Do I Need Talent To Learn An Instrument?

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Last updated: 15/05/2018
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"You must have a talent to start learning a musical instrument, otherwise it is a waste of time". I have heard some people say time and time again.

In my professional teaching experience I have had pupils from all kinds of backgrounds, all ages and abilities but I never met anyone who did not have a talent.

There were pupils whose parents were much more enthusiastic about music lessons than their children, students who are learning with a purpose to achieve a certain grade and pupils who found that the piano is their natural instrument and they enjoy learning and playing vast repertoire of piano music. I also have experience with a pupil who did not sing in tune. (At the first lesson it is a test to see how musical the person is you are going to teach.) Those people will find learning piano or any other instruments quite challenging, but if their desire to learn is strong then it is a shame to turn them back. 

I worked with this particular pupil, she had a strong will and an enthusiasm to start up the piano lessons. After about 6 months of relatively progressive piano lessons I heard for the first time that she was singing in tune with the music. That was such a personal achievement! I believe there is more musical talent in her waiting to be discovered with the practise she puts in.

We all have a talent which could be developed into an amazing skill.  

I can say with confidence that every young person has the ability to become a pianist or a musician. That is of course if the individual has the motivation to continue practising. Concert pianists practise all day and some pianists practise for a couple of hours a day. It all depending on what needs to be achieved. But the emphasis is definitely on the word, "Practise".

So in reply to my original statement; "You must have talent to start learning a musical instrument, otherwise it is a waste of time", the reply as follows:

Are you willing to practise? How much time is going to be dedicated to it?

Because in simple words, the hours dedicated to your practice will bring the best out of your talent.

Marina Griffiths Classical Piano Teacher (Cardiff)

About The Author

My aim is to help aspiring pupils reach their full potential and become well rounded musicians, incorporating all the elements in their musical education.

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