Tips For Becoming Fluent In French

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Last updated: 04/03/2017
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Become the foreign person you want to be:
I believe that a major part of becoming fluent is based on “acting”: act like a french person and you’re halfway there. Pick up the mannerisms, accent, intonation, gestures that french people use, sell your act of “I’m playing a french person". If you’re convincing enough then people will believe you’re “as french” as them, or at least they will identify with behaviours that are very similar to theirs.

Use flashcards apps like Anki
I recently discovered Anki through some students and I really like it. You make your own flashcards, it’s easy to use, and it is based on how the brain works and your ability to remember words. I have learnt vocabulary a lot more efficiently that way.

Be exposed/ listen to the target language, but at a level that suits you
Often my students tell me they’re watching french films or listening to french radio. Now that’s great, and it’s obviously better than not doing anything at all, but I believe something more beneficial would be to spend the same amount of time watching/listening to material that is suited to your level, or slightly above. That way the gap to bridge isn't too big and you remain motivated, as it isn’t too out of reach.

Have a bank of sentences ready 
What are the sentences you say most often in your own languages? Do you know their foreign equivalent? Can you portray who you really are and express what you really want to express in your foreign language? If not, then get started on making a list of the things you often say in your native language and find the foreign equivalent!

Nordine Schweitzer French (general) Tutor (North West London)

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