Building A Pyramid Of Maths Knowledge

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Last updated: 28/10/2017
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I believe that maths is a lot of fun.

I have been asked many a time by the students, "How do you make difficult problems appear so simple". My answer generally is, by using the right technique and methodological approach even the most difficult problem can be made easy. I think it is absolutely important to find the right tutor who is not afraid to go a little bit outside of the book to help the students visualize the problems whenever possible.

Another thing is that having strong foundation helps. I mean while solving any A-level problem, it helps if the student is good with GCSE level maths. It is just like building a pyramid, a stronger base will ensure a taller pyramid. You can understand a lot more if you have a strong foundation. So work out your basics guys!

T Puri A-level Maths Tutor (Uxbridge)

About The Author

Dr Puri is an expert in making difficult problems look simple and understandable. Puri holds a PhD in mathematical modelling of medical data and a postdoc from University of Oxford. He has plenty of experience teaching maths around Hillingdon.

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