How To Motivate A Student

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Last updated: 07/06/2018
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A peaceful environment favors willingness and determination

The ideal environment that every tutor should pursue is the one in which the student is serene, participating laboriously, doing a proper job and with passion.

A quiet environment helps the student to learn more through his skills and inspirations. The willingness and the determination to learn to please one's own interest or the desire to know are two directly related factors. This is a psychological and rational occurrence because it has to do with self-esteem and tenacity in the study.

Interactive and stimulating lessons

The lesson should not be only notional and it should be avoided a simple transfer of information. It must have a meaning and teach something that goes beyond the theoretical knowledge in order to stimulate the student's motivation.

The material that students use must be accompanied by comments from the tutor, who must be an expert in the field, to encourage a more interactive approach that is detached from the traditional "frontal lesson" proposed in the schools. Thanks to an original interpretation and explanation of the lesson subject, the student will feel more likely to ask questions about the topic, avoiding any feelings of boredom and negligence.

This set of factors favors the appreciation of a study subject while the tutor's ability to emotionally involve the student plays a fundamental role since the tutor must be able to pass on this feelings similar to when he learned the information by making them his own and then transmitting them to others.

Generally the motivation is reached when an individual sets goals and outlines the outcomes he wants to achieve - this happens for both students and tutors. By instituting effective methods of work and study, it is possible to plan, prepare, supervise and classify one's success.

The tutor's successes in education, the acquired knowledge, the discovery of new activities and the efforts to complete them successfully are a source of approval and complacency that assure respect, admiration and approval. The most effective tutoring situation occurs when the tutor receives the attention of the students who considers him as a reference point and a positive example to which one can appeal, maintaining a sense of mutual trust.

Emotions continuously influence the student's ability to learn effectively while the process of formation and identity development can suggest how these emotions are experienced by the pupil.

Situations in which there is a poor application by the student, laziness, insecurity or inability to learn often suggest the student's impossibility to support these failures from an emotional point of view. This failure limits first of all the ability of the student to work independently and to complete the assigned tasks. The non-success with which the student must confront often derive from the need to feel accepted; once satisfied this need the student will have more confidence in himself.

The limitation of grades

Evaluation is the most common tool with which the level of student's knowledge is "measured". Although it is an indispensable tool, it is important not to consider the student only for his grades, as this can lead to anxieties diminishing self-esteem.

The grade system may reduce the student to a simple number, depersonalizing him. Counteracting the underestimation of the pupil is necessary to limit a wrong perception of himself, with the risk that the student decides to stop learning only because he feels constantly inadequate. This feeling is generally accompanied by an aggressive, rebellious, surrendering or passive attitude.

The importance of the relationship with the tutor

The relationship with the tutor is a central element in the teaching process. It is inevitable that the relationship that is created is asymmetric: the tutor and pupil have different responsibilities, roles, rights and duties. The tutor must make sure to transmit knowledge in the most natural way possible, the pupil must pay attention by participating laboriously, doing a proper job and with passion during the proposed exercises.

Nevertheless the pupils have very different personalities and it is not uncommon to find students rushed, casual and uncontrollable, giving rise to lesson management problems, in the most serious cases preventing the normal conduct of the lesson.

Personality is a hallmark of each of us that particularly affects the relationship with adults and companions, impacting on academic performance. A good tutor, aware of these differences, will be perfectly able to manage the lesson, avoiding difficult moments in the conduct of the lesson.

New technologies to learn better

Thanks to the new technologies, such as computers, tablets, interactive multimedia tablets and projectors, the teaching and learning experience for students is changing radically, making them more enjoyable and stimulating. It is scientifically proven that the brain responds in a much faster way to images, sounds and videos than to written information.

Today's young people are able to learn notions much faster and more consistently than in the past and the use of the internet has increased this capacity dramatically. This has been possible thanks to the diffusion of smartphones that allow an easy and fast internet access. The potential of these electronic devices should never be underestimated but an abuse of these tools inevitably leads to a decline in attention, so it is necessary to make a diligent use of them: tutors must support traditional education with technology, maintaining a proper boundary between these two teaching methods so as to compensate for any feelings of laziness, absence of participation and attention from the students.

Finally the tutor should not only educate students but also train them as people, contributing to their identity process, in preparation for adult life.

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