Computing Science Is A Good Choice

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Last updated: 29/01/2018
Tags: artificial intelligence, computing, computing science, cyber security, cybernetics

Computing science as a chosen subject for any person in today's world has to be a good choice for one's career prospects. The amount of variety in computing specialisation from university courses and qualifications to actually employment opportunities is limitless and quite frankly very exciting. As someone who is almost 50 years old, if I had my time again rather than learning traditional computing I would have opted for courses like:

However Cyber Security is something that sounds really very interesting and has definitely peaked my curiosity.

While I was teaching in Scotland I took a class of students to the Cyber Security Christmas lectures. The lectures involve industry experts, Police Scotland, Edinburgh Napier University and its supporters include the Scottish government, SQA and Scottish Enterprise. Pupils were given information on how to identify and avoid cybercrimes. As well as being told about the variety of job opportunities in the cyber security industry. Below are a few cyber security links:

One of the lecturers told an interesting story about a friend of his. The friend was working in the cyber security industry but, in his spare time he was an avid white hacker. The friend checked for vulnerabilities on random company websites (basically tried to hack them). Once he found a way in he would contact the company and point out the flaws in their system. He would genuinely tell the company how to fix their security issues without asking for payment. The majority of companies however would give him anything from 10k to 25k as a thank you for helping them out with their security issues.

Did you know the average cyber security job pays £72,500 per year?

When you study cyber security at university, you learn modules like industrial espionage and counterfeiting, ethical hacking, and even gigital forensics – real CSI stuff. If you're interested in this, just search cyber security on the internet.

Philip Johnston A-level Computer Science Tutor (Swansea)

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I'm a qualified secondary school teacher who has been teaching for 17 years. I have taught in England, Wales, Scotland and overseas. I'm an excellent teacher who explains things simply and in such a way to help students understand difficult topics.

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