Confidence and Learning

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Last updated: 09/01/2018
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Educators often overlook the importance of confidence in learning. Perhaps this is due to growing class sizes, numerous time constraints, pressure for teachers to achieve data thresholds, or hair-raising behavioural issues. But what is the cost? How much are we capable of learning, if we don't believe in ourselves? Or feel that our teacher does not have the time or patience for us?

The role that parents and educators play can be a huge factor when it comes to children's self-esteem. Those who lead us through the many trials of learning must tread carefully; as there may be more at stake than we think.

It has long been established that our self-esteem and our achievements are inextricably linked. Self-esteem is more likely the result, than the cause of academic achievement, but a certain level of confidence is required to begin with, in order to achieve academic success; so the two feed each other. A student's perceived ability to achieve is almost as significant as the achievement itself. Therefore, the importance of celebrating every success and every goal, no matter how small, is vital.

So how can we make our learners more confident?

First of all, it's crucial to make the learning environment positive. For example, a well-lit area that is free from distraction, with a tidy desk to work from, can make all the difference. The home environment is ideal, as it represents somewhere safe and familiar to the student, where they can feel comfortable to ask all the questions they need. A teacher who is positive also helps! As the saying goes, 'You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar'.

Secondly, use lots of praise. Every achievement should be acknowledged so that the learner feels motivated to keep going. Praise and rewards should be tailored to suit the pupil's needs depending on what motivates them.

Thirdly, set realistic goals together. If the pupil feels involved in their learning objectives, they will feel all the more confident once they are achieved. There is little point in setting goals that are well-beyond the pupil's reach, as this will do nothing for their self-esteem when they cannot achieve them.

And last of all, make learning fun. Learning shouldn't be all worksheets, doom and gloom. Why not use food to demonstrate division, or turn spelling into a game of 'go fish'? The more engaged a learner is, the more motivated they are, and in turn, the more confident.

Persha Darling Classical Singing Teacher (South East London)

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I am a trained opera singer and primary school teacher who tutors in Blackheath and the surrounding areas. If you are interested in having a lesson that is both fun and informative; please get in touch for more information.

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