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Subject: Chemistry » A-level Chemistry
Last updated: 09/10/2013
Tags: chemistry calculations, question books

“Calculations in AS / A Level Chemistry” by Jim Clark published by Pearson Education Limited is a great book to support the teaching of A Level Chemistry.

Each chapter starts of with a summary of the key points in that topic and then goes on to provide typical A Level questions.  One of the best things about the book is the detailed answers.  Whereas some books simply give the numerical answer with no workings, this goes through the calculation step by step in line with the key marking points found in the examiners’ mark schemes.  

This book is not only essential for A Level students but provides a great support for any inexperienced Chemistry teacher wishing to improve their understanding of the topic.  This book has been used regularly, with great success, in the Chemistry department where I worked for many years and by our A Level students.  I highly recommend it.

Nigel Straney A-level Chemistry Tutor (Worcester)

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I am a leading Online Chemistry Tutor with 19 years teaching experience, 20 years tutoring experience and I am an examiner. I use self produced syllabus specific notes and powerpoints to teach CIE, Edexcel, AQA,OCR A and IB syllabus.

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