How Playing The Piano Affects Your Life

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Last updated: 05/10/2017
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"Without music, life would be a mistake." - Nietzche

Learning to play the piano, like any instrument, requires great patience at the beginning. It's important to be aware of our body and movements when we are at the keyboard.

Most people play the piano because it is fun. However playing the piano is far more than a wonderful pastime. As you train and play your favorite song, your brain works at full speed. Many regions are activated and, in time, this positively affects our abilities.

Sheet music notes are comparable to letters on a sheet. Both symbols must be "decoded" and "reassembled" in order to understand the text or the song. For this reason, reading notes also improves readability. This has also been demonstrated by a study published in the journal "Psychology of Music". Reading notes and "translating" them into hand movements can be compared to learning a foreign language. Some studies have shown that children who knew how to read music were better at learning foreign languages.

And if you continue to play an instrument into adulthood, you will continue to benefit from it. The piano is an amazing instrument because it provides the melody and the harmony; children can immediately make sounds because the piano has ready-made pitches, unlike other instruments where it can take many days of study before a good sound is produced. A piano can be played solo, with the accompaniment of other instruments or with the voice, creating many opportunity to perform and stay together with others.

Recent years have seen more evidence of the benefits of piano come to light; linking music-making to having a healthy body and life. Making music favours creativity and personal expression. In fact, I am convinced that this should be placed at the center of each training course together with the search for a high technical performance. The technique should become the means by which you can express yourself fully.

But beyond these aspirations to just play, it induces active listening and appreciating other forms of art beyond music. This surely teaches you to enjoy the pleasure of being creative: mixing up the ingredients to make something beautiful and new.

Margherita Torretta Classical Piano Teacher (South West London)

About The Author

I'm an international concert pianist and piano teacher. I have played all over the world and I have 10 years of experience of teaching.

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