Alexander Technique: A lens to work on it

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Subject: Alexander Technique
Last updated: 01/07/2018
Tags: alexader technique, body balance, body mapping, running, swimming

Alexander technique (AT) is the attitude of questioning ourselves what are those things we usually do all the time or in certain situations that interfere with our healthy way of functioning, of being, and how to prevent, stop, undo or diminish them. In other words, is something like cleaning, tidying up ourselves. This may sound something applicable to physical, psychological and emotional states. In very rough words, AT is not about correction, but about cleaning. The more we can undo or "clean", the better our psychophysical entity can be.

It is useful for me to think my body as two partial muscular-skeletal structures. A core or axial one: cranium(including mandible)/spine(including ribs) (bone and inner muscles) containing all the vital activity, and a peripheral structure, which is all the tissue that attaches the limbs to the axial structure. This peripheral structure doesn’t start where the limbs start, but wraps and gives contention to the whole core structure. To clarify what is axial and what is peripheral, think about a snake, which has no limbs, therefore it doesn't need all the strong muscles we have to keep our limbs attached to our axial structure. I call length the core structure and width the peripheral structure. The more I can release my peripheral structure, the freer the core structure becomes: That would be achieving lengthening only by widening (releasing width). Length is within width. What restricts the length is mostly the rigidity of the width.

As I see it, Alexander order "freeing the neck" means releasing the peripheral tissue of the neck, so that the core structure of it can achieve more freedom.

The ribcage, belonging to the core structure, achieves more freedom as the peripheral structure in which it is contained releases.

The more the peripheral structure releases, the more it tends to go forward, and the more the core structure goes back.

Gabriel Santos Alexander Technique Teacher (North London)

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Hello, I am Gabriel. I teach the Flute and the Alexander Technique. Do contact me for any queries.
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