Cello and Freedom

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Subject: Cello
Last updated: 16/01/2018
Tags: alexander technique, freedom, natural

When we talk about playing the cello in a physically natural way, we're generally referring to something that should feel easy and relaxed, or at least free of stiffness and tension. On closer examination, it's not really a matter of being "relaxed", but rather of how energy is channelled through the body. To be merely "relaxed" might lack the passion and excitement that the music demands; and also we do need some version of strength and power for playing the instrument. But what exact type of strength and power is it that we need? And how do we achieve those things without being stiff, tense, tight or awkward?

My way of teaching is very close to the Alexander Technique. There is always a previous step to approach an instrument and to be honest one only way. Working hard on this concern will avoid most of the future frustrating moments we normally find playing an instrument. Getting the right feeling of freedom is the very first goal, then we can build and go forward in this exciting journey. 

I strongly recommend one book about cello and violin technique, "Basics" by Simon Fischer.

Lorenzo M Cello Teacher (Birmingham)

About The Author

I am a professional cellist currently member at the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra (CBSO). I am happy to teach all ages and abilities, as well as offering lessons in chamber music.

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