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Subject: Economics » A-level Economics
Last updated: 23/02/2017
Tags: lacking in confidence, learning from experience, love to learn

Everybody loves to learn, to gain something to keep, that nobody can take away from you. That lovely buzz of reaching a new level, knowing something more than someone else and the off shoots of confidence and achievement that no one can ever take away. Learning is permanent, but the process can bring temporary pain. So many people dislike the process but enjoy the outcome.

Why does the process often seem so painful? Well learning can create inconvenience, heart ache and mistakes - even reduce your confidence and take you on a journey that seems endless. However that lovely warmth in achieving something can be enhanced by a better learning experience and challenge.

All too often the learning process is biased towards how people were taught in the past, or perceptions on how a teacher should act with preference for our own ways of learning. Quite often learning environments are driven by costs and mass market delivery that appears to be offered to all but in reality impacts only on a rare few. Efficiencies and structures can create those stifling environments that limit and suffocate peoples' ability to reach those learning heights. Often it is not the subject but the actual process that creates the issue. We often hear commendable  'great teacher' or harsh ' bad teacher' comments but rarely hear the keys words 'great learning'.

However with the luxury of focusing on learning over teaching those tutoring sessions can be really accelerated on a person’s progress. In fact, accelerated learning techniques can be used to such an effective extent that the learning and achievement is reached without that terrible pain that can put people off the education  experience for life.   In essence, putting a person at the centre, finding out what they need and respond is the key; from their progress evolves outwards and upwards. With such an approach, respect is given to all different intelligences and no resource or technique is considered ineffective - only what impacts and actually works.

So the next time I or anyone else tries to impart an idea or concept - take that small breather and consider - what was your first positive memory, what can you remember and recall from ages ago and why is that knowledge and positive experience still with you now and for ever into the future?

Paul Mc A-level Economics Tutor (Manchester)

About The Author

I believe that I can add at least two higher grade boundaries to your present results and learning.

I tailor my tutoring on how you wish to learn, setting targets and teach in a style that you ask for - a truly personalised approach.

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