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Translation/ Interpretation

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Translating "You"

'Translating the Pronominal Form of Address in European Literature'  A large proportion of...
Translation/ Interpretation

Languages On The Internet

While working for my MA in translation one of the areas we covered was machine language: for our...
Translation/ Interpretation

We are not only translators!

Translation is the common word people usually use to describe the profession that transfers one...

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  • Luisa Romano Warlingham, CR6 Silver Member

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    Talk Italiano and English with Luisa Romano......!!!!
  • Liudmila Central Ipswich, IP4 Gold Member

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    An experienced ESOL teacher with an excellent rate of achievement. I taught at University, school and in the Lifelong Learning Sector in Ipswich. I use an individual approach and make sure that each student realises their potential.
  • Isabella Nicholls Knaphill, GU21 Silver Member

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    I really enjoy helping others to learn languages, using the strengths of each individual pupil, and tutoring on a one-to-one basis is ideal for this. Please see the testimonials on my profile to see what some of my students have said.
  • Jessica Wells Wendover, HP22

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    I recently graduated from the University of Oxford with a first-class degree in History and French. I am a dynamic and effective tutor with extensive teaching experience.
  • Benjamin Maeurer Richmond, TW10 Gold Member

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    Your interest in German tuition may be due to exams, a university course, German relatives, an audition, or the unique German sense of humour - I'll help you prepare for all of that. I enjoy teaching a lot and will make sure you enjoy your progress!
  • Qualified Spanish NATIVE Tutor Street, BA6

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    Fully qualified Spanish native teacher-translator. 15 years of experience working as a 1-1 online-Skype teacher, from home and at schools. I enjoy teaching Spanish, English EFL and my students also enjoy learning it. Learn Spanish easily and fast!
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  • Languages On The Internet

    Caroline Murphy Translation/ Interpretation Professional (North London) Picture While working for my MA in translation one of the areas we covered was machine language: for our purposes that can simply be interpreted as translation. That was almost 20 years ago, and at the time, a rather amusing exercise was how to make as many translation errors as possible. The puzzle...
  • Translating "You" Editor's Pick

    Sonya Skuse Translation/ Interpretation Professional (Lincoln) Picture 'Translating the Pronominal Form of Address in European Literature'  A large proportion of those who have agonised with Raskolnikov's dilemmas, wandered with Lemminkainen or been swept along by the magical tale of the Little Prince  have done so thanks to translations from the original...
  • We are not only translators!

    Translation/ Interpretation Professional (Leeds) Picture Translation is the common word people usually use to describe the profession that transfers one language into another; and a translator is someone who works in this profession. However, the categorization is more delicate than that. 1. Simultaneous interpreting/conference interpreting: When it...

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    The ensemble interpretation of quantum mechanics considers the quantum state description to apply only to an ensemble of similarly prepared systems, rather
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    retrieved: 28 May 2007. "The Origins of Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment". Infinity Translation Services. Retrieved 21 February 2016.  Section Chiefs