The Life and Times of Cicero

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Subject: Classical Civilisation » A-level Classical Civilisation
Last updated: 27/10/2012
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Cicero was present at and an active participatant in some of the most cataclysmic events in the history of Rome, and therefore western European civilisation, and therefore the world.  Thanks to his testimony, we know more about this period that about any other - and not only about the events and their causes, but also the personalities who enacted them.

This is a period of endless fascination, and one that constantly rewards study.  Although a tutor in this area, I am in fact just as much a student!

I look forward not only to teaching, but also to learning much more about Cicero in the years to come.

Dr Julian King GCSE Latin Tutor (Belfast)

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I take a professional and sympathetic approach to those with difficulties and to those wishing to maximise potential (e.g. Oxbridge entrance candidates). Personal contact fully backed up with all materials available in electronic format.

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