Helpful Skills For Independent Piano Practice

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Subject: Piano » Classical Piano
Last updated: 11/05/2018
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It is very important to understand the importance of practice. You need to train your brains, fingers, muscles, and skills every day. Developing a correct structure of a private lessons helps students to continue individual practice without a tutor.

Warming up
Scales, arpeggios, Canons/Etudes - technical exercises. 

1)Practise by sections. The common mistake is playing through the piece hoping to correct the mistakes after. Try to learn by heart! But don't forget to double check with the original music if everything was learned correctly.
2) Take it at a slow tempo! To be able to control/double check fingering and other technical issues, we need to slow down and get the total control of hands.
3) If necessary gradually increase the speed using a metronome. I would suggest finishing practising the piece in a slow tempo. 
4) Exaggerate dynamics. Create a character. Sing the melody in your head and follow the story you created to make your performance alive. Practise with confidence.

A little challenge is always an advantage.

Aural and theory training
Do these parallel with your grade. It is important to develop your pitch and learn the theory.

Participation in concerts/competitions will improve your stage presence too. Good luck!

Sergei Istrati Classical Piano Teacher (South West London)

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Hello! My name is Sergei and I'm an experienced piano tutor graduated from Royal College of Music. I teach all ages and levels from beginners to advanced students, successfully preparing my piano students for ABRSM exams.

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