How Intelligent Are You? How Are You Intelligent?

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Last updated: 12/10/2016
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How intelligent are you? Let’s find out. Take a few exams in maths, english, and science. We’ll assign them a number. With that number, we will assign you your place. We will tame your aspirations. We will limit your confidence. No need to explore further -- your intelligence has been measured.

To any reasonable person, this is a ridiculous way to approach learning; and yet, this is precisely the orientation of our education system. We pin the future of each of our children on a narrow set of subjects each of which is tested in an equally narrow way.

A good tutor can train her students to get the most marks in these exams. But, a great tutor sees exam success as a byproduct of a much healthier relationship with learning. A tutor often finds herself sitting in front of a student only after this relationship has become strained or has disintegrated altogether.

It’s quite simple. Every single child is curious about the world around them. That curiosity leads to exploration. That exploration is learning! If a child dreads going into a classroom or sitting down with a tutor, then those fundamental needs are not being met.

Tuition at its best doesn't seek to replicate the classroom environment on a one-to-one basis. Instead, it is an amazing opportunity to reach a student on a visceral level. Forget the X’s and Y’s. Look at what algebra can actually do. Chemical combustion? Ditch the notebook and light a candle. Is your student struggling with Newtonian equations of motion? The best thing you can do with that textbook is throw it around the room!

Use the room. Use props. Use images. Use this opportunity to remind your student what learning really is. Let them show you how amazing they are. Let them show you what they can do because each one has talents they’ve barely begun to explore. Intelligence comes in so many forms.

How intelligent are you? OR How are you intelligent? One question sets limits -- the other is limitless.

Frank Ivins GCSE Science Tutor (West London)

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I have many years of experience as a full-time personal tutor. I build the confidence, motivation, and enthusiasm essential for success in exams and beyond.

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