A Little Advice For Business English Students

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Subject: English » Business English
Last updated: 01/06/2018
Tags: build your vocabulary, improvement

Is English really not priority number 1? In a 10 hour working day does language practice regularly end up lower down the list?

No problem: we business English teachers are not offended! Would you maybe accept a little advice? Let's try to simplify the process of language learning? After all we are all familiar with the constraints of following a career, confronting traffic, finding time for family and friends...

How about the careful organisation of a simple notepad? A notepad that goes with you just about everywhere!

My advice would be to divide the note pad into two. Vocabulary and grammar. That's it, nice, simple and very practical.

Target a number of new words you would like to add to your vocabulary per week. 7 perhaps? But you're not just going to take any old word, add the definition in your first language and leave it at that!! Maybe take a word you've come across in class and think will be useful to you going forward. Probably your teacher has explained the meaning, maybe given some examples. Now use a dictionary for another definition and examples. Use Google. How many examples do you find? 100,000? Copy 3 or 4 of these down. Send an example or two to your teacher via message or whatsapp. What are the chances of this new word moving from your passive vocabulary to your active? Pretty good I'd say and all in less than 10 minutes!

On the next day without a class, refer back to a grammar correction your teacher made in the last class. A present perfect vs a simple past. Or a 'to' vs 'for'. Remember the teacher's explanation and delve a little deeper. Again Google can be your friend. Many examples for you to record in that note pad and a gradual build up of refresher points for you. Cutting small grammar errors out one by one sounds like a big plus. 

Maybe follow this programme for a month and feel the improvement. Passive to active. It's what it is all about.

Very best of luck!

Mark Philipps Business English Teacher (West London)

About The Author

I am an extremely dedicated professional, with plenty of experience in one-to-one business English teaching and tutoring.

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