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Last updated: 06/05/2018
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Are you a struggling student? Do you feel that you need a Mathematics tutor? The implication of having one means that you will have a mentor who teaches you in the most effective approach for your learning styles.

At schools, a teacher's ability to provide you with individual time to fully understand difficult concepts and to answer your questions is limited due to the number of students. Despite teachers' concern for their students' wellbeing and their desire to help them succeed, it just is not likely for them to provide you with the much-needed one-on-one attention. Teachers have to divide their attention amid many students, hence it is difficult to give you the support and attention you need. Tutors provide the one-on-one engagement that you strive for.

Tutors identify weaknesses, strengths and specific gaps that result in you going to class each day struggling to understand the new concepts being taught because each new maths concept and assignment is built on previous knowledge you should have acquired.

We will explain maths to you in a tailored fashion that suits your needs, employing a variety of approaches that facilitate your learning. Time management will be addressed in the personalised tutoring sessions; objectives and targets are set and discussed to get the best out of you, creating a safe space for learning and expressing yourself, where you can address issues that affect your ability to learn. Consequently, your confidence is boosted, developing your self-esteem and strengthening your skills at school leading to improved performance, and thus grades.

Students lacking motivation creates hindrances for their learning process. Tutoring employs teaching strategies that enhance your incentive to learn by making the topics more interesting and relating them to the world outside of the classroom; as a consequence, you will see maths with a new perspective and bridge the gap between what you learn in class and the application of those concepts in different contexts. Gradually, you will start comprehending maths concept after maths concept, and catch up with your school work; your tutor will nurture the potential within you.

Even if you are a skilful sixth former preparing for your Maths A Level, or if you are a Year 11 student studying for your GCSE Maths, you can still benefit greatly from a tutor, who emphasises your exam taking techniques, provides effective revision and gets you the desired grades that facilitate getting into certain universities of your choice. Moreover, summer tutoring can be advantageous as it guarantees that the information you learned is retained for your A Level and GCSE Exams before starting the new academic year.

Most school systems cannot offer any special support, and at times, even smart students can fall behind, and might need individual attention. As you grow older, gaps in maths become even more evident. Private tutoring, whether in person or online, gives you the opportunity to take as much time as you need to explore difficult concepts, fully understand your classwork and ask questions. Additionally, tutoring provides you with a safe place to ask questions that you are embarrassed to ask in class. As tutors, if we have just one student to attend to, then we can adapt our approach to your particular needs, pass quickly over the things you can do, and spend time improving the way you perceive the subject applying the learning to enhance your problem-solving skills so that your weaknesses are resolved and your knowledge is consolidated.

Ghada Beidas A-level Maths Tutor (Newcastle upon Tyne)

About The Author

I enjoy tutoring and am keen to provide individualised, tailored support to you, while presenting information in a variety of ways, emphasising relevance of class material to the world beyond the classroom and enhancing your performance and grades

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