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Last updated: 04/04/2008
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When I was studying for my IGCSE, GCSE and A-level exams I knew exactly how daunting it all was!

However, the pressure of doing well, or "remembering it all" does not help! So the key is not to stress. I found that most of the people in my classes were spending far too much time worrying, and therefore wasting their valuable revision time.

The key is to stay calm. Don't try to study too many subjects at the same time. Plan out your exam timetable, and slowly work your way through it. Start with an overall subject revision, and as time draws closer, narrow down to the subjects that are closest (but don't forget the other ones!).

It helps to get a notebook and just write out notes (don't write pages and pages of them) and perhaps narrow this down into 2 A4 pages which you can read over and over the night before, and on your way to the exam. Ignore people who say reading notes before an exam won't help, because every extra bit of knowlege is going to help!

So good luck! and don't foget to do some serrious highlighting on your notes, and discussing and testing the work is a quick and fun way to recap that knowledge.


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