Crossing the bridge from GCSE to A-Level French

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Subject: French » A-level French
Last updated: 01/12/2011
Tags: general study and research skills, language patterns


To become a successful linguist at Advanced level you will need to be prepared to develop these important key skills during your new course:

  • acting - answer questions in the foreign language even if you aren't sure about all the vocabulary or grammar! Have a go!
  • experimenting - be willing to try out newly acquired vocabulary and phrases
  • guessing - look for vocabulary clues in texts and exercises
  • communicating - volunteer answers / volunteer to do presentations
  • organising - look for patterns in the language, arrange your work in a clear, organised way
  • absorbing - soak up cultural differences, intonations, gestures...
  • and above all show your enthusiasm and enjoy your learning!


Monique Cullen French (general) Tutor (Reading)

About The Author

I am a native French speaker, fully qualified teacher (PGCE qualification) with an excellent results record.

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