How to Form Phrasal Verbs (with examples)

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Subject: Cambridge First Certificate (FCE)
Last updated: 15/02/2016
Tags: adverbs, meaning, phrasal verbs, phrase, preposition

Phrasal verbs consist of:

verb + particle (adverb or preposition)

Tip: Using phrasal verbs as part of your spoken English is a great way to increase the level of your spoken English to advanced level!

Can you guess the meaning of these phrasal verbs?

1. act on: "Today, I was given some advice by my teacher. I think I should act on it."

2. account for: "I cannot account for the errors on this page!"

3. acquaint with: "I am acquainted with the new guy. Do you know him at all?"

4. act out: "The child is acting out! She is jumping up and down because she wants a sweet." / "Don't act out today!"

5. aim at: "We should aim at getting the best results this summer!" / "Yes. All my words of encouragement were aimed at helping Karla."

6. agree with: "I always knew my friends would agree with me." / "Summer in London really agrees with me."


To act on: You can act on or act upon information or advice by doing what has been advised or recommended.

To account for: To account for something you have done or something that has happened, you are required to state what you did or how the situation happened.

To acquaint with: To be acquainted with something or someone, you are knowledgeable about it or the person. You are familiar with it or the person.

To act out: You can act out your ideas or emotions. When doing so, you show your ideas or emotions by your behaviour. 

To aim at: You aim at something when you endeavour to accomplish something. You can also aim an activity or action  at someone when you wish to help or influence them.

To agree with: You can agree with a suggestion or an action when you think it is right. Something can agree with you when, as a result of its exposure, you feel fulfilled, content or healthy.

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