A Level German Has Changed

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Subject: German » A-level German
Last updated: 11/10/2017
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As A Levels have recently changed, so have the requirements and the expectations for students aiming to achieve good grades. Students are, now more than ever, required to keep up with political, historical, economic and ecological developments in today's society and form their own thoughts and arguments on pressing issues such as immigration, social inequality and global warming.

A Levels German now requires elaborate reflections and research on historic subjects like the formation and collapse of the DDR, whilst students are required to express their thoughts in a highly complex foreign language.

I admire those aiming to achieve good A Level results. A Level German is more than ever a great challenge, but it is wonderful to teach students who accept it and form deep and inspiring thoughts along the way that may, at some point, change the world for the better.

Regina M GCSE German Tutor (South East London)

About The Author

I am a native German speaker and an experienced language teacher. I taught 4 years as a German teacher for adult professionals and am now employed as a German assistant at CLSG and train to become an English and History teacher in Switzerland.

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