The Importance of Listening

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Subject: Guitar » Classical Guitar
Last updated: 06/01/2016
Tags: basic music skills, learning a musical instrument, listening to music

We, as musicians, need to spend many hours practicing our instruments and developing our musicality in order to master our craft. Focusing on the physical side of things, we often forget to listen. Truly listen.

From an early age we are taught how to read and write, but never how to really focus on what we hear. And hearing is an integral part of everyday life. The number of sounds we hear on a daily basis is enormous. Our brain can not possible grasp all of them. However, if we listen to a piece of music and try to follow the sound of each note, we might improve our hearing and understanding of music – something that is beyond important for musicians.  Spending days, weeks or even months playing a musical piece may never help us understand it entirely. To develop our own musicality, our own ideas and individual expression in musical performance, we must first listen to music, analyse it in our minds, and then play it on the instrument. A musician is not a musician without the ears.

Many people spend too much time practising, working on something that never seems to improve. By doing this, musicians limit themselves. The time they could have used to listen, ponder about some musical ideas that they have heard in a composition and actually understand the music, is lost in an endless repetition of physical activity. This cuts out the musical part of playing an instrument. If we do not possess an idea in our minds, a vision that represents something, we will never be able to convey it in any way.

Listening to music is extremely important. It helps us see what we can not otherwise understand. It develops musical intelligence and pushes our instrumental practice to a higher level.

Nedelina Zheleva Classical Guitar Teacher (South East London)

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Hello, My name is Nedelina Zheleva and I am a classical/acoustic guitar teacher and performer.
I am able to provide solo and chamber music instrumental tuition all around London.

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