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Last updated: 21/10/2016
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People often ask me what type of guitar to buy for their child as a first/beginner guitar. Unfortunately, some parents don't ask me this before taking lessons and end up buying an unsuitable guitar.

So heres my opinion...

I think most children, if they are a beginner, should start with a 3/4 size classical guitar. The main reason for this is the type of strings that come with classical guitars. Classical guitars come with 3 steel strings and 3 nylon strings. Nylon strings are generally a lot easier to press down when you are learning to play. Steel are of course a type of metal, thus being stronger and more harsh on the fingers.

Acoustic and electric guitars both come with 6 metal strings! So although they may look cooler and more 'ROCK!' they can also be frustrating to play for a beginner and children may be put off by this.

With a 3/4 size guitar you also have a slightly smaller instrument than a full size. So depending on your child's age and size it can be easier to start with.

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