Something Great To Think About The Jaw

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Subject: Alexander Technique
Last updated: 11/02/2018
Tags: alexander technique, flute, health, posture, sports


I find the lower jaw bone great. Its relation to the skull influences the possibility of a healthier way of behaving, of thinking, of moving, of functioning, allowing ourselves to keep responsive, free, in good condition.


If we look at a lower jaw bone from its side, it looks like an “L”. That “L” is in suspension, hanging from the skull. It is not screwed. It is hanging as you hang from a swing. If sitting on a swing, your bottom wasn’t behind the seat, you would fall forward. In the same way, the mandibular muscles keep the vertex of that ‘L’ hanging behind them. It usually happens that there are forces that make our jaw fall forward, as in the swing, and that can be prevented by the thought of allowing the vertex to hang again.


When we talk or we don’t, when we blow or we don’t, when we sing or we don’t, when we swallow or we don’t, when we walk or we don’t, when we run or we don’t, there’s no reason why our jaws should stop being hanging from our skull.


If you are doing exercise and suddenly you realise that you’ve started sucking air through your mouth, it may be good for you to have a pause, it may have started happening that your jaw has stopped being in suspension.


If you notice that a situation puts you wrong, take your time and remind yourself to allow your jaw to hang again. It may help.

Gabriel Santos Alexander Technique Teacher (North London)

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Hello, I am Gabriel. I teach the Flute and the Alexander Technique. Do contact me for any queries.
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