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Steenstrup and Jacobs' 'Song and Wind' for Brass

The teaching methods of perhaps the two most famous and important brass teachers of the 20th...


The most important thing to remember when playing any brass instrument, particularly the tuba,...

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Breathing exercises for Tuba

Playing the tuba is all about air support and this really applies to all brass instruments....

Editor's Pick

Warming up 'smart' on the Tuba

When playing an instrument such as the tuba, where technical skill can sometimes not be needed...

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  • Mr Matthew Palmer Horwich, BL6 Gold Member

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    Experienced brass teacher and professional trumpet player based in Horwich, Bolton.
  • Patrick Kenny Crouch End, N4 Gold Member

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    I'm a freelance trombonist and teacher offering lessons to people of any age - lessons will be fun whilst also pushing you to realise your potential!
  • Fiona Bassett Brass Tutor Wells, BA5 Gold Member

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    A 1st-class graduate of the Royal Northern College of Music, now furthering my studies with a Masters at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama in Cardiff. I am an experienced freelance French horn player looking for teaching in Cardiff.
  • Andrew Mallon Didsbury, M20

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    Graduate of the RNCM, based in Manchester, I teach all brass instruments (excluding French Horn), music theory and beginner piano.
  • Mark Harrison Farnworth, BL4 Gold Member

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    I am a professional Trumpet player in Manchester. I am enthusiastic and passionate about all aspects and genres of music. Teaching keen students is both fulfilling and rewarding.
  • Nat Harding Leytonstone, E11 Gold Member

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    I am a multi instrumentalist and composer/orchestrator, with primary and secondary school experience (inc. Maths/SEN support). I involve as many genres of music as possible, including classical, jazz, pop and rock.
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Tuba Articles

  • The importance of a good warm up

    Tuba Teacher (Cardiff) Picture Last night I was at a rehearsal and I witnessed someone do everything you should not do in a warm up. In fact I'm not really sure you could even call it a warm as what he did will have done anything but warm up his embouchure! It really bothered me and so I decided I would write this article as...
  • Breathing exercises for Tuba Editor's Pick

    Tuba Teacher (Cardiff) Picture Playing the tuba is all about air support and this really applies to all brass instruments. Without air you cannot produce a note and if the air flow is poor the sound will be poor also. You always hear people with amusing ideas that to play the tuba you have to be very big, but this is actually...
  • Brass Breathing Techniques

    Tuba Teacher (Birmingham) Picture Good tone and technique focuses largely upon breathing quality. Lung capacity is not an essential part of playing any brass instrument - there are some pretty good players out there who have small lung capacities. The key is using the air you have efficiently, and in my lessons this is a big...


  • Breathing

    Dave Kendall Tuba Teacher (Hemel Hempstead) Picture The most important thing to remember when playing any brass instrument, particularly the tuba, is BREATHE! You cannot create a good sound without flooding your instrument with air. Always remember to stay relaxed and get a good lung-full!
  • The Art of Communication

    Tuba Teacher (South West London) Picture Being an instrumental teacher is part of my life because I am determined to give young people the same amazing musical opportunities I was given as a child.
  • Warming Up

    Tuba Teacher (South East London) Picture I feel that the key to learning any brass instrument - in my case the tuba - is building up a good warm-up routine. This is an idea that has been passed on by all of my teachers and which I believe has the greatest impact on any musician's development. A warm-up of 30 minutes each day to me is...