Piano is so much fun...and good for you!

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Subject: Piano » Classical Piano
Last updated: 31/01/2016
Tags: fun, piano

Everyone would love to be able to play like our favorite pianist after a few days of practice. But learning the piano requires good work, persistence, patience and of course love!

Yes, we need to practise as often as we can to improve. Yes, we need to take it step by step, which requires patience. Yes, it sometimes gets a bit frustrating. However, hearing the result of your hard work is the most rewarding feeling ever!

Piano makes you very disciplined and helps you to get to know yourself better. Some pupils even find the practice time very relaxing. Moving your fingers to make music is scientifically proven to be a fantastic activity for your brain too and why wouldn't anybody want some time to make music in your life?

Learning the piano rewards you with sense of achievement! Anyone can do it. Never too late to start or re-start!


Sachika Taniyama Classical Piano Teacher (Bromley)

About The Author

My name is Sachika Taniyama and I am an experienced piano teacher. I have been working at the St Paul's Cathedral School for almost 10 years and teach at several summer festivals around UK. I teach all ages at home.

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