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Frequently Asked Questions About Beginning To Learn The Guitar

1. How Long Does It Take To Learn The Guitar?

This depends on many factors :

A: Your ability
B: How much you practise and how you practise
C: What level you want to get to

Some people can play songs after several lessons it depends on how you apply yourself, to get to a more advanced level it will take significantly longer.

2. What Type Of Guitar Should I Start On?

Adults can start with a steel string acoustic or an electric guitar depending on their aims. Electrics have thinner necks and strings and are used mainly for rhythm or lead work, whereas Acoustic guitars don't need an amplifier, have thicker necks and strings and are used for Fingerstyle guitar or strumming.
Adults wanting to learn Classical should buy a Classical guitar for sound and feel and because of the techniques taught in this style.
Children are better starting on Classical guitars as they have nylon strings and are gentler on their fingers even if they are learning pop. They come in 3 sizes: half-size for small children, ¾ size for slighter only children and full size for teenagers and adults.
However, if a child does want to learn electric only, they can use these guitars, but be aware they may make your fingers sore to start with although with regular practice this should soon go. Electrics are more expensive and can be bought in various sizes.

3. How Much Will A Guitar Cost?

Budget priced Classicals come in 3 sizes: ½, ¾ and full size.

½ size are for small children and start at about £30
¾ size for slightly bigger children are about the same price
Full size start about £50 for a basic model and £120 for a reasonable quality starter guitar.

Electrics can be bought in smaller sizes and start about £100 for a budget one and £150 for a reasonable quality instrument.

Steel string acoustics start about £80 for a cheap one and £150 for a reasonable quality guitar.

4. How Much Do I Need To Practice?

The answer to this as much as possible!
However, several times week would be preferable, and it is better to practice 3 times a week for 20 minutes than once a week for 1 hour.


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