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A lot of GCSE students often ask me, "what are the differences between the different applied mathematical modules at A Level?", so I thought I would write a useful breakdown of each one to help with your choices! (Note - this is based on edexcel, but will most likely apply across the board)

Core: C1-4 are compulsory for A Level Mathematics. These modules give you the tools and the basic understanding necessary to be able to complete the applied modules. They contain methods such as differentiation, integration (these are collectively known as 'calculus'), further graphical work such as circle equations and challenging visual techniques such as vectors. If you are taking straight forward maths A Level the common method is to take C1 and C2 in your first year and C3 and C4 in your second.

Statistics: S1-S4 modules are a selection that can be taken (leading to having an A-Level in maths with statistics). These cover a wide range of techniques to be able to work with data and be able to evaluate what it is telling you. In my own opinion, this is the easier of the options which you are able to select from. You will take S1 in the first year and S2 in the second, and due to the nature of the content covered the majority of exams are the same questions with different stories (especially within S2).

Mechanics: M1-M5 modules cover mechanics, which can be a challenging task. If you are planning on taking physics at A Level, these modules do cover some of the same material. Unless you are planning a degree in engineering or require mechanics for something else in the future, I do not recommend that you take this as it is much more challenging than the alternatives.

Decision: D1-D2 modules cover different types of algorithms - these modules are not selectable at some schools but inforced at others.

Hope this helps!

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