The uses of Latin and Classics

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Last updated: 08/01/2015
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Over the course of my undergraduate and Masters degree I have often been asked why I study classics, what job will I get at the end and aren't Latin and Ancient Greek dead languages?

I believe these questions are part of the reason I have focused my studies on the reception of the ancient world, in short trying to figure out if and where these disciplines are still relevant. In my studies I have found that the classical world is still relevant to many aspects of life.

In language alone a Latin beginner would quickly be able to identify the origins of many English words as well as other European languages. Knowledge of Latin goes a long way to assist understanding of many modern languages, not only in vocabulary but also in construction. We could take for example the word benefactor, whilst the meaning could elude some whose first language is not English, for a Latinist the meaning is quickly apparent, bene facere meaning to do good, tells us that a benefactor is a person who does good. In such cases Latin can help with understanding.

It is such language puzzles and links to the present in Latin which makes it such a fascinating and useful language to study.


Jessica White GCSE Ancient Greek Tutor (South East London)

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