Confidence Is The Key To Acting

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Last updated: 04/05/2017
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“You are brilliant, but you just need more confidence, Lucy”. 

This was my catch phrase at college. I was training at one of the top drama schools in the country and I was told that the only thing that stood in my way was MYSELF.  Ok, so let's go out and find this so called confidence then, my 18yr old self began to think.  It wasn’t long before I discovered that unfortunately confidence is not something you can find on the top shelf, next to the cereal at your local shop.

I was cast as Titania in our college production of A Midsummer Night's Dream.  Three weeks before rehearsals were due to start, there I was, sat facing a serious lack of results on finding this so-called confidence.  So, I decided to turn to what I do best, good old fashion hard work.  I covered up my confidence deficiency with doing extra preparation on my script and spending extra time on my character building.  I immersed myself into the script, the language, the writer, the composer and the story.  I spent hours researching the play's setting, what they wore, how they spoke, politics of the time, the social climate. Then I researched all those fabulous, confident actors out there who had played the role before me. I read their rave reviews, considered their choices against mine. I spent days breaking my character down. What and how they thought, their objectives, their obstacles, their own unique ways of getting what they want, how they tried to hurt or please, what hurt them, what made them happy, what were their morals, beliefs, their make up. 

I had pages and pages of notes, scribbles, diagrams, thoughts and ideas. I covered my script with it all so that it was unrecognisable as a dear old Shakespeare script at all.

The first day of rehearsals came. “React and respond Lucy,” the teachers would shout. “It's as simple as that!”.  "Ok," my hard-working self thought, "I’ll do just that." I saw what was in front of me and I responded to it. I listened, I watched, I got affected by what was happening around me.

“Finally Lucy! You have found your confidence!”

“What? Where?” I replied.

“Right there in that scruffy, over flowing script of yours.”

Right then I discovered the most important lesson I have ever learnt as an actor. My investment, my dedication, my commitment, my research and my knowledge I had found, THAT was my confidence, because it had given me all the freedom in the world to play in truth. Do your homework so thoroughly and every doubt, fear and confusion utterly disappears. “Confidence is the key.”

Lucy Thatcher Jazz/ Pop Singing Teacher (Chester)

About The Author

Hello, my name is Lucy Thatcher and I have recently moved up from London to live in wonderful Cheshire. In London I worked as an actor in the West End performing in some of the most successful shows including the RSC's Matilda and many more.

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