The 13 Plus - a second attempt at the 11 Plus?

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13+ exam (Common Entrance) By: Please log in to see tutor details
Subject: 13+ exam (Common Entrance)
Last updated: 12/06/2017
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Every so often I get a call from a parent who has heard whispers about 'something called the 13 Plus' and could I help prepare their child for it - and tell them a bit more about it. If you have a child who missed out in the grammars or made it to interview stage at the independents, but wasn't offered a place, it can be frustrating for child and parents alike. All those months (or years, in most cases) of preparation, money spent and time invested somehow seem to go down the drain with nothing but a state school offer to show for it. You may have asked if your child can go on the waiting list for as long as it takes for a space to become available - anything to offer some hope to your child. You may even have pleaded with the local authority running the grammar school selection tests because it was only a mark or twothat your child missed by, but the competition is so rife that even those who passed the mark can't get in because of how far they live away from the chosen schools. So is that the end? Not if you don't want it to be - there's always the 13 Plus. Many parents haven't heard about the 13 Plus because it is not so widely advertised - neither is the 11 Plus, to be fair - but most parents have never heard of this second-chance exam. What is the 13 Plus? The 13 Plus is usually focussed on core subjects - maths, English and science, but it's worth speaking with the registrar at the independent school of choice. Some schools also require students to sit a paper in reasoning, which is a combination of verbal and non-verbal reasoning, much like that of the 11 Plus. Grammar schools often don't run a 13 Plus entry, but if you have a school in mind, give the the admissions department a call. Limited spaces As you can imagine, the intake for the 13 Plus is very small. They are used to fill spaces that become available if there are too few applicants for the number of vacancies available for the 11 Plus, and if children subsequently leave the school. If you're interested in preparing your child for the 13 Plus, please do get in touch. I offer a complete package for preparing children for the 13 Plus. Here is a list of some of the schools who enable the 13 entry: Alleyn's School Benenden Brighton College Charterhouse Cheltenham Ladies' College City of London School Downe House Dulwich College Emanuel School Eton College Forest School Godolphin & Latymer Hampton School Harrow Highgate School Ibstock Place King’s College School Magdalen College School Merchant Taylor’s School Royal Grammar School, Guildford Sevenoaks School South Hampstead High School St Mary’s Ascot St Paul’s The Haberdasher's Aske's School for Boys The Harrodian School Tonbridge School University College School Westminster Winchester College Wycombe Abbey

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