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Last updated: 04/08/2017
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Many students may find classical guitar very imtimidating, however it is nothing to be feared if it is taken step by step. The first time a student picks up the guitar or any instrument, he or she may love it and become fascinated by it. But when the practice kicks in and their interest starts to drop. This is where most students start to quit. 
Music instruments are very different from buying new clothes or a new item. You will find yourself in a love hate relationship with your chosen instrument. At the start you will love them, look after them but as the practice goes on, you may start to loose interest. This is the part where the professionals are seperated from the 'forever' students. They don't quit, despite their decreased interest, they continue to play and improve (this may happen for weeks, months or even years). However, they will reach a point where their interest grows, and this is often the time where they start to fully understand music. 
It is okay to not play the piece perfectly, it takes time, often a lot of time! It took me 1 year to learn Capricho Arabe day in day out to finally be able to 'lose myself' in the music. I guarentee the feeling is amazing!
My point is, don't quit just because you feel like you've lost interest in an instrument, it is just a phase. Keep learning and continuing and the pay back will come. You'll start to love your instrument unconditionally and find incomparable joy when practising pieces with it. The pieces are not there to be learnt in 1 month and then be forgotten, they are there to be played for years and grow with you. After years of practising, you'll find your perfect piece by the way you play it.
This is from my personal experience that i hope you can take as advice. 

Cindy Cheung Classical Guitar Teacher (Twickenham)

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Thank you for visiting my page, my name is Cindy and I am a Classical Guitar and Maths tutor.
I believe in a friendly lesson environment, where the students are free to ask questions and are able to enjoy the lessons whilst learning!

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