directing Lyistrata, or, at least, trying to

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Subject: A-level Expressive Arts
Last updated: 27/10/2017
Tags: 20th century american theatre, a-level drama, gcse expressive arts, o'neill, theatre studies

Setting ? Let's go for 1963 Mod and Rockers. How about the Cuban Missile Crisis? 'Cuban what?' replied one ( Rosey wasn't studying history ). The bloke that's just died, retorted Ali. Oh, him with the cigar, shouted Jake. Guys, let's cut to the chase, I say. What about the show? The show, after all, is everything.  In the round, on a prom, chips and ice cream vendors, primary colours; the girls in bright pleated frocks; beehives and bobs; the blokes in black leather and the judge in white slip ons; the audience to be divided by gender; Lysistrata to wear a crisp white, flowing down. However, we must always ask 'Why?' Liking the costume of an era, a song, a style is insufficient. A director, be it for a student production or that of the RSC, must be able to justify their decision. For instance, a show at Sheffield's Crucible, the director reconceptualised Beckett's Krapp in order to make it relevant to a contemporary audience. By doing so she lost not only the central thrust of the Playwright's intent - that of loss, fragility and the ennui of which we are all bound - but managed to patronise the audience too. Are we - of the 21st Century, of 19 to 90 - incapable of understanding Beckett? Directors of all age and experience should be wary of thinking they know best. Beckett portrays the ridiculousness of our plight ( Ok, I know, and so does Brexit). I imagine audiences who are, in the main, humans, are all too aware of this uncertainty.




Pete Goodland A-level English Tutor (Sheffield)

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