encouraging my confidence. My only regret is that due to other commitments I was only able to have lessons with her every few weeks. Katerina’s patience and clear instructions helped me to develop and I came away from each lesson happily feeling as though I had made a huge achievement and step forward. I would anticipate my lessons with her with excitement."
Kate Millett - Soprano (Royal Irish Academy of Music), tutored by
Katerina Mina (Pimlico)

"’My son is attending Raj’s classes and he found them to be very useful for Maths and Science. He understands the key issues and addresses them to build a strong foundation. My son is very confident now and have no hesitation to recommend Raj. Excellent value for money"
Oluremi, tutored by
Raj Jain (Edgware)

"Jamie taught my son Gabriel for a year from when he was a very beginner. Jamie not only was great at teaching him all the essentials, but even more importantly showed Gabriel to have fun with the guitar and they wrote a song together. Jamie is very child-focused and made every effort to accommodate Gabriel's musical tastes. He is patient and kind but also firm when he needs to be."
Karin, tutored by
Jamie France (Sidcup)

"Clem Browne is an excellent tutor who was a big help in GCSE Maths. This was a subject that I struggled with and my initial result was a D-grade. Clem uses a calm, structured approach that helped me gain an understanding of mathematics, as well as teaching me some approaches to use in terms of exam technique. Overall his patient and supportive approach helped me achieve a B-grade."
Kai R, tutored by
Clem (Palmers Green)

"From Simon (5/5): I am a complete beginner and Helen has taught me a tremendous amount in a short space of time. Always punctual with a smile on her face, a pleasure to be taught by!"
Mr Simon Glover, tutored by
Helen McMahon BA Hons (West Drayton)

"I have known Maroulla Dean for five years. She is one of the most inspiring English teachers I have come across in my thirty five years of teaching. She understands how students learn and she is able to plan accordingly, motivating students to succeed. Maroulla has had 100% pass rate at GCSE, grades A*-C in both English Language and English Literature. I recommend her without reservation as a tutor."
Monica Duncan, Headteacher, tutored by
Maroulla (Waltham Cross)

"I have studied with Natalia Kawka for over 6 months and have found her to to be an excellent teacher. Very conscientious and totally reliable.She has a very deep technical knowledge in music and is a first class pianist with a beautiful voice. Would be a credit to any establishment."
Adrian Collins, tutored by
Natalia Kawka (East Finchley)

"Mark Spillane has been a great help to me, his advice & support has helped me in every aspect in preparing my application to University. He has helped me push forward in my goals, and be the best I can be. His help has made it possible for me to gain a place at the University of my choice."
Daniel Nicholson-Porter, tutored by
Mark Spillane (Marylebone)

"After years of trying to find my voice I can honestly say your lessons & the Speech Level technique have transformed my vocal abilities. I cannot recommend your teaching highly enough."
Vipasna Luthra, tutored by
Natalie Welby (Harrow Weald)

"with Nadia. The lessons are interesting, stimulating, well organised and conducted in a friendly yet exacting way. A broad range of methods are employed in order to consolidate what you learn. Nadia includes interactive lessons, reading various news related articles relating to France and UK, as well as books and magazines., Nadia invites her students to meet each other at film nights where we view one a fantastic French films (avec sous-titres!) and enjoy a chat, no matter what your level of ability."
James Millard, tutored by
Nadia Bouakaz (Tonbridge)

"Tim is a fabulous teacher, and I have really progressed in the time he has been teaching me."
Olivia Harlow (14 yrs) South Hampstead School, tutored by
Tim Stein (East Finchley)

"Cathy helped me to identify not just the what I needed to improve, but the how of the mechanics - and the psychology and musical intention required to achieve better technique and greater confidence. It was a revelation - nobody had taught me that before! It's so much more than repetition. Her enthusiasm, expertise, and encouragement inspired me to spend more time exploring my musical potential."
Annie, tutored by
Catherine Rimer (Highbury)

"Sarah is without a doubt one of the best teachers a student could wish for. Inspiring, friendly and fun, you instantly know that you're going to be learning a lot more than you expected."
Anri Taki, student, tutored by
Sarah Perkins (Kingston)

"Adam was a wonderful tutor, who worked hard to build up a rapport with J. J ended up with several offers of school places and an offer of an academic scholarship. So overall we are very pleased with the service we received."
Nicola Wylie, mother of tutee, tutored by
Adam Muckle (Putney)

"Massoud got our granddaughter from a D to an A* Dr Massoud Hajsadr is truly committed to getting the best out of his students. On the last year of her GCSE we were informed that Gemma had been predicted a C grade and that realistically she only stood the chance of getting a D. With Massoud's help Gemma got an A* in GCSE and then went on to complete her A-level Math with an A. Massoud is extremely knowledgable and he is also a motivator."
Anne Crofts, tutored by
Dr Massoud Hajsadr (Beckton)

"Jane is a great chemistry tutor, who has a friendly and encouraging approach. As well as working through questions with me, she showed me alternative approaches and covered aspects of the syllabus that had not been covered at school. I gained knowledge and confidence and achieved the grade I needed to study Dentistry at university."
Verity, tutored by
Jane Bolton (Wilmslow)

"My two children were struggling-one with reading and spelling and the other at Maths. After just a few months, I have noticed a vast improvement in their work and in their confidence. i would recommend Sue to anyone. My children are 8 and 10."
Mandy Bahia, tutored by
Susan Sale (Nuneaton)

"I am very impressed with your tutoring methods and my girls Punjabi reading and writing is going great thanks to you ​"
Mother in USA whose children have been learning Punjabi reading, writing and speaking online, tutored by
Deepti (Harlington)

"Thank you Jeff! I had a few tutoring sessions with Jeff in order to build my confidence. Jeff was extremely welcoming and I always felt comfortable in his company. Jeff was highly knowledgeable and provided me with resources, tips and clear explanations. Jeff was very accommodating and would try his best to fit tutoring sessions in where he could. I would highly recommend Jeff for QTS tutoring."
Kirsty Woodvine, tutored by
Jeff Burrell (Bletchingley)

"Hannah is a special English teacher. I really like our lessons and I enjoy talking with her."
Xinmei, tutored by
Hannah Powell (Ealing Broadway)

"Farida is a fantastic tutor – her direct approach and knowledge of A-level biology is second to none; the time she invests in you, means students get the results they want. She will sit down with you, assess your needs and gaps in knowledge and starts tutoring you straight away. Farida also has a lot of experience as an examiner, and helps you improve your exam technique by ensuring your answers are more concise and specific to your exam board. I would highly recommend her to future students."
Sara, tutored by
Farida Shafi (Greenford)

"Simcha helped me greatly for my French IGCSE exams. Her lessons were fun and enjoyable and I felt very prepared for my exams. Simcha helped me the most with my oral exam preparation and my written work. I was abble to extend my French vocabulary and improve my grammar a lot! I would highly recommend SImcha. Isabelle Cheung, London (A* grade at IGCSE exam 2016)"
Simcha Parienti (Golders Green)

"From Amina (5/5): (Secondary Maths) Louisa, has been tutoring my son in Maths since December 2014 and he has made massive progress. Before Louisa, my son has had two previous tutors both of whom were good but he never made the same progress as he has with Louisa. We are very pleased with her teaching style and he actually looks forward to his weekly lessons. We would not hesitate to recommend Louisa to others! Amina"
Amina, tutored by
Louisag (Kew)

"Thank you for helping me get my Grade 1 Piano."
Thomas, tutored by
Emma Clayton Music Tuition (Dresden and Florence)

"When I joined Vivienne my biological knowledge was low and I lacked understanding. We spent a few weeks together and I learnt more than doing biology for 4 years. Vivienne found a way that worked best for me and explained any areas which I found difficult. Without lessons I would have got a C, but I went into the exam feeling much more confident . I would definately recommend Vivienne to anyone at any level. (Emma gained an A* in the exam)"
Emma Cockeram, Leatherhead, Surrey, tutored by
Viv (Chelsea)

"When I first started my tutoring I was the most unconfident person when it came to Maths! But after just a few months I’d gained so much confidence and knowledge and for the first time I felt like I could actually do Maths! He was so patient with me and helped me through not just revision but also the complicated task of applying for university and writing personal statements. I owe Ben so much and definitely don’t think I could have got through A-Levels without his help! Thanks for everything Ben! "
Amy - A-level Maths Student, tutored by
Ben Hanson (Elland)

"Thank you so much for being a wonderful tutor and helping me to improve so many aspects of my work. I shall keep working hard to achieve my goals. Many thanks!"
JS (10), The New Forest, tutored by
Mia Bongers (Lymington)

"The Brainarm method gives sound to the incessant rhythm of everyone's life. It allows self expression through a free, spontaneous and lawless flow of notes which in turn Guido organises into the traditional musical format. As a vase grants shape to space, Guido's sensitivity, intelligence and musical acumen transmutes our silence into music."
Paola Johnson, tutored by
Guido Mallardi (Alperton)

"Adrian is an excellent tutor. He is professional, courteous and patient. He teaches both of my daughters (Clarinet and Recorder) and they look forward to their lesson every week. I can highly recommend him as a tutor."
Louisa Tattersall (Mrs), tutored by
Adrian Poon (Hanwell)

"You helped me a lot. I just went over our notes again and this clarified some more questions I got."
Mario D – economics undergraduate, year 2, tutored by
Giovanna Davitti, PhD (Canonbury)

"Natasha is extremely patient, kind and willing to use various techniques to help one succeed. She taught me the entire A-level Psychology course over just a few months- very short period of time. Her lessons are exceptionally effective due to her desire for teaching. Natasha is supportive and encouraging; her tutorials are great! I would recommend Natasha to anyone."
Hannah T. A Level student, tutored by
Natasha Tiwari (Angel)

"Each lesson is really enjoyable and the hour passes too quickly ! I even enjoy the homework !"
Bob, tutored by
Isabelle Stevenson (Royal Tunbridge Wells)

"Joyce enjoys her violin lessons because Jennifer makes them varied and teaches her using musical games. There is a lot of fun there."
Joyce Tan - age 5, tutored by
Jennifer Mu (Frognal)

"After attempting the Academic IELT's on my own & not getting the scores I needed for registration to the GMC , I was so pleased to finally meet Natasha who quickly identified my gaps and focused our lessons on these areas. Working 90mins once weekly for 4 months was enough to enable me to achieve overall 7.5 which I was extremely pleased with. Natasha is patient , and has an excellent way of explaining grammar that makes it crystal clear."
Dr. C. Patel, tutored by
Sheena Natasha Chan (Sanderstead)

"Ruairidh was an excellent teacher for my daughters, he was always attentive and made sure both of them felt like they were improving their knowledge and understanding of their subjects. I found him to be a very easy person to work with and he was always making sure I was happy with his work as well."
Mohammad Alfridi, tutored by
Ruairidh George (Marylebone)

"Because of Mr. Williams, I can still pursue my dream of becoming a doctor. Maths was the only one of my A-levels that was holding me back, but Mr. Williams taught me some brilliant exam techniques which pushed me up a grade immediately."
Denzel, tutored by
Mr. Williams (South Norwood)

"'Lessons with Basia are enjoyable and productive. I've really noticed progress in my playing in the last 2-3 months Basia has been my piano teacher. My confidence has grown and my piano playing is improving. She's patient and supportive. I wouldn't hesitate recommending Basia to anyone learning the piano, regardless of age and ability'."
Ippo Panteloudakis, tutored by
Basia Kardasinska (West Drayton)

"'The best teacher I have ever had! Not only is Kieran an exam genius, but he knows how to pass his knowledge on. I learned more in an hour with him than I did in a whole month with BPP!'"
Kashif - EY, tutored by
Kieran Doe (King's Cross)

"“Andrew is professional, polite and punctual and friendly and puts a student at ease. He can expertly tailor study to meet the overall goals and will go the extra mile with back up materials and support outside of the sessions. I would recommend him to anyone.”"
Howard, tutored by
Andrew Gibson (Central Gedling)

"I got in touch with Calum regarding help with my drama school auditions. As a tutor he supported me through each stage of the process and has a clear understanding of what drama schools are looking for. He is 100% reliable and a genuinely lovely person. Calum was instrumental in my offer of a place at The Manchester School of Theatre."
Dora Anne-Bentley, tutored by
Calum Finlay (Finchley Central)

"We just wanted to thank you for your stupendous input today. My son is extremely energised by the session and has a clear idea of what he needs to do to succeed."
Patrick C, tutored by
Zangmo Alexander (Rickinghall)

"'I'd become very tense about auditions and as a result was not playful in the room. Alex worked with me to remind me to be free and not to try to please people - just be honest. I still use some of her exercises. She's given me so much confidence to just be myself and let my ability shine through.'"
Isaac, Actor, tutored by
Alex Chloe (Central London)

"Dear Sunny, the children really enjoyed your lesson today! Thank you very much, see you again next Monday! Fiona"
Fiona, tutored by
Sunny Tan (Forest Bradgate)

"Trevor is attentive and very helpful"
Dominique Vesperini, tutored by
Trevor (Steyning)

"I would describe my son as hard-working and successful in other areas of study, but he had a 'block' with French, and no confidence whatsoever in his ability. Miss Nicholls gave him a set of tools and techniques to overcome this, worked on core skills and lots of oral practice, so that by the time of the exam he had the basics firmly in place. This gave him the confidence to face the exam and he went on to do really well, much better than we dared hope!"
Helen Alexander, tutored by
Isabella Nicholls (Knaphill)

"Aly tutored me for the Maths Foundation Examination to enter university. We did about 15 hours of maths lessons. He was an excellent tutor. I was able to understand complicated topics quite swiftly, because Aly explained them very well. He is patient and understanding and could pinpoint very well where my weaknesses were and address them. Thanks to his help, I got into the university I was hoping to get into although I thought I could not make it!"
Salman, tutored by
Aly (Knightsbridge)

"Ian Mayes is a talented guitarist, arranger and teacher. He incorporates a wide range of influences into his playing and has developed high level of technical skill along with a satisfyingly individual voice. His work with other musicians is always tasteful, both as a lead and rhythm player. As a teacher, Ian inspires students with his infectious enthusiasm and wide range of teaching tools and is able to get the best out of anyone who wants to develop their skills as a guitarist or bassist.”"
Nick Reynolds (Head of Jazz Chichester University), tutored by
Ian Mayes (Central Chichester)

"I met Basit through regents college after, I didn't get my grades to get to the course or university of my choice. He was extremely helpful, and taught me new revision techniques, and his teaching stratergies helped me to understand, and build my confidence. His combination of passion, enthusiasm and revision discipline for economics helped me to exceed the grades required for my course. University of Nottingham, Business methods and Economics of Contemporary China."
Sunaina Kapur, tutored by
Basit Kirmani, MA (Cambridge) (Marylebone)

"Adrian really built my confidence and helped me to get my head round some fast and useful methods aimed to tackle the mental arithmetic part of the test. I felt very confident in the final test and I was able to breeze through the mental arithmetic questions and pass the test."
Joseph Wigley, tutored by
Adrian Beckett (Muswell Hill)

"I booked 6 sessions with Izo this year to help me work on my lisp. I've tried many voice teachers and methods before but Izo's patience and positive attitude in each session helped me develop my speech quite quickly. The exercises were effective and easy to grasp. Thank you. November 2013"
David Pyatt, tutored by
Izo FitzRoy (Hammersmith)

"He immediately made a connection with my daughter in a natural and friendly manner and i am confident that he is capable of doing so with people of any age or situation due to his good communication skills. Above all Guillaume has proved himself to be honest and reliable as well as discret and polite , I would highly recommend him to any perspective employer and am in no doubt that he will prove himself to be a valuable asset."
Charlotte Schonberg, tutored by
Guillaume (Fulham)

"To all her teaching Romina brings not only a consummate mastery of the Italian language, a profound connection with Italian cultural issues and a wealth of appropriate learning materials for every stage of the journey, but also a humanity, maturity and compassion which transform lessons into learning experiences beyond the purely linguistic."
Elaine, ESOL Teacher, tutored by
Romina Oliveto (Rotherhithe)

"Just a quick note to let you know that Cameron got an A* in his French at Merchant Taylors and we feel very grateful to you for the part you played in this achievement! Whilst it was at one point his weakest subject, he ended up with 4 x A*, 2 x A and 1 x B, so definitely one of the stronger ones. He was also awarded a scholarship at both the schools he applied for, so overall we are absolutely delighted."
Camilla (Common Entrance exam candidate's mother), tutored by
Richard Ings (Holland Park)

"I havd had Miriam as my maths tutor for over 3 years now and I love working with her. I have recommended her to friends as I believe she is a great mathematician as well as being very inspriring. The methods she uses are great and easy to understand and what's more is, they are exactly what is required by the exam boards.The one on one sessions are great for catch up on the exact areas I do not feel confident on, and you can always choose the pace at which the lessons go."
P.S., tutored by
Miriam Linehan (Wood Green)

"Malcolm has managed to make violin lessons for my 8 year old son both interesting and enjoyable, despite insisting on very high standards.He is also able to consistently explain complicated concepts in a child friendly manner"
Dominique Gillan, tutored by
Malcolm Allison Violin (Bramley)

"This man is a gem! Very knowledgeable!"
Edson K, tutored by
Vasili Karpiak (Fulham)

"I have had vocal lessons in the past however, I don't think I could ever find a teacher more suitable for me! Laura shares my craziness and excitement and understands exactly what I want and need to improve in order to reach my goals. Even after the first lesson I knew I had found the right person to teach me as she instantly made me feel comfortable and helped me identify exactly what I need to work on on my voice."
Mariana, rock singer and front woman, tutored by
Laura Duckworth (Stanmore)

"You were an inspirational teacher, and your enthusiasm carried me all the way to my PhD! If you're half as good a tutor you'll do just fine. Good luck!"
Andy Fensham-Smith June 2016, tutored by
Dave Lock (Sharnbrook)

"I have been learning Spanish for 1 year in a half with Ananda and i found her very professional and expert in teaching languages. I would definitely recommend her."
Alan Watson. Wells, tutored by
Qualified Spanish NATIVE Tutor (Street)

"A in the AS unit 2 resit paper and over All B in A2 got lower marks in course work that reduced the grade in A2. Thanks for your help"
Miss Ryman, tutored by
Dr M A Choudhry (Hammersmith)

"Sonia was my saviour. Basic grammar, spelling, pronunciation... from zero to a hundred, Sonia was tuned in to what I needed. American university; chief editor of the English student paper; Creative Director at an American Communication Consulting Company - I was able to do this, thanks to Sonia. She knows what English as a second language is to us all. From basics to the professional, she knows how to support your next step. (And if you happen to be fond of music, Sonia is a distinguished musician too !)"
Taku, Japan, tutored by
Mrs. Sonia Jallane (Swiss Cottage)

"I cannot recommend Diane Kirk more highly, and will be forever grateful to her for turning my daughter's life around. We started seeing Diane in January 2012 when my 13 year old daughter presented with a reading and spelling age of under 10 years. My daughter embarked on a specially tailored and intensive programme under the care and expertise of Diane, who gently coaxed, encouraged and supported her. By May, my daughters reading age was 13+."
Mrs C. North Yorks, tutored by
Diane Kirk (Central York)

"Thanks Rick, you have been a pleasure to know and all your patience with myself and my boys very much appreciated. (Postcard) With love and kindness."
O's mum, tutored by
Mr.Tyley (Blackheath)

"James was a fantastic tutor to my two daughters, one of whom was struggling greatly with her GCSE English and eventually achieved a B which her school did not believe was possible eighteen months before."
Mrs Sritharan, tutored by
James Bone (Carshalton)

"Teachers have an excellent grasp of music education, plan lessons carefully and work well with pupils."
OFSTED, tutored by
Alan Moore (Malton)

"A model of appropriate behavior, he is in a league of his own and can provide extra instructional support based on individual student assessments. Every aspect of his teaching is innovative to say the least; instruction, assessment, interaction, communication, administration and management are just some of his areas of expertise as far as teaching is concerned."
Joanna B., tutored by
Dimitris Panagiotou (Tooting)

"Smooth, quick to connect and get started, well explained making it easier to understand things I found unsure in lessons at college , good diagrams , really helpful notes to revise from."
Bobby Scarborough, tutored by
Matthew Barnes Biology Tutor (Honiton)

"Matt’s teaching helped me greatly through one of the most challenging topics philosophy has to offer. I was struck by how deeply my understanding of the topic mattered to him. Matt would not move on from a topic until he was sure that I was thoroughly at home with it. He not only helped me learn and understand but inspired interest and enthusiasm in a philosopher considered by many to be esoteric and dry. A patient and dedicated teacher with a profound love of his subject."
Olivia Reed (3rd year undergraduate student in philosophy), tutored by
Mr. Russo (Central Westminster)

"Working with Argiro enabled me to have far more confidence and understand key themes and ideas in the epic i was studying. I was able to interpret more sophisticated anwsers and demonstrate a more deeper, annalytical understanding. Without her help i would not of got my A grade in AS, and entered A level with such confidence. Thanks for all your help - really was so beneficial."
Ruby, A level student Classical Civilisation, Homer's Iliad., tutored by
A Bell (Twickenham)

"Our son's abilities in creative writing and comprehension have steadily improved and his hard work was recently rewarded by successes at not only the 11+ but the more rigorous local school entrance examinations. Teresa provides calm and understanding tuition that is specifically tailored to a child's particular needs. We would not hesitate to recommend Teresa's services to other parents."
Mr & Mrs Fo. (Sanderstead), tutored by
Teresa Hoy (South Croydon)

"she's really enjoyed her lessons and gained confidence to try a wider variety of music - so thank you for your time and patience"
Becky Chester regarding Daughter, 17 - 2016, tutored by
Chris Keyte (Kingston)

"Ash has been preparing me for C2, C3 and C4 for past 9 months. In every lesson, I learnt something new and have applied these in the exam."
B (A level student), tutored by
Ash Haleem (South Croydon)

"I have completed my maths C1 and C2 and have scored A with Kamal's help. I am continuing to do A2 Maths with him and am predicted an A grade."
Mich., tutored by
Kamal Patel (Harrow on the Hill)

"Helen is professional, competent and friendly. She covered a great deal of ground in a short space of time and we would highly recommend her."
Helen Smith, Production Coordinator at Big Balls Films, tutored by
Helen Saunders (Tooting)

"I would highly recommend Mr Jenkins. My only regret is that we didn't engage him earlier.  My son is an able student but despite facility with the other sciences has always struggled with maths.  My son ultimately got an A in his maths and I am quite sure that had we started the tutoring earlier he would have got the A*; knowing he has Sam's continued support has made him confident to take maths at A level.   Sam is calm and engaging and very reliable - he gives his students confidence."
L C, tutored by
Sam Jenkins (Central Lewisham)

"David McWilliam has taught both my children Piano from the age of 6.. He is an excellent musician & a skilled teacher who is able to engage the children & make lessons fun whilst ensuring that good progress is being made. He places emphasis on theory as well as practical playing & has introduced the children to a wide variety of music. Both my children look forward to their Piano lessons - surely a testimonial in itself! I have recommended David to friends & would have no hestitation in doing so again."
Leah Prince, tutored by
David McWilliam (Brandwood)

"Tim has been teaching my daughter guitar for 2 years. I would highly recommend him. My daughter now plays really well and it's all down to Tim's patience and excellent teaching. He also helped my son prepare for his GCSE French last summer. I would highly recommend Tim as a French tutor."
Maggie Jukes, tutored by
Tim Mell (Carshalton)

"'I can't recommend Eleanor highly enough. She tutored my son for some extra flute lessons over the summer holidays. She was wonderful: enthusiastic, lively and personable, but also an excellent technical teacher who very quickly identified areas for improvement and taught him new techniques in a fun and approachable manner. My son looked forward greatly to the sessions and the improvement in his playing after just one was more than apparent.'"
Joyce - Mother of summer flute student, tutored by
Eleanor Nichol (Brislington)

"I wanted to pass on my sincere thanks for the tuition you gave my son during his Maths A level studies. With your guidance and support, he improved his results from a D grade to a B grade and secured his university place. Your explanations and patience really made a difference to his learning. I am certain your easy going manner, sense of humour, and patience also played a big part."
Sandie Danks, tutored by
Geoffrey Parfitt (Dorridge and Hockley)

"I had a look at my recent set, so much better and clearer. Had really good feedback, not bad after one session. Maybe we can go over the video on the next session and see what to work on."
Frank, tutored by
Luke Aspden (Bitterne)

"Almost immediately after beginning with Mike my son's Maths marks improved. His school teacher has noticed how he has now a greater grasp of the subject. My son always looks forward to the tutorials and says they are very important for his overall Maths learning."
Lola, tutored by
Michael Steele (Knebworth)

"Haiyaa Moses I am going to Nottingham University. Thank you for everything."
Rheanna, tutored by
Moses Devaruban (Smethwick)

"I started learning Spanish with Fiona in preparation for a holiday to Cuba last year. I enjoyed being able to speak Spanish on my holiday, it definitely allowed me to have more fun, and so I decided to continue my Spanish lessons on my return. I have found Fiona to be very helpful and patient and her enthusiasm for the language has encouraged me to travel to South America next year where I am looking forward to using my new skills."
Victoria Jackson, tutored by
Fiona (Werrington)

"Everything went very well at our wedding and I had no problems at all with my speech, I received a lot of compliments on my speech, and there wasn't a dry eye on the house. Thank you for all of your help with my preparation, I would certainly recommend your service to anyone that may need speech coaching."
Corrin from Tyneside, tutored by
Andy Collins (Deerness)

"Daryl taught my daughter Cameron for 2 yrs in maths GCSE and economics. I would highly recommend him. Daryl was punctual, patient and built a great working relationship with Cameron"
Susanne Reading, tutored by
Mr Rugless (Beckenham)

"Charlotte is reliable, highly competent and willing to go the extra mile. She prepared my daughter to a highly reputed academic school's 13+ entrance and in a short span of time did a fantastic job. She is extremely hardworking and focussed. She is also very knowledgeable about examination requirements and preparation. My daughter found her lessons very interesting."
Poonam, tutored by
Charlotte Watson (Wallington)

"Francis proved to be knowledgeable, patient and had a lovely teaching style. We would certainly recommend him."
Phillippa F, tutored by
Francis Cubitt (Newbury)

"We just want to say thank you for all the help and support you have given. It really was incredibly beneficial and very much appreciated."
AQA A level Chemistry, tutored by
Dr Amanda Wathey (Central Canterbury)

"''Benjamin was delighted to learn that he achieved 12 A* grades, including French. Many thanks for you excellent teaching.'' (Mother of student whom I taught IGCSE French)"
Sarah, tutored by
Magdalena Hachula (Battersea)

"Hello Bingyin I just wanted to let you know Lily got an top Mark 7 in her IB oral exam Thank you Bingyin for all your help. Kind Regards Jenny"
Jenny, tutored by
Dr. Bingyin Lei (Central Leicester)

"''I had a wonderful time tutored by Emma! Emma is very resourceful and helpful. A great personality, she is also interesting and inspiring. I am always amazed at her artistic energy and high spirit. I will recommend her to anyone."
Lily Mai: London, tutored by
Emma K L Taylor RCA SuperTutor (Sloane Square)

"I have been having intensive lessons with Catherine, and I am totally satisfied with every single second. My pronunciation improved a lot, and also I felt more confident in the Speaking section. Catherine also provided me with a wide range of practices in order to improve my writing skills as well. I am definitely pleased with high-quality exercises and sincere effort from Catherine."
Quang-Thinh Ha, tutored by
Catherine Tienhoven (Hove)

"Thanks so much for all your help Linda ! It's all completed, would never have got through it without your help so thank you !"
Susan - BSc Nursing Dissertation, tutored by
Linda Lye (Central Wakefield)

"Darren was my tutor for over 12 months. During our first meeting he thoroughly assessed my needs in English then prepared his teaching plan tailored to my imperfection which was presented during the second lesson and was executed thereafter. Darren was always punctual and arrived with a very interesting plan for each lesson. Therefore my time spent working with him was not only profitable but pleasant as well. In addition I have to recommend Darren as a very diligent and trustworthy proofreader."
Jacek (Polish (ESOL) student), tutored by
EQE Proofreading / Tutoring (Greenfield)

"Laura helped me with all the essays over whole weekends perfecting the essays. We were working in a very short time-frame. She was always very patient. Her calm demeanour and attention-to-detail was a huge aid for me to get into Dartmouth College (best undergraduate teaching in America). I would recommend anyone to get Laura to help them with any essays they have. She would be equally splendid as a teacher in English writing skills or grammar, and I am very glad that I had the opportunity to work with her."
Shivam C, December 2013 to Ivy League universities, tutored by
Laura Pasternack (Ealing Common)

"Andy is a great tutor! I'm currenlty studying A2 Business and Andy helped explain in a way i could understand. During the lessons we looked at many past papers, this helped improve my exam technique and I'm more aware of what examiners are looking for. His tutoring is based around the needs of the individual, the lessons are very interesting which helps you stay motivated! I enjoy my lessons with Andy and look forward to preparing for my unit 4 examination. I would definetly recommend him for tutoring."
Aishaa S, tutored by
Andrew Freer (Sutton Coldfield)

"“Alix has been teaching me the basics of the French language. I have a very busy schedule and Alix has been very flexible. Being French her knowledge is clearly excellent and her style of teaching is very informal. Her training is based on my questions combined with exercises from course books. I enjoy our lessons very much. Alix is very personable, professional and punctual. I would certainly recommend her.”"
Peter O'Reilly, tutored by
Alix Marina-Chouhan (Loughborough)

"Phil has been supporting my son with A2 Politics, and things seem to be going really well. The lessons are well prepared, and Phil seems to be making a real difference. He needs an A in the summer, so I will update once his results are in. He does seem to be enjoying the sessions though, and we are all hopeful that the intensive 90 min sessions are going to make all the difference. Thank you, Phil!"
Mrs Day, tutored by
Phil CloudTutoring (Barby and Kilsby)

"An extremely competent and knowledgable English teacher who is at the top end of the game when we talk about exam preparation. With such beauty and ease he made the most difficult subject so interesting and easy for me that my interest in English and confidence kept growing in each lesson I attended. Every method that Mr Jamal told and every exam technique that he taught made perfect sense. I ended up with A* in English Language and A in Literature."
Sarah Hodgson, tutored by
Harry Jamal (Goodmayes)

"Rating: 5/5 Paul is an excellent tutor. He is highly efficient and has a style of teaching that ensures good understandly of all topics and builds confidence. He tutored my daughter in preparation for her Biology A level. He was able to turn topics that she feared into ones that she hoped she would be questioned on. I would have no reservation in recommending him. I would go as far as to say he has been transformational for my daughter. I just wish we had discovered him earlier."
Robin, tutored by
Dr Paul Kilkenny (Central Bromley)

"It's fun and you learn more with Poppy, you play reading games, she's kind."
Hannah (student aged 5), tutored by
Poppy Hulse (Rotherhithe)

"My son started off very reluctantly but is actively participating and enjoying maths now. Nitisha is a brilliant, patient, understanding tutor!"
Janet Corrigan (Year 5), tutored by
Nitisha Burnwal (Staines-upon-Thames)

"In the summer holidays 2011, I took my son to Iftikhar for 11+ lessons. Hardly 3 months were left to practice for the 11+ admissions exams. Yet due to the great teaching of Iftikhar, my son got 141/141 marks (100%) for Upton Court Grammar School, 137/141 marks (97.16%) for Burnham Grammar School, and 121/141 marks (85.81%) for Herschel Grammar School. I would highly recommend Iftikhar for 11+, GCSE Maths, and A-Level Maths tuition."
Mr Mahamed, tutored by
Mr Iftikhar (Wexham Lea)

"Esmee is very good at molding her teaching skills to your specific needs and gives amazing advice for projects and sketchbooks layout. She is like a walking encyclopedia as she can answer any art related question. I really enjoyed her teaching method as well as being a great teacher she also has great sense of humour which makes the lessons more enjoyable."
Susan , ( BA ) Textiles at Chelsea College of Art, tutored by
Esmee CSM (Gloucester Road)

"Thank you very much for tutoring my son for his GCSE English exams. He had his results yesterday and has done particularly well gettng an A for English Literature and a B for English Language. Considering he was predicted a C/B, we are delighted with the difference your input made. He found the support you gave him invaluable and he felt you picked up well on the areas he needed to concentrate on and that the manner and approach you took helped him feel relaxed and open to study."
C. Collins, North London, tutored by
Stuart Riddle (Crouch End)

"Karen is such a star!My work with her has transformed me.Having come for help w confidence,she gave me a push to trust my instincts & exercises to explore& play w my speeches.Karen’s experience with training& the industry enables her to give invaluable advice to beginners.She offers clear,honest feedback in a nurturing environment.I highly recommend Karen to anyone looking for guidance&mentoring to help them grow as an actor.She also is the loveliest person&a lot of fun, making each session a joy!"
Rachel Barnwell RADA 2017-2020, tutored by
Karen Maria (Muswell Hill)

"Ben was a very pleasant addition to our household for an hour every Saturday morning. With his knowledgable and kind manner, he managed to encourage a love of reading in my seven year old. In fact he recently won the class award for reading and writing. Ben is professional, organised and clearly loves helping children achieve their potential."
Sarah C., tutored by
B G Noakes (Central Brighton)

"My 4 year old daughter thinks Amy is great. She is always very punctual. Her teaching method seems to be very thorough and well adapted for a young child. Would recommend."
Marianne, tutored by
Amy Welch (Didsbury)

"I am Fin Green. .I have been home schooled by Debbie since January 2014. She has boosted my confidence in my learning that I am now ready to go back to school after Easter where I hope to make new friends. Debbie will carry on tutoring me once a week."
Fin Green, tutored by
Debbie Quinn (Bridgwater)

"I have had Regina teaching me Greek for over 3 years. I have been always very impressed with her level of professionalism, enthusiasm and flexibility. She has been able to adapt the structure of the lessons to my evolving needs always bringing interesting and engaging content and using a multi-media approach. I have always looked forward to our lessons!"
Anna Lisa, tutored by
Regina Saltari (Streatham)

"M was saying again last week how good your lessons are and that I am not allowed to ever change it. Can’t get a better referral than that."
MD - 11+ (RGS), tutored by
Janet Eifridt (Redhill)

"Linda has a very friendly and approachable tutoring style which clearly suits Chloe perfectly and she has a remarkable ability to inspire confidence and bring out the best in her. Whilst the dramatic improvement in Chloe’s singing has been wonderful to witness, it has been equally rewarding to see Chloe having such fun."
Sarah and Peter Knight, tutored by
Linda Gerrard -BelCanto Studio (Cirencester)

"I’ve worked with Sarah for >1year. My clients are authors who need research material on historical medical problems. My goals were to gain confidence speaking & to work on my accent.She quickly identified how to help me & hand-tailored a plan. My confidence when talking to native speakers has increased rapidly. Her medical knowledge & ability to explain complex things in an easy way are remarkable.She is reliable in meeting proofreading deadlines & has never postponed a session.I definitely recommend her."
Dr Barbara (Online, general & medical English, pronunciation, proofreading), tutored by
Dr Sarah Paul (Kentish Town)

"I think learning with Fred is like being a kite sent flying in the sky, freely and joyfully with abundance of fulfilment, but with a string attached so can always travel safely and never worry about going the wrong way. My elder son just passed ABRSM Grade 8 exam in the spring. It's been an amazing music journey for them, which is really what learning piano should be all about!"
Zhining Xu, tutored by
Fred Scott (Shirley)

"Hi Kevin, Just wanted to tell you that I got an A in my economics! Thanks for your help this year and speak to you in September."
L, tutored by
Kevin Foley (Matlock)

"My daughter has been learning to play the piano for a little over 2 years and absolutely loves playhing. Hilary's committment to technique and attention to detail are paramount in her teaching. She shares a great relationship with my daughter whilst mentoring her. Kaysheia always has fun in her lessons whilst being stretched to her limits. Above all she has encouraged in her a genuine eagerness to learn music and the enjoyment of performing a piece."
Prashanti Ratnasamy, tutored by
Hilary Michel (North Finchley)

"(you) helped me to improve my English quickly. I felt really enthusiastic going to school every day because I learnt something new and significant. It was an English class, but Nigel always mixed it with general information about others subjects which made the classes interesting, easier to understand and more attractive to me. Nigel has been the best English teacher that I have had so far. I learnt with him in about 3 months (what) many teachers tried to teach me in two years."
Lisette Granados IELTS student - Colombia, tutored by
Nigel Houghton (Battersea)

"Hilary tutored me for AS and A2 French over 2 years. I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone looking for a language tutor. She is extremely reliable and friendly. She helped me to focus on the areas that needed improvement, whether that be grammar, listening, essay writing etc. She takes great interest in her pupil's success and I really enjoyed my lessons with her."
Gemma H, tutored by
Hilary Temperley (Central Dudley)

"My daughter has recently started being tutored by Philip towards her igcse Maths and she is very happy with her sessions and choice of tutor. Philip is organised and approachable with a focused yet relaxed manner which she is responding to really well."
Jo, tutored by
Philip Williams (Hildenborough)

"I just wanted to let you know that I got into St Marylebone and I also got the drama Scholarship! I want to thank you so much for your help. I couldn't have done it without you. Olivia"
Olivia, tutored by
Gabrielle Jourdan (Chalk Farm)

"Guitar tuition: 'After a 15 year layoff from playing Tom helped kick my technique back into shape and improve my musical theory knowledge in short order. We have covered a variety of styles including Blues, Rock, Metal, and Gypsy Jazz and I thoroughly enjoy our lessons. He is always happy to adapt his teaching towards what you are most interested in learning. Highly recommended!'"
Gareth Jones, guitar student, tutored by
Tom Hunt BMus (Hons) (Aldenham)

"If you are looking for a drama teacher who is fun, dedicated and professional, James is your man. I am currently studying at UAL Drama Centre and James played a big part in helping me pass my grade 8 drama and achieve that goal, I couldn’t have done it without him. I have no hesitation in recommending James to anyone who wants to improve their acting skills."
Max Palmer, tutored by
James Ball (Euston)

"Excellent. Very friendly & prompt timing. My daughter is learning lots & likes his approach to learning, as it's not forceful nor stressing"
Julie September 2015, tutored by
Martyn Everitt (Crowborough)

"Thank you so much for today's writing workshop. I thought it was excellent - incredibly helpful. The exercise was brilliant! When leading a group, you did the job of a good leader; you held the space really well, kept calm when there was any hint of over-dominance from one or other person, stuck with your programme."
Lucinda, tutored by
Rachel Knightley (Ealing Common)

"Philip has increased George's confidence in maths and helped him to understand topics which he was finding tricky within the GCSE syllabus. I would not hesitate in recommending Philip and I'm sure George will be back once he starts his A levels! "
Emma J (Woking), tutored by
Philip Singleton (Cobham and Downside)

"The tuition you provided was just right to ensure a successful outcome for my wedding speech and to thank you for your help. Many Thanks. –"
Stephen Rhodes, Pharmacist, tutored by
Maureen Theaker (Newport)

"Ed has lots of different ways to get the best Shakespearian performance out of you. I'm not very confident with Shakespeare, but he was very understanding and showed me some unexpected techniques on how to feel more at home with the language."
Sophie, LAMDA, tutored by
Ed Birch (East Dulwich)

"We found Hasina about 6 months before my sons final A level exams. Akshay felt he was nowhere near an A in the subject. We found Hasina a bit late but in time before exams. Hasina was well organised and had extensive knowledge in the subject.She taught my son and gave him a lot of positive encouragement. She was on hand whenever he needed to query anything. Thanks to Hasina he got an A* and a place at London School of Economics"
Parent of Aksay, tutored by
Hasina Ali (Central Birmingham)

"Jane was the perfect teacher for me"
Giuseppe Catalano, tutored by
Jane de Florez (Earl's Court)

"Ben listened carefully to my concerns so he could understand the areas that I needed help with before going over them in detail. I was given some past papers to ensure I understood the topic - a very effective method of working. I recommend this approach. Very helpful."
Nicola T, tutored by
Ben Karp (Kingston)

"After failing twice on both Literacy and Numeracy Skills Test, I felt I had no where to turn. I felt all future prospects of becoming a teacher were over. She identified all my weaknesses with literacy and maths. She worked with me intensely, on a one-to-one basis, tailoring my lessons specific to my needs and gave me the passion and drive to not give up, she gave me the self-esteem I needed.Yasmeen an exceptional tutor, her help and support has made my dream of studying Initial Teacher Training come true."
Successfully Enrolling into Birmingham City University 2015 Melissa Brown, tutored by
Yasmeen Ahmed (Bordesley Green)

"We give permission for Rob to say we recommended him. He has been teaching our year 5 and 6 students the guitar for 2 years now and we are very happy with him. He is always on time and is a very nice man."
St Stephen's Primary School, Newham, London, tutored by
Rob Guitar (Central Brentwood)

"My Coach was excellent at coming up with a tailored programme for me. I found myself significantly improved in pronunciation, writing and giving presentations. I highly recommend Vocalise."
Xun, Credit Analyst., tutored by
Pimmi (Chelsea)

"There are, frankly, few better all-rounders anywhere in the country.
Having seen Richard's on-the-job training for younger colleagues and work-experience students I have no hesitation in recommending him as a media studies lecturer. He has the ability to explain sometimes complex sitations clearly and succinctly and has a sense of humour which, in our business, should not be underestimated. I've lost count of the times his friendly, approachable manner has got us the picture where others failed."
Part 2 Nick Constable West Coast News, tutored by
Richard Lappas (Dulverton)

"The help I recieved was outstanding. A structured list of what we needed to achieve was made, something which really helped me to see my own personal progression. All of the grammar I had to learn had previously confused me, but Chris explained everything so brilliantly that I wondered how I hadn't understood it in the first place. I thoroughly enjoyed learning French again and my confidence with the language has soared."
Sarah-Jane L-- Exeter, tutored by
Chris Heaven (Pennsylvania)

"We were very impressed by Rosalind's professional and individual approach. She tailored every lesson with thoughtful preparation and helpful material to support the topic. The active and interactive manner of each lesson made learning very natural. One thing we should mention is the pleasant and welcoming atmosphere of each class. We have very much enjoyed our lessons and certainly wish to take further classes once we have the chance."
Oksana and Stanislav - Moscow, tutored by
Rosalind (Mayford)

"If you want a patient tutor who takes a practical approach to improving playing competance and tone then Dave is the tutor for you. My main issues were tone and range - both have been improved with the exercises and techniques taught to me by Dave."
Peter Smith, tutored by
Dave Kendall (High Wycombe)

"Dan has tutored my daughter for three years and has an extremely positive and friendly approach. My daughter has grown ten fold with her confidence for the subject and Dan showed her the steps to success in all her weak areas, breaking them down into easy manageable chunks. My daughter always looked forward to Dans tutorials and I have been very impressed with him."
Loretta (GCSE Maths), tutored by
Surefire Dan (Hendon)

"My teachers told me I couldn't get more than an E grade. I saw Lou for 2 years once a week and got a B grade. It was hard work but we had a laugh and got it done. I recommend Lou to anyone"
Hannah (E to B), Redditch, tutored by
Lou Lowton (Shirley)

"I generally go away to Spain with my sister-in-law and thought I should make an effort to learn a bit for when I'm there. I never bothered when my husband was alive, as he always used to order things for us. Still, I'm enjoying it because I can remember a lot. I know my numbers, alphabet, seasons and weather. And then there's 'hola', 'adiós', 'vete' and 'anda'. Carl does sheets for me in large print, too. That keeps it ticking over."
Norah Harrison (b. 1926), Barnsley, South Yorkshire, tutored by
Lingua Genesis Ltd (Central Barnsley)

"Our son has autism and within a few months of hiring Ruth, we noticed improvements. His school were amazed by this dramatic change. We decided that our other son should receive tutoring too. Ruth's lesson plans fitted in with their timetables, pin-pointed areas of weakness, worked on them, monitored their progress and moved on to new areas when they were ready. She bonds really well with her students, and Ruth's perseverance and hard work has made a difference to our children’s education."
The Khan Family, tutored by
Ruth Mitchell (Bow)

"I was a clarinet student of Daniel Broncano for two years, from 2007 to 2009. Due to my age -I was born in 1955-, to my lack of previous knowledge on music theory and to my recreational aspirations on the clarinet, Daniel´s teaching provided me the basic technical skills to enjoy the instrument as well as beginning a long journey to discover many aspects of the music machinery. For that purpose, he based our lessons on the music worlds I was interested in: blues, flamenco and Spanish classical music."
Fernande Ferro, tutored by
Daniel Broncano (Harringay)

"I can't say enough good things about Ruth. She works so well with my children. The boys look forward to their learning times with Ruth. Her patience and calm ways are a comfort for me as a mother. I feel that in the time that my children have spent being given private tuition by Ruth has been quality. I intend to have the children continue on with her."
Allenia A, Halesowen, W.M., tutored by
Ruth Grigg (Central Bromsgrove)

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