Benefits Of Studying Biology At University

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Last updated: 08/01/2018
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So you're thinking of studying Biology at university? If you like science and the study of living things then a course in Biology is definitely the right choice! As Biology is such a diverse and broad field you can learn about evolution of life from a world made of RNA, the constant battle field that is your body between immune cells and invading diseases, and even how epigenetic changes influence future generations of humans, and all this in just three years. University level Biology courses are designed to give you a broad overview of the recent developments in Biology so there may be areas that you won't even know about yet that can ignite your imagination and interest.

A benefit of studying Biology is that as it is a very practical course you have a) a lot more contact time with your professors or tutors than other subjects i.e. you get a lot more bang for your buck and b) if you're more practically minded then learning the course content is much easier as you can directly see the method and results of what you are learning while running experiments in the lab. Depending on your module choices at different universities you would also be expected to do fieldwork which would let you travel and explore new locations.

Biology has advanced tremendously over the years and as it has done so, the lines between it and other subjects have become very blurred. So if you are interested in biology and software development then you can study bioinformatics and model epidemics or if chemistry is also your passion then you can learn to design new drugs that have various effects on the body.

During any Biology course you will use scientific methods and learn how to produce, read, evaluate and present data clearly - this is a highly valuable asset. Additionally you'll learn how to read and research complex information and then write it up in the form of a literature review or a dissertation. This means that you leave the Biology course with many diverse skills on your CV that would make you very desirable for your future career- be it in scientific research, healthcare or business and industry!

Dr Katya Kinnear A-level Biology Tutor (South West London)

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