The 'Trust' Between Teachers And Students

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Last updated: 28/04/2018
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Did you know there is a book named "So You Want To Play The Piano? – A step-by-step guide to starting piano lessons" by Melanie Spanswick. I would like to recommend this very useful book for anyone who is going to learn the piano or teach the piano.

As a piano teacher, I initially find the first important lesson is that knowing what kind of books is actually helped for the beginner students. In the book, it introduced different popular books for beginners at all ages. Meanwhile, the author provided very useful advice for the teachers, such as different piano methods or approaches introduction.

Teachs should always continue to develop their skills, and also build up diverse ways to teach their students. Over the course of my career thus far, I have learned that compassion, communication, and encouragement are just as essential to imparting musical knowledge as technical skill.

For different students, there are different approaches to teach them about classical music. To 'tell a story' or 'play a game' before they actually play on the piano. I find it is a lot of fun and quick interactive with students. Sometimes you learn much more from the students, as their natural reflection is the sincerest feedback. Teaching them is also a long-term training journey for the teachers as well. When teachers keep developing themselves, the students feel you and follow you with the same direction.

For me, learning to play the piano is like building up the 'trust' in any relationships – like family, friends or teachers and students.

Yuan Early Years Education Tutor (Harrow)

About The Author

Hello everyone, I am a professional pianist and enthusiastic teacher, currently teaching at the British music school in Ruislip area. I hope to share my piano expertise and love of teaching with students.

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