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Subject: Physics » A-level Physics
Last updated: 23/12/2012
Tags: a level maths revision, a-level physics, university physics

For some years now I've had the great privilege of working with older teenagers through their A Level years, watching them develop and mature into young adults. For the better part, they are hard working, dedicated youngsters for whom I have much admiration. Of course we spend most of our tutoring time together working on the problems at hand but if I'm working with a student over a stretch of time, I often get to hear about their career aspirations, their university choices and where they hope it will lead them. They are approaching a junction in their lives and what happens next will likely shape their career path and future lives. It's both exciting and nerve-wracking but they are always hopeful, always positive and it just makes me work all the harder to help them get where they want to be. 

Come results day, most will be heading off to university or college and, after all the congratulations and celebrations, that is usually the last I hear from them. So what happens next, I often wonder ? What becomes of them ?

This autumn I started work on a part-time basis at Leeds university, and got the chance to see first hand what the next stage of academic life looked like. Yes, I've been to university myself, but that was a little while ago now and much has changed in those years. I started this job at the same time that hundreds of youngsters, similar to those I had been teaching, first set foot on campus. And, of particular value to me, one youngster I already knew from my own tutoring cohort of the previous year, who I occasionally bumped into in the corridors.

Well, the good news is that the new intake are all fine, having matured to the next academic stage over the course of their first term. This has been wonderful for me to see, and from it I get much reassurance that my past students are most probably still on their path and developing into the promising individuals I saw in an earlier guise.

So the 'what happens next' question is now (partly) answered with a positive outcome.

I do wish more of them would keep in touch though.



Pempi Wycherley A-level Physics Tutor (Leeds)

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I am a professional tutor, highly qualified and have plenty of experience adapting to the needs of different students, thereby helping them get the very best out of their study time.

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