Posture and Classical Guitar

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Last updated: 20/09/2016
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I would highly recommend that any study of classical guitar also entails a study of how one holds oneself.

Over the years, classical guitarists have always sort to find the best position in which to sit and whether to use a footstool, A-frame, cushion or any other support device.

Having tried all the different methods I have concluded that the footstool is best for me; although I would not suggest that it is the best for everyone.

I have found another important factor to be the height of the chair.  As I am over six foot tall I have found I need a stool which is slightly higher than the norm in order to maintain a strong extended spine (i.e not hunched).

Instead of guitarists focusing all their attention on their hands, wrists and arms, I would argue a focus on the body as a whole is needed so we do not develop bad habits by neglecting to notice any bad habits acquired in the rest of the body.

I have found that practising whilst looking in a mirror to be highly beneficial to acheive this end.




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