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Its a rainy January afternoon and I'm in the secondary school teaching my weekly LAMDA Public Speaking class. It's a group session. Group sessions of have the double difficulty of severely limiting the individual time each student gets but also the fact that vocal warm-ups can often become a giggle fest. Twelve speeches to work on in 90 minutes. Right, lets get these mouths moving.

"Mah - nah- lah, Mor - nor - lor, Moo - noo - loo." A smile cracks. Eyes flutter around at each other. What are we doing? "Pah - tah - kah, por - tor - kor." - I can't blame them. Day three of drama school, voice class, the jaw shaking had me belly laughing to the point I had to leave the room. I was only young then too. "Vah - var - zah, vor - vor - zoh" - Now, these students are well behaved. The sort of students that teachers dream about. But even they can't tolerate this! The last time they spoke this much gibberish, they were wearing nappies. "Hoo hoooo, Hah Haaaah, Hey Heeey, Hor Hooorrrr." When one goes they all go. The giggle fest erupts and reverberates around the room. There are those big loud voices I'm here to unleash! "Sir, what are we doing?"

Well. Today we are going to be using our voices at full capacity. Your mouth, tongue and throat are full of muscles, and just as you would warm up your body before exercising, you must warm up your voice before putting it through any vigorous use, if you want to use it at its optimum level, and maintain it's health.

"But we are making silly noises!" No. We are making simple noises.

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