Singing: A Release From Stress

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Last updated: 04/12/2017
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I would like to share my immediate thoughts on singing. These will be short and might on occasion be the ramblings of a Tenor, but maybe I will learn something useful from writing them as well as providing some entertainment to a few readers. 

I have been singing for 12 years and apart from the sheer love that I have for the music that I am lucky enough to sing, it is also a welcome release from the stress and strains of modern day life.

Singing is a physical and mental endeavour, we use both our body and our mind/brain to help produce the sound that to the outside world, can seem to come from nowhere. Performing or singing focuses our mind in such a definite way, if you are singing an aria/song and you are not completely focused on what you are singing at that moment in time, then this lack of connection can be heard in the voice. 

This complete focus can act as escapism, removing the sometimes bad energy of the outside world and in turn giving us an outlet to express our inner voice.

John Porter Classical Singing Teacher (South West London)

About The Author

I am an Irish operatic tenor with a passion for Italian Opera, singer-songwriters and football.

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