Time for Ourselves

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Subject: Alexander Technique
Last updated: 29/04/2008
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How often in our busy lives do we really find time for ourselves?  Many relaxation activities such as watching a film or reading a book represent an enjoyable escape, but do not give the opportunity to really look at how we do things in a constructive fashion.  It is important to give ourselves time to address how we react to the challenges of everyday life.  Perhaps by taking this time we can find a better way?

As children we develop natural poise and balance, but modern life takes its toll and along the way we develop habits of tension that cause us pain and discomfort.  Often we accept this as a fact of life, but there is something we can do about it.  The Alexander Technique brings our attention to how we use ourselves in daily activities, addressing issues such as posture, pain, breathing and tension.  This process gives us the space to develop a thoughtful response to the many stimuli around us.

With the Alexander Technique we can learn how to let go of the tensions we have built up over the years, avoid unnecessary tension and strain in our daily activities, find relief from pain and discomfort, and minimise stress.  What better way could there be to use your time?


Catherine Fleming Alexander Technique Teacher (West London)

About The Author

I am a professional recorder player and teacher of the Alexander Technique. My aim is to bring out the best in each individual and to foster a love of learning.

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