ADHD Executive Functioning And Learning

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Subject: ADD/ ADHD
Last updated: 16/04/2018
Tags: active learning, adhd, executive functioning

Executive functions are the cognitive and mental abilities that people need to actively pursue goals. Executive functions effect how we behave towards our future goals and what encompass the abilities we need to accomplish them. By employing your executive functions effectively, you're hoping to change your future for the better.

Children with ADHD often struggle considerably in the strength of many executive functioning skills, which can have a detrimental effect on learning and academia. An awareness of the development of these skills can help children with ADHD learn to use what they know, work to their strengths and develop their executive functions over time. 

Executive Function is judged by the strength of these skills:
1. Self-awarness
2. Inhibition
3. Working memory
4. Emotional regulation
5. Self-motivation
6. Planning and problem solving

Anyone who exhibits the classic symptoms of ADHD will have difficulty with all or most of these executive functions. Problems with inhibition in someone with ADHD lead to impulsive actions. Problems with emotional regulation can lead to innaproporiate outbursts.

Donna Ward Key Stage 1 English Tutor (South East London)

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I am an experienced and enthusiastic SEN and academic tutor, with 6 years' experience working with children and young people in education. I foster an approach centred on developing confidence, self-belief and an autonomous learning style.

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